wgrantxnox: It seems likely that we'd add a setting to DistroSeries which specified the set of hash algorithms to use, but it needs some discussion. But if Ubuntu wants it before groovy, which seems sane, it's likely doable.00:40
xnoxwgrant:  right, yeah, looking at other things it might be closer to `distroseries.index_compressors`00:52
xnoxwgrant:  what do i need to do, to say that yeah, we want this for groovy GA?00:53
xnoxand like MD5SUm should be gone from Packages file too00:53
xnoxeverywhere =)00:53
wgrantIt's unlikely that we'd vary the set of hash algorithms between index types.00:54
wgrantxnox: Probably best to ask Kristian.00:54
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Laneyilasc: hey, is something down @ lp git? getting client hangs13:52
ilascIS just flagged the incident13:53
Laneyoh yeah I see that, it *just* happened :>13:53
ilascthanks Laney14:01

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