callmepkgood morning02:14
dufluMorning callmepk 03:34
callmepkmorning duflu 03:34
KGB-1gnome-control-center ubuntu/master Marco Trevisan * [open] merge request !19: ubuntu panel and display: Monitor and fractional scaling fixes * https://deb.li/3mlwF04:42
dufluAwesome Trevinho04:53
* duflu wonders if it's late night or early morning04:54
Trevinhoduflu: well both :D05:02
didrocksgood morning05:34
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dufluHi didrocks and seb128 06:04
didrockshey duflu 06:07
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers06:08
dufluHi oSoMoN 06:09
didrockssalut oSoMoN 06:23
seb128hey duflu, lut oSoMoN, didrocks, how are you doing today?06:23
dufluseb128, OK. Slightly less overwhelmed than yesterday but still keen on a weekend, and maybe a week off some time soon. Not sure... How are you?06:23
seb128I'm alright but days are buuusy and I struggle to do what I want, my todolist goes in the wrong direction as a result :/06:28
seb128(and I'm on +1 maintainance today so probably going to get even more behind)06:28
seb128what are you working on atm?06:29
dufluseb128, now going deep into why 4K performance is poor (and CPU usage is low at the same time)06:29
dufluwhich is a general performance problem for everyone. Only I can see it better now06:29
dufluClose to my heart, because without a fix I would have to upgrade my desktops06:31
didrocksgood good :)06:36
seb128duflu, good luck figuring it out!06:38
dufluIt's interesting. I don't remember ever having exhausted all CPU problems and being left with only GPU bottlenecks. Not since university at least06:40
dufluThough technically we didn't have GPUs back then. They were only graphics cards06:40
oSoMoNhey duflu06:44
oSoMoNsalut didrocks, seb128 06:44
didrocksfixing cryptsetup FTBFS which is in proposed for a week :/07:47
didrocksseems the proper install was only done for risc07:47
didrocksweird, the .install list the missing files: scripts/cryptsetup.conf /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/07:48
didrocksand it’s not arch-specific07:48
didrocksdh_missing: warning: usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/cryptsetup.conf exists in debian/tmp but is not installed to anywhere07:54
didrocksdidrocks@casanier:/tmp/cryptsetup-2.3.3$ find . -name cryptsetup.conf07:54
didrocksO_o oh dh_missing, what are you doing to us07:55
didrocks(and no diff in the file)07:55
didrocksok, dh_missing is basing now on helper by the various tools07:59
didrocksnot a diff itself07:59
didrocksand in debian/.debhelper/generated/cryptsetup-bin/installed-by-dh_install, dh_install is using the original file path08:00
didrocksnot the one moved in the .install08:00
Laney\O\ |O| /O/08:02
didrockshey Laney 08:06
Laneygreetings didrocks 08:07
Laneyhaving fun?08:07
didrocksyeah, didn’t know dh_missing changed behavior that way08:07
seb128hey Laney, how are you?08:10
didrockschanging to usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/cryptsetup.conf works and now builds on all arch (which are not risc :p)08:10
Laneymoin seb128 08:14
Laneyi'm good, enjoying watching the rain08:14
Laneythanks for looking at the team report thing08:15
LaneyI changed that url to be compressed yesterday08:15
seb128Laney, I'm alright thanks!08:15
seb128Laney, np for the team report, now I need to try to understand the report changes, is the format of that file documented somewhere btw?08:17
Laneypresumably the problem with update-excuse bugs is that now the yaml contains the verdict (PASS) for those and the code doesn't expect that08:20
seb128right, the problem is https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-archive/ubuntu-archive-scripts/trunk/view/head:/generate-team-p-m#L26008:23
Laneywould it be better if that actually put the bugs in a named entry?08:23
Laneyso it was like08:23
seb128it expect item['policy_info']['autopkgtest'] to include a package name08:23
Laney  bugs: [...]08:23
Laney  verdict: PASS08:23
seb128ah, you are speaking about the bug problem there, sorry, I was on the exception one08:23
seb128I didn't look at the bug problem yet, just saw it on the page generated when I did skip over the exception problem08:24
Laneyhmm I don't see the problem with autopkgtest, it looks the same to me08:26
Laneywell it also has the verdict too08:27
* Laney asks upstream about that, feels more sensible to fix the structure of the yaml to me08:31
Laney  policy_results:08:31
Laney   foo/1: ...08:31
Laney  verdict: PASS08:31
Laneyor something08:31
marcustomlinsonoh, logged in and forgot to say hi08:43
marcustomlinsonmorning desktoppers08:43
didrockshey marcustomlinson 08:44
seb128Laney, not always, see l12248 from your yaml08:46
seb128    autopkgtest:08:46
seb128      verdict: REJECTED_TEMPORARILY08:46
seb128    block:08:46
seb128the old file didn't have instances with no package listed08:46
seb128hey marcustomlinson, how are you?08:47
marcustomlinsonhey didrocks and seb128, doing alright thanks, you?08:48
seb128marcustomlinson, I'm alright, a bit tired but coffee solved part of it :)08:49
marcustomlinsonI feel you08:49
didrocksmarcustomlinson: good good, thx :)08:50
Laneyseb128: what about it?08:52
Laneymoin marcustomlinson 08:53
seb128Laney, that autopkgtest section has 0 package entry, is that legit?08:53
seb128as said there is no case of this happening before your rebase08:53
LaneyI'm just trying to check what you're saying08:55
seb128Laney, sorry, I might be not clear, the by-team report fails on08:55
seb128            for package, results in sorted(item['policy_info']['autopkgtest'].items()):08:55
seb128basically it expect the policy_info/autopkgtest sections to have a least a package/result combo08:56
Laneythere are cases of that, it's just that they were actually empty rather than having a verdict only08:56
seb128k, so I just need to teach the code to deal with having a verdict only08:56
marcustomlinsonmorgen Laney08:56
seb128thx, I didn't notice that there were empty section, those files are big and a bit tricky to navigate08:56
Laneyif upstream agrees I'll change that to be better08:57
Laneyso this might not be the final final structure08:57
seb128Laney, I just found another issue08:57
seb128Laney, https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/laney/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#dovecot08:57
seb128missing build on all: mail-stack-delivery (from 1:
seb128arch:all not built yet, autopkgtest delayed 08:58
seb128where the current report has08:58
seb128missing build on i386: mail-stack-delivery (from 1:
seb128Not considered 08:58
seb128 08:58
seb128we don't have "arch all' builds in Ubuntu08:58
seb128so the new summary is more confusing imho08:58
seb128also let me know if IRC comments are not the best way to give the feedback, maybe it's easier to track by replies on the list08:59
seb128or bug reports?09:00
Laneythis is ok for now09:00
Laneybug reports once it's live09:01
seb128ah, now it does trigger tests on archs that built even if one is failing09:01
seb128that's nice :)09:01
seb128(though probably waste some resources if the build is failing and the item is never going to be candidate)09:01
didrocksseriously https://launchpadlibrarian.net/484788335/buildlog_ubuntu-groovy-riscv64.cryptsetup_2%3A2.3.3-1ubuntu2_BUILDING.txt.gz09:21
didrocksso the file is installed everywhere, but risk09:21
didrocksthat explained why it built on risc previously and why the hack was done just to build there09:33
Laneydidrocks: at a quick glance: missing build-dep on systemd / passing of --with-tmpfilesdir=/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/?09:40
didrocksLaney: it seems that Steeve chose the option to directly copy from source, so to minimize his diff, I will do this conditionally before dh_install on riscv09:42
LaneyI think it's weird to be implementing a solution just because systemd randomly isn't installed on that arch09:43
LaneyPassing the configure flag would bypass that requirement09:44
didrocksLaney: yeah, I agree, I wanted to minimize the diff, but if we have risc machine I can access by pushing on a ppa, I’m fine trying this ^09:47
didrocksI find it sad this package to be blocked in proposed for a week, only building on one arch, blocking our encryption work because it’s not a priority to fix it apparently09:49
Laneydidrocks: BI LE TOOOOOOOOOOOOO09:50
Laneyyeah that is a bit sad09:51
didrocksI need to find how it works without a branch09:51
didrocksyeah, giving the work to fix to other people09:51
Laney'build', get a ppa, then you can dput to it09:51
didrockslet’s give it a try09:52
Laneyit's like god coming back to the civilisation he created many generations later09:55
Laney'you did WHAT?'09:55
* Laney strokes the spreadsheet09:55
didrocksheh :)09:55
didrocksuploaded, let’s see09:55
seb128Laney, btw are the autopkgtest discussions happening on an IRC channel (asking so I could join and keep en eye on those :)10:49
Laneyseb128: in ubuntu-release if there are any, or on the trello board https://trello.com/b/tjbSeNWo/autopkgtest, or sometimes the Launchpad project https://launchpad.net/auto-package-testing/10:50
dufluBelated good morning to Laney and anyone else I missed11:05
dufluAnd good nigh11:05
dufluOops. It's not even morning there. Yeah I am late for dinner11:06
seb128Laney, I meant the upstream discussions you mentioned11:23
Laneyor sometimes #debci11:24
KGB-2gnome-control-center tags 1a911d5 Sebastien Bacher upstream/3.36.3 * Upstream version 3.36.3 * https://deb.li/8SzD11:42
KGB-2gnome-control-center pristine-tar 239a935 Sebastien Bacher gnome-control-center_3.36.3.orig.tar.xz.delta gnome-control-center_3.36.3.orig.tar.xz.id * pristine-tar data for gnome-control-center_3.36.3.orig.tar.xz * https://deb.li/3osUz11:43
KGB-2gnome-control-center upstream/latest 6373b71 Sebastien Bacher * pushed 18 commits * https://deb.li/miay11:43
KGB-2gnome-control-center signed tags 02eba19 Sebastien Bacher ubuntu/1%3.36.3-1ubuntu1 * gnome-control-center Debian release 1:3.36.3-1ubuntu1 * https://deb.li/3fsjg11:53
KGB-2gnome-control-center ubuntu/master 41950aa Sebastien Bacher * pushed 30 commits (first 5 follow) * https://deb.li/MYuN11:53
KGB-2gnome-control-center ubuntu/master 27e6b16 Cheng-Chia Tseng po/zh_TW.po * Update Chinese (Taiwan) translation * https://deb.li/ikiRx11:53
KGB-2gnome-control-center ubuntu/master 01b6985 Yi-Jyun Pan po/zh_TW.po * Update Chinese (Taiwan) translation * https://deb.li/7eUv11:53
KGB-2gnome-control-center ubuntu/master 4f53ea3 Yi-Jyun Pan po/zh_TW.po * Update Chinese (Taiwan) translation * https://deb.li/3ri1n11:54
KGB-2gnome-control-center ubuntu/master fdbbc2f Marco Trevisan (Treviño) debian/patches/0031-fingerprint-dialog-Don-t-limit-the-number-of-maximum.patch * account-fingerprint: Don't make flowbox children selectable * https://deb.li/asFs11:54
KGB-2gnome-control-center ubuntu/master 88bd021 sicklylife po/ja.po * Update Japanese translation * https://deb.li/3M7TU11:54
KGB-2gnome-control-center ubuntu/master Sebastien Bacher * [merge] merge request !19: ubuntu panel and display: Monitor and fractional scaling fixes * https://deb.li/3mlwF11:54
Trevinhoseb128: mergin!11:56
seb128Trevinho, hey, good morning :) thanks for the fixes!11:56
Trevinhounfortunately they were not one-liners.... but well.11:56
oSoMoNricotz, FYI, I successfully built and used nodejs 12.18.0 to build firefox 78.0~b8 (groovy) in https://launchpad.net/~osomon/+archive/ubuntu/nodejs-12.18-groovy/+packages, will try to get it sponsored12:03
KGB-2glib ubuntu/focal c220732 Iain Lane debian/ control control.in gbp.conf * control, gbp.conf: Use the ubuntu/focal branch * https://deb.li/3kSd012:07
KGB-2glib ubuntu/focal 4ae4943 Iain Lane debian/changelog * Update changelog * https://deb.li/iWs3212:07
KGB-2glib ubuntu/focal 8dc62bf Iain Lane debian/changelog * Finalise changelog * https://deb.li/peOC12:07
KGB-2glib ubuntu/focal e554968 Iain Lane debian/gbp.conf * gbp.conf: Add the ubuntu tag pattern too * https://deb.li/3jimG12:07
KGB-2glib signed tags ff12c4f Iain Lane ubuntu/2.64.3-1_ubuntu20.04.1 * glib2.0 Debian release 2.64.3-1~ubuntu20.04.1 * https://deb.li/1sPc12:07
xnoxLaney:  did you have time to look into ubiquity subtree/squash/submodules? i feel like merging subtree version, and just rolling with it.13:56
xnoxLaney:  if it becomes tricky, we can rewrite history and do something else later.13:57
Laneyxnox: will do in a minute, subtree not the others13:57
Laneyunless subtree is total shit but I'm sure it's not13:57
xnoxLaney:  ack.13:58
xnoxLaney:  clone it, build it, check git log -p in a d-i/sources/$project, check git log -p from top level, check gitk => it should give you a good feel of what it feels like.13:58
xnox(especially what the history looks like)13:59
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Laneyxnox: sorry, meetinghs, looking now!15:55
Laneyxnox: are you imagining people just commit to the d-i stuff in there or what?16:04
xnoxLaney:  they can, but they don't have to.16:05
xnoxLaney: i.e. when merging from debian it might be easier to do it from lp:$project into lp:~ubuntu-installer/$project, and then subtree pull from lp:~ubuntu-installer/$project16:06
xnoxLaney:  but when patching in new ubuntu delta => it can be easier to do "commit d-i add foo api", "commit ubiquity use foo api"16:06
xnoxLaney:  in that case a merge proposal will modify things inline.16:06
Laneyonly easier up until the next merge from debian16:07
Laneyon the other hand if you could do the merge right in there ...16:07
xnoxbut i also worry that salsa will move to tango, lp git <-> git salsa mirrors stop working, and we loose history.16:07
xnoxLaney:  so merging right there should work.16:07
xnoxLaney:  from top level of ubiqutiy $ git pull salsa:partman-base => should do the right thing16:07
xnoxbut i'm not sure if "rebase" will work.16:08
Laneymight be good to write some quick recipes in debian/readme.how-to-work-this-thing16:08
xnox(git will realise that all of the partman-base is now under d-i/source/partman-base and merge things into there.16:08
xnoxLaney:  well ideally, we would have had the new installer by now right =)16:08
xnoxmore readmes yes => but i was hoping to right them, as I go along and figure out the ropes of things.16:09
Laneyyou might say that16:09
Laneymake an empty one that says 'if you do a new thing, write it in here, so that the next person can copy what you did'16:09
Laneythe history of this is super weird16:09
Laneylike git-ubuntu stuff and upstream stuff16:10
xnoxcause we have some "ubuntu-only" projects, and i had to take something for them.16:10
Laneygit-ubuntu is like the 'delta' I guess16:10
xnoxunless you want to kill wubi support => because i think the partman-loop is the weird one.16:10
xnoxyeah, i mostly took d-i upstream git repo, upto the current merge-base with ubuntu, and slapped a single commit of ubuntu delta on top of that, and then subtree merge that16:11
Laneyd/rules update can go no?16:12
xnoxit still generates debian/control B-D from d-i/sources/*/debian/control16:12
Laneywell the get-sources stuff16:12
xnox(ie. see https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/partman-base/log/ )16:12
xnoxLaney:  it's a no-op16:12
xnoxi think i did patch the script that tries to update => but it does regenerate debian/control each time.16:13
xnoxin some ways git submodules is easier to understand, cause it says that path over there is git repo lp:~ubuntu-installer/$project => go edit that.16:13
xnoxbut then it's submodules, and 20 repos.16:14
Laneyright, neither way is perfect16:17
Laneypyflakes test fails btw :>16:17
xnoxYeah fixed in master16:22
Laneymerge ittttt16:23
abeatokenvandine, hey, maybe you know, how can you set wayland as the default for a user in the greeter? so it is set on first boot?16:29
kenvandinenot sure about as the default16:31
kenvandineabeato: you just need to select the wayland session for the user in gdm16:31
kenvandineabeato: and it'll remember that until you change it again16:31
kenvandineat first boot is probably a session file 16:32
abeatokenvandine, right, but this is for a project where they want auto-login, so I actually need to know to do this by changing a config file16:41
didrocksLaney: oh btw, your suggestion for cryptsetup works very well, thanks!16:42
abeatokenvandine, but I do not know where16:42
kenvandineabeato: Laney probably knows16:42
Laneyafaik gdm calculates the default session by itself, i don't know how to overrride it (if ou can)16:51
xnoxLaney:  "merge ittttt" just the pyflakes fixes into submodules/subtree/squash, or do you mean switching to subtrees?16:59
Laneyxnox: I just approved the MP (but with a comment about documentation)17:05
Laneynow I'm off until Monday, have fun burning it down17:05

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