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ubptgbot<dohbee> @hallyn [drat, no fix yet for https://gitlab.com/ubports/community-ports/pinephone/-/issu …], if this is what i think it is, then probably not a trivial fix (requires fixing/adding wayland protocols)02:43
ubptgbot<dohbee> @Alexey Gridnev [HI! On my Nexus 5, the default Media Player does not play videos from Teleports. …], UT relies normally on hardware decoding for certain codecs, and there's an issue with that on Nexus 5. It seems resolved with the halium build, but there are other issues preventing a switch to halium on that device currently02:44
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ubptgbot<buredoRUNofthecyborg> @Shinkamui [Shinkamui was added by: buredoRUNofthecyborg], Your name...03:37
ubptgbot<Javacookies> @Jaymz665 [Yes, this theme is used in the keyboard, but it also applied to the system, and …], I don't understand how you changed the theme but from the looks of it, the theme value in `~/.config/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/theme.ini` is either blank or invalid.03:49
ubptgbot<Javacookies> @imraniqbal [@Javacookies Didn't you have some plan for allowing end users to provide their o …], no I don't plan on doing that but it is possible do03:50
ubptgbot<imraniqbal> @Javacookies [no I don't plan on doing that but it is possible do], Is there already an override directory available under `~`?04:01
ubptgbot<Javacookies> no not yet, but I would think it'll be relatively easy to implement04:11
ubptgbot<Anony Izu> Someone have an idea when will xiaomi redmi note 7 port will be released?05:01
ubptgbot<Flohack> @Alexey Gridnev [HI! On my Nexus 5, the default Media Player does not play videos from Teleports. …], You mean the embedded player in teleports?06:33
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ubptgbot<Jaymz665> @Javacookies [I don't understand how you changed the theme but from the looks of it, the theme …], That's right, this caused an error and the theme "turned black". it's funny, but critical.07:59
ubptgbot<Javacookies> it should be easily fixable … just make sure that file has a valid value again … I believe UTTT or ThemeSwitch can fix it08:01
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ubptgbot<Alexey Gridnev> @Flohack [You mean the embedded player in teleports?], I meant the default media player in Ubuntu Touch, but the embedded one in Teleports does not play back videos either08:18
ubptgbot<malditobastardo> yes It doesn't work now08:22
ubptgbot<malditobastardo> there is a hope that those issues will be solved with the halium port08:23
ubptgbot<Daniel> @malditobastardo [there is a hope that those issues will be solved with the halium port], From my own tinkering, it seems the issue is in MediaHub, unfortunately.08:27
ubptgbot<Daniel> I could very well be wrong, and i very well hope i am. I gave up on trying to fix it because it was out of my league, so it's entirely possible.08:27
ubptgbot<Daniel> Since nobody asked, my opinion on MediaHub is that it's a poorly implemented amazing idea.09:04
ubptgbot<Daniel> I say "poorly", but really... that's not right. I think it's an amazing achievement that just isn't quite good enough.09:04
ubptgbot<Daniel> Gstreamer tried the same thing, and it's absolutely terrible by comparison. Not to belittle the efforts or results, I simply mean that, "by comparison".09:04
ubptgbot<Daniel> Going forward, the idea of simply submitting a filehandle to a facility to decode into frames of video and audio is really all we want/need. Once this works, we're talking Haiku level media mux/demux enc/denc integration.09:04
ubptgbot<alevikpes> hello! I have teleports app for telegram on my bq e4.5 but I cannot login to my telegram account. on the step, where I need to enter my password, it does not show me the keyboard10:28
ubptgbot<alevikpes> how can I fix it?10:29
ubptgbot<alevikpes> also if I try to paste the password from my password manager, it does not give me any option to paste. looks like it just hangs and does not react on any action10:35
ubptgbot<alevikpes> I also do not see another telegram app. only web apps10:37
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ubptgbot<thejitty> I now have a new Smart Phone and have dedicated my previous phone (OnePlus One) to UBPorts. Now I can feel included in the live streams and OTA updates.11:09
ubptgbot<thejitty> My new Phone is a used OnePlus 3T. I am stll not sure which device UBPorts runs better on. I have only tried the OPO but I think I read somewhere that the OP3T has better support.11:10
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ubptgbot<Christine> Hi, is there someone who uses ubuntu touch with a tablet which works well?11:16
ubptgbot<malditobastardo> @Christine [Hi, is there someone who uses ubuntu touch with a tablet which works well?], BQ's are the only one supported for now and works very very well11:41
ubptgbot<malditobastardo> Pinetab is the next one11:41
ubptgbot<Christine> Thank you for that hint11:42
ubptgbot<Christine> Is there a special type of bq tablets?11:42
ubptgbot<malditobastardo> https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/device/frieza/11:43
ubptgbot<malditobastardo> https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/device/cooler/11:43
ubptgbot<malditobastardo> https://www.pine64.org/pinetab/11:44
ubptgbot<malditobastardo> The BQ's are convergence ready so.. but it's almost impossible to find new ones, you will have to look for a second hand11:44
ubptgbot<Christine> Yes, thats OK. I will look for a refurbished system 👍😀11:46
ubptgbot<Christine> Thank you!11:47
ubptgbot<malditobastardo> yeah refurbished is the way to go :)11:48
ubptgbot<malditobastardo> You are welcome11:48
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ubptgbot<Ajay Sahu> Hi guys.. Did anyone test Ubuntu touch on Xiaomi redmi 5 s?14:13
ubptgbot<TipzTeam> @Ajay Sahu [Hi guys.. Did anyone test Ubuntu touch on Xiaomi redmi 5 s?], I don't think anybody did, try to build it on your own!14:13
ubptgbot<Ajay Sahu> What could be tu test these phone and put out the tests for public?14:13
ubptgbot<Ajay Sahu> @TipzTeam [I don't think anybody did, try to build it on your own!], Ok..14:14
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ubptgbot<Izaic> Any idea if there's either a device that's well supported which has a user-replacable battery... or a newer device that's well supported (so the lithium ion battery isn't seriously worn out)16:53
ubptgbot<Izaic> [Edit] Any idea if there's either a device that's well supported which has a user-replacable battery... or a newer device that's well supported (so the lithium ion battery isn't seriously worn out)?16:53
ubptgbot<Izaic> I originally had a nexus 5... however i'd prefer not to deal both with such a fragile screen, shitty battery life (and a big PITA to replace the battery), and the ancient 3.4 android kernel used in it's port...16:54
ubptgbot<bendoverboi> Suprised the nexus 6 didn't become a big dev project17:00
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ubptgbot<Alexey Gridnev> @Izaic [I originally had a nexus 5... however i'd prefer not to deal both with such a fr …], Well, replacing the battery on Nexus 5 is actually pretty easy. Not 1 minute operation but it will take you 15-20 minutes to figure out how to do it. Also, it's one of the very few devices on which you can install UT simply using a GUI, wit17:24
ubptgbothout dancing around the computer with a tambourine 😀17:24
DonkeyHoteiplus, you can replace the screen in the same step17:25
WoCAnyone managed to install on a Pixel 4 XL yet ?17:26
ubptgbot<dohbee> @Izaic [I originally had a nexus 5... however i'd prefer not to deal both with such a fr …], if you want a new kernel, then pinephone17:30
ubptgbot<nanu_c> (Photo, 1280x960) https://irc.ubports.com/hP00VqLQ.png17:30
ubptgbot<nanu_c> The new upcoming devices @Izaic17:31
ubptgbot<Izaic> @dohbee The pinephone is out of the question probably for a good year or two... There's just way too many issues...17:43
ubptgbot<dohbee> pinephone and librem 5 are the only things you're going to get a current kernel on and no android cruft17:44
ubptgbot<Izaic> My CE doesn't even have outgoing audio...17:44
ubptgbot<Izaic> And while my braveheart does, there's like 5 different bugs that prevent me from using it17:44
ubptgbot<Izaic> And i have a feeling this is gonna take a long time to figure out. Hopefully i'm wrong.17:44
ubptgbot<dohbee> where they are daily usable for you or not is a separate thing. i was simply commenting on your claim about the kernel17:44
ubptgbot<dohbee> if you can find a fairphone 2, it has a replaceable battery i guess. but also, ancient kernel because android17:45
ubptgbot<Izaic> I can't use it in the US17:45
ubptgbot<Izaic> And the issues on the pinephone for calls are prob because i'm in the US17:45
ubptgbot<Izaic> The US cellular system really seems to hate life.17:46
ubptgbot<bendoverboi> @Izaic [The US cellular system really seems to hate life.], You are correct. It's miserable here in the US. Verizon and sprint refuse to help unless you have an officially branded phone.17:47
ubptgbot<Izaic> (Video, 57s) https://irc.ubports.com/WnpZBxQ4.mp417:47
ubptgbot<Izaic> This isn't looped17:47
ubptgbot<Izaic> And this is just the start of the call and texting issues i've encountered on various distros.17:47
ubptgbot<bendoverboi> I was able to take a us UNLOCKED HTC WITH VERIZON FIRMWARE into there and they STILL had to go in the back and activate my sim card on a Samsung s617:48
ubptgbot<Izaic> The devs fix it... it kinda works for a little while... and the next week it's broken to hell and back.17:48
ubptgbot<Izaic> @bendoverboi Yeah... That and forcing you to upgrade by only supporting VoLTE...17:49
ubptgbot<Izaic> As you can see the 3G signal around here sucks because they've gotten rid of all but one tower with it17:49
ubptgbot<dohbee> lol, volte has been around for like 8 years now17:50
ubptgbot<Кадрия Нургалиева> https://bit.ly/2V4lzmq17:50
ubptgbot<Izaic> Maybe so. But the pinephone doesn't support it yet. And i imagine it will be a while.17:50
ubptgbot<dohbee> does the modem have support for it at all?17:50
ubptgbot<Izaic> Yes17:50
ubptgbot<Izaic> But the pinephone isn't a normal phone17:51
ubptgbot<Izaic> It's modem is wired up differently...17:51
ubptgbot<Izaic> And ofono and whatnot is pretty hit or miss.17:51
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> im so glad im not in the States, ive had the same sim card for like 15 years and ive plugged it into all sorts of random phones and gadgets, its always just worked17:51
ubptgbot<Izaic> I keep hearing people in europe aren't having trouble with calls...17:51
ubptgbot<dohbee> @PiecerEdd [im so glad im not in the States, ive had the same sim card for like 15 years and …], literally has nothing to do with being in the states17:51
ubptgbot<Izaic> I will say, dalton and mariu's patch for the US cell network helped greatly. But it wasn't enough.17:52
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> oh? it always seems like US carriers are arsey about where their sim card goes17:52
ubptgbot<dohbee> the only reason i've changed sim cards at all in the last i don't know how many years, is due to physical size changes of sims in newer phones17:52
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> yeah, they sent me a clipper thingy to cut mine hehe, plus an adapter if i needed to go back17:53
ubptgbot<Izaic> I know i shouldn't expect the pinephone to work at all... considering it's software is still early... but i can't help but feel really upset in the fact that calls and GPS and whatnot have been advertised over and over... and crust too... but there's still hundreds of issues with them... Saying they work is very misleading.17:53
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> did you use ubuntu touch back when canonical first released it?17:54
ubptgbot<Izaic> I hate feeling trapped... I can buy a old android device and relfash it... but have to replace the battery (which was a PITA on my nexus because it was practically superglued in place)... Or i buy a normal android phone and get spyed on every step i take17:54
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> like when they provided nexus images and stuff17:54
ubptgbot<dohbee> well they were working when tested i presume; and then other things changed and people started using the phone, and things had more problems17:54
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> it was amazingly useable even in the early days17:54
ubptgbot<Izaic> I think the problem is lukasz (pine64's community cordinator) is jumping the gun and saying stuff works, or is added, or whatever, way before they are ready or even truly working.17:55
ubptgbot<Izaic> Every "stable" update i get super excited... only to be hit with 5 call bugs...17:55
ubptgbot<Izaic> When it was said that calls "work"17:56
ubptgbot<Izaic> multiple times17:56
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> =/ thats annoying17:56
ubptgbot<Izaic> Yeah17:56
ubptgbot<Jan> @Izaic [Any idea if there's either a device that's well supported which has a user-repla …], Fairphone 2 !?17:56
ubptgbot<Izaic> And disheartening. Calls were supposed to be "working" months ago.17:56
ubptgbot<Izaic> But they still aren't obviously.17:56
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> ive not got a pinephone, i really wanted one as i too dont wanna go android for my next phone17:57
ubptgbot<Izaic> Not for everyone at least. And even for those that they work for, there's still lots of bugs17:57
ubptgbot<Izaic> That's why i think it will be at least a good year at this point before these issues are finally solved.17:57
ubptgbot<Izaic> And i feel quite trapped like i said... I dont want to buy another android... but i might have to if i want reliability.17:58
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> if they ever released a nixos CE ill jump on it just for the nixos logo case 😛17:58
ubptgbot<Izaic> lol17:58
ubptgbot<Izaic> I personally would be interested in postmarketOS... once it17:58
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> ever used sailfish OS? ive been happy with that for years17:58
ubptgbot<Izaic> matures more17:58
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> very stable and useable17:58
ubptgbot<Izaic> Yeah. Sailfish is actually pretty nice... But calls weren't supported the last i checked... probably because they knew there was still bugs and didn't want to disappoint with a broken release.17:59
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> ahh i dunno about runing it on pinephone im talking about running it on an xperia17:59
ubptgbot<Izaic> oh17:59
ubptgbot<Izaic> :p;17:59
ubptgbot<Izaic> Well, it works pretty dang well on a pinephone18:00
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> thats cool18:00
ubptgbot<Izaic> Besides obviously GPS and Calls, Texts, etc18:00
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> =/18:00
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> thats not cool18:00
ubptgbot<Izaic> Which, while the other distros claim they work... they really dont.18:00
ubptgbot<Izaic> Not reliably at least.18:00
ubptgbot<Izaic> So it's a good thing sailfish isn't saying they work.18:00
ubptgbot<Izaic> Until they are *Sure* they work.18:00
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> right18:00
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> yeah jolla are quite conservative about saying things are 'ready'18:01
ubptgbot<Izaic> Well, it's not a official port18:01
ubptgbot<Izaic> Though i hear jolla might be interested18:01
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> took them ages to say the gemini pda image is 'official' despite many people happily running it18:01
ubptgbot<Izaic> Well the port was made by a community member18:02
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> yeah thats usually how it goes18:02
ubptgbot<Izaic> oh18:02
ubptgbot<Izaic> Speaking of PDA... Lukasz said pine has plans for a keyboard addon...18:02
ubptgbot<Izaic> Will be very cool to have...18:03
ubptgbot<Izaic> Once the phone functionality is reliable :P18:03
ubptgbot<Izaic> At the very least, it's good enough to be a tiny tablet18:03
ubptgbot<Izaic> Which, speaking of tablets... Pinetab!18:03
ubptgbot<Izaic> Can't wait for mine to ship.18:03
ubptgbot<Izaic> All the work done for the pinephone will be used in the pinetab... so it should work out of the box...18:04
ubptgbot<Izaic> I think it's really dang cool that it runs ubuntu touch.18:04
ubptgbot<Izaic> Match made in heaven.18:04
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> i did want a pinetab but id prefer a faster chip like whats in the book pro18:06
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> ive got a cosmo communicator, LOOOVEE having a real hardware keyboard18:06
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> just a shame its got crappy android on it (for now) 😁18:07
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ubptgbot<bendoverboi> @dohbee [lol, volte has been around for like 8 years now], May have been around but I started using it in 201718:50
ubptgbot<bendoverboi> To many custom roms didn't support it on my note 318:50
hallynthose of you with pinephone, talkt o me about battery life.  Are you getting better than 2-3 hours?18:52
ubptgbot<Marathon2422> pinephones ce on ebay now wow19:26
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> mustnt be UK ebay i couldnt find it :(19:31
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ubptgbot<jackiemoore> @Marathon2422 [pinephones ce on ebay now wow], 2 sold for $355 each. Insane20:09
ubptgbot<PiecerEdd> crazy20:18
ubptgbot<jackiemoore> 2 more listed now. One started at $150 and the other is .9920:30
ubptgbot<arthurabdulin> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/QCKXduA8.webp20:30
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ubptgbotArif Balcı was added by: Arif Balcı22:09
ubptgbot<Shinkamui> 350-400 was the going rate for braveheart in march22:11
ubptgbot<Shinkamui> really only surprised because the next batch has an annouced timeframe22:11
ubptgbot<Shinkamui> but i guess if you want immediate gratification, you'll pay for it22:12
ubptgbot<Shinkamui> i know i did22:12
ubptgbot<Shinkamui> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯22:12
ubptgbot<bendoverboi> (Photo, 590x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/l3CsCmmL.png22:16
ubptgbot<bendoverboi> Your telling me a phone with specs from 2012-2013, is worth 350-400$ ?22:16
ubptgbot<pizzabroodje> @bendoverboi [Your telling me a phone with specs from 2012-2013, is worth 350-400$ ?], 150USD*22:17
ubptgbot<pizzabroodje> but yes, economics if scale is a thing22:17
ubptgbot<bendoverboi> How much lte band support lol22:18
ubptgbot<Shinkamui> HvdG: depends on what it represents to the buyer22:18
ubptgbot<Shinkamui> i odnt think anyone buying the pinephone is buying the phone for its spec22:19
ubptgbot<Shinkamui> and when it was not available to purchase through official means, we quickly find out what that value is to buyers based on availability22:19
ubptgbot<dohbee> i mean, diamonds are basically useless for ordinary people, but they will still spend more than the cost of a nice car on one22:22
ubptgbot<dohbee> at least the pinephone can double as a coffee warmer22:23
ubptgbot<Shinkamui> lol22:23
ubptgbot<Shinkamui> i like that22:23
ubptgbot<dohbee> and it's cheaper than an ember22:23
ubptgbot<Shinkamui> hilarious side story, been mulling over buying one of those, it just doesn't hold enough coffee22:24
ubptgbot<Shinkamui> but its a really cool looking thermos / cup from a nerd perspective22:24
ubptgbot<dohbee> we have https://t.me/UBportsOF for overflow off topic discussions :)22:25
ubptgbot<Shinkamui> lol, you started it22:26
ubptgbot<Izaic> @hallyn In ubuntu touch on the pinephone i can acheive 5 1/2 hours of SOT... And without turning on the screen and just leaving the phone in deep sleep, i can get around 12 1/2 hours of battery.22:37
ubptgbot<arthurabdulin> Hello people! What phone has the longest battery life on UBports?22:41
WoCprobably my sgs8+22:43
WoCit's been off for some weeks now ;)22:43
ubptgbot<Shakendo> does a sgs8+ have a UT port?22:44
ubptgbot<Shakendo> (Im assuming sgs8+ = Samsung Galaxy S8+)22:44
ubptgbot<dohbee> no; though maybe someone started playing halium 9 + gsi image on it22:44
WoC( joke )22:45
ubptgbot<Shakendo> ahh ok, I recall Marius has a S8 or S8+ he wanted to port, and I have a Galaxy Note 8 Id like to port, but Im not porting my daily device again, too much of a pain22:45
WoCbut it would be nice to run on it22:46
WoCor a pixel 4 xl22:46
ubptgbot<dohbee> probably something like bq e4.5 has best battery life currently22:46
ubptgbot<Shakendo> well my note 4 if sitting on a desk gets about a day and a half idle22:46
ubptgbot<Stereofont> The old BQ 4.5 had great battery life but no real point going backwards. There has been no benchmarking done on more recent devices22:46
ubptgbot<Shakendo> I also dont think I have repowerd working correctly either, but Ill look into benchmarking after I get installer working22:47
ubptgbot<Stereofont> Small screen + big battery the way to go 😋22:49
ubptgbot<arthurabdulin> @WoC [probably my sgs8+], That would be nice22:52
ubptgbot<arthurabdulin> @dohbee [probably something like bq e4.5 has best battery life currently], Thanks22:52
ubptgbot<arthurabdulin> @Stereofont [Small screen + big battery the way to go 😋], Which what device?22:53
ubptgbot<arthurabdulin> Folks! What is a technical reason why there are no video calls support?23:11
WoCbecause nothing gets ported back from android23:17
WoCre <arthurabdulin> Folks! What is a technical reason why there are no video calls support?23:18
ubptgbot<dohbee> @arthurabdulin [Folks! What is a technical reason why there are no video calls support?], chromium for linux doesn't support running on top of android, and qtwebengine isn't altered to use QtMultimedia for video23:18
ubptgbot<dohbee> things don't work the same as on a PC23:18
WoCLinux Cursed 5.7.0-1-MANJARO-ARM #1 SMP Sun Jun 7 22:17:22 +03 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux23:18
ubptgbot<dohbee> but with GPU accel and WebGL enabled in QtWebEngine on a pinephone, videocalls should work23:19
ubptgbot<dohbee> technically you can still use the services, just with audio only, on the android devices23:19
ubptgbot<dohbee> and otherwise, nobody has written any native app to do video calling yet23:19

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