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Laneyddstreet: cc cjwatson: After https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpadlib/+bug/1862948, what is the strategy for intentionally using lplib under sudo?09:03
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1862948 in launchpadlib "launchpadlib should not use keyring when running under sudo" [High,Fix released]09:03
LaneyFor ubuntu-cdimage we have a shared user which we switch to using sudo, but now it isn't storing LP credentials09:04
wgrantLaney: As a workaround, unset SUDO_USER? But agreed that it's a questionable behaviour.09:05
Laneywgrant: Yeah, that works and I guess we could have cdimage do that in a pinch, but...09:10
Laneyanyway I'm off today so I'll just leave that little nugget here for discussion :>09:11
ddstreetLaney it seems like having a shared user use a single LP login is a bad idea, isn't it?  But in any case, if you *do* want to use python-keyring to store the creds under sudo, you should manually create a KeyringCredentialStore instance and pass that to Launchpad.login_with(..., credential_store=your_instance)12:24
yaccHave troubles to login with Ubuntu-One (I can login on Ubuntu, confirm the data transfer, but I get a launchpat.net error: (Error ID: OOPS-dfbc9968e52f191e8023225a78583ca4) )14:55
tomwardillyacc: drop an email to feedback@launchpad.net with that info and include the OOPS and someone on support rotation will take a look at it14:56
tomwardillalthough we're getting to the end of the week, so it might not be till Monday, is it urgent?14:57
yaccNot really. It's the end of week for us, I just discovered an lxml bug that is probably also affecting us. If so, it's probably better that I "press affects us and comment with details" on Monday, because I started some endurance tests to verify the issue that will run for some time just now ;)14:59
tomwardillcool, it looks like a fairly common account duplication problem, so should be straight forward to fix15:01
xnoxLaney:  as sudo, i normally use `lp-shell --credentials-file=CREDENTIALS_FILE` => such that a static file is used as secrets storage.15:21
Laneyddstreet: I mean we've got access to a lot more sensitive things than a Launchpad bot account in there, this is probably the least of our worries15:33
Laneywould you be up for writing down the best practices somewhere?15:33

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