tomwardillokay, I broke buildbot, working on it08:25
* tomwardill shakes fist at doctests08:27
tomwardillilasc: you still have the 'findByRecipe' method in your oci-registry-credentials MP. Is that used anywhere?08:32
tomwardillta for the review :)08:34
ilasctomwardill: well spotted! it will be used only in the next MPs for Push Rule viewing & editing - this is the result of splitting the big MP into smaller ones, I'll remove it now08:35
tomwardillilasc: +108:51
ilascthanks tomwardill , I'll obviously wait until later today or at some point next week to land, give buildbot a chance to recover 🙂08:53
tomwardillwell, at least it's gone back to 'normal' errors now08:54
tomwardillstorm.exceptions.PropertyPathError: Path 'QuestionMessage.<primary key>' matches no known property.10:56
* tomwardill has no idea what that means (and yes, it's similar to the one I got yesterday,b ut that one went away)10:56
ilasctomwardill: this buildbot or local dev env ?10:59
tomwardilllocal instance10:59
tomwardilltrying to convert QuestionMessage to Storm10:59
tomwardillthere is a primary key on that model10:59
ilascyes, ok, used to get similar with the stom -> sqlalchemy but on the FK11:01
ilascthis one sounds like it doesn't know what 'primary key' is for QuestionMessage11:02
tomwardill`id = Int(primary=True)`11:03
ilascyep, that should be sufficient11:05
ilascis QuestionMessage declared StormBased or SQLBased ?11:11
tomwardillaha, progress11:11
tomwardillI've changed QuestionMessage to be StormBase, but Question still had a SQLBase style ForeignKey declaration11:12
tomwardillchanging that to a Reference has solved that particular problem11:12
ilasc🙂 good!11:12
* tomwardill gets lunch before any more11:12
tomwardillsomething something, DOC TESTS ARRGGHHH15:14
pappacenaThere is no love in something that breaks even the editor's syntax highlighting...15:31
tomwardillthis set is somewhat annoyiong15:33
SpecialK|Canonis this the file that crashes your ide?15:35
tomwardillno, that's factory.py15:36
tomwardillalthough it's a lot better now15:36
tomwardillthis doctest is failing, but i cna't tell why, because all it will tell me is that the transaction has been aborted15:38
pappacenaCan you send stacktrace here?15:39
tomwardilloh, found it15:43
tomwardillFirst exception had the relevenat stack trace15:43
tomwardillbut I had to turn on 'infinite scrollback' in my terminal to be able to see it15:43
* pappacena laughing, but worried 😂15:45
tomwardillanyone tried using lazr Snapshot with Storm ReferenceSet?16:44
tomwardilllooks like it's failing to snapshot it, my referenceset for the 'old' is the same as the 'new'16:44
tomwardillhmm, doesn't appear to work16:54
* tomwardill replaces it with a list() property instead16:54
* tomwardill undoes all the replaceing of [-1] with .last()16:54
tomwardill"Total: 226 tests, 0 failures, 0 errors, 0 skipped in 4 minutes 20.402 seconds."17:05
tomwardillI think that'll do for the day17:05
* tomwardill -> EOD17:05

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