lotuspsychjegood morning02:49
lotuspsychjesarnold found Bug #1843982 and i can confirm the loginloop after recent updates on 20.04, we might get other users today02:59
sarnoldlotuspsychje: was that a fresh boot?02:59
lotuspsychjefresh boot - doing updates - loginloop - hard reset -03:00
sarnoldinteresting, account-service isn't in the phased updates list https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/phased-updates.html03:01
lotuspsychjestatus installed gir1.2-accountsservice-1.0:amd64 0.6.55-0ubuntu12~20.04.103:04
ducassegood morning06:33
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lotuspsychje!borg | seven-eleven11:40
lotuspsychjeubottu> borg is a fast backup tool with incremental backups: https://www.borgbackup.org/ (Ubuntu packages: borgbackup, borgbackup-doc, and borgmatic)11:41
seven-elevenlotuspsychje, I think when you do backups to a borg repository you need an SSH key, does borg take care that the host can access only its own files and issue no commands on the borg repository server with its ssh key11:42
lotuspsychjeseven-eleven: didnt tested myself, i usually backup things manually11:44
asdfghhello, pardon one question about snap, i am seeing that every software i install has is mounted folder12:25
asdfghsomething like:12:25
asdfgh /dev/loop40      72M   72M       0 100% /snap/insomnia/6912:25
asdfghwhat about that? does the software work in chroot env?12:25
asdfghnow the problem i have is that i have installed mysql-workbench and when i try to set the ssh key to connect to the server i get permission denied when i try to access to homedir/.ssh12:27
asdfghbecause the folder has the user permissions only12:27
lotuspsychjedont crosspost into 2 ubuntu channels please asdfgh12:30
asdfghsorry lotuspsychje12:30
marcoagpintoheya guys and girls18:37
marcoagpintothe demon is back!18:37
joelcrumphi marcoagpinto18:38
marcoagpintoI was trying to fix a Unity issue without success :(18:39
marcoagpintoI opened a JPG as background for the main menu and then created a textmeshpro object, but it appears under the image :(18:40
marcoagpintoI can't solve it18:40
daftykinsi bet there's a channel for it18:42
marcoagpintodaftykins: I already asked in the discord channel18:43
marcoagpintono one was able to fix it18:43
marcoagpintobut only one or two persons tried to help18:43
lotuspsychjefix unity in discord channel?18:44
marcoagpintolotuspsychje: in the 3D course server18:44
marcoagpintothe courses have a discord server18:44
marcoagpintoit is not fixing Unity, is fixing the issue I am having18:45
marcoagpintoI tried changing the layer number on the objects but it didn't work18:45
marcoagpintomaybe it is a camera issue :( but it is so hard to use the camera object18:46
marcoagpintoand the light18:46
oerhekssarnold, now i am under attack..22:46
oerhekswhat is this with these lonely people?22:46
sarnoldoerheks: good question... one of the oftc opers had a guy following him from channel to channel and bothering everybody for a few weeks.. I actually managed to get him to stop with a *long* conversation, where, indeed, sad and lonely felt like the cause..22:47

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