abtm_question, I have an xubuntu VM that is displaying the wrong time.00:11
abtm_it knows what timezone I am in and displays the accurate minutes and seconds but it shows the hours to be 4 hours ahead00:11
abtm_shell date command shows the correct time00:11
abtm_the clock applet is displaying in the custom format of %a %b %d, %Y%n%-I:%M:%S %p00:11
abtm_also the lock/login screen shows the correct time00:11
krytarikabtm_: "[08:12] <brainwash> abtm_: did you set the timezone in the clock applet settings?"00:42
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hzmattI'm looking for opinions on what is the "modern" keyring to use with xfce/xubuntu.  I'm looking for one that unlocks on login such that my ssh sessions to other hosts will be able to use my key store.20:09
hzmattI find references to all sorts of secret stores and keyring managers, but I'm sure some of them are deprecated and either aren't well supported anymore or are deprecated.20:10

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