tomwardillhmm, there's some doc test fallout from the code import changes, unsure as to correct way to fix07:56
ilascyep, saw that08:00
ilascand can't seem to reproduce locally08:01
ilascok, got it locally08:02
ilascmeaning reproduced08:02
wgrantThe diff on that MP is very weird08:02
ilasctomwardill: do you want me to look at it or are you ?08:02
tomwardill`bin/test -vvct lib/lp/code/doc/codeimport.txt` on master will do it08:02
wgrant     <require08:02
wgrant+       permission="launchpad.Edit"08:02
wgrant+       set_attributes="url"/>08:03
wgranturl has a separate setter method AFAIK which performs extra checks08:03
tomwardillwgrant: the doctests imply it does, but I can't find any reference to it actuallye xisting08:04
wgrantOh, interesting.08:04
tomwardillthere is `updateFromData`, but there's no setters for the attributes08:05
wgrantOh, yeah, that's what I mean08:05
wgrantAnd what it means.08:05
wgrantNot as in a property.setter, but a general accessor.08:05
wgrantThe fix here is to remove that extra security declaration and fix any test fallout from that.08:06
tomwardillpoking now08:24
tomwardillwgrant, ilasc: Doing this seemed a sensible way forward: https://code.launchpad.net/~twom/launchpad/+git/launchpad/+merge/38624109:05
tomwardillotherwise updateFromData grows a bunch of 'if' checks for permissions on certain attributes.09:06
tomwardillthanks ilasc :) wgrant, can you just check we've not missed something easier with the zcml? I get suspicious of xml, it's sneaky.09:23
wgrantNeeds more gaml09:41
wgranttomwardill: Looks fine I think09:41
tomwardillta, landing09:41
wgrantOnly objection is that updateFromData could use updateURL, but that's hard with how the former is currently implemented09:42
wgrantSo this way around is good09:42
tomwardillyeah, it's a little too wrapped up in the notification checks to extract easily09:42
tomwardillI bet me landing the QuestionMessage changes breaks a bunch too09:48
ilascI guess we'll find out09:52
tomwardillsigh, yep10:12
wgrantEasy ones, at least.10:15
tomwardillyeah, got a branch to fix, just waiting to see if there's any more10:18
tomwardillhttps://code.launchpad.net/~twom/launchpad/+git/launchpad/+merge/386248 counting is hard10:28
pappacenaThanks for fixing the doctest, folks. Sorry about that! I didn't see the build bot failure.13:06
tomwardillno worries :)13:09
tomwardillhmm, this LXD transcription is going to have some 'interesting' features here...14:23
SpecialK|CanonObligatory reminder to please signpost all the known dragons...14:25
tomwardillit's okay, I've named them all Errol14:25
SpecialK|CanonI really must read Discworld some day14:26
tomwardillstart at Guard Guards.14:26
tomwardill(this is a semi-controversial opinion)14:26
tomwardillpylxd does not make things easy15:43
tomwardillto the point where actually just shelling out and using bash is a lot easier15:44
* tomwardill -> EOD for bicycle club16:08
SpecialK|CanonThat's disappointing :(16:09
SpecialK|CanonEr, the pylxd thing not the bicycle club!16:09
SpecialK|CanonHappy cycling!16:09

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