greg-gahoy hoy19:32
mrgoodcatis it morning?20:52
mrgoodcatwhere is cmaloney20:52
mrgoodcatrick_h: took delivery on the bike. proud owner of an obnoxious yellow santa cruz tallboy20:53
rick_hmrgoodcat:  woot woot20:53
rick_hmrgoodcat:  that was earlier than expected?20:53
rick_hmrgoodcat:  so when are we riding?20:53
mrgoodcatit was about when I expected20:53
mrgoodcati am down to ride any time20:53
rick_hoh I thought it was a fall thing20:53
rick_hignore me then20:53
mrgoodcati had to drive to GR to get it20:54
rick_hhah, well getting it > *20:54
rick_hmrgoodcat:  how far is pontiac lake for you?20:54
mrgoodcatmost shops were quoting me late fall or even early next year for new bikes, but this shipment apparently was one a shop in GR ordered in like january that had been indefinitely delayed20:54
rick_hcool, congrats20:54
mrgoodcatthe guy called me and told me i could have one but i needed to decide that day20:54
mrgoodcatuh.... 30 minutes?20:54
rick_hlol, no pressure sales20:54
mrgoodcatya lol20:55
rick_hI was going to go hit pontiac lake after work either wed or thurs if you're game20:55
mrgoodcatluckily for me I had already put a deposit down on a bike that would have been delivered in the fall, so he was calling to see if i wanted to switch to an R build in order to be able to get it sooner20:55
mrgoodcatso it wasn't like a cold call20:55
rick_hcool stuff20:55
mrgoodcati'm probably in for that. wed might be wet depending on how much it storms tomorrow20:56
rick_hyea, have to play it by ear with the rain for sure20:56
rick_hbut it also doesn't hold too much water it's so sandy and such20:56
mrgoodcatalso with my legs. I am in a multi-week stretch of 50+ mile weeks and I need to give myself some rest eventually20:57
rick_hmrgoodcat:  meh it's just a 10mi loop :)20:58
rick_hbut yea, with the rain you'll get a couple of days off easy20:58
mrgoodcatso far i've only ridden highland and merril trail on the new bike20:58
mrgoodcathighland I only did A and B, not C or D20:58
rick_hI've not tried highland in a long time. It kicked my butt so hard I've not gone back20:59
rick_hbut that was a couple of years ago now I guess20:59
rick_hmrgoodcat:  anyway, if you're up for a ride give me a ping. Do you have my number or such?20:59
mrgoodcatdon't think i do actually21:00
cmaloneymrgoodcat: it's morning somewhere.21:00
mrgoodcatrick_h: either pm me your # or i'll reach out on here when we get closer21:18
mrgoodcatoff to go ride now actually21:18
* mrgoodcat tips hat21:18

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