SynfulAckon gnome there is a mouse slider option for mouse speed. I have that maxxed out but it still isnt fast enough. There must be some way to further increase it, its speed is slower than on windows?00:50
sarnoldsome mice have different 'dpi' settings and fiddling with that can drastically change the mouse speed00:51
avengerubuntu 20.04 mine is right in settings00:52
sarnoldmy anker has a little button on the top that cycles through a few dpi settings and fiddling with it makes it go faster or slower00:52
sarnoldsome other mice may put those settings in their windows drivers and there may or may not be a way to change those settings from linux00:52
avengerSynfulAck: you don't have a mouse&touchpad option in settings?00:53
avengerSynfulAck: or am i misunderstanding that you have the slider up and you need more? What mouse are you on? Much like sarnold my mouse has a "precision" but i occasionally hit by accident00:54
sarnoldthis webpage has a lot of information on some specific models of mice but makes no effort to describe them all. but maybe it'll help you find something? http://cryto.net/~joepie91/areson/00:54
glue11Hi everyone, for some reason unattended-upgrade is not updating my package list, though if update manually, it installs packages for me. Any idea what's going on? I think I have the right option set to enable updating the package list: APT::Periodic::Update-Package-Lists "1"01:14
quadrathoch2glue11 it would help if you could post more than just that one line (as in the whole conf file probably)01:14
quadrathoch2using paste.ubuntu.com01:14
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glue11quadrathoch2: I pasted it here https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/pCT2qs4Djy/01:16
quadrathoch2glue11 could you also post the 50unattended-upgrades?01:17
glue11quadrathoch2: here's that file: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/r34T72QCSb/01:18
quadrathoch2glue11 what does the /var/log/unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrades.log file say?01:21
Bashing-omglue11: There too is: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/phased-updates.html .01:23
glue11quadrathoch2: these are the entries from the run today https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/26X3g2WcQC/01:24
glue11Bashing-om: how does it work? Because when I run apt update the packages appear and install on the next scheduled run. otherwise i've never seen anything install01:26
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quadrathoch2glue11 since when did you have that issue?01:29
sarnoldgrep "Packages that will be upgraded:" /var/log/unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrades.log01:30
sarnoldreally nothing?01:30
glue11Probably a few weeks. I've never got it working on this machine01:30
sarnoldso very strange01:30
Bashing-omglue11: If you run the update/upgrade from terminal - there is completion ?01:31
glue11if I update, the security updates will install the next day01:31
quadrathoch2glue11 anything on 'sudo unattended-upgrade -d'?01:32
glue11If I upgrade, they install fine01:32
glue11Let me run it now01:32
Bashing-omglue11: Apt in terminal takes prcedence over unattended-upgrade. Else phased updates are in effect.01:32
sarnoldI'm not surprised nothing happened today, this was the last security update https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/focal-changes/2020-June/019013.html01:32
glue11Does unattended-upgrade rely on my local package list?01:33
glue11I mean I can sit tight and wait but I've literally never seen it install anything unless I manually ran apt update01:35
glue11And the logs say nothing about retrieving a new package list01:36
quadrathoch2glue, well you shouldn't see too much, as you only have security updates active. and unattended upgrade does take your sources.list and sources.list.d/ files01:36
quadrathoch2glue11 that should be under another log file in the same folder (can't remember the name)01:36
glue11Is it unattended-upgrades-dpkg.log? If so the last timestamp is on June 16 and I probably ran apt update that day01:40
Bashing-omglue11: /var/log/dpkg.log .01:41
glue11Same thing there. Nothing after June 16th01:42
sarnoldglue11: hah, thanks for raising this; I forgot I turned off unattended-upgrades on my laptop during the focal devel cycle01:45
sarnoldglue11: maybe try sudo dpkg-reconfigure unattended-upgrades  -- if it says it's already on, maybe turn it off, then run it again and turn it on again?01:45
glue11sarnold: OK, I'll try it. Is there a way to test it after without waiting?01:47
sarnoldglue11: nothing easy -- we're not going to publish a security update until monday, so you may not know until tuesday if this worked or not..01:49
quadrathoch2the command I gave you should give you the output glue11. hm on my pi, it is working (but I also update the 'normal' updates, not only security01:49
sarnoldglue11: (well, I guess there's always a chance that there's a catastrophic problem that requires a weekend update, but those are very very rare)01:49
sarnoldif you take the normal updates too, that might happen faster01:49
glue11I can try enabling normal updates01:49
sarnoldyou could also downgrade a package, but I don't like that idea very much..01:50
glue11What line do I change/add to get normal updates?01:51
djusticei have an old 16.04 install that's throwing "Releases file not found".. errors during apt upgrade.01:52
sarnolddjustice: what mirror did you configure? does it still have 16.04?01:53
quadrathoch2glue11 //      "${distro_id}:${distro_codename}-updates"; (remove the slashes)01:54
SpeedrunnerG55help, i cant move my mouse to the top of my screen or els it teleports tot he corner01:56
glue11OK so I did that. Ran sudo unattended-upgrade -d and it updated 1 package. Then I ran sudo apt update, and it says I have 28 new packages.01:56
glue11Is that normal?01:57
glue11Seems like no01:57
quadrathoch2really weird :/02:00
Bashing-omglue11: Providing your mirror is up2date: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/focal-changes/2020-June/date.html.02:00
glue11Bashing-om: so is something wrong with my mirror?02:16
Bashing-omglue11: Doubtfull there is anything "wrong" takes time for some mirrors to sync up with mother. See: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors .02:18
sarnoldbut some mirrors are worse than others :)02:19
sarnoldstill, *eventually* you ought to get updates ..02:19
glue11my sources.list has archive.ubuntu.com02:22
glue11I don't see that listed in the website from Bashing-om02:23
sarnoldheh, that's the master, that's the one that the others are cloning02:23
glue11so i'm screwed?02:28
Bashing-omglue11: I have yet to see there is a problm :(02:29
glue11Bashing-om: if I run sudo unattended-upgrade -d and then immediately after sudo apt update, is it normal to get new packages available for install?02:31
djusticesarnold: yes, and us.archive.ubuntu02:31
MoonKing1969hello all. could anyone help me with displaying full path on nautilus/files02:34
Bashing-omglue11: "unattended-upgrade" is phased updates where only a certain percentage of what is available is released to a certain pertentage of the user base, Whereas apt is just "do it, please".02:34
sarnolddjustice: pastebin your apt update output?02:34
djusticesarnold: ^02:45
sarnolddjustice: aha! there's the problem. it isn't an 18.04 system; it's a 19.04 system. you haven't been getting any updates of any sort for five months: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2020-January/000253.html02:46
sarnolddjustice: run sudo do-release-upgrade twice02:47
Bashing-om!disco | djustice02:49
ubottudjustice: Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) was the 30th release of Ubuntu, support ended January 2020. see !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2020-January/005263.html02:49
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djusticesarnold: thanks much. it's been awhile since i ubuntu'd.02:54
sarnolddjustice: hehe, yeah, at least fivemonths is my guess :)02:55
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SynfulAckavenger, Its a logitech g502 mouse. The slider is maxed already.03:15
avengerthe 502 has dpi buttons. have you messed with them?03:19
avengeryou need to use windows or osx apparently to set the settings/profiles in the mouse and then they're stored in the mouse itself, and you can use the functions in linux03:21
sarnoldthis may have support for that mouse if the dpi buttons don't go https://github.com/libratbag/libratbag/03:21
avengerfor me, allegedly is short for "I googled this" ;)03:22
sarnoldaww. here I thought it was a letterkenny reference.03:22
avengersadly i need to watch it. i have failed you03:24
sarnoldpitter patter03:24
SynfulAckavenger, sarnold any idea if i can use gnome boxes to create a windows vm and pass through the mouse to configure?03:44
quadrathoch2SynfulAck it should, if not you can also use virt-manager03:44
sarnoldSynfulAck: I'd try the things that are packaged in the archive first, that's probably faster than installing a windows03:44
SynfulAcksarnold, what archive?03:44
sarnoldSynfulAck: the ubuntu archive03:45
sarnoldit'll probably take ten to twenty seconds to install and start piper and see if it works..03:45
sarnoldhow long will it take to download a windows iso? :)03:46
SynfulAckwhats piper?03:46
sarnoldthe gui front end to the ratbag tool I mentioned03:46
SynfulAcksarnold, I havent even begun to look at that. Im just checking to c if i can load a default profile cause everything on the mouse is customized and dpi switching is disabled.03:47
sarnoldI just installed and ran it and found it couldn't touch my mouse..03:48
sarnoldnot bad for ~one minute of effort03:48
SynfulAcksarnold, idk how that software works but looking at https://github.com/libratbag/libratbag/tree/master/data/devices lists some of the g502 models so id assume it would work. Also im unsure if this will conflict with another piece of software I am running which allows me to change the scroll speed because that too was pathetic on gnome. :( . imwheel . It seems to disable mouse keys unless configured in some file. So much work for just two03:52
SynfulAckthings lol....03:52
sarnoldSynfulAck: heh, good question; it's been ~20 years since I've used imwheel, I don't remember much about it03:56
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PraecepsHey y'all. I'm trying to identify the cryptography in a file, takes the format of a 256 bit hexadecimal string with a dash after. I know i've seen it before in a ubuntu/linux installation before but where exactly escapes me, any ideas?04:07
sarnold$ echo hi | sha256sum04:08
sarnold98ea6e4f216f2fb4b69fff9b3a44842c38686ca685f3f55dc48c5d3fb1107be4  -04:08
sarnoldlike that?04:08
PraecepsExactly like that04:08
PraecepsThat would explain where I've seen it then04:08
Praecepsbig confirmation on my SHA256 hunch! Thanks :D04:09
sarnoldyou're welcome :)04:11
sarnolddo note that this file format is pretty well established with md5sum, sha1sum, sha256sum, etc, so it could also be another hash of the same length output04:11
sarnoldI don't know of any others but if you're doing a CTF this feels like the sort of thing they might be a smartass about and use blake2* or skein or something, you know? :)04:12
PraecepsYeah it's a CTF04:14
sarnoldnice nice04:14
PraecepsGood call, thanks for the heads up04:14
sarnoldsometimes there's folks in ##crypto who are up for helping on CTFs; it's time for me to make some dinner and stop staring at the computer04:15
sarnoldhave fun :)04:15
PraecepsThanks! enjoy your dinner :)04:15
SynfulAcksarnold, didnt even know about the piper frontend. I thought for a second I had to use this api and write something. I didnt try using piper without the library but so far the piper thing seems to be working despite weird bugs like having to apply several times to get things working.04:38
SynfulAckAlso, i find it hard to believe but my dpi is at 12,000 right now sooo dunno if i believe that or that the gnome mouse settings are so bad thats what it takes. Thats also the max dpi i can go with piper.04:38
SynfulAcksarnold, thx though, i am 1 step closer.04:56
dex1983is it possible to install ubuntu desktop 20.04 on a software raid06:09
dex1983Is there an alternative installer06:09
amuroHow to mount a usb stick if I plug it into the ubuntu server?08:04
amuroIt didn't show up in fdisk -l neither08:07
amuronevermind I can see it now but why the size is 900GB?08:13
seven-elevencan I just do `sudo apt remove $(apt-forktracer)`?08:15
seven-elevenehm I mean `sudo apt remove $(apt-forktracer | awk '{print $1}')`?08:16
seven-elevenor is that a bad idea08:16
seven-elevenapt-forktracer shows 182 packages after upgrading to ubuntu 20.04. i think last night I close the terminal without letting apt full-upgrade finish. i think it was around 90%08:18
seven-elevenbut this morning I run autoremove, --fixbroken and full-upgrade again. i think all packages upgraded but i want to get rid of apt-forktracer packages08:19
halfcsHi I am on an Ubuntu-Mate, which port do I need to open to allow the weather applet in the task bar to retrieve the weather data from weather.com?09:41
ShillosI think weather.com can give you the answer to that.09:44
ShillosIf you don't know the port number, then try also asking them.09:45
halfcsShillos: already tried but they asked me to sign up to get even to the documentation of their api :/09:45
ShillosSo if it must be the only way. I would do that. Most of the time most apps give you the opportunity to use their api. Maybe there are some things that they explain more in their documentation.09:48
ShillosI made a weather app once with them for e107 cms and it needed the api took me sometime but it worked.09:50
panorainHello bigtimers.10:22
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pinheadmz1running ubuntu 20... i have a .desktop file and i have selected "allow execute file as program" but it doesnt work, still always open in text editor11:29
stompykinswhy dont you edit it in a terminal11:34
stompykinspinheadmz1: what desktop are you using?11:35
stompykinsyou'd have better luck asking in the DE irc11:35
stompykinsif youre using xfce i could probably help tho :P11:35
pinheadmz1gnome i think11:36
pinheadmz1just vanilla ubuntu11:36
pinheadmz1Linux pintu 5.4.0-37-generic #41-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jun 3 18:57:02 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux11:36
stompykinsi dont think update-alternatives would fix it11:37
stompykinsand i dont know if gnome has a way to edit mime types11:37
stompykinsoh i see11:38
stompykinsi read that wrong pinheadmz111:38
pinheadmz1the file is start-tor-browser.desktop and i *can* execute it from termiinsl11:38
stompykinsyou must've marked them to always open with a text editor11:38
pinheadmz1oh ok11:38
pinheadmz1hm how to undo?11:39
stompykinssudo apt-get install --reinstall shared-mime-info11:39
stompykinspinheadmz1: any luck?11:41
pinheadmz1dang realy?11:41
pinheadmz1not just a property on the singke file11:42
stompykinsit should reset your mimetype settings11:42
pinheadmz1ill try11:42
pinheadmz1ty one sec11:42
stompykinswell you could try sudo dpkg-reconfigure shared-mime-info but i'd think it would do the same, really :P11:42
pinheadmz1hm yeah no luck weird11:45
pinheadmz1even if i set default "open with" to "run software"11:45
stompykinswhat happens if you chmod +x it and run it in a terminal?11:47
pinheadmz1it works fine if i execute form terminal11:47
pinheadmz1just not GUI double clicky11:47
stompykinsnow this certain desktop file.. the Exec= line is correct right?11:47
stompykinsand does it work if you execute it from the application launcher?11:47
BluesKaj'Morning all11:48
stompykinsi did some googling pinheadmz111:48
pinheadmz1exec line looks right11:48
stompykinsread this11:48
pinheadmz1ooh thanks lemme see11:48
stompykinsactually this might be your problem too11:48
stompykinscould be a gnome-files setting that does it11:49
stompykinswhere it displays an executable instead of launching it..11:49
stompykinsdouble check your gnome-files preferences first11:49
stompykinssince it launches in a terminal and not in gnome, that could totally be the problem pinheadmz111:49
pinheadmz1tha was it thank you!!!!11:50
stompykinsaw yay11:50
pinheadmz1yeah preferences in file manager11:50
stompykinsno problem homie11:50
stompykinsyea i figured it was something simple11:51
stompykinspinheadmz1: feel free to hit me up if you have any other problems11:53
stompykinsim not a gnome user but i'll do my best to help if i can11:53
pinheadmz1well i do have a complicated DNS issue11:55
pinheadmz1basically i have a DNS resolver that i run on an IP11:56
pinheadmz1but when i set DNS to that IP in the GUI settings, it jsut doesnt work11:56
pinheadmz1and itll work if i manually edit /etc/resolv.conf11:56
pinheadmz1but in this version of ubuntu that file gets overwritten on boot :-/11:56
BluesKajpinheadmz1, dns should be set in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf11:59
pinheadmz1BluesKaj: so when i restart resolved or logout/in /etc/resolv.conf gets overwritten with
pinheadmz1it ignores the settings in /etc/systemd/resolv.conf12:20
pinheadmz1and the wifi settings in the GUI ar elike, i dunno what the deal is with that12:20
pinheadmz1at this point i think im going to just disable "NetworkManager" or whatver the proxy is12:20
pinheadmz1i was just hoping the GUI settings would just work12:20
BluesKajNM config is probly over writing12:21
pinheadmz1going for this approach https://askubuntu.com/questions/1091653/how-do-i-disable-network-manager-permanently12:23
pinheadmz1death by fire, network manager!12:24
pinheadmz1brb, restarting...12:24
pinheadmz1BluesKaj: so i got this to work by editing /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf13:21
pinheadmz1and adding dns=false13:22
pinheadmz1or dns=none sorry13:22
pinheadmz1then network manager stopping f---ing with my /etc/resolv.conf13:22
BluesKajpinheadmz1, ok , good to know13:22
pinheadmz1still kinda wish the GUI settings pane worked13:23
pinheadmz1but more i use linux desktop13:23
pinheadmz1more i learn everything is a work around :-)13:23
BluesKajI used ifupdown and commented renderer in netplan, and edited /etc/resolv.conf without NM in the mix for a while, but it's an etherenrt setting , not wifi13:25
BluesKajethernet rather13:26
nanthencodeneethecho "Subject: sendmail test" | sendmail -v smidhunraj@gmail.comsmidhunraj@gmail.com... Connecting to [] via relay...smidhunraj@gmail.com... Deferred: Connection refused by []13:33
nbusroneanyone know how to create shortcut screen icon at panel ?13:58
MrElendigdepends on the wm/de and what you mean by "shortcut screen icon"14:00
nbusroneMrElendig : shortcut screenshot sorry , missing a word.Printscreen14:01
nbusroneMrElendig : GUI a launcher to take screen shot without pressting keyboard https://www.tecmint.com/take-or-capture-desktop-screenshots-in-ubuntu-linux/14:01
* MrElendig is still confused14:01
MrElendigif you are using "vanilla" gnome 3, then there are multiple extensions to add a screenshot applet to the panel14:02
nbusroneMrElendig : 18.04 , the top panel.Add launcher or indicator .How to create launcher which run print screen just by a click ?14:07
MrElendigrunning unity?14:08
MrElendigand spaces are supposed to be after the period, not before it14:08
lotuspsychjePETURBG: can we help you?14:12
PETURBGtap,vlan=0,script=/kvm/ i need to command for qemu 3.114:14
MrElendigPETURBG: just use libvirt14:14
nbusroneMrElendig : nope but I can test on unity14:15
MrElendignbusrone: as said, if vanilla gnome: https://extensions.gnome.org/14:15
PETURBGon kvm+net what has to be write14:16
PETURBGsomoene help14:18
nbusroneMrElendig : how do I install the extension on zip file ?14:18
PETURBGwhen i trythis: tap,vlan=0,script=/kvm/ no vlan exist in new version14:18
MrElendigthat is somewhat tedious in the old gnome version you have14:18
MrElendigjust install directly from extensions.gnome.org instead?14:19
nbusroneMrElendig : not working "Although GNOME Shell integration extension is running, native host connector is not detected. Refer documentation for instructions about installing connector."14:23
MrElendigdepending on the browser you have to install the browser extension for it14:24
MrElendigit even has a link to it14:24
MrElendiger misread, you need the client package too for it14:25
nbusroneMrElendig : using chromium , maybe i try on firefox , "sudo apt-get install chrome-gnome-shell" doesn't work14:26
MrElendigerror being?14:27
nbusroneMrElendig : same with firefox "Unable to locate GNOME Shell settings or version. Make sure it is installed and running."14:27
nbusroneMrElendig : let me try and run at unity14:28
* MrElendig runs off to make tea14:30
nbusroneMrElendig : same not able to run "Although GNOME Shell integration extension is running, native host connector is not detected. Refer documentation for instructions about installing connector"14:31
youndernative host connector?14:37
doomlist3ubuntu netboot what's the easy way to learn it14:37
doomlist3do i need 2 pcs or just one?14:37
youndera dec vt220  terminal emulator14:37
doomlist3for a minimal iso download size14:37
nbusroneyounder : runing as vm vbox for testing14:38
youndernbusrone, I'm sure it works fine. Do you have set it up to the correct display and what is it communicating to.14:40
doomlist3how is pxe different from netboot images14:41
nbusroneyounder : communicating ? what do you mean ?14:41
youndernbusrone, well a terminal needs a screen and a serial source.14:42
youndernbusrone, Don't worry, I am used to stabbing in the bind at a problem i only half comprehend at a person I don't know.14:44
nbusroneyounder : sorry , I am new learning on ubuntu so , i may not able to understand how it works14:45
doomlist3younder: nbusrone hi14:45
younderdoomlist3, You a guinea or something ;)14:47
quadrathoch2doomlist3 with an netboot image, you need to 'burn' it to an usb stick, go to the pc and boot from it. with a pxe boot, you just tell the pc where to find the image14:48
youndernbusrone, Ok knowing you are a newbie helps.14:48
nbusroneyounder : I did find the icon and drag into the top panel "gnome-screenshot --interactive" now I just want to click and auto save without asking for whole desktop.14:49
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: ; )14:51
MonkeyDusthi lotuspsychje14:51
youndernbusrone, like this https://askubuntu.com/questions/1074289/ubuntu-18-04-shiftprintscreen-doesnt-offer-a-save-window-after-a-recent-upd?14:53
tomreyndoomlist3: pxe is a protocol which most mainboard (BIOS/UEFI) and network interface firmwares understand, allowing them to load and run a boot loader over a network connection.14:59
doomlist3tomreyn: do i have pxe support , which cmd to check if so15:00
tomreyni.e. you don't need to prepare / attach storage to the computer to be booted this way.15:00
tomreyndoomlist3: check your mainboard manual15:00
doomlist3no mnaual sorry , linux cmd15:00
tomreyndoomlist3: what are you trying to do?15:01
doomlist3if there is no "storage" then after install how will the os boot?15:01
doomlist3clearly OS without storage is absurd15:01
doomlist3i don't know what you mean15:02
doomlist3os needs storage to isntall itself somewhere15:02
doomlist3as the root system has to exist somewhere15:02
tomreynyou can have a system always boot from the network via pxe, and have persistent storage attached via network mounts15:02
doomlist3does the OS exist in the cloud?15:02
doomlist3if there is no storage then where is the os stored?15:02
tomreynon some other computer, usually one in the same LAN15:03
doomlist3ok so it's the user's pc15:03
nbusroneyounder : where can I report bug on application ? gnome-season-flashback ?15:03
MonkeyDust!bug | nbusrone15:05
ubottunbusrone: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.15:05
tomreyndoomlist3: another (probably the most common) use case for pxe is to just boot OS installers from the network via PXE *once* so as to install an OS on their (locally attached) persistent storage without needing to walk to all of these computers and attach bootable media.15:05
tomreyndoomlist3: so, knowing this, do you have an ubuntu question?15:06
youndernbusrone, ubuntu-bug15:06
lotuspsychjenbusrone: before filing bugs, adviced to ask here first, maybe volunteers know a relevant bug or solution15:06
younderlotuspsychje, and here he is :)15:09
lotuspsychjeyounder: i mean ask/re-ask15:10
lesshasteI am trying to add a new column to a dataframe using:weekend = (pd.Series(testdf.index.weekday) // 5 == 1).astype(int)16:12
lesshastetestdf = testdf.assign("weekend flag"= weekend.values)16:12
lesshastebut it says SyntaxError: keyword can't be an expression16:12
tomreynlesshaste: this doesn't seem to be an ubuntu support topic?16:16
youndercough, a lung sandwich, he said, before direction attention to global warming,16:26
conrcurious if anybody uses macOS devices with ubuntu running nas, plex, torrents, vpn... etc.16:34
conrdo you prefer to screen share into it or actually have dedicated monitor for it?16:36
oerheksconr, wrong channel to poll, do you have an actual support issue?16:36
conroerheks: no then.16:37
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!16:39
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nbusronelotuspsychje : thanks , at ubuntu season flashback bug on 18.04 would be the clock setting or indicator panel which did not show full date and time.I am not sure whether it's the indicator or gnome-season-flashback issue. https://imgur.com/DJBBIr0 vs https://imgur.com/w7vhJjC16:49
lotuspsychjenbusrone: did you try tweaking clock/date with dconf-editor?16:52
oerheksgnome-tweak-tool gives those options too. date, week, seconds..16:52
ubottufirefox is the default web browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion | To install plugins: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxPlugins16:53
nbusronelotuspsychje : did that16:53
nbusronelotuspsychje : at Unity it works well but not in gnome flashback metacity16:54
oerheksyou might need to logout/login to let those changes take effect?16:55
lotuspsychjenbusrone: are you saying dconf does not influence/changes it?16:55
nbusronelotuspsychje : yep , for the full indicator .dconf only change the clock but not the indicator applet complete16:57
lotuspsychjenbusrone: is this the default clock from flashback, or a gnome extension?16:58
nbusronelotuspsychje : default clock16:59
nbusronelotuspsychje : not that important but somehow I think if It can fix it easily. I encounter different cases where gnome flashback cannot right click and arrange icon + new document and etc Maybe 20.04 is still new https://www.pc-freak.net/blog/linux-gnome-flashback-missing-desktop-icons-howto-fix/17:01
lesshastetomreyn,  wrong window, apologies17:07
lotuspsychjenbusrone: lemme go test that holdon17:07
nbusronelotuspsychje : they fix the icon display and right click on 18.04 but not on 20.04 while the indicator clock applet complete is fine on 20.04 but not at 18.04. :(17:10
lotuspsychjenbusrone: installed flashback and i see only time17:12
nbusronelotuspsychje : though it some major problem on 18.04 but on 20.04 right click no document able to create and arrange.I will wait for the updates.Revert back to gnome unity.17:12
lotuspsychjenbusrone: date tweak is enabled in dconf but it doesnt add it17:12
oerheksyou might need to logout/login to let those dconf changes take effect?17:13
nbusroneoerheks : did that too17:13
lotuspsychjethink flashback uses its own stuff17:14
oerheksi did not know gnome flashback  was still an option17:14
nbusronelotuspsychje : try adding clock on 18.04 , it does show full date17:14
lotuspsychjecause clicking the time, opens a time/date window17:14
oerheksgnome2 limitations.. i wonder if that ever will be 'fixed'17:14
nbusroneoerheks : I prefer older customize Ubuntu interface  :)17:14
lotuspsychjenbusrone: try it perhaps with installing unity desktop on ?17:15
nbusroneoerheks : though it's not something important that interferes with current works.17:16
nbusronelotuspsychje :  20.04 clock works , but right click no document , not able to create and arrange icon.If you test it again.17:17
lotuspsychjenbusrone: 20.04 has desktop icons disabled by default17:17
lotuspsychjethats a feature now17:17
lotuspsychjenbusrone: again with dconf-editor, enable show desktop icons17:18
nbusronelotuspsychje :  20.04 did show the icon but on right click , you cannot arrange the icon, it set to auto and new document doesn't work even i add https://vitux.com/add-new-document-back-to-the-right-click-menu-in-ubuntu-18-04/17:21
fradhow do I opne a .rar file?17:24
nbusronelotuspsychje : on desktop interface. new document not working but at nautilus filer manager works.I will wait for flashback to fix since 20.04 is new just release last month.17:25
littlepythonhi there, jenkins:x:996:994:Jenkins Automation Server:/var/lib/jenkins:/bin/false17:41
littlepythoni have this user17:41
littlepythonand he doesnt have login17:41
littlepythonhow can i generate the ssh keys17:41
pymagicon ubuntu 20.04lts, when i try fractional scaling - the screen goes dark - anyone knows how to debug this? I've an nvidia card (driver 440)18:00
EriC^^littlepython: he doesnt have a shell selected currently, it's set to /bin/false18:04
EriC^^littlepython: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-ssh-keys-on-ubuntu-160418:07
littlepythonsure thanks EriC^^18:08
EriC^^no problem littlepython18:09
littlepythonEriC^^ one more question18:11
littlepythonerror: cannot open .git/FETCH_HEAD: Permission denied18:11
EriC^^littlepython: what command are you running that's giving that?18:12
littlepythoni am trying to run this18:13
littlepythonit runs as a jenkins user18:14
EriC^^littlepython: what is the output of "stat .git/FETCH_HEAD && id"18:14
littlepythonalso  i have added the jenkins user to the root group18:14
EriC^^littlepython: that seems like a bad idea, why not give him privileges based on what he needs only18:15
EriC^^via sudo or so18:15
littlepython"stat: cannot stat ‘.git/FETCH_HEAD’: No such file or directory"18:15
littlepythoni dont find a file called FETCH_HEAD18:15
EriC^^littlepython: is it the home dir of jenkins?18:17
littlepythonno its in /tmp18:17
EriC^^oh, so /tmp/.git18:17
littlepythonyes i found the directory but i dont see a file called FETCH_HEAD18:18
littlepythonEriC^^ I have cleared the directory.. now i get this error18:20
EriC^^littlepython: no idea, seems like git didn't create it for some reason18:23
fradim using locate (command) to find files, can I use it to list directories?18:23
EriC^^littlepython: or maybe you need to create it first, then git can use it18:23
EriC^^littlepython: try 'mkdir /tmp/dsag-sap' then try running it again18:23
EriC^^frad: doesn't seem like locate supports dirs only18:26
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dtuxi often feel hesitant to install things that aren't offered thru apt (e.g. ledger-live)... is that unfounded?18:28
oerheksdtux, one should be carefull, yes, we have PPA's for private rerpositories.. and now we have snap too18:29
filifunkyguys I can't do a sudo apt update.  I get a ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'apt_pkg'18:30
oerhekshave fun ( you will get updates with snaps, opposite of installing stuff manual )18:30
filifunkyis this the right place to ask?18:30
EriC^^frad: this seems like a quick workaround "sudo strings /var/lib/mlocate/mlocate.db | grep -E '^/.*dirname'"18:30
dtuxoerheks: ah, nice! ty... what is the primary concern with manual? compatibility? security?18:31
oerheksfilifunky, what did you change in your install, python?18:31
oerheksdtux, check of the source/maintainer, and most important to me, updates18:31
filifunkyoerheks, yeah I've been trying to do some things with python...kind of a long story but I suspect my python situation is messed up18:31
fradthanks EriC^^18:32
EriC^^frad: or this "locate --null <dirname here> | xargs -r0 sh -c 'for i do [ -d "$i" ] && printf "%s\n" "$i"; done' sh {} +"18:32
EriC^^frad: no problem18:32
dtuxfilifunky: do/did you ever `sudo pip`?18:35
filifunkydtux I believe so :(18:36
oerheksinstalled python2?18:36
filifunkyoerheks I believe so as well18:36
oerheksfilifunky, maybe ths page is your fix too18:38
oerheksa few steps and reboot..18:38
oerheks( or remove python2.7)18:38
filifunkyoerheks thanks!  digging in18:38
EriC^^filohuhum: is "python3-apt" installed?18:40
EriC^^try "apt-cache policy python3-apt"18:41
filifunkyEriC^^: https://bpa.st/DL3Q18:43
filifunkylooks like its installed18:43
EriC^^filifunky: what does 'dpkg -S apt_pkg' give for you? do the python3 file exist if you try 'ls <filename>' ?18:45
filifunkyEriC^^ a lot of stuff:  https://bpa.st/4EPQ  thats just a portion18:47
filifunkyEriC^^ I don't understand your second part.  I have a python file called morning3.py that I wrote if I do ls morning3.py it shows up...are you asking about a different file?18:48
EriC^^filifunky: i feel like you put "dpkg -S apt pkg" without the underscore18:48
filifunkyEriC^^ ahh yes underscores don't show up for me sometimes in that chat18:49
filifunkyEriC^^ https://bpa.st/LGVQ18:49
EriC^^filifunky: i think this is supposed to be the apt_pkg module /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/apt_pkg.cpython-38-x86_64-linux-gnu.so18:51
EriC^^does "ls -l /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/apt_pkg.cpython-38-x86_64-linux-gnu.so" show a file?18:51
filifunkyyep! https://bpa.st/2TKQ18:53
EriC^^filifunky: very odd, you could try to reinstall python3-apt, it might help, sudo apt-get install --reinstall python3-apt18:54
filifunkyEriC^^ same issue, going to try that tutorial i think that oerheks posted  https://bpa.st/4XIA18:55
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ima9rdI have to restart systemd-resolved literally any time I lose network connectivity or reboot my server... anyone else experience this? The service itself seems to be running fine on boot, but no WAN traffic works until I restart resolved. (Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS)18:56
ima9rdI've tried disabling / replacing resolved, but network traffic still fails unless I run "systemctl restart systemd-resolved"18:58
EriC^^filifunky: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1242009/modulenotfounderror-no-module-named-apt-pkg-appears-in-various-commands19:03
filifunkyEriC^^ thanks, digging in19:03
EriC^^filifunky: note the post by 'Gal'19:04
oerheksreinstall would overwrite the stuff python2 did..19:05
filifunkyEriC^^ it workeddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!19:09
filifunkyEriC^^ now comes the part where I try to do what might have messed it up in the first place19:10
filifunkyEriC^^ I'm trying to run this program called rednotebook and I get this error:  https://bpa.st/7UFA19:10
filifunkyEriC^^ when I had this before I tried using different versions of python and am afraid that just made my life more complicated.  Would you recommend I try a sudo apt install python3-gi?  or is this no longer an ubuntu problem?19:11
EriC^^filifunky: yeah, i'd try to install python3-gi19:13
EriC^^don't see the harm in it since it's in the repos i guess19:13
filifunkyEriC^^ hmmm any thoughts here: https://bpa.st/ABNA19:19
EriC^^filifunky: how did you end up fixing the apt_pkg problem?19:20
EriC^^remove then reinstall?19:20
filifunkyEric^^ yep, did the first answer in that link you sent19:21
filifunkyEric^^ did the purge lol19:21
EriC^^filifunky: try 'apt-get remove -s python-gi'  what does it say it wants to remove (that's just a simulation/dry-run)19:22
EriC^^if it's just that python-gi package, maybe try 'sudo apt-get purge python-gi && sudo apt-get install python-gi' maybe it fixes it too19:23
filifunkyEriC^^ https://bpa.st/IYUA19:23
filifunkyEriC^^ ok will do that19:23
zutatdoes 20.04 support booting from 32-bit uefi?19:23
EriC^^zutat: i doubt it, also the .list doesn't show any 32bit efi files http://releases.ubuntu.com/focal/ubuntu-20.04-desktop-amd64.list19:25
filifunkyEriC^^ hmmm didn't work: https://bpa.st/IR3Q19:26
EriC^^zutat: you could always modify the iso and include the 32bit uefi19:26
zutatEriC^^: ok. thanks19:27
EriC^^filifunky: maybe it's using some different python than the repo one currently?19:28
EriC^^filifunky: what happens if you do 'python3' then type "import gi"19:29
EriC^^filifunky: this seems to have some info on it, https://askubuntu.com/questions/80448/what-would-cause-the-gi-module-to-be-missing-from-python19:31
filifunkyEriC^^ check this out:  https://bpa.st/Q53A   when I use python 3.7.7 it won't work but when i use 3.8.2 (which i used oerheks link to assign 3.8 to python thanks!) it works19:32
EriC^^ah nice19:33
EriC^^filifunky: try to assign python3 to 3.8.2 i guess?19:33
filifunkyEriC^^ ok! will try that19:34
pymagicMy fractional scaling goes to a black screen in display. Any ideas on how to debug this?19:36
lesshastein 18.04 how do I find "the menu"?19:45
lesshasteas in the instructions "Hold "Alt" when in the menu, this will switch the power off button into suspend button."19:45
Jordan_Ulesshaste: My guess would be this: https://helpdeskgeek.com/wp-content/pictures/2012/01/shutdown-ubuntu.png.webp19:47
lesshasteJordan_U, that doesn't offer suspect19:48
filifunkyEriC^^ it works whew!  changes my entire weekend with this fixed.  Thanks a million and also oerheks that link was awesome19:48
zutatlesshaste: hold down power off to turn it to suspend19:49
ima9rdok I partially figured out my issue, but don't know the root cause.... apparently resolved is selecting as the nameserver when my server boots, but properly selects the nameserver I specified in netplan after restarting systemd-resolved. anyone know why this would occur?19:50
EriC^^filifunky: great! no problem20:11
oerheksfilifunky, have fun!20:14
PETURBGdevice tap0 is already a member of a bridge; can't enslave it to bridge br0.20:33
WickedI think I've been hacked and someone is running crypto miners on my system. Any help of next steps?20:42
WickedThe system is so bogged down I can barely log in.(login process has been stalled for a few mins, previously system load was like 50.00+)20:42
ThinkT510Wicked: backup any files you need and reinstall20:43
Ben64log in on console or over ssh?20:43
PETURBGdevice tap0 is already a member of a bridge; can't enslave it to bridge br0.20:43
Wicked@Ben64, ssh20:43
Ben64oh you're trying ssh already20:44
Ben64reboot first20:44
Wicked@ThinkT510, *sigh* this machine is super old(started as 14.04 and I've upgraded via apt since then) so much work to reinstall20:44
Wicked@Ben64, I'm afraid if I reboot some additional "hacks" could come into effect.20:45
Ben64why do you think its hacks to begin with20:45
WickedI logged in and saw user "test" running 2 "bash" scripts both using max cpu. It also seemed user "test" was running a "/sbin/systemd"20:46
Ben64disconnect network and reboot20:48
WickedNow that I'm back at home I can't seem to login via ssh20:48
oerhekspull networkcable and reinstall20:48
Ben64idk i'd want to find out what they did and how they did20:48
Ben64if it's in fact true20:48
WickedOnly thing I can think of is plex/deluge20:49
WickedNo idea if there are any recent exploits for them but they are exposed to the open net20:49
PETURBGsomeone help20:49
WickedBut then they'd also need a local root exploit to add user "test"20:50
PETURBGdevice tap0 is already a member of a bridge; can't enslave it to bridge br0.20:50
WickedI only worry it's actually a crypto locker shredding my files up lol20:51
WickedThat would...that would not be ideal lol20:51
tomreyndo you have out of band access?20:55
tomreynWicked: ^20:55
WickedI got physical acceess not sure what oob access is20:57
WickedI just unplugged it and hooked it up to my monitor. Gonna try to boot it20:57
Wickedtomreyn, ^^20:59
EriC^^you could always boot a live usb to inpesct the damage21:00
tomreynoh it's local to you, nice21:00
tomreynright, don't boot it off the installed system, boot off a separate, known clean, system21:01
WickedToo late lol21:01
tomreyni don't know which plug you pulled, but you should have pulled both power and network plugs21:01
fradcan anyone write 1/2 as one character?21:21
fradreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally funny...21:22
EriC^^just teasing a little21:22
EriC^^here you go ½21:22
fradthanks. What keys do I have to press?21:23
EriC^^ctrl+shift+u then bd <space>21:23
EriC^^try ctrl+shift+u "00bd" then space21:24
fradhow in the f)$* am I supposed to remember that combination?21:25
EriC^^frad: my irc client has a list of characters21:25
EriC^^window > character chart, that's where i got it from21:25
fradwith instructions...21:26
PETURBGdevice tap0 is already a member of a bridge; can't enslave it to bridge br0.21:26
oerheksPETURBG, you might want to reask in #ubuntu-server ..21:26
fradEriC^^, but you memorized the key composition, correct?21:27
EriC^^which one? no i dont use the 1/2 thing21:27
PETURBGvery bad rom ubuntu21:27
EriC^^i dont really have any unicode memorized, but it shouldnt be too hard21:27
EriC^^frad: you mean the ctrl+shift+u part?21:28
EriC^^just remember it's for "unicode"21:28
fradok, got it21:29
WickedDoesnt seem like they have persistence, rebooted and I don't see my cpu spiking21:31
EriC^^Wicked: did you do "file /sbin/systemd" or such21:32
WickedEriC^^, the file was in sbin but I'm not sure it was systemd21:32
WickedThat was going off memory21:32
EriC^^Wicked: when was the user test added? i think you can figure it out from /etc/passwd21:33
WickedLooking around a bit, it looks like they logged in from italy(mob-37-176-46-11.net.vodafone.it)21:33
WickedEriC^^, turns out I created the user test a long time ago21:33
EriC^^tbh it was crossing my mind xD21:34
WickedBut it's got a cron of /tmp/.bash/bash21:34
WickedWhich doesn't exist anymore21:34
Wicked* * * * * /tmp/.bash/bash21:35
Wickedls: cannot access '/tmp/.bash/bash': No such file or directory21:35
EriC^^do you have an MTA installed? it would have mailed you the output of the cron job21:35
WickedWish I could have gotten access without the reboot21:35
Wickedumm Would that be in /var somewhere?21:36
WickedUser test also has no bash_history21:36
EriC^^Wicked: yeah /var/spool/mail21:36
EriC^^Wicked: if you wanted you could trace the first run of the cron job using the syslog.gz logs21:39
WickedEriC^^, Thanks. Looks like there was another cron that is now gone21:39
WickedSubject: Cron <test@Ether> /tmp/fld221:39
WickedSo they worked out of /tmp for sure21:39
EriC^^Wicked: zgrep "CRON.*(test)" /var/log/syslog*.gz21:40
WickedEriC^^, /var/log/syslog.5.gz:Jun 15 06:26:01 Ether CRON[27288]: (test) CMD (/tmp/.x/upd >/dev/null 2>&1)21:41
Wickedls: cannot access '/tmp/.x/upd': No such file or directory21:41
EriC^^Wicked: what's currently in test's cron? crontab -l21:44
EriC^^Wicked: maybe also look for hidden files in places they can put them, /home/test and possibly /var/tmp for example21:45
charmsI have 3 SSDs. One has 220GB left, the other two 250GB left. I would like to use all the space and have good sequential reads. Could I spread my home drive across two raid0 arrays? raid0 with 3x220GB and raid0 with 2x30GB. I know RAID0 has risks but they are mitigated here.21:52
WickedEriC^^, CUrrent cron's for test are:21:52
Wicked* * * * * /tmp/.bash/bash21:52
WickedNoting of interest in /var/log21:53
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charmsCould I just use 3 devices in btrfs? it says online that they will be automatically striped21:55
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pyraindropanyone can help me with scaling issues in display on 20.04lts - screen goes black22:30
oerhekspyraindrop, scaling 4K down ?22:37
oerheksmust b crossposting ..22:54
oerheksgood luck pyraindrop !22:54
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dex1983I am using proxmox https://pastebin.com/H75LZVQ7 what I could do in ubuntu that the guest agent qemu will run?23:16
younderAny queations?23:16
tomreyndex1983: your ubuntu version? installed how? what's the output of "journalctl -xe" after the service fails to start (on a pastebin)?23:23
dex1983output of tomreyn is pastebin above, 20.04 lts23:23
tomreyndex1983: my output looks differently :)23:23
dex1983;) great23:24
tomreyn"journalctl -xe" is not what you posted23:24
tomreyni mean what you posted is not the output of "journalctl -xe"23:25
dex1983ups sorry https://pastebin.com/8FJ9KPma23:26
tomreyn"installed how?"23:29
dex1983ah solved23:30
dex1983I had to shutdwon the machine23:30
dex1983now it works23:30
Jordan_Udex1983: The problem might have been that you were trying to start a service by directly running the init scripts, rather than using "systemctl start SERVICENAME_HERE".23:33
Jordan_Udex1983: On reboot, systemd started the service itself, as it was presumably configured to do.23:33

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