ax562Hi all!  I'm running ubuntu 20.04 lts with a usb adapter.  It's actually my cell phone usb tethering.  My problem is if I disconnect the device and plug it back in, I cannot get a usb internet signal.  I have to restart the pc.  How can I fix this?  I remember there being a command to turn something off and on.  I just can't remember what.00:02
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sarnoldax562: wild guesses, rfkill or nmcli ?00:03
ax562sarnold hmm, doesn't ring a bell but I can try.  Ty00:04
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CoreyLuLHeya! I want to move to using Ubuntu, but my concern is that my wifi card in my PC won't work01:36
sarnoldCoreyLuL: the installer is a 'live image', if you boot into it, you'll probably be able to tell whether or not the wifi will work before you install01:37
DragonRiverCoreyLuL, try ubuntu without installing it, check if your wifi card works. If it does, then yu can choose to install or not.01:37
KetzerWiFi support has gotten significantly better over the years; what i'd suggest is that when you do install Ubuntu, to choose third-party proprietary software because quite often WiFi drivers are proprietary blobs (non-free software)01:37
Ketzeryou could also try googling your WiFi chipset + Ubuntu in your search engine of choice01:37
Ketzerand see if people have reported issues01:38
HarryChenWelcome! You can try Ubuntu using live mode without install it to test your wifi card01:38
CoreyLuLIt's a TP-Link AC1300 if that helps at all01:38
DragonRiverCoreyLuL, we told you what to do. Doing it yourself will help. I have spoken.01:39
CoreyLuLI'm gonna have to wait until tomorrow, don't have a USB with me01:40
KetzerCoreyLuL, https://community.tp-link.com/us/home/forum/topic/170186  this may be useful; but do try Ubuntu out on a live boot medium as you've been suggested01:40
Ketzeri see01:40
oerhekssudo apt install rtl8812au-dkms, could be done from the live iso01:41
HarryChenwell seems like TP-Link AC1300 (Archer T6E) uses a Broadcom chip01:45
HarryChenwhich only has a proprietary driver01:45
HarryChenI guess ubuntu can find the suitable driver for you01:48
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HarryChenBut you may need a active internet connection other than WIFI card in order to let apt build cache and download package01:49
CoreyLuLthat's the issue, I don't have a way to guarantee internet01:49
HarryChenan active*01:49
sarnoldonce you're booted into the live environment, try: ubuntu-drivers devices01:49
HarryChen"ubuntu-drivers devices" requires an internet connection01:50
HarryChenMaybe you can download the deb packages before install and put them into the "writable" partition on your usb?01:51
CoreyLuLYea I can try that01:51
HarryChenThen you will be able to access them and manually install them after installed ubuntu01:51
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xbskidIs there a way to configure netplan so the host uses a static IP but informs DNS of the IP and hostname? Or is that not a thing?02:55
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mr_louMy PC tends to become really slow after a day or so. Today I found out it's probably because Wine seems to start a bunch of applications by itself in the background. Does that sound like a Windows virus of some kind?03:22
josmalaWifi problem Intel 9260 seems to be disables under 20.04 and cannot find how to enable it.03:30
josmalaTried the apt-get firmware install, didn't try to enable in MS-Windows since I don't have one.03:32
josmalaNext thing I would of tried was to upgrade the Kernel beyond what is in the repositories but there were plenty of warnings against using mainline on the pages telling how to do it.03:53
Ketzermainline kernels don't have Ubuntu-specific patches, yeah -- using them can seriously bork your Ubuntu system afaik03:54
josmalaAre there any ppa:s that have to patches on newer kernels.03:55
josmalaOr is there safe way to get beyond 5.4.0 in the 20.0403:59
Ben64wait for 20.04.1?04:05
josmalaOh there other releases than xx.10 and xx.04 ?04:07
Ketzerjosmala,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseSchedule04:10
josmalaThe point release happens after the main reason for having wifi enabled motherboard ends for this year.04:13
josmalaThe strange thing is that I cannot find others having same issues with 20.04 but a lot having same problems with 18.04 on the internet.04:13
HarryChenjosmala: maybe follow the development builds? so that you don't have to wait for HWE04:17
josmalaI got 5.6-oem  and that didn't fix the issue so I think the issue could be somewhere else.04:18
HarryChentry iwlwifi-backports?04:19
josmalahow ?04:20
HarryChenapt install backport-iwlwifi-dkms04:21
HarryChenI guess that way you can get the latest iwlwifi driver04:21
hanasakihello all.  suggestions please for Go IDE's and graphical git tools?04:34
lotuspsychje!discuss | hanasaki04:34
ubottuhanasaki: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!04:34
hanasakicontextually : looking for .deb packages in ubuntu repos .  sorry04:35
lotuspsychjehanasaki: apt-cache search keyword04:39
artyxUbuntu LTS 20.04 .. subiquity crash. esxi 5.5.0 .. guest has 8gb ram and 4vcpu 1 vnic... tried vmware pv and lsi parallel ..also downloaded and ran shasum on iso.  crash, crash, crash.. any thoughts on what im doing wrong?04:44
artyxit gets a little further if i do not configure ethernet04:46
artyxactually, its getting a lot farther04:47
famubuHi. I upgraded to ubuntu 18.04 a few months and usually had no problems.05:09
famubuOccassionally the boot process would get stuck at 'starting gnome display05:09
famubu manager' but after restarting it usually got right. But now it wasn't wo05:09
famuburking at all. I searched online and found questions like https://askubuntu.com/questions/1032639/ubuntu-18-04-stuck-in-boot-after-starting-gnome-display-manager-on-intel-graphic Is it a bug. As a temporary solution, I a05:09
famubum using lightdm now.05:09
Jordan_Ufamubu: Do you know how many boots ago the last time you were still using GDM? I'd like to get the journalctl logs from that boot for GDM.05:15
famubuSorry. Had got disconnected.05:21
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Jordan_Ufamubu: Do you know how many boots ago the last time you were still using GDM? I'd like to get the journalctl logs from that boot for GDM.05:25
famubuJordan_U: How can I get the logs? I've been using lightdm for the last 2 boots but I've booted in recovery mode a number of times before that. Then no dm kicked in.05:25
Jordan_Ufamubu: Actually, limiting to one boot probably doesn't matter that much. Please run "journalctl --unit gdm | pastebinit". That will post all the logs from gdm (since you first installed Ubuntu) to https://paste.ubuntu.com and then will output a link. Please share the link with us here.05:27
famubuJordan_U: Okay. That info is okay to be shared publicly, right? I mean, no personally identifiable stuff?05:31
famubuJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8pDHXGqgBg/05:35
famubuJordan_U_: Sorry connection issue again. The link is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8pDHXGqgBg/05:39
Jordan_Ufamubu: I'm seeing multiple links to what seems to be the same bug you're having, without a clear resolution. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1446530 in Fedora is one, and one commenter there says that re-installing gnome-settings-daemon solved the problem for them. Of course, that is an entirely different distro, and just one person's experience.05:47
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 1446530 in gdm "GLib: g_hash_table_find: assertion 'version == hash_table->version' failed" [Unspecified,Closed: eol]05:47
famubuJordan_U: So it is a gdm problem, right? If I keep using lightdm, I can avoid it? I saw a post which said even 19.10 was having that problem.05:48
Jordan_Ufamubu: It's hard to say for sure, but the combination of error messages from GDM and the fact that switching to lightdm eliminated the problem strongly suggests that it's a GDM problem and that you should be fine if you stay with lightdm.05:51
Jordan_Ufamubu: Whenever you upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 it's probably worth trying GDM again.05:52
famubuJordan_U: All right. Thanks a lot for your help!05:53
famubuJordan_U: One more thing. Is it okay from a privacy point of view to publicly post logs online? This was my first time and I wasn't sure about it. Maybe it is acceptable to do some sort of polishing of the data beforehand?05:55
Jordan_Ufamubu: Generally, yes. It's good to look at what's there quickly before posting it, and if you're worried you can ask the rest of the channel. We're very good about not letting people give malicious or privacy violating instructions in this channel, but caution is always good.06:02
Squarismis there some popular "lm-sensors" gnome applet?06:24
pombreda$ sudo do-release-upgrade: Checking for a new Ubuntu release No new release found.06:46
pombreda$ cat /etc/os-release | grep VERSION: VERSION="16.04.6 LTS (Xenial Xerus)"06:46
pombredaAnyone would know why ? I am trying to upgrade a VM from 16.04 to 18.0406:46
Monotokopombreda you need dist-upgrade06:48
Monotokooh I think it might be because of 20.04 release... is it possible to upgrade to 18.04 anymore?06:51
Monotokotry it with -d and see what comes up06:52
pombredaMonotoko: ok06:53
pombredaMonotoko: sigh. Upgrades to the development release are only  available from the latest supported release.06:54
Monotokothe other way would be to just replace your sources06:54
Monotokowith 18.04 sources06:54
Monotokoand upgrade with dist-upgrade06:54
Monotoko(the debian way)06:55
pombredaif feel like this will hurt :D06:55
pombredabut yeah06:55
Monotokoyeah generally I just reinstall when it gets this bad06:55
ducasseupgrading with dist-upgrade is unsupported, use do-release-upgrade07:14
ducassepombreda: check /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades - make sure Prompt is set to lts07:15
OERIASI currently have a networking on my PC07:17
pombredaducasse: that was it :) I had disabled that in the UI a long time ago I guess07:17
OERIASI have NordVPN running and for some reason it randomly drops and picks up the connection again07:17
pombredaducasse: Monotoko: thank you ++ .... sudo do-release-upgrade -c ... Checking for a new Ubuntu release .. New release '18.04.4 LTS' available. ... Run 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to it.07:18
OERIASand now I can't browse any site or do a Ping to Amazon or Ars Technica or any other site07:18
OERIASJust Google07:18
pombredaOERIAS: could that be a problem for NordVPN rather than here?07:21
OERIASpombreda, NordVPN works fine under Windows and MacOS07:22
OERIASunder ubuntu it has been giving me grief07:22
pombredawell then this is definitely a NordVPN problem :D07:22
OERIASand this is a clean install07:22
pombredaOERIAS: IMHO you should contact their support. I am not sure that this channel can help you solve a possible bug in their software :)07:24
OERIAShow do you know it is a bug?07:24
OERIASon my end it is a problem with Ubuntu since I have tried this VPN on two other operating systems07:25
OERIASand they are working fine07:25
OERIASI think it is something pertaining to Ubuntu07:25
OERIASI am trying to Ping sites and it does not work07:29
JellyIsAwesomehow can i open a port in my console firewall?07:31
tuxifanHi, I'd like to edit a protected page on the wiki (to fix a dead link): https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EPSON+GT-F720%2C+GT-S620%2C+Perfection+V30%2C+Perfection+V300+Photo  could you unlock editing for that page?08:55
tuxifanOops, Im somehow managed to break the page link while sending it, wait08:55
tuxifanhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EPSON%20GT-F720%2C%20GT-S620%2C%20Perfection%20V30%2C%20Perfection%20V300%20Photo?action=login&login=1 <- this is the page that I meant08:56
Squarismis there some tool that can monitor activity (only datasize/second) in standard ubuntu?09:05
Squarismnetwork activity09:05
MrElendigmultiple, depending on the exact usecase09:08
Squarismi just want something simple09:09
Squarismgraphical would be best09:09
MrElendigbwmon is somewhat popular09:09
Squarismyou dont mean bmon?09:10
SquarismMrElendig, ^09:10
MrElendigvnstat, iftop, nethogs are some others09:11
MrElendigSquarism: tehre is both a bmon and bwmon09:11
MrElendigthere areÆ09:11
Squarismok, thanks09:12
MrElendigthere are applets/systray tools for this too09:13
MrElendigfor most wm/de's09:13
MrElendigif you want something fancy looking, there is also netdata09:14
MrElendig(it does a lot more than just bw monitoring)09:15
p0aHello how can I check the size of my tmpfs?09:50
MrElendigfindmnt, df09:55
MrElendigthe default is 50% of ram09:56
MrElendigdefault upper limit*09:56
p0aMrElendig: I have a lot of tmpfs and it adds up to more than my RAM09:56
p0a384M + 1.9G + 5M + 1.9G + 384M on a 4GB ram?09:57
pcatineanHi guys, I just installed Ubuntu 20.04 on my dell xps notebook. I'm sitting 2 meters away from a google wifi mesh router which has full signal on all devices in the house except this notebook10:07
pcatineanAlso speed is not the best it seems, can anyone help me debug this?10:07
EriC^^pcatinean: perhaps you need to install some driver? try sudo ubuntu-drivers devices10:12
pcatineanInteresting EriC^^ never knew that command existed, running now10:13
pcatineanit only shows for the nvidia card (which si can also see in additional drivers in the GUI)10:13
pcatineanbut nothing else10:13
MrElendigpcatinean: turn the laptop 90 degree10:16
Guest34549Hello, it's more a general linux question - after adding a user to a group with `sudo usermod -a -G konrad www-data` do I need to logout and login again?10:43
Guest34549I'm asking because I have lots of stuff running and I would like to avoid relogging :)10:47
akemGuest34549, No, you don't have to.10:52
Guest34549akem, ok, thanks!10:55
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TankburnHow do I update from 18.04 to 20.04 focal fossa using system settings? The instructions on the wiki does seem to lead me to a drop down menu.11:11
TankburnInstructions on the wiki:11:11
TankburnOpen the "Software & Updates" Setting in System Settings.11:11
TankburnSelect the 3rd Tab called "Updates".11:11
TankburnSet the "Notify me of a new Ubuntu version"11:11
TankburnCan anyone help me with this?11:11
TankburnI have done all updates possible yet I cant find, nor have a I ever seen this in the system settings.. maybe Im in the wrong place11:13
p0aTankburn: https://ubuntu.com/blog/how-to-upgrade-from-ubuntu-18-04-lts-to-20-04-lts-today11:16
p0aTankburn: you can read 'Alternative Options to Upgrade'11:17
BluesKaj'Morning all11:30
Tankburnah ok P0a so this means I can just wait until I get a prompt in the software updater application as it isnt officially available for me yet?11:34
Tankburnthats cool I am not in hurry11:34
wingedrhinoHi! Is it possible to ask add-apt-repository to skip running apt-update? I'm adding a whole bunch of repos and I don't want to wait for an update each time.12:02
lowinHello. did ubuntu drop support for armhf?12:03
ioriawingedrhino, you can simply add the repo urls in sources.list or in a .list file in sources.list.d then run update12:09
Gumahello. trying to figure out how to get ssh service started on 18.04 without having to first connect a monitor and then logging in with a keyboard. I'm working on a nvidia jetson xavier NX, and my main objective is to create a service using systemd that starts on boot. however, i can't verify whether the service does actually start, as i cannot ssh in until i physically login through a monitor12:09
ioriawingedrhino, or use the -n, --no-update   flag12:09
wingedrhinoioria: can I pass multiple URLs to add-apt-repository? Otherwise looks like I'll just bypass the tool and do it manually12:09
wingedrhinooh there's a no-update flag? Perfect.12:09
ioriawingedrhino, yes, there is12:10
funkyelfHi, I'm on 20.04 and want to install nextcloud desktop.  I see there are file manager integrations for Caja, Dolphin, Nautilus and Nemo.  Which one does Ubuntu 20.04 use?  I see Nautilus is for Gnome, which Ubuntu is running but it looks like the file manager is just called "Files"12:19
Velardefiles is nautilus12:49
VelardeIf you are using Gnome then nautilus integration is what you want12:50
ld50hi, i'd like to completly disable sound output. i've put "blacklist snd" in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-snd.conf, even added modprobe.blacklist=snd to my kernel commandline - but the module gets loaded anyway12:56
Velardeld50: blacklist might not work if the module is loaded after boo13:07
ld50Velarde: that's why i stuck it into the kernel commandline, too13:08
Velardehttps://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Kernel_module#Using_files_in_/etc/modprobe.d/_2 check the note in this section13:17
BluesKajld50, whynot just enable automute in alsamixer ...just a workaround but it works13:17
ld50BluesKaj: i need to remotely disable sound on a lot of machines using ansible13:18
Velardeyou can force the module to fail on loading according to the Archwiki13:19
Velardeeven if another module calls it as dependency after booting13:19
ld50Velarde: already tried the "install snd /bin/false" method, didn't have any effect at all. maybe the module is loaded inside the initramfs13:19
Velardeld50: then you can remove it from the mkinitcpio.conf file too13:21
ld50module_blacklist=snd in the kernel cmdline did the trick13:22
ld50kinda confusing, everybody tells you that /etc/modprobe.d/ is the way to go, does not work. then you look at kernel cmd options and there is module_blacklist=snd, snd.blacklist=yes and modprobe.blacklist=snd13:23
ld50and only the module_blacklist one works13:24
ld50Velarde: BluesKaj: thanks for your time13:25
Velardeld50: thanks for sharing the solution13:31
ld50Velarde: i'd be nowhere without the great people on the internet sharing their knowledge, it's the least i can do :)13:33
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JellyIsAwesomei'm getting this error in the debug log of ZNC14:20
JellyIsAwesomessl3_get_record:wrong version number14:20
JellyIsAwesomewhat does this mean?14:20
ikoniait means you're connecting to something that doesn't support that version14:21
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JellyIsAwesomethat makes sense14:21
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JellyIsAwesomeikonia: how can i tell what exactly isn't supported?14:21
ikonia(ssl protocol 3 is the problem I'm guessing)14:21
JellyIsAwesome^if that's the problem, how can i fix it?14:22
ikoniaI'd expect there to be an SSL protocol version configuration option within ZNC14:22
JellyIsAwesomei'll take a look at the documentation14:22
JellyIsAwesomedo you think the problem would be avoided if i disabled ssl?14:23
ikoniaas few services will accept connections without encyption14:25
JellyIsAwesomei see14:26
JellyIsAwesomeikonia: i believe i've located the config file to change the protocol version, how do i determine which one to use?14:26
ikoniadepends what you're connecting too14:28
ikonia2 is very common14:28
ikoniatalk to the administrator of the service you want to connect to if you want to be sure14:28
JellyIsAwesomeikonia: alright, thanks for your help14:28
nbusronegdm crash , how do I run terminal in ubuntu before at boot? want to uninstall gnome flashback.14:31
nautica_hi, does anyone know when the patches will be available to apply to the kernel? https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v5.4.47/ (version 5.4.45) was the last to list the patches14:34
JellyIsAwesomeWhen I'm trying to connect to the webadmin of ZNC, this appears in the debug log14:45
JellyIsAwesomeSSL routines:ssl3_get_record:http request14:45
JellyIsAwesomewhat exactly is this?14:45
ikoniaexactly what it says14:45
ikoniait's looking your making an SSL v3 request14:45
JellyIsAwesomefor context, i'm unable to connect to the webadmin in my browser14:46
JellyIsAwesomeit says the server unexpectedly dropped the connection14:46
JellyIsAwesomeand it sometimes occurs when the server is busy14:46
ikoniaprobably because it doesn't support ssl V314:46
JellyIsAwesomeso changing browsers would probably fix this?14:46
JellyIsAwesomeerror:1408F09C:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:http request14:48
nbusroneubuntu black screen on startup , anyhelp ?14:50
ikoniaJellyIsAwesome: no14:50
JellyIsAwesomeikonia: how should i resolve this?14:50
ikoniaJellyIsAwesome I told you the problem - the client you are using is sending a connection request with what looks like the wrong SSL protocol14:51
nbusroneubuntu black screen on 20.0414:52
nbusroneno one ? i did set nomodeset when edit boot then F10 but still black screen14:58
nbusrone "nouveau.modeset=0"  not working too15:00
User1821View video, put like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUt6HIgfQgo15:02
ZeNEXHello guys, is there a shortcut in Ubuntu to run any application? Like Super+R and type `ssh` or something and it opens a terminal with ssh?15:07
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KetzerZeNEX, see if there's anything useful here https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/shell-keyboard-shortcuts.html.en15:15
Ketzerif not, set one yourself https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/keyboard-shortcuts-set.html.en15:15
nbusronewhich log to check when ubuntu in a black screen when boot ?15:19
nbusroneno one active ?15:22
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ZeNEXthanks Ketzer, it's Alt+F215:28
KetzerZeNEX, yw15:32
lamiastellaHi, I get this error on 20.04 [   13.386440] uvcvideo 1-9:1.0: Entity type for entity Camera 1 was not initialized! how should I fix it?15:36
nbusronewhich log to check for black screen ubuntu 20.04 ?15:43
nbusronenever mind i fix it already.15:44
sruliwhy when installing netfilter-persistent does it not install the actual scripts in /usr/share/netfilter-persistent/plugins.d? its kind of useless and does nothing without it15:45
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kinghathey ppls, is there a date for 20.04.1?16:36
oerheksofficial august 6th, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseSchedule16:38
ubottuRegular upgrades from 18.04 LTS to 20.04 LTS will be enabled once 20.04.1 is released in late July. This delay helps to ensure that any lingering issues are resolved before people upgrade production systems. If you'd prefer to upgrade now, use sudo do-release-upgrade -d16:38
oerheksrumour is 23 july..16:38
hggdhoerheks: AFAICR, it slipped from July to Aug (there was an email to -dev announcing it)16:39
oerheksto see the work in progress: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-20.04.116:39
kinghatah nice. thanks for the schedule, oerheks!16:40
oerhekshggdh, ah, thanks16:40
oerheksso august 6 it is..16:40
hggdhoerheks: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#search/From%3A+Steve+Langasek/FMfcgxwHNqKNbRzPDHPcKmwxxnfpqcxM  (sorry, it was to -releases, not -devel)16:44
hggdhI will try again...16:45
oerheksadd aug 6 to the factoid?16:45
hggdhoerheks: finally... https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2020-June/004980.html16:46
sruliwhy when installing netfilter-persistent does it not install the actual scripts in /usr/share/netfilter-persistent/plugins.d? its kind of useless and does nothing without it16:46
srulihow do i install the plugins?16:47
sruligot it need to install iptables-persistant for the plugins16:53
User0192Important. Please add "like". Not spam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUt6HIgfQgo16:54
nbusronehow to display clock with full date time with year ?  example : Thu Jun 19 2020 1:25 PM ? I am able to set it but with no AM and PM with mission year 202017:27
oerheksgnome-tweak-tool can set date/seconds and week numbers, not year in the top panel.17:30
oerheksmaybe there is a dconf value ..17:31
oerheksno, there is a clock-overide package.. http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2019/02/customize-time-date-format-ubuntu-18-04-gnome-panel/17:31
srulibeen using ubuntu for last 10 years, pretty happy always under the assumption that its open and available for peer reviews, now i read something about snap (never used it) that its closed installs by default in ubuntu.. is this that case? am i no longer safe to assume that my install is open and transparent?17:34
nbusroneoerheks : Thanks but there is no Clock override on 20.04 on gnome tweak. dconf value doesn't have it either.17:58
zutati wonder if gnome removed the ability to start a  session yet17:59
JfalkenGood morning folks. I'm having some problems with my wireless AC 9560 card and xubuntu 20.04. I posted a thread on the forums but haven't gotten any traction.  My wifi speeds are really slow and frequently drops completely.  I've posted the results of the wireless script here:  https://pastebin.com/QnYsQVFN.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.18:00
nbusroneoerheks : I am able to set AM by using 12h18:01
nbusroneoerheks : Do you know where I can report for bug ? example gnome tweak bug ?18:08
giacohello! I need an idea from you. I need to prepare a touchscreen PC that would let me to switch and use between two applications. It should start up and execute the two apps and move their GUI to specific position on specific screen18:16
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srulibeen using ubuntu for last 10 years, pretty happy always under the assumption that its open and available for peer reviews, now i read something about snap (never used it) that its closed installs by default in ubuntu.. is this that case? am i no longer safe to assume that my install is open and transparent?18:26
sarnoldsruli: it's up to you to choose what you want to install; compare snap info spotify vs snap info maas, note the "license" field18:28
Elliot_AldersonHas anyone experienced random freezing on Ubuntu 20.04?18:28
srulisarnold: the question is not about snap apps, i dont use them so dont care for them, i read that ubuntu install snap-core with a closed distribution system and it can / does push some apps and i am not in control of this, is this true?18:29
sarnoldElliot_Alderson: I've seen this bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/187923418:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1879234 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Clicking Activities does nothing - screen appears to freeze" [Undecided,Incomplete]18:30
sarnoldsruli: I don't understand the question then, sorry18:30
Elliot_Alderson@sarnold thank you18:31
srulisarnold: kind of a backdoor type thing, i have seen it in multiple places recently https://www.theregister.com/2020/06/02/linux_mint_team_snap/18:32
nbusrone<sarnold> : how do I file a bug report ?18:33
sruliif i install something using APT does ubuntu decide if to use apt package or snap package? and does it forcefully install snap, this is what i need to know18:34
tarelerulzDo any  know if Hulu works in the browser ?  I know chrome Netflix and Amazon prime work but those are only two.  Hulu could use a different system .  I ask because never  hear anything about mainstream things like that18:35
tarelerulzany I might want to use it Hulu18:36
sarnoldsruli: it looks like the preinst script will prompt the user in some fashion http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/x7MjWnrTwM/18:36
srulisarnold: what calls this script? apt?18:38
sarnoldsruli: yes18:39
sarnoldsruli: that's run when you run apt install chromium-browser18:39
srulioouch, this can be extended to check snap store for anything... and in theory if i want to install y it can install x,  why this backdoor? just remove chromium from apt and provide a message that its only available in snap, this is a very bad route to go... i really really really dont want to go to another distro... been using ubuntu 10 years :-(18:41
tarelerulzHaha sruli its not cheating18:42
sruliwhy would u say its not cheating? if i want chromium as an apt package, either provide it or "Unable to locate package chromium - try snap..." why install something else? ;-(18:43
sarnoldsruli: if you don't want snapd, just purge it, and it's gone18:43
srulisarnold:  i understand apt has been re-written and it cant really be removed, am i wrong?18:44
sarnoldsruli: apt?18:45
tarelerulzMy point was , I switch distro all the time to get one thing done at times.  sometimes , I switch one or two to get one thing done.18:45
kyle__sarnold: you could uninstall apt at some point?  I never knew that.18:49
srulisarnold: you are saying if i purge snap apt wont install snap chromium? whats to stop it from installing snap?18:50
srulitarelerulz: i use 3 different distros for my servers and regular ubuntu for my desktop.. dont like to change desktop18:50
sarnoldkyle__: hopefully we have something in place to discourage uninstalling apt, just as we have something to discourage people from uninstalling sudo18:50
sruliwhoever said anything about uninstalling apt?18:51
sarnoldThu 18 18:44:59 < sruli> sarnold:  i understand apt has been re-written and it cant really be removed, am i wrong?18:51
Elliot_Aldersonsarnold: Should I move to wayland to prevent the freezing?18:51
sarnoldThu 18 18:49:26 < kyle__> sarnold: you could uninstall apt at some point?  I never knew that.18:51
sarnoldElliot_Alderson: I have no idea, sorry, I just know about the bug18:51
sarnoldElliot_Alderson: I never see freezing in my system, on X11, but I'm running i3wm, not gnome18:51
sruliooops re-phrase... i meant to write the snap part that has been written into apt cant be removed18:51
sarnoldsruli: apt purge snapd -- if you want to make sure it stays gone, use the equivs package to make a fake snapd package so the dependency will *look* satisfied18:52
srulisarnold: so i need to use trickery.. :-(18:53
sarnoldkyle__: the sudo check is in a maintainer script18:53
kyle__Well, I would have use ansi colors and seen if I could implement a good "blink" type thing, but there is some warning at least.18:53
sarnoldkyle__: perhaps apt has one in a maintainer script too18:53
sarnoldsruli: meh, I'd just apt purge snapd and leave it at that18:53
kyle__I would really hope most people purging things would notice that ubuntu-minimal was being removed, and that would give a good indicator on its own this is a bad idea... but yeah.18:54
sarnoldkyle__: the usual bug report I see is people trying to install some guitar software that has *terrible* packaging and apt tries to remove sudo as a result18:55
kyle__In repo, or out of repo?18:55
sencha_greenHey everyone, I spent most of today and yesterday trying to get autoinstall working with subiquity for ubuntu 20.04 installs on ppc64le architecture.  It appears the configs aren't even being read, despite me putting in the necessary boot parameters.  Has anyone gotten an automated install to work?18:58
sarnoldkyle__: it looks like it's out of tree https://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php18:59
sarnoldsencha_green: you'll probably find more folks in #ubuntu-server19:00
sarnoldsencha_green: I never tried the automated installs on my ppc64el :( sorry19:00
sencha_greensarnold: Ah. Okay I'll ask the folks over at #ubuntu-server19:01
kyle__Is autoinstall what's replaced debian-preseed?  Also yes, ubuntu-server is going to be more for that :)19:03
sarnoldkyle__: yeah, pretty much; the old debian installer is still around but in 20.04 it's untested; future releases will probably stop building it19:05
sarnoldkyle__: oh yeah, the gross bug.. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sudo/+bug/157958419:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1579584 in sudo (Ubuntu) "installing guitarpro6 creates a situation where sudo:i386 is scheduled for install" [High,Confirmed]19:06
kyle__I need to try it out then.  I used preseed a lot, and I won't miss it, but I should at least know how to use the replacement.19:10
ffsWhat's the current status of using HDMI from a USB-C hub in Ubuntu? Does it work well? Any hubs I should get?19:42
ffs(This is for a Dell Developer Edition laptop an Ubuntu-using non-tinkerer friend got.)19:45
sarnoldffs: the general idea of doing video via usb-c things works fine but getting the *details* right can take some real effort. I wound up buying three different docks for my laptop before getting one that could do 4K at 60Hz and remain reliable19:57
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sarnoldffs: this blog post describes some of the issues (but doesn't discuss linux at all) https://tonsky.me/blog/monitors/19:58
ffsI don't think anything above 1080p is necessary at the moment.19:58
ffsWould a cheapo hub work?19:59
ffsI saw something about this crashing the networking stack for one user. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Z7H3GJK . If there are no plans for plugging in ethernet, it should be fine, right?20:01
sarnoldwow that's cheap :) just be 100% sure you're okay with "resolutions up to 4K@30Hz"20:06
sarnoldwell, at $30 maybe it doesn't matter if you wind up replacing it in a few years when you want something more :) hehe20:06
glue11Hi everyone, for some reason unattended-upgrade is not updating my package list, though if update manually, it installs packages for me. Any idea what's going on? I think I have the right option set to enable updating the package list: APT::Periodic::Update-Package-Lists "1"20:35
dbuggerHi everyone20:57
dbuggerI dont want to post stuff that does not belong here, so I want to ask... is there a channel where I can get support for Popos?20:58
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jwisbell35_Is anyone here using Pithos/Pandora? Was fine in earlier versions but stations tab will not open in 20.04.  https://imgur.com/a/ztRUMDc21:09
cslcmhey - when a program crashes with "Aborted (core dumped)" - where is the coredump file?21:12
JfalkenIs there anyone around that would be able to help me troubleshooting a wireless issue?21:33
SquarismIm running ubuntu 20.04. Is it running Wayland per default?21:33
jeremy31Squarism: no21:34
jeremy31Jfalken: what kind of issue?21:34
Squarismwasnt wayland supposed to replace x11?21:34
Jfalkenjeremy31, I'm having some problems with my wireless AC 9560 card and xubuntu 20.04. I posted a thread on the forums but haven't gotten any traction.  My wifi speeds are really slow and frequently drops completely.  I've posted the results of the wireless script here:  https://pastebin.com/QnYsQVFN.21:35
oerhekswayland session is installed, standard, logout, switch, login21:35
jeremy31Squarism: I think it was default in just one short term Ubuntu release21:35
SquarismSo wayland is out of the picture or still the goal?21:36
jeremy31Jfalken: in terminal do>  sudo sed -i 's/wifi.powersave = 3/wifi.powersave = 2/' /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf21:37
jeremy31Jfalken: reboot and see if it is better21:37
oerheksSquarism, no, when nvidia is ready with open drivers, things will go fast.21:38
JfalkenGiving it a try now21:38
quadrathoch2Squarism canonical is just very careful with LTS releases, that's why 20.04 is still on xorg, but the goal is wayland21:41
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Jfalkenjeremy31, no luck.  It's still so slow that speedtest.net isn't even loading lol21:44
Squarismoerheks, quadrathoch2 : Thanks for the info. Appreciated!21:45
jeremy31Jfalken: try>  echo "options iwlwifi 11n_disable=8" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/iwl-opt.conf21:46
jeremy31Jfalken: See if going into Network Manager and editing the connection IPv6 setting to disable/ignore helps21:47
Jfalkenjeremy31, sure, let me try the latter first.. I'm on a different device now21:47
acresearchpeople is there an ubuntu version with python 3.7   instead of the latest 3.8?   i have a python library that only works with 3.7  and it is central to my work   do i need to downgrade21:51
Jfalkenjeremy31, Setting ipv6 to ignore didn't seem to have any effect. Even just pinging Google I'm dropping a significant amount of packets :(21:53
jeremy31Jfalken: maybe try>  rfkill block bluetooth21:54
Jfalkenjeremy31, no dice21:56
jeremy31Jfalken: reboot the router, there is some strange stuff going on about power settings21:59
Jfalkenjeremy31, I've tried that already.. Also, no issue with any of the other devices on my network22:00
_fritchielooks like the nvme-cli package with 20.04 wasn't built against uuid-dev which prevents the command "nvme gen-hostnqn" from working22:01
jeremy31Jfalken: maybe try the backport-iwlwifi-dkms from the driver manager22:01
jeremy31Jfalken: and> sudo iw reg set US22:02
Jfalkenjeremy31, that iw command didn't seem to make any difference.  How do I "backport-iwlwifi-dkms from the driver manager" ?22:05
jeremy31Jfalken: you can actually install in terminal>  sudo apt install backport-iwlwifi-dkms22:06
JfalkenOh, ok.. giving that a try now22:06
jeremy31Jfalken: reboot after, if it gets worse, reboot after>  sudo apt remove backport-iwlwifi-dkms22:07
Jfalkenjeremy31, it says the module has been obsoleted due to being included in the 5.4.0 kernel22:09
JfalkenFWIW, I also tried a 5.6 kernel as well22:09
jeremy31Jfalken: Might need to file a bug report22:10
Jfalkenjeremy31, was afraid of that :(22:12
JfalkenThanks for the suggestions22:12
jeremy31Jfalken: unless there are updates for the router22:13
JfalkenI'll check, but like I said, all the other devices in my house are all good22:13
SquarismAnyone know if theres any pc hardware centred channel on here?22:17
Squarism(think gaming pc's)22:17
jeremy31Jfalken: there is a newer version if you> sudo add-apt-repository ppa:canonical-hwe-team/backport-iwlwifi22:19
jeremy31Jfalken: then> sudo apt update && sudo apt install backport-iwlwifi-dkms22:19
Jfalkenjeremy31, says I'm already at the latest version22:22
jeremy31Jfalken: try the latest from Intel>  https://askubuntu.com/a/1046682/30066522:27
SquarismAnyone know if these are "normal" temps for a Ryzen 5 3600 at low surfing/chatting22:29
quadrathoch2Squarism really depends on your cooling system22:30
Jfalkenjeremy31, with the kernel.org github link?22:31
jeremy31Jfalken: just run the first 7 commands as we already tried the updated stuff22:31
Squarismquadrathoch2, I have the Noctua nh-d15 with a single fan. Other than that intake fan, one exhaust fan and then a PSU fan. Case is Mechify C.22:31
oerheksRyzen 5 3600  Max Temps 95°C22:34
oerheksso, that looks fine22:34
quadrathoch2Squarism well I have a ryzen 5 2400G with the same cooler and mine is idling at 36C, so sounds good on your side22:37
quadrathoch2(fan off right now)22:37
Squarismquadrathoch2, thanks!22:38
SquarismNice to know22:38
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Jfalkenjeremy31, That seems to have done the trick!  I'm getting the fastest wifi speeds I've had since I got this laptop!  Although, iwconfig doesn't show any extensions now22:43
JfalkenI guess that last part doesn't matter, should it?22:44
cgipythonare there good drivers for apple's macbook trackpads for ubuntu? Hand gestures for example?22:44
jeremy31Jfalken: as long as it is connected, you could post URL from terminal for>  ./wireless-info && cat wireless-info.txt | nc termbin.com 999922:45
Jfalkenjeremy31, oh the ouptut of that script?22:47
JfalkenNeed to download the script again, it got blown away (long story)22:48
jeremy31Jfalken: ok22:48
cgipythonI have a old mac laptop - I booted it into try ubuntu 20.04 - no wifi detection - any ideas on how to fix that?22:48
oerhekssure there are mac pages, for your model22:49
oerheksmust be an BCM device22:49
radarYo@cgipython: 'lspci' and see if there are any "Network controller"s22:50
jeremy31cgipython: post URL from terminal for>  lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 net | nc termbin.com 999922:50
Jfalkenjeremy31, https://termbin.com/7r1p22:52
giacoI need help with touchscreen device on ubuntu. Wherever I touch on the screen, the cursor moves minimally top/left on the screen22:52
giacocalibration tool does nothing22:54
jeremy31Jfalken: it is switching between 2 APs with the same SSID on 5 GHz22:54
Jfalkenjeremy31, Yeah, I have a mesh router and thought that might be the case.  I tried to set it to a specific BSSID, but it doesn't ssem to stick22:55
JfalkenI was checking it with iwconfig, but I'm not getting anything back now22:58
jeremy31Jfalken: you might want to send that link to linuxwifi@intel.com and describe the issues you are having, some weird stuff again in the dmesg, some sort of driver crash23:02
Jfalkenjeremy31, the termbin link?23:03
jeremy31Jfalken: yes as you have the latest firmware23:03
JfalkenCool, I'l do that.  Is there any way to ensure which BSSID I'm using?  I set it in network connections to use the one it's currently on, hopefully it will stay there.23:04
nugrohoUbuntu 5.10 - Breezy Badger - Cisco Aironet [Wifi0/Managed]23:05
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jeremy31nugroho: That is no longer supported23:05
jeremy31Jfalken: Might have to check dmesg23:08
Jfalkenjeremy31, ok.  Really appreciate all the help. :)23:08
jeremy31Jfalken: If I think of anything else I will post on the ubuntuforums thread23:09
JfalkenAwesome, thanks!23:09
davido_Is there a way to profile the screen unlock process, look at a log of the steps and how long they took?23:11
sarnolddavido_: this is where I'd start http://www.brendangregg.com/linuxperf.html23:14
nugrohoMEIZU M5 Note - Smart Fren 4G 10GB [you are on your own]23:17
ifdef42I have this 7-yo laptop and decided to put Ubuntu on it. Certain things like apt run terribly slow, certain things run fine. But the weirdest thing is inside Docker, apt runs great. Make any sense?23:17
tarriei want an exfat disk to auto mount, the disk mounts fine when using "user session defaults" (leaving "mount at startup" unchecked), but when i disable defaults my user can't write to the disk. what do i need to do to mount at startup and allow any user to write and execute from disk?23:17
sarnoldifdef42: dns?23:18
ifdef42sarnold, interesting. what do you think i should check?23:18
ifdef42a few dig commands seem to return plenty fast fwiw23:19
sarnoldifdef42: try resolvectl, make sure everything htere makes sense23:20
ifdef42so e.g. apt install hexchat to get in here took 3min 44s!23:20
ifdef4218.04 btw23:21
ifdef42simple lookups at least return in 6-25ms, seems good23:24
giacoI have some calibration stuff generated by xinput_calibration tool to add to xorg configuration. The tools says to add it to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d or /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d but seems ignored by ubuntu23:24
giacoI'm using ubuntu 20.0423:24
cgipythonAny ideas on fixing my wifi chipset issue with mac laptop + ubuntu 20.04?23:24
sarnoldifdef42: dang. I liked that idea.23:25
sarnoldifdef42: try using libeatmydata?23:25
ifdef42;) yeah it did sound promising23:25
ifdef42okay hadn't heard of that, so you mean run apt with that and see if fsync is source of the problem?23:27
sarnoldifdef42: yeah23:27
ifdef42i replaced the laptop's failing HDD with a (SATA :/) SSD, so my biggest suspicion was around disk. this is also a weird early ultrabook that had a 32-GB mSata card which i took out, used as a cache or something23:28
oerhekscgipython, you never answered .. <jeremy31> cgipython: post URL from terminal for>  lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 net | nc termbin.com 999923:29
ifdef42so i wonder if BIOS? or something could be weird about that missing, but it seems like things work okay. also whatever i attempted to measure disk throughput (just dd stuff) seemed like i was getting a reasonable approximation of the max expected for sata ssd23:29
cgipythonoerheks, I am not connected to that machine23:29
oerhekswel, plug in cable and try?23:30
Bashing-omifdef42: ^ then a thought: is AHCI enabled in bios ( took me forever to figure mine out when I instaled a SSD).23:30
cgipythonoerheks, I see Boradcom Inc. BCM4331 a/b/g/n23:31
cgipythonrev 0223:31
ifdef42Bashing-om, hmm i only know AHCI as "something to do with disks" :) so... i want it, or i don't?23:31
cgipythonoerheks, Kernel driver in use : bcma-pci-bridge23:31
ifdef42bios had ridiculously few tweakable settings though23:31
sarnoldyou want AHCI23:32
Bashing-omifdef42: "Advanced Host Controller Interface" You for sure want it :D23:32
ifdef42heh ;)  okay it has this "intel rapid storage technology" that was doing some weird raid between the msata and ssd, plus another cache partition on the msata. but it seemed to bow out of the way when i took out the msata and nothing in bios about it23:33
ifdef42well i'm on this gem of a box now, so, back later... :)23:33
sarnoldgood luck :)23:33
* ifdef42 eyes three other pcs on around me23:33
oerhekscgipython, you need networking for this, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx23:35
nugrohoUbuntu 5.10 - Edubuntu 5.10 - Kubuntu 5.10 [DVD/iso/iso]23:35
oerheksnugroho, no need to show us again, EOL, dead, no support23:36
cgipythonoerheks, why wasnt the open source driver included in the kernel? 20.04lts - do you know?23:37
ifdef42Bashing-om, yeah nothing about AHCI in BIOS i think23:37
oerheksi am sure if the license allows it, we shit it.23:38
oerhekserr ship it23:38
oerheksbcm is not a good friend with opensource23:39
Bashing-omifdef42: In my case (Phoenix bios) I had to enable raid to get AHCI.23:39
jeremy31cgipython: you need the firmware-b43-installer package23:39
ifdef42i guess i should be able to see in dmesg or something if it's found23:40
ifdef42i guess maybe i should do strace on apt23:40
cgipythonI see23:40
jeremy31cgipython: might have to USB tether to a smartphone23:41
Bashing-omifdef42: I greped dmesg and syslog here for "ahci" with no return.23:44
ifdef42i see e.g. ahci 000:00:1f.2: AHCI 0001.0300 32 slots 6 ports 6 Gbps 0x1 impl RAID mode23:45
ifdef42and a few other lines23:45
ifdef42i wonder if that means it's *in* raid mode; there is no raid, just the one disk now23:45
ifdef42hmm there's a bios update, maybe the new one has more options23:48
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cgipythonjeremy31, I'll wait till I have an ethernet cable :(23:49

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