MICROburstis cloud-init intended to replace things like kickstart?16:14
meenaMICROburst: depending on your work flow, you'd use kick-start to build your images, and then you'd use cloud-init to finalise it on boot16:53
MICROburstmeena: build an image with RedHat's kickstart? - Odd perspective. Are there any good tutorials? I would like to PXE boot the machine and have a per machine config. What can I hand over to cloud-init? Some examples, I have seen seem to use grub instead of iPXE.19:15
meenaMICROburst: packer → iso or pxe boot (https://www.packer.io/docs/provisioners) → kickstart for install → export the finished product as your VM Host image: https://www.packer.io/docs/builders / https://www.packer.io/docs/post-processors )20:18
meenaMICROburst: so, are we talking about VMs or hardware, btw?20:19
MICROburstmeena: bare metal as well as VMs. Currently iPXE and kickstart. No more kickstart due to migration to ubuntu.21:55
meenaMICROburst: aah, yeah, that Debian seed thing is something else22:18
meenaimagine kickstart invented by people after they had managed to rule22:28
meenaflee the cult of chtulu22:28

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