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bluesabreUnit193: thanks. Are you able to test ayatana things? Working on https://github.com/Xubuntu/lightdm-gtk-greeter/issues/74, but making either indicator backend optional at build-time.10:23
ubot93Issue 74 in Xubuntu/lightdm-gtk-greeter "Support Ayatana Indicators" [Open]10:23
Unit193bluesabre: I can absolutely try to build it of course, but last time I tried running with either I couldn't get a indicator to show up.11:28
bluesabreUnit193: cool, I'll ping you when I have something to test :)11:29
Unit193Got any pointers on making indicators show up?  Will we be using the Ayatana or other backend?11:34
Unit193If it's a configure switch rather than just auto detection, we can add both and make an ifdef Ubuntu thing, thus syncing the package still. \o/11:35
bluesabreUnit193: https://github.com/Xubuntu/lightdm-gtk-greeter/commit/9c50d93d3c52623183e3562ed3f033533a672fbc - Supports both backends, prefers ayatana, if ayatana libraries aren't present it falls back to unity, can be overridden with configure flag `--with-libindicator=ayatana|unity`15:00
bluesabre(at build time)15:01
bluesabreFor making indicators show up... it's been a while :D15:02
bluesabreLooks like it's just the indicator name, without  any extras, so messages is `messages`:15:05
bluesabre$ cat /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf 15:05
bluesabreindicators = ~host;~spacer;~session;~language;~a11y;~clock;~power;messages15:05
bluesabreUnit193: so, I'm not able to get indicators of either type to load... and I think it might be because the greeter has a hard dependency on upstart for starting the indicators :o19:08
jphilipsbluesabre: reminder about these https://github.com/Xubuntu/xubuntu-default-settings/pulls19:37
bluesabreUnit193: seems like its been broken for a while :\20:00
ochosibluesabre: if the greeter isnt used as lockscreen thats probably less of a problem though20:08
misko_Hey devs and devils20:27
misko_I've settled for a window instead of GtkPopover20:28
misko_Popover needs a window to display20:29
misko_and menu is ussualy too small20:29
misko_imean panel is too small20:29
ochosimisko_: i think i20:35
ochosi've never seen this plugin before20:35
ochosiso it's supposed to be a shortcut for certain xfdesktop settings?20:35
ochosigenerally speaking this made me think that i could add an entry for desktop settings to the "show desktop" plugin20:37
misko_uses libxfconf-020:37
ochosithat comes with the panel (depending on whether xfdesktop-settings is found in path)20:37
ochosibut i think i don20:38
ochosi't personally buy into exposing those other settings20:38
ochosibut that's just me :)20:38
misko_One setting to "hide desktop" in the "show desktop" plugin would be nice :)20:44
misko_ochosi have you seen a jgmenu xfce panel plugin?20:45
ochosihide desktop?20:49
ochosiwhat does that mean?20:50
ochosino, what's jgmenu?20:50
misko_jgmenu is a X11 menu that uses cairo and pango written by Johan Malm20:52
misko_no gtk or qt whatsoever20:52
ochosiwhat would i use it for?20:53
misko_I've written a plugin that sets some TINT2 variables that jgmenu reads and positions itself next to the panel button20:54
ochosior: what's the selling point over using gtkmenu?20:54
misko_Sorry about the video slow VM20:54
misko_jgmenu can also read from stdin20:55
ochosino worries about the slow vm20:57
ochosii maybe still don't get what sets this apart from other menus - is it that you have some layouting things you can trigger with the "templating"?20:58
misko_Well it's designed for scripting, ricing and tweaking.21:03
misko_ochosi https://jgmenu.github.io/jgmenututorial.7.html21:14
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Unit193bluesabre: That's how it worked for me too, glad I'm not the only one.  Should I still try that?23:05
Unit193enable_indicator_services_command="upstart --user --startup-event indicator-services-start"  ah, right.23:08

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