oerheksbug #146311202:50
* lotuspsychje ubottu: error...im not here03:21
ducassegood morning06:38
Bashing-omUWN636 is on the streets: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue636 :D20:05
brknwingWho can I talk to in order to have added to the control panel an easy way to designate which monitor is 1 and which is 2 in a multi-monitor setup?20:25
sarnoldwhich control panel?20:28
daftykinsthe displays one, akin to 'identify' on Windows20:28
sarnoldsorry, I meant, gnome or kde or xfce or .. :)20:29
daftykinsah no you just mean to select primary20:29
Bashing-ombrknwing: Which desktop are you on ? Terminal commd ' echo $DESKTOP_SESSION " " $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ' to tell .20:29
brknwingregular ubuntu 20.04.. gnome I guess?  As the user I need to be able to tell the OS what display is 1 and what is 2 for me.  I have low vision and the larger display should be primary, not my tiny laptop one.  I know there's kludges and scripts but it's not 1970s no more....20:36
daftykinswould certainly be surprised if that's not a thing20:38
sarnoldbut you know gnome folks, they are happiest when they remove a feature..20:39
sarnoldif the control panel doesn't have a way to do it now, filing a bug with both ubuntu and upstream gnome is probably the way to go20:39
Bashing-ombrknwing: I run xfce as my GUI environment and in xfce there is "display" in the settings utility to identify the monitors. I would expect something similar in GDM.20:39
brknwingso I fill out a bug form somewhere.  ok I'll google it.20:40
brknwingthank you.20:40
oerheksoops, i pasted too much in #u22:27
* ducasse kicks oerheks22:27
daftykinspls no flooding, there are no pumps in the channels22:28
ducasse"everybody to the pumps, the water has now reached your rumps"22:29
oerhekshelp, i can swim22:29
jeremy31out gas22:31

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