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xu-help46wxubuntu 20.04, running live from usb stick, after maybe ten minutes, keyboard appears to be unresponsive. Cursor moves from trackpad OK but focus highlight nor mousepad clicks work. Have to force stop with off switch. Occurs on three very different laptops.05:50
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kgbinteresting, even though i chose to "skip", https://ibb.co/PDJn2Bq15:23
kgb.. no change there, same as always: as if the option does nothing.15:23
lemur_any ideas and feedback anyone ...  https://pastebin.com/raw/D6eHyN8K15:29
kgb"Detecting ***** Is Important", brilliant15:37
kgbsomething we could all only wish for xD15:38
kgba system intelligent enough to actually be able to do something useful with that kind of information.. dunno, like labeling the % of "such" drivers on each road /sec15:39
kgbor however it could help us, in practical terms15:40
lemur_drivers get tired, this is just assistant app, it will be useful for everyone later on.. detection is just first phase.15:40
kgbthey're also: 1) careless, 2) incompetent and 3) true-life *****15:41
lemur_after detection, data is gathered in server, organized, then used in the app as smart application, which will automatically signal to slow down15:41
lemur_incompetents .. depends ...   careless.. depends ... drivers too are humans, they get tired, they can become sick, they are not 100 percent perfect.. everyone is flawed.. can't  expect drivers to be like robots, their eyes and hands too get tired.15:42
kgbnot sure whether the transition between fully autonomous driving and this time in between would be worth it (infrastructure, cost of development, integration), because of the psychology of driving: people feel safe behind the wheel and think they can do whatever they want; unfortunately, the older I get, the more I realize that people are all, truly, simply selfish (AF) - at least in traffic15:43
kgbunless they feel the boot on their neck, bt most of the time even this just makes it worse - like look at the US, tailgating, brake-checking and everyone going nuts. xD15:44
kgbwhole generations lost..15:44
lemur_fully autonomous systems are in work by many companies, but such fully autonomous systems need processing power, detection devices , like LIDER and so on,  in due time they will be in market , but this system is much simpler and more practical, can be cheaper alternative15:45
kgb^^ i don't drive, unless i'm up for it - it's like really basic. =)15:45
lemur_countries like india can't afford autonomous driving cars as i understand,  many will stick to old cars and so on.15:46
kgbyes, ofc. sry for the diversion15:46
lemur_few can afford, but how many will opt for it.. two wheelers won't buy a car with LIDER autonomous system, they should still go with some alternatives15:47
lemur_this one uses same android device which many have15:47
lemur_better version. .. fixed few typos  ----   https://pastebin.com/raw/a13v0CpW16:07
kgbpplz, i try to rarely ask for help and learn (it) instead, but this is something that i -simply- won't be able to configure myself: on a ASUS fx505du laptop, getting an external monitor to run (via dedicated Nvidia 1660 Ti); here it is demonstrated, default install (untouched, everything installed "correctly"), with Guest Additions *not* working - because i have to set some kernel flags, or what is it that must be done and how, please?!16:39
kgb.. i've been at it for days and weeks, but all that i ever manage to do is getting to restore the default install. :/16:40
kgb^^ that's a screenshot of Oracle VM *from* the external screen, btw.16:41
kgbso everything's working, except that it's not. :(16:42
kgbcould someone who's got experience with this lend me a quick hand, pls?16:43
kgb.. i have, already, tried throwing everything at it - and the kitchen sink16:44
brainwashkgb: VM?16:49
kgbbrainwash: only way to be able to test anything, a hdd install - i just get it jammed, every time16:50
brainwashI don't quite understand...16:50
kgbbeyond frustrating, being *this* incompetent; but, i'm just stuck - not knowing how to configure this16:50
brainwashdoesn't using a VM create this problem?16:51
kgbon a ASUS fx505du laptop, getting an external monitor to run (via dedicated Nvidia 1660 Ti); here it is demonstrated, default install (untouched, everything installed "correctly"), with Guest Additions *not* working - because i have to set some kernel flags, or what is it that must be done and how, please?! https://ibb.co/cLxMGzt << if i install to HDD and then try to enable the external monitor: i get unbootable OS, or no display /login16:52
kgb.. so i can't configure it, don't know how apparently.16:52
brainwash"unbootable OS"16:53
brainwashnot sure if I can believe that16:53
kgbwhat must i do, with grub2 and the kernel right?! to get the display to go via Nvidia 1660 Ti to the big screen?16:53
kgbbrainwash: in the past, whatever version of windows /linux /oracle - i was able to utilize Guest Additions just fine, on my desktop PC16:54
brainwashI'm not that familiar with nvidia hardware, but they do offer a driver which comes with a GUI for configuration16:54
kgbit's with the laptop, i don't know *how* to get about it16:54
kgband it's not really the guest additions: it's getting the display to function through the external adapter (dedicated Nvidia chip) and external monitor16:55
kgbtried all drivers, proprietary /nuevo and everything else16:56
kgb*downloading and installing from nvidia website, their linux driver = everything16:56
kgbi simply don't know what flags and how must i pass them to the kernel via grub2 right?! to get it to work, is that what has to be done??16:57
brainwashno idea16:57
kgbah! :(16:57
brainwashthis a channel for general Xubuntu support16:58
brainwashand your question is rather out of the scope16:58
kgbah, come on, it's like *the* simplest thing..:) only that i'm so clueless with it16:59
kgb##linux won't let me join while i'm on tor16:59
kgbty, ty (it's just not a VM issue, rather how to pass the graphics through nvidia to the external monitor, via HDMI. :))17:04
Celso Good afternoon! :)17:51
kgb[19:51:16] <kgb> what insanity.. repeated everything for the Nth time - and now it's just, suddenly, working :/ https://ibb.co/TR70Fqs TF17:51
kgbCelso: hi! o/17:51
kgbCelso: that's not WeeChat, irssi?17:58
kgbhm, it looks good!..17:58
kgbwhat's the little window theme you got going on there?17:59
kgbCelso: how to get it, a download? https://www.xfce-look.org/p/1013649/18:06
Celsokgb: sudo apt install numix-blue-gtk-theme numix-gtk-theme numix-icon-theme numix-icon-theme-circle18:09
kgbnice, ty! :$18:11
Celsokgb: I'll be away for a while! Goodbye18:13
kgbhey, cool!.. just, why is it -like- 3000TB? :o https://ibb.co/JsnnbKf18:16
kgbare they one-and-the-same? https://postimg.cc/gallery/1mBy5Zs18:24
Celsokgb: I really like this video. https://youtu.be/Y_x5svD2sZQ18:31
kgbCelso: or this, just some music..:) https://youtu.be/-GBAqJ96OIo18:33
junoE: Unable to locate package numix-icon-theme-circle19:00
junonice icons though19:02
junoI see that list sans the last one19:13
junobecause I'm on 18.04 I guess19:14
junoall good19:14
junofound the ppa :)19:16
Celso because I'm on 20.0419:17
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