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xu-help26wHello everyone13:56
xu-help26wI have a toshiba w100-107 tablet pc13:56
xu-help26wIt's a dual screen tablet13:56
xu-help26wI want to install Xubuntu on it13:56
xu-help26wand make it run fine13:56
Alabalisticyou need to consider cpu13:57
Alabalisticare using arm or x8613:57
xu-help26whttps://pl.dynabook.com/discontinued-products/libretto-w100-107/ here are the specs13:57
xu-help26wcan it run xubuntu?13:58
xu-help26wwith 2 touchscreens?13:58
Alabalisticno idea13:58
Alabalisticconsider raspbian os, it's fast with 1GB RAM13:59
Alabalisticon the Raspberry pie13:59
AlabalisticI have no idea13:59
xu-help26wwill it work with two touchscreens?14:00
big_charliehello. is there anyway to install WICD w/o compiling it myself?22:03
akkowhy do i only have 640x480?23:24
Bashing-omakko: No telling - yet - what is driving the display ' sudo lshw -C display ' ? in a pastebin .23:26
akkoBashing-om: ix.io/2pI923:30
Bashing-omakko: Complete URL please - no idea which one ^ that is from.23:33
akkowhat do you mean?23:33
akkoix is a pasting service23:33
Bashing-omOh ! .. live and learn a new one :P23:34
akkowgetpaste wasn't on the repos so I just went with ix23:34
Bashing-omakko: Ouch ! Sis graphics - see if: https://easylinuxtipsproject.blogspot.com/p/sis.html helps .23:38
akkoouch indeed23:38
akkoits a very old laptop my grandma wants to use, and I wont just install windows 7 or something like that for her23:39
Bashing-omakko: i have read sometime in the recent past that there was renewed efforts to update the driver - but did not keep track of it.23:39
akkowell i have tried debian before on the same laptop23:40
akkoand i had at least 1024x76823:40
akkodidn't stick to it because the wireless adaptor i use wasn't being recognized23:40
Bashing-omakko: right now there is no driver loaded :(23:40
Bashing-omakko: There is old: http://zatherz.cba.pl/sis/ that might be of value.23:42
akkoi'll give it a shot23:43
akkolinks are 404 though23:43
tomreynhttps://github.com/rasdark/xf86-video-sis671 may work with xserver-xorg in (x)ubuntu 18.0423:44
tomreyn...which is xorg 1.19.623:44
Bashing-omakko: tomreyn Maybe too xorg.freedesktop.org has a driver - checking.23:46
akkoBashing-om: your first link worked :O23:51
akkothanks :)23:51
Bashing-omakko: Oh updated drivers even! http://xorg.freedesktop.org/releases/individual/driver/ (xf86-video-sis-0.12.0.tar.gz2019-12-03 19:21867K).23:51
akkowell its working so I won't bother updating them I guess :o23:52
akkobut thanks man23:52
Bashing-omakko: Great ! All's well :)23:53
akkocan't say its the fastest thing ive ever seen, but thats to be expected out of these poopy sis and via chipsets XD23:53
Bashing-omakko: I am surprised there is still support - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2144455 <-Links/solutions:I am the author of the how-to at Easylinuxtipsproject23:56
tomreynakko: which xubuntu version are you on? i'm surprised you got it to work this easily23:58

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