sarnoldthis guy just says something useless every few hours:01:37
sarnoldTue 23 01:35:53 < nugroho> WHA420355-SOC155694-YMH297433-WHA800477-JPL749250-APB80077901:37
CarlFKsarnold: weird indeed.  thanks.01:39
elthat looks like a serial code01:44
elor license code01:44
hggdhpotentially not good01:46
hggdhhow about ban & forward01:47
daxhttps://rinaldimunir.wordpress.com/2013/06/30/kebakaran-di-labtek-iii-teknik-industri-itb/#comment-15278 and here it is in 2013, with nick = commenter name01:47
daxoh, they did the same thing in #ubuntu in 2013 and 2017 lol01:47
elthey've literally never said anything of value in the past year and they've been hovering around for at least a year01:47
daxel: opinion on banforward?01:48
elnot sure forward is going to achieve anything tbh01:48
daxmight be fun at least01:48
daxcan always change it01:48
elfair enough01:48
daxsarnold: ty for bringing it to our attention01:48
CarlFKel: same tweet every day for ... 19.6K Tweets   I'm not going to look at all those.01:49
elCarlFK: yeeah01:49
eli held pagedown for a bit and gave up01:50
dax@comment 80047 weird behavior, no redeeming content, did the same thing in 2013 and 2017, appears to be doing it around the internet01:50
ubottuComment added.01:50
eldid it another few secs and feb26 last year is when they flipped01:50
eloh wait no that was just a break in the schedule, they did the same for ages before that01:51
daxoh wait it's the same tweet each time wth01:51
elexcept for basically feb26 and one day a few weeks earlier that i've found so far01:52
elhow it's not been flagged as spam idk01:52
elthe differing tweets are pastes from elsewhere best i can tell01:53
eljust random sentences01:53
daxbecause twitter is useless at antiabuse lol01:53
elApr 22, 2018 is the oldest tweet01:54
elimages still on the account from before they deleted all the earlier tweets01:55
geniiWas DOD324904 also one in their series?02:22
elnot in the 6 codes they've been repeating for years02:23
eli think they're currency serial numbers02:23
elthe photos i mentioned had photos of other currency serials which match the format02:23
geniihttp://jamminurulistiqomah.blogspot.com/2013/10/ all 6 are here plus the one I just mentioned, most also seem to be associated with names, like user IDs02:24
genii( fairly far down on the page)02:25
elname on the comment matches02:26
eland those look like they are receipts. so fits with bill serials02:27
geniiCurious stuff02:28
ubottudoubledutch called the ops in #xubuntu ()18:59

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