timClicksis any special syntax required for cross-controller and/or cross-cloud CMR?02:45
hpidcockwallyworld: did your recent fixes fix this https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/1880422 ?03:17
mupBug #1880422: Bootstrapping manual controller on arm64 fails <manual-provider> <juju:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1880422>03:17
wallyworldmaybe not03:18
wallyworldi'd need to look at the code03:18
hpidcockI can take a look03:19
wallyworldi think he just needs ---constraints "arch=arm64"03:19
wallyworldwhich is separate to my fix, that should already have worked03:19
wallyworldthumper: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1173104:05
* thumper looks04:39
thumperwallyworld: done04:58
* thumper sighs...05:06
thumperI though I had all this sorted, now got weirdness05:06
* thumper takes a deep breath05:10
thumperfigured out why some of them are failing05:10
hpidcockthumper: did you turn it off and on again?05:14
thumperhpidcock: oh I wish it was that easy05:20
thumpernow to go and fix tests that I've broken with the "fix"05:21
thumperthis is the branch that will never die05:21
thumperok... I think they are all passing now05:28
thumperif that's right, it will now be time to pull the branch apart to land in pieces05:28
thumperugh... still need to write the upgrade step05:28
thumpercan do that later05:28
thumperwon't be landing that bit first anyway05:28
* thumper pulls off a chunk to land05:34
thumperwallyworld, hpidcock: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1173205:46
thumpersimple PR to just move stuff05:47
thumperhpidcock: I'm EODing, if you're happy, can you please $$merge$$ it?05:48
* thumper out05:48
hpidcocksure thing05:48
achilleasaflxfoo: curious why you got the usage prompt; perhaps adding 'set -eux' at the top of the function should provide more info about what gets passed to nc? If you do come up with an improved version of the script by all means post it to that page for others to use08:13
manadart_achilleasa: Got time to review this one? Follows the original refactor you reviewed: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1173410:05
achilleasamanadart_: sure10:07
flxfooachilleasa:I think the ssh client version with proxycommand change, not to use nc anymore10:09
stickupkidmanadart_, achilleasa CR https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1173310:30
hmlgood morning11:54
manadart_Morning hml.12:47
manadart_Anyone able to review a forward merge? No conflicts. https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1173512:47
hmlstickupkid: review please https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1172214:09
stickupkidhml, nice :+1:14:16
hmlstickupkid:  ty14:20
rick_hpetevg:  do you have time to pre-forrester?14:21
manadart_stickupkid: https://github.com/juju/description/pull/7914:27
petevgrick_h: I've got TGIF at 11am, my time. I'm free now, though. Want to jump into a hangout?14:28
rick_hpetevg:  sure, tell you what let's hop in your tgif and I'll just eat the gap if that's ok14:29
petevgSounds good :-)14:29
rick_hguild heads up I'm going to steal guimaas for demo work again kthx sorry14:31
stickupkidachilleasa, ^14:31
achilleasastickupkid: got my own maas now :p14:32
rick_hachilleasa:  ooooh, fancy!14:44
achilleasarick_h: there wasn't an easier/quicker way to test the OVS stuff so I finally bit the bullet and set up a local with the edge snap :D14:52
rick_hachilleasa:  cool14:54
stickupkidhml, find https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1173615:53
hmlstickupkid: osm is a bundle, so i’m guessing the bundle contains wordpress15:54
hmlstickupkid: so that makes sense to me for find15:54
stickupkidhml, osm is the k8s stuff15:54
stickupkidhml, https://jaas.ai/osm/bundle/4415:55
hmlstickupkid: maybe not… i’ts a bundle, but no wordpress15:55
stickupkidhml, yeah... interesting though15:55
stickupkidhml, also it states that it's a charm, when it's a bundle, so we really should catch that?15:57
hmlstickupkid: bug in api?15:57
hmlstickupkid: we do catch it… just need to type the Type :-)15:57
stickupkidhml, it's really intesting, that they have a leaf call "charm"... I wonder if there is a better word for that15:58
stickupkidi.e. we have "type: bundle" and a leaf called "charm"15:59
stickupkidyou get me?15:59
hmlstickupkid: not following16:02
hmlstickupkid: sure16:02
rick_hpetevg:  did get the bootstrap to work with the new larger instances16:14
petevgrick_h: cool. I'm still working on azure (I've got my credentials all straightened out. I'll see what I can do to make sure that I get instances that are large enough myself.)16:19
petevgrick_h: how much ram and disk did you end up allocating to each node?16:36
rick_hpetevg:  8gb ram k8s nodes16:38
rick_hI think they're two cores16:38
rick_hI think the key was getting from 4gb of ram default notes to the 8gb of ram ones16:38
petevgrich_h: cool. Thx!16:41
thedaccoreycb: https://pastebin.canonical.com/p/KvKPxrMTkK/17:36
thedaccat /root/.pydistutils.cfg17:36
thedacfind_links = file:///var/lib/juju/agents/unit-octavia-0/charm/wheelhouse/17:36
thedacallow_hosts = ''17:36
thedacpip list |grep setup17:36
thedacsetuptools     47.3.117:36
thedacsetuptools-scm 1.17.017:36
thedacdpkg -l |grep setuptoo17:36
thedacii  python3-setuptools               39.0.1-2                                    all          Python3 Distutils Enhancements17:36
thedacCould it be checking the wrong version of setuptools?17:36
=== psydroid is now known as Guest84896
thedaccoreycb: setuptools_ver = _load_installed_versions('pip3').get('setuptools') is returning None17:42
petevgrick_h: what demo are you deploying on your k8s cluster? Just mongodb, or something else?18:46
rick_hpetevg:  I'm getting a small kubeflow setup from the k8s team18:49
petevgrick_h: nice. Share it with me when you get it? (I've got a model theoretically running on AKS, but I need to test it to verify.)18:50
rick_hpetevg:  yea, I'm using hte mongodb one to test with. Let me get you the bundle I'm using18:51
rick_hpetevg:  https://pastebin.canonical.com/p/nrdyYwXMhw/18:52
rick_hpetevg:  yea so that's just mongodb.yml and juju deploy ./mongodb.yaml and should work18:54
* rick_h has to run the boy to a party, I'll check back in later18:54
petevgrick_h: AKS was pretty straightforward to bootstrap. Where would you like me to drop my notes?19:41
rick_hpetevg:  email would be fine for now if that's cool20:51
petevgrick_h: sent. Have a great weekend!21:20
rick_hpetevg:  ty you too21:35

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