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guiverc2is anyone a emacs user? and have issues with ALT keystrokes on lubuntu?04:36
rtn0are there any programs which allow an enduser to view .pdf files from the tty?06:28
rtn0actually, I do remember someone saying it was possible if you had a framebuffer.06:28
rtn0but what program would allow you to do so?06:28
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rtn0nevermind. I already found the answer.08:22
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RickI need help. Please someone10:23
lubot<tbs61> Rick, pls ask your question:)13:29
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lubot<tbs61> hi (to who say hello here)17:19
lubot<tbs61> (who ever did)17:19
travis_lubot: it was me just a friendly hello... Who ever seen it :)17:21
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Ranger5Hello peeps!22:46
Ranger5How does one go about uninstalling a program with the Terminal? I can remember using "apt-get rm name-of-package" once in the past, but I also recall someting about "autoremove". I want to remove all the smaller packages that were installed with it, that aren't being used by other programs of course, but I can't remember the proper way to do it. Any help?22:58
Ranger5Oh, and there's also "autoclean"? tucked away in my head too, is that involved?22:59
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