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SeonyPyQt 재밌어보여서 한 번 공부해볼까 하는데, 막상 공부해도 뭘 만들어야할지 모르겠네요 ㅎㅎ04:43
Jason-KR저  난독증이 왔는지~ " PyQt 재밌어보여서 한 번 공부해볼까 하는데, 막상 공부해도 " 까지 읽으면서..... 뭘 만들려고 그러는지를 모르겠어요. <---- 내 혼자 생각,   한줄 결론: 같은 생각 ㅋ05:13
Seony그러게요 ㅋㅋ05:15
Jason-KRfox mask: hi~ Did U enjoy lunch?12:28
Jason-KRRecently, I knew that France have the highest number of seniors over 100 years old in 37th OECD country. so...12:32
Jason-KRA few days ago, I asked U 'what's reason of FR have a high mortality rate from CoViD-19'.  Probably (IMHO) I solved  because there are many older people.12:38
foxmaskJason-KR: i'm not sure, one colleague told me the highest mortality rate was in Belgium13:41
Jason-KROK. i see. ^^13:42
foxmaskthere's so much conflicting information on TV and Internet that I don't know what could be wrong or true13:43
Jason-KRI think so, 2.13:43
foxmaskwe try to survive and avoid to be flooded of bad news like that13:44
foxmaski received my spreadshirt order :)13:45
Jason-KRIm sorry, spreadshirt means?   flag hat?13:46
foxmaskit's a website13:47
foxmaskI showed you last week13:47
Jason-KRAh! yeah, i remember.13:47
foxmaskyou order hat/t-shirt with a message13:47
foxmaskor image13:48
Jason-KR예 예13:48
foxmask나는 한국 국기를 착용 ^^13:48
Jason-KRAh~ U received Ur order PRODUCT.     i understood, just now.13:49
foxmaskyes ; sorry if I was not clear :)13:50
foxmaskthis one13:50
Jason-KRno, never mind,    But Let me show? ㅎㅎㅎ13:50
Jason-KRXcellent ^^ exclude price  LOL.13:52
foxmaskfor each ordered product 5€ reduce13:52
foxmaskI look for the "캡" I ordered too13:53
Jason-KRAh, 5 EUR then good.13:54
Jason-KR" flag hat "13:55

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