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sakrecoer[m]I backported to adour6, and today I get an update for ardour5... Seemingly not installed anymore ... Is this something I should be concerned about?08:23
sakrecoer[m]Oh well... The version proposed is 1:6.0.0~ds0-3~ubuntu20.04... I suppose it's just the naming in the repo that stuck... I'll go ahead and upgrade, will report back if I encounter an issue08:35
zmagiiIs there a playback sound level in Ardour (as opposed to a sound level used for export/bouncing)?10:19
zmagiiI managed to get everything working that I was struggling with, apart from the fact that I have to set the sound to -20db for playback.10:19
zmagiiThen, when I bounce, I set it back to 0db and then everything in the exported WAV is correct.10:19
zmagiiAt 0db my laptop speakers or headphones just make crazy static sounds due to maxing out. Note that this is not the actual volume in ubuntustudio-utilities but the playback in Ardour.10:21
zmagiiIf I open a music file on my filesystem and play that back, then everything works as expected without changing my headphone volume.10:21
vltzmagii: You could just use a different channel for playback.11:46
vltzmagii: A bus or something you route your master output to.11:46
OvenWerkssakrecoer[m]: known issue passed to ubuntu from debian if you wish to file a bug report, do so on the debian package15:31
OvenWerkszmagii: those are two separate audio systems. The answer is to use qasmixer to set your output levels rather pavucontrol.15:33
OvenWerkss/rather/rather than/15:34
JokerslooseHello all. I am hoping someone can help me.18:12
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