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rizwanhi all, i was upgrading my lubuntu yday to 20.04 and had to cancel it half way through, and now when I check my lubuntu version the terminal outputs 20.04 and I can't upgrade it (see: https://dpaste.org/GTTp). Does that mean everything is ok?09:08
lemurLXQT installer looks so weird ..... just saying11:45
lemurlubuntu live (one with LXQT)  installer (the partition and steps).. looks so weird ..... just saying11:46
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lubot<David Heinrich> Hi all, does Lubuntu have a tablet mode for laptops with a touchscreen that can be flipped? … On Win10, it kind of has some tablet mode it switches to when flipping the screen14:30
lubot<tbs61> when i used gnome, it felt like it designed for touchscreen, with its icons, windows, and using style15:36
lubot<tbs61> @David Heinrich [Hi all, does Lubuntu have a tablet mode for laptops with a touchscreen that can …], ^15:37
lubot<tbs61> but idk about lubuntu15:37
lubot<David Heinrich> Thanks. So would have to install GNOME. What ever happened to Ubuntu's own desktop? I forget what called17:53
lubot<David Heinrich> Unity17:55
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lubot<TheLimeRunner> Unity is no longer in development. Standard Ubuntu Desktop uses Gnome with minor customizations.19:04
lubot<David Heinrich> Yeah I saw that... But also see there are projects to revise it like Unity Remix19:27
lubot<David Heinrich> Just joined that telegram to ask them ... Maybe also try GNOME but I remember really liking Unity's Alt unified menu to search apps19:29
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