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rtn0hi all05:16
rtn0how can i rename more than one file, via some sort of regex?05:17
rtn0for example, if i have "file 1.txt" and "file 2.txt", both in the same dir, but i want to rename them by replacing the spaces in the filenames with underscores _, then how would I most efficiently go about it?05:17
rtn0(so they would now be file_1.txt and file_2.txt. this is what i am trying to do.)05:17
rtn0is there a command line command for that?05:17
rtn0thx in advance.05:17
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krytarikrtn0: https://manpages.debian.org/buster/rename/rename.1.en.html05:27
rtn0krytarik: kay thx.05:28
krytarikYeah, I've just noticed you also posted it in #lubuntu, and got the same pointer there..05:29
rtn0guiverc's advice worked.05:35
IrcsomeBot<lpranam> Hello again, i switched back to kubuntu 19.10 and after i did built my project and tried to reboot i got xsession warning unable to write to /tmp07:43
IrcsomeBot<lpranam> Clicking on okay does not do anything07:43
IrcsomeBot<lpranam> And also can not boot into recovery mode07:44
TheMetamorphosisHello, I'm looking for a software to merge PDF files.07:52
lordievaderTheMetamorphosis: you are looking for pdftk https://www.pdflabs.com/tools/pdftk-the-pdf-toolkit/08:43
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me_Morning all, can anyone explain why I get these errors on Kubuntu 20.04(5 or 6 every couple of minutes) CTRL-EVENT-SIGNAL-CHANGE above=1 signal=-68 noise=9999 txrate=104000.  I don't get these errors on Kubuntu 18.04 using the exact same harware.10:06
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BluesKaj'Morning all11:44
IrcsomeBot<Arthur 張> My machine get Internet access via cat 5 router and a real ip from my ISP. … This router also provides wifi services distrubutes private ip to devices like cell phones. … I have tried connect to my machine via kde-connect but failed. After searching the web somebody says kde-connect works via a bluetooth. … I have installed a bluetooth and the kde bluetooth manager recognises my phone. However, I can send and receive files on11:57
IrcsomeBotdonno how to link my phone to kubuntu via kde-connect. … How to solve this problem?11:57
IrcsomeBot<Arthur 張> P.S I am using kubuntu 20.0412:00
BluesKaj@Arthur 張 think kdeconnect uses wifi on linux12:13
IrcsomeBot<Arthur 張> That means it cannot link machines connected with cat 5?12:22
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BluesKajno, my phone links with my ethernet connected pc thru the router using kdeconnect12:24
BluesKajwifi conects the phone to the router then to the pc from there, whether it's wifi or ethernet shouldn't matter12:25
BluesKajas long as you aren't connected to a vpn on either device12:26
IrcsomeBot<Arthur 張> ic. I think I have put my machine outside the wifi router network to get a real ip. … I will try connect them to the same network and work it out again. … Besides, could a bluetooth be configured to behave like a wifi adaptor? If yes, how? I failed to find any tutorial like that but some people on the ask ubuntu websites says that it is possible.12:33
BluesKajyes, I've tried to use blurtooth a few times, but wasn't successful. Guess i should have done more research on that, but kdeconnect works so i didn't bother12:35
acerwhat is the best forum for Kubuntu12:36
acerI want to start helping out.12:36
acerI have been using Kubuntu since 10.04.  I am an active contributor on AskUbuntu12:37
acerBut am not sure how to contribute to Kubuntu my favorite12:37
IrcsomeBot<Arthur 張> Thanks all. I liked kubuntu very much especially the newest addition. It seems running faster and more smooth than the previous versions.12:43
IrcsomeBot<Arthur 張> Newest edition12:43
BluesKajacer, that depends how you want to contribute, but #kubuntu-devel chat is a good place to start.12:44
acerOK  I will try.  I am not a developer but have been using Kubuntu for 10 years.12:47
krt805Does anyone knows if KDE 5.19 will be available on Kubuntu point release ? Asking because 5.19 seems much more polished than 5.18.412:59
RikMillskrt805: 20.04 has 5.18.5 not 5.18.4. It will not get 5.19 as only bugfix updates are allowed in the archive13:04
RikMillsplus 5.19 needs a newer Qt version that is in 20.04, but that is not why it can't happen13:05
krt805it's not LTS right ?13:05
krt805I mean 5.1913:05
RikMillskrt805: 5.19 is a new feature release, not a bugfix one. LTS or not doesn't come into it for that13:06
BluesKajkrt805, https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports13:06
RikMillsBluesKaj: that will not get 5.19 either, due to Qt13:07
BluesKajRikMills, ok, my apologies13:07
RikMillswhat is permitted as updates in the archive is described here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates13:08
krt805@RikMills, Thanks.13:08
RikMillskrt805: we might do some test builds in another PPA with newer Qt somewhere at some point, but it is a VERY low priority and would not be supported even in the limited fashion our backports PPA is13:10
RikMillsat the moment I am trying hard to get 5.19 into 20.10!13:10
RikMillswhich is a pain as requires new stuff from KDE to be reviewed by archive admins, which is a slow job13:11
BluesKajRikMills, let me know when you're successful, on 20.10 here too13:11
RikMillsBluesKaj: I have it in a ppa for 20.10. just waiting for the 2 new sources to be reviewed by the powers that be before I can upload to the main archive13:12
BluesKajthe backports ppa ?13:13
RikMillsBluesKaj: staging-plasma. backports can't exist for the dev release!13:14
RikMills5.19.2 will also land in there tomorrow13:14
BluesKajok, staging it is, I'll add it  but comment it for now13:15
RikMillsit seems to work ok here in a VM, but yes, caution required13:16
krt805<RikMills> Can't remember if I asked, but is there chance for Kubuntu, KDE framework to use snaps for desktop components ?13:17
RikMillskrt805: all things are possible, but in the reasonably short term, not much chance at all13:21
krt805<RikMills> I'm asking because of transactional updates\rollbacks snaps provide by design. It would be good to be able to update QT and Plasma, and roll them back without breaking a system13:22
RikMillsclosest was an experimental plasma snap done a while back. it was not much useable13:23
krt805RikMills It's 3 years old, which means that snaps may be not good enough for this purpose13:25
krt805or were at that point13:25
RikMillsI don't really do much with snaps, but I have not seen much to suggest that has changed13:26
BluesKajRikMills, I took a chance on the staging ppa and fully upgraded to 5.19 even with some held back packages , All seems well so far, but reinserted the comment on the the ppa just in case other stuff breaks the system.14:12
UltimatePowerNooHello, could I get some help with my flickering screen? There is some flickering on the login screen, after I login. I've tried to disable compisitor, and with compositor on, I've tried three different renderers: OpenGL 2 and 3, and Xrender14:26
UltimatePowerNooSystem: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/H3K4YSVgBj/14:26
UltimatePowerNooLogs: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/kXwG5JgPGx/14:27
UltimatePowerNooNevermind, gotta go, I'll post on the forum14:31
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krt805RikMills, Is there any chance to see EFI setup support in Ubiquity installer any time soon ?16:10
GSMarquis77Has anyone seen him?16:48
GSMarquis77Please excuse me I am in the wrong channel for him.16:50
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IrcsomeBotmythio was added by: mythio18:00
IrcsomeBot<mythio> Has anyone 5.19 on kubuntu?18:01
IrcsomeBot<mythio> I have backports still it doesn't show18:01
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mparilloThere are a couple  of new components that need to be added to the repos, and then it should be available for you to test http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/413/builds/215311/testcases20:29
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IrcsomeBotpetersaints was added by: petersaints21:45
IrcsomeBot<petersaints> @mythio, 5.19 needs a new Qt version than the one available on Ubuntu 20.04 so it's not as easy as usual to launch the new Plasma Desktop version in the Backports PPA. If I had to guess, I'd say that 5.19 will probably not be available for 20.04 and Ubuntu 20.10 will directly ship with Plasma 5.19. I just hope that it will be easier to Backport 5.20 since it will be released around the same time as Ubuntu 20.10.21:49
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ceibal__como estais23:16
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