zmagiiHi guys.11:18
zmagiiHow can I configure Jack so that in Ardour it would play back over my computer's speakers?11:18
zmagiiArdour is connected to my soundcard and hence won't play back---the sound card is USB so play back seems not to be possible.11:18
zmagiiI had a chat here a while ago about how this is simply the way Ardour works and that one can use Jack to do play back over another input/output device.11:19
OvenWerkszmagii: how are you starting jack?14:49
OvenWerkszmagii: If you use ubuntustyudio-controls to start jack, then on the audio settings tab->sub tab extra devices14:51
OvenWerksyou should be able to add your internal audio as a jack client14:52
zmagiiOvenWerks: I use the other on, ALSA, in Ardour15:15
OvenWerkswith alsa as Ardour's backend, you can not use two (or more) Audio devices.15:16
OvenWerkswith Ardour 6.0 that may be changed15:17
OvenWerks(I don't know the device handling that well as I just always have jack running)15:17
zmagiiI don't mind using Jack, but Alsa worked for me. Should I just switch to Jack and see if it works?15:18
OvenWerksif you want to use usb with internal yes15:18
OvenWerksbut use ubuntustudio-controls to run it15:19
zmagiiAlright, let me try that.15:19
zmagiiIt's just so that I can do a second track while listening to playback, basically.15:19
zmagiiWhich program should I use to configure Jack?15:27
zmagiiThere doesn't seem to be one called Jack.15:28
zmagiiOh cool alriht15:28
zmagiiI can't seem to get it to work. Where do I choose the internal speakers as output? "Default PulseAudio Output Device"?15:46
zmagiiIt also asked for "Jack Master Device (no USB)" but then it actually sets it to "USB Jack Master"15:47
OvenWerksthere is an extra devices tab15:48
OvenWerkswhere there is an add devices drop down. select your internal device there and hit "Apply Audio Settings"15:50
zmagiiThere are quite a few options there.15:54
OvenWerksis probably the one you want15:54
zmagiiPCH 0,0 playback and capture CS4206 analog15:54
zmagiiDoes it use PulseAudio?15:55
OvenWerksyes and no.15:55
OvenWerksthere is a pulse->jack bridge15:56
OvenWerks(by default)15:56
OvenWerkswhich connects pulse to the jack devices15:56
zmagiiIt looks like it plays back now, yay15:57
zmagiiStrangely the volume looks fixed, should I set output volume in Ardour?15:57
OvenWerkshowever, right now the options are only for the system: set of devices and you would want: PCH,0,0 for pulse out15:58
OvenWerksyes setting the volume in ardour for ardour15:58
zmagiiI set the PCH 0,0 as an output in that popup in Arodur that comes up if you select Outputs in the menu15:58
zmagiiThat's seems to be what was missing15:58
OvenWerksbut setting the overall volume use alsamixer or QASmixer15:58
OvenWerksif you open Carla and select patchbay. you can see all teh jack connections15:59
OvenWerksyou will probably see that pulse_out is connected to system:playback_1/216:00
OvenWerksyou may wish to change this to PCH,0,0 as well16:00
OvenWerks(or just make extra connections)16:01
zmagii Alright. If I plug in my headphones, does this become another PCH option?16:01
OvenWerksyou can make new connections in Carla Patchbay by dragging an output to an input16:01
OvenWerksheadphones is a work in progress :P16:02
zmagiiLOL okay np16:02
OvenWerksyou probably need to go to qasmixer or alsamixer and turn the headphones up and unmute them.16:02
OvenWerksthe speaker will not auto mute either16:03
OvenWerksso mute "Front" to do that16:03
OvenWerks(on some laptops this is actually labeled "speaker"16:04
OvenWerksThere is ongoing work to autodetect phone plugin and do that automatically. for the next release16:05
zmagiiThere is an "Auto-Mute mode" that actually mutes my speaker16:06
zmagiiIn QasMixer16:06
* OvenWerks doesn't actually have anything connected to his internal audio.16:07
zmagiiDo you know whether USB soundcards can actually play back too?16:09
zmagiiMaybe it's too general a question. It's an Edirol that connects to USB with only one channel16:09
zmagiiI am trying to get sound playback on my headphones now... Would it still be PCH 0,0 now?16:10
OvenWerksI don't know that particular audio device. But many USB devices have both inputs and outputs16:10
OvenWerksyes your headphones are PHC,0,016:10
OvenWerks(Assuiming you mean heqadphones plugged into your computer)16:11
OvenWerksheadphones plugged into the USB device should be system:playback16:12
zmagiiYes, plugged into the computer16:13
zmagiiTIL my computer has a "Speaker" as well as a "Bass Speaker"16:15
zmagiiI got the headphones to work, but the playback is aweful actually16:20
zmagiiA lot of static sound16:21
OvenWerksThat part I don't know.16:24
zmagiiThanks for the help16:27
OvenWerksthat sounds like either buffer size or sample rate problem16:27
OvenWerkssample rate shouldn't be, I think, I added checking the device SR available last release16:28
zmagiishould it be lower?16:29
OvenWerks too low of a buffer size might do that too. the buffersize should probably be at least 256 for that set up (or 128 with 3 periods)16:29
zmagiiThe sample rate is high at 96 but that matches the USB device16:30
OvenWerkshigher is normally better for this sort of thing.16:30
OvenWerkstry 48000 maybe, your usb device should be able to do that16:31
zmagiiYes, I'll try, but I'm playing back a recording that was at 9600016:31
OvenWerksoh, then 96000 it is.16:32
zmagiiIf I bounce to a .wav file it's fine though everything sounds good. It's just playback that I am trying to set up16:33
zmagiiIf I recorded it with Alsa, would that be a problem16:33
zmagiiIf I then playback with Jack using Alsa16:33
OvenWerksit should not make any difference16:34
OvenWerksardour uses the same code as jack internally for alsa16:34
OvenWerks(Jack and Ardour were written by the same person :)16:34
zmagiiWas that person you...16:37
OvenWerksI have contributed some code to Ardour, but none of it is DSP code. Mostly it has been remote surface control stuff16:38
zmagiiWhat is remote surface control?16:39
OvenWerksit is taking something like this: https://mackie.com/products/mcu-pro-and-xt-pro-control-surfaces16:39
OvenWerksand using it to control the faders on Ardour.16:40
OvenWerksthe mackie control is MIDI based. I have added a bit to that code but most of my work has been with OSC such as touchOSC kinds of controlers16:41
OvenWerksmost OSC controls are glass rather than physical.16:41
zmagiiOh that's cool16:43
zmagiiI liked that those expensive Hollywood mixers use Ardour (was it Ardour?)16:43
OvenWerksHarrison does use Ardour inside it's large format mixing desks (the digital ones) as the recorder. I think most people then use their own DAW sw from there.16:45
zmagiiOvenWerks: Do you know how to set playback volume?17:11
zmagiiI think the issue is that it's maxed17:11
zmagiiI don't want to change the tracks actual volume as it's correct for export17:11
OvenWerksuse qasmixer?17:12
OvenWerksthere should be a PCM control and a master control but I think I would try pcm first17:13
zmagiiSo not that volume, the Ardour volume17:13
zmagiiBut this is completely solves the issue. I can do -20 db on the playback track and later just change back to 0 db17:13
zmagiiAnd now the playback is great17:13
OvenWerksanyway, I have to go out for a while so more answers will be hours away :)17:14
* OvenWerks has a stage to set up17:14
zmagiiNo problem at least it works now17:15
zmagiiI can finally add another track17:15
zmagiiI actually wish I had stages to set up at this point...17:16

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