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abtm_question, I have an xubuntu VM that is displaying the wrong time.01:27
abtm_it knows what timezone I am in and displays the accurate minutes and seconds but it shows the hours to be 4 hours ahead01:27
abtm_shell date command shows the correct time01:28
abtm_the clock applet is displaying in the custom format of %a %b %d, %Y%n%-I:%M:%S %p01:28
abtm_also the lock/login screen shows the correct time01:28
brainwashabtm_: did you set the timezone in the clock applet settings?08:12
Fernando-Basso[mI moved a wallpaper to /usr/share/mybgs, opened Gtk greeter settings, set to that wallpaper. When I lock screen or am in the login, it only shows my wallpaper for half a second and then goes back to xubuntu default one.10:05
Fernando-Basso[mHow can I properly set the lock-screen wallpaper?10:05
pmjdebruijniirc the lock-screen wallpaper adapts to whatever wallpaper the user who is selected in the greeter has set (presumin that wallpaper is readable on the filesystem)10:06
Fernando-Basso[mThat would explain why it would just momentarily show the one I set, and then switch to the default one. My desktop wallpaper is the default one.10:08
Fernando-Basso[mpmjdebruijn: Yep, that is the problem.10:09
Fernando-Basso[mYet, on Arch Linux it works fine. I can't set and see the login screen wallpaper and it can be different than the one on my desktop.10:09
Fernando-Basso[mIt is a little misleading having the option to configure just to have it be ignored.10:10
Fernando-Basso[mpmjdebruijn: Thanks for the piece of info. I would spend hours trying to figure out the problem. Much appreciated!10:12
lol_K_bye52hi, i love the new Xubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa colored high resolution symbols and mouse pointers --> https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EXWmiidVcAAwM1R.jpg11:16
diogenes_Usually after such introduction: "i love the new Xubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa..." there is a "but", e. g: i love the new Xubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa but my screen is flickering :)11:20
pmjdebruijnsrsly check that image :)11:39
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