delvianHi All.  Where can I find an alternative to gnome-clocks?  It's waaay too much effort and time to get it to work on 20.0400:26
delvianI need something with a world clock and alarms.00:26
tatertotsdelvian: have you ever considered using your iPhone?00:29
WesleyTech@sarnold AMI00:30
WesleyTech@sarnold AMI's are region specific, you have to search us-west-2 to find this one.00:30
delviantatertots: I have it on my phone, but I'd like it on my PC too :)00:30
delvianIt doesn't seem like a complicated app, I'd expect many alternatives but I can't seem to find any in the repos.00:32
delvianFirst, the alarms and timer wasn't making a sound.  I eventually got that to work, but now it won't even open at all.00:34
delvianThe GNOME devs just blame the Ubuntu devs for packaging it incorrectly :(00:34
sarnoldWesleyTech: I still don't spot the dotnetcore or ami numbers in the ubuntu ec2 ami locator00:34
WesleyTechUpon further inspection, this AMI might be owned by Amazon, not Canonical...00:35
nugrohoUbuntu 5.10 -=- Breezy Badger -=- Cisco Aironet -=- MEIZU M5 Note00:43
neilduganI have just install ubuntu-mate on a VM, done a 'apt dist-upgrade' and when I go to install a printer driver, I get the error "E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages." ... can anyone help here.00:57
sarnoldtry sudo apt update && sudo apt install -f00:58
neildugansarnold, that didn't fix the problem... yesterday I successfully installed the same package on a different VM01:00
neildugansarnold, the dependacy is "lsb:amd64 (>= 3.2) but it is not installable"01:01
sarnoldneildugan: try sudo dpkg --configure -a01:01
oerheksafter dist-upgrade, vm rebooted?01:01
neilduganoerheks, hang on a sec01:02
neildugansarnold, oerheks, a reboot didn't fix the problem01:04
sarnoldneildugan: alright, can you pastebin the output of your attempt?01:05
neildugansarnold, the 'apt install'01:05
linelevelHi everyone. After upgrading my server to 20.04, every time I log in I see "403 packages can be updated." -- But then when I run `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`, I see that "All packages are up to date." (or if there are some updates, I see those). But when I log in, it always says 403 packages to update. Any ideas?01:06
linelevelWhere is that 403 number coming from? Is there a different sources.list that it's using, perhaps?01:06
bparkertry sudo apt dist-upgrade01:07
oerhekslinelevel, tun apt dist-upgrade, it brings in kernel and stuff01:07
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.01:07
linelevel@bparker @oerheks Running `sudo apt dist-upgrade` says "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded."01:07
oerheksand requires a reboot, see if /var/run/reboot-required exists01:08
linelevelI've restarted the server several times since this problem appeared.01:08
neildugansarnold, oerheks, the full output of the install is @ https://pastebin.com/Ue2v5FxK01:08
oerhekshmm so your login/motd gives wrong info?01:08
lineleveloerheks: Yes, it seems as such.01:09
neildugansarnold, oerheks, should I just kill the VM and redo?01:10
sarnoldneildugan: how about suto apt install lsb?01:10
sarnoldneildugan: hmm... actually, are you sure you made it amd64? check uname -a output01:11
neildugansarnold, "# uname -a" = "Linux julieVM 5.3.0-59-generic #53~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 4 14:55:07 UTC 2020 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux"01:13
oerheksah 32 bit01:13
sarnoldneildugan: there we go :)01:13
oerheksfind the i386 version01:14
sarnoldor reinstall amd6401:14
oerheksthat wuld be preferable, sarnold +101:14
sarnoldI'm a bit worried with that .deb filename that this package hasn't been updated in nine years01:15
lineleveloerheks: Any idea what could cause that? Or how I should go about troubleshooting further?01:15
neildugansarnold, what value indicates i386?01:16
sarnoldlsb > 3.2 suggests the same thing, as lsb was 4.0 in 12.04 days...01:16
sarnold"i686 i686 i686"01:16
nugrohoQemu 0.8.0 -=- Qemu 0.10.0 -=- Qemu 0.12.0 -=- Qemu 0.14.0 -=- Qemu 1.201:19
neilduganok so why does the host which reports "x86_64" create a "i686" VM by default?  is this a problem?01:19
sarnoldnugroho: so, uh, what's the point of all this?01:19
sarnoldneildugan: how did you create it?01:20
neildugansarnold, hang on a couple of minutes while a create a new one, with slightly different setup.01:21
neildugansarnold, found the problem ... wrong iso image!01:23
sarnoldneildugan: aha, good, then working as intended :)01:24
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neildugansarnold, need to download the correct image.   Are you going to be arround for a while?01:25
sarnoldneildugan: probably another twenty-ish minutes01:25
oerhekslinelevel, haven't seen such behaviour before, one could file a bugreport?01:27
delvianIs this channel only for server support?01:29
oerheksdelvian, no, desktop too01:32
oerheksthere is a dedicated #ubuntu-server though01:33
neildugansarnold, ok, its going to take about an hour for the download, thanks for your help, I should be find now.01:36
sarnoldneildugan: oof :) good luck :)01:36
oerheksnugroho, looks like a serial number for windows 3.1101:37
delvianI'm looking for an alternative to gnome-clocks.  The GNOME devs recommend installing the flatpak to get it to work, but that requires a nearly 1GB download of dependencies just to get the 2MB clock to work, which I don't want to do.01:38
R0b0t1I've got a system where /etc seems readonly01:42
delvianSomebody suggested that I use the world clock and alarms on my phone, but that isn't the point.01:42
R0b0t1how do I fix that?01:42
R0b0t1I had to remount / as rw01:42
CarlFKnugroho: please stop.01:43
delvianI use the alarms as a timer while I work, so I'd like it on my workstation.01:43
oerheksR0b0t1, run a fsck with live iso ?01:43
rfmdelvian, there's a gnome-clocks package in universe for bionic and focal..01:48
delvianrfm: The gnome-clocks package doesn't work.  That's why I'm looking for an alternative.01:49
oerheksgnome-clocks package from where?01:51
oerheksif this is a gnome plugin, you need to logout/login to let it take effect01:51
oerheksand gnome-tweak-tool gives to options for those plugins01:51
rfmdelvian, just installed it on Xubuntu 30.04, seems to work for me.  what problem are you having?01:52
delvianoerheks: The one from focal-updates.01:52
oerheksoh oke, i am still on 18.0401:53
delvianrfm: First the alarms and timers weren't sounding.  Then I got that to work, but now it won't launch at all.01:54
rfm^30^20, I'm not from the future.01:54
rud0lfthat's what i call an early access, rfm ;)01:55
delvianA search on launchpad says that it's a known bug with no fix.  I'm just tired of wasting time on it and I'm trying to find something that works.01:56
delvianThe GNOME devs say that it's they way Canonical compiled it that's causing problems.01:56
nickgawHi, How using the keyboard in the gui do you get to a normal console login prompt not terminal but the normal login prompt?03:35
nickgawThe reason I am asking is I am totally blind and want to use the speakup screen on the console but still want to use orca in the gui as it is not the best command line screen reader.03:36
nickgawIs there a way to do what I want other then shuting down gdm?03:37
dlamhey with 'mail'  is there a way to list READ messages?  (it seems to default to only unread messages)03:51
pyraindropI manage 20+ machines and 5+ users. What is a good way to add/delete users in a centralized fashion on these machines?04:08
dlamuse a configuration management tool?  like saltstack, ansible etc.04:24
oerhekspen and paper.04:25
lotuspsychjepyraindrop: cockpit seems to be a nice managing tool for servers too04:29
pyraindroplotuspsychje, looking - i also was looking at sssd - freeipa - cfengine - bastallion...04:32
lotuspsychje!info cockpit04:32
ubottucockpit (source: cockpit): Web Console for Linux servers. In component universe, is optional. Version 215-1 (focal), package size 17 kB, installed size 62 kB04:32
pyraindroplotuspsychje, have you used cockpit? Does it allow ssh key rotation?04:33
pyraindropoerheks, that is the best - that is what i do - with keys :)04:34
pyraindropanyone uses freeipa here?04:39
lotuspsychjepyraindrop: we dont reall take polls here04:39
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!04:39
* kgb slaps ubottu with 200 yards of Cat 4 cable04:40
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yutasorry, old article.05:16
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kinghatdoes the 20.04 iso not have memtest accessibility from grub?06:13
rominroninHello, good morning.06:16
rominroninI'm about to go live with a web project, hosted on a client server.06:16
rominroninthe server has Ubuntu 16.04 installed.06:17
rominroninI want to know if 16.04 is still secure, if there are any updates or patches I should know about.06:17
rominroninCan anyone help?06:18
oerheks16.04 gives 1 year support. i would go 1 lts higher, 18.04 LTS with HWE06:20
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack06:20
aienaI am on ubuntu 18.04. I had setup ibus as per some tutorials and am able to switch between languages using super+space. However I am struggling to get native letters. I installed Marathi. WHen I  switch to Marathi I still get English letters. In LO etc.06:20
aienaI am using the phonetic keyboard.06:21
aienaAny ideas as to what I am doing wrong.06:21
rominroninThanks oerheks - is it possible to upgrade and keep all the installed php extensions, or would I need to install those too?06:24
oerheksdepends what extentions, hard to tell.06:24
rominroninyeah, there's one microsoft extension which I'm almost certain I would need to upgrade: mssql06:25
rominroninwhat if I wanted to apply security patches to 16.04, without upgrading yet, to buy time for research06:26
rominroninI have to go live today and only discovered the version this morning06:26
rominroninI mean, is there an apt command for that?06:27
rominroninfound it06:34
rominroninDespite using ubuntu cli for years, this is the first time I've been responsible for upgrading a system!06:35
andi_hello i'm new to ubuntu infrastructure and need to host a local ubuntu focal mirror would that apt-mirror.lst be correct? https://paste.xinu.at/bQJU/ so i get all the packages06:49
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Guest27552Hello. I'm trying to downgrade my mysql from 8 to 5.7, and I found out that I need to do `sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-apt-config`  but I get 'dpkg-query: package 'mysql-apt-config' is not installed and no information is available' - what can I do about it? I found something with a similar name - 'dbconfig-mysql' - but is this the same thing?08:15
snake-venomon Ubuntu 18.6 LTS, skype hang, not able to type , or when typing its now showing.,08:29
snake-venomany suggestion please08:30
__Milenchosnake-venom, 18.6 LTS not exists for sure08:30
__Milenchoi have problem with skype on 20.4 lts but it's because of gnome guess i08:30
snake-venom__Milencho, its Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS08:34
snake-venompavlushka, hi ther08:39
snake-venomon Ubuntu 18.4 LTS, Skype hang, not able to type , or when typing its not showing., after 1 min its showing what i typed..08:42
lesshasteI recently upgraded to 18.04 and I missed the time in the top right. Can it be put back?08:43
lesshastethat is the clock in the top right hand corner of the screen08:44
lesshasteit's now in the top middle where I don't want it08:45
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phobosophso after uninstalling e.g. the php7.3 package (upgraded to php7.4), the php7.3 service is listed as "masked"08:56
phobosophcan I clean it up completely?08:56
phobosophor is this intended?08:56
snake-venomi removed the skype using purge and remove command but still i can see its exist in menu tray, :/ is there any way to detect all skype installation ?09:01
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sub526I messed up my Ubuntu system and now I want to reinstall it. Is it possible to reinstall without external USB disk?09:27
EriC^^sub526: do you have an iso?09:29
sub526EriC^^: I want to reinstall it to custom ubuntu image. Custom ubuntu image (16_04_server.img is a x86 boot sector) is available on other machine on network.. Is there a command to deploy the custom image?09:34
EriC^^sub526: "sudo dd if=16_04_server.img of=/dev/sdX bs=4M status=progress && sync"  where /dev/sdX is the hdd of the machine you want to install it to (not a partition of the disk)09:36
sub526EriC^^: how to know the hdd(/dev/sdX) name of my machine?09:38
EriC^^sub526: usually "sudo parted -ls" shows the disks09:38
EriC^^sub526: be sure the disk is of the other machine and not the one you're booted on though, or you'll overwrite your good install09:39
k_szeHow do I use `apt` to list all the packages that are installable from a particular repository?09:39
EriC^^k_sze: maybe "apt list --all-versions" with some parsing after that?09:41
DominikFHey everyone, is there an official cloud-image for ubuntu desktop to test things? There seem to be some differences between server and desktop and I would like to test some stuff on both.09:52
phobosophDominikF: Hehe, I mean, there is a dedicated page just for that :)  https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/09:54
DominikFphobosoph: I might be blind, but I only see server images there.09:55
CymewHi. I have tried to preseed a 20.04 install with a openssh-server install as the last stage, but it fails silently. Anyone know why "ubiquity ubiquity/success_command string apt install openssh-server" is the wrong way, and can tell me the correct way?09:55
miguel_cleanI plan to get a wireless headsset that ships with an usb adapter and wonder how to find out if this will work under linux?10:13
MrElendiggoogle usually helps10:23
MrElendigor the manual10:23
MrElendigother than that: buy from a store that allows you to test it10:23
MrElendig(and return it if it doesn't work)10:23
MrElendigis this one of those fancy virtual 5.1 headphones?10:24
gfidiasinterested in linux, can you recommend a laptop suitable for ubuntu 20.04?10:30
MrElendigdepends on use case and budget10:32
MrElendiggenerally speaking: get something with a ryzen 4xxx serie chip10:32
gfidiasassuming budget is no problem?10:32
gfidiasand no gaming10:33
MrElendigand intel 200ax wifi and no optimus10:33
phobosophThe latest Windows got a linux kernel <310:34
MrElendigsome of the announced lenovo ones with ryzen looks interesting10:34
phobosophwhy not use a linux kernel10:34
phobosoph*on windows10:34
phobosophI hope windows offers an uninstaller for the NT kernel10:34
phobosoph2020 is crazy enough right? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/wsl/wsl2-index10:36
gfidiashad problems in the past with graphics cards, soundcards. any machines tested with ubuntu 20.04?10:37
phobosophoh, and WSL 2 also gets GPU support!!!10:37
PonySoldieranyone know why I can't get my terminal working properly with tic -x termite.terminfo on ubuntu 20 LTS?10:38
PonySoldieroh now it works10:39
mceiergfidias: lenovo and dell officialy sell laptops with ubuntu10:40
tab000hello guys , I installed Ubuntu 20 server and chose lvm during the installation, but I don't know why when my disk space is not the same space that is my sda310:47
neilh90Hey guys. I am on 20.04 and have an awful lot of screen tearing10:52
neilh90GPU: AMD ATI Radeon R2/R3/R4/R510:52
MrElendigtab000: lvdisplay and lsblk -f can be handy10:55
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tab000MrElendig: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Q3thpF3BZc/10:57
MrElendigyou have probably not assigned all the space in the vg to any lv10:58
tab000MrElendig: what should I do now for that ?10:58
MrElendigdepends on what you want to do with the system10:58
MrElendigeg make a new lv and assign it to /srv with as much space as you need to serve all your webstuff10:59
MrElendigif that is what you are going to use the server for10:59
tab000I need to increase / space10:59
neilh90Could anyone help me with this screen tearing11:00
tab000and any time that I want , I can to increase  /  disk space11:00
MrElendiglvextend -r ....11:00
tab000first I should make a new logical vol and then resize / ?11:02
MrElendigif you only want to resize / then you don't need to make a new lv11:04
tab000MrElendig: lvcreate -n vol_backups -l 100%FREE ubuntu-vg is correct ?11:04
MrElendigand if you do that, you won't have space to grow /11:05
tab000MrElendig: I faced "/etc/lvm/archive/.lvm_sentry_75083_370297841: write error failed: No space left on device"11:05
MrElendigjust add 5gb or whatever to your /11:06
tab000MrElendig: my sda3 is around 500G and I want all of them to lvm11:07
MrElendigtab000: all of it is assigned to the pv/vg11:07
MrElendigbut the lv mounted as / is just 4gb11:07
MrElendigyou can grow that using lvresize -r ....11:08
tab000where did I mistake that my space became 4gb ?11:08
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tab000I should install Ubuntu from the beginning ?11:09
EriC^^tab000: it's a bug, someone else had same issue earlier11:12
EriC^^tab000: just expand the lvm and underlying fs using the lvresize command11:12
tab000EriC^^: I used this "lvextend --size +40G /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv" but it says "/etc/lvm/archive/.lvm_sentry_75355_1444222021: write error failed: No space left on device"11:16
sub526I want to change the hostname my ubuntu machine. Which files need to be modified?11:17
EriC^^tab000: type "lvdisplay;pvdisplay" and pastebin11:20
EriC^^tab000: dont use extend, you want to use resize so it does the fs at the same time, otherwise it can get messy11:21
EriC^^tab000: also you probably want to do this from a live usb, i dont think you can resize the fs with it mounted11:21
EriC^^tab000: ok boot a live usb to do it11:23
tab000when I was installing I accept this https://imgur.com/H7tUBNd11:24
EriC^^tab000: ok11:26
EriC^^tab000: you'll need to run 'lvresize -rl +100%FREE /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv to use the whole space, from a live session11:29
tab000EriC^^: I am trying to find how to go to live11:30
PonySoldierwhy can i not access my ubuntu server after installing some packages?11:33
PonySoldieri mean i can access it, but when i type something, nothing happens11:33
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:34
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PonySoldierfigured it out11:38
EriC^^tab000: do you have the live server iso?11:41
EriC^^tab000: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1052835/how-to-try-ubuntu-18-04-live-server11:41
tab000EriC^^: I have this one "ubuntu-20.04-live-server-amd64"11:42
EriC^^tab000: yes, that's the one, follow the instructions in the link above to get a shell, see if it sees the lv in 'parted -ls'11:42
tab000I think I have to use desktop image \11:42
EriC^^tab000: no it should work from live server, but you might need to do "lvchange -ay"   to load the lvs and if that command isnt there you might need to temporarily install lvm2 package11:44
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tab000EriC^^: I follow this "To get to the "live" part of the live server, you have to choose "Install", then press Ctrl+Alt+F2-F6 to get to another TTY, where you will be given a shell.11:46
tab000but there is no " TTY"11:46
EriC^^are you doing it in a vm?11:46
tab000should I use expert mode11:46
tab000yes esxi11:46
EriC^^tab000: maybe you need special key for ctrl+alt, in vbox it's "right ctrl" same as pressing those in the guest vm11:47
tab000EriC^^: https://imgur.com/L4WofTd11:48
EriC^^tab000: no, first press on "install ubuntu server"11:49
EriC^^tab000: once it loads the screen for installation press ctrl+alt+f211:50
shinobiI removed snaps from my 20.04 install and no longer have ubuntu store. Is there a way to get the store for just debs?11:53
lotuspsychjeshinobi: the store got replaced by the snap-store now11:57
tab000EriC^^: https://imgur.com/NyebYB711:57
shinobithat's too bad. I liked the idea of reviews and such, just not a fan of snap.11:57
lotuspsychjeshinobi: the snap-store holds the packes from apt aswell11:58
CymewI can't seem to find the log for this channel, so sorry for repeating myself after getting netsplit.11:58
CymewHi. I have tried to preseed a 20.04 install with a openssh-server install as the last stage, but it fails silently. Anyone know why "ubiquity ubiquity/success_command string apt install openssh-server" is the wrong way, and can tell me the correct way?11:58
marslanderhey guys12:09
marslanderi3wm doesn't recognize my PrtSc key12:10
pymagicanyone using cockpit here? Anything else apart from landscape to manage a 10+ machines / 10+ users?12:11
legreffiermarslander: it doesn't recognize any of those keys unless you specify it so.12:11
marslanderbindsym --release Print  exec --no-startup-id maim ~/Pictures/screenshot.png12:11
marslanderthats the command I have in i3 config12:11
marslanderlegreffier: ^12:12
marslanderif I switch 'Print' to 'Pause', the command works with Pause key12:14
Cymewpymagic: What do you want to do for managing tasks? Patching? Package groups in Landscape is probably the default way, otherwise you probably want to look at ansible.12:14
legreffiermarslander: are you sure the printscreen key actually send that symbol ?12:15
pymagicCymew, I just need a few things: Add/delete users. Change sudo. Remove/update ssh keys.12:15
pymagicCockpit does not look like the right tool for this12:15
marslanderlegreffier: yes because this: https://www.reddit.com/r/i3wm/wiki/faq/screenshot_binding12:16
legreffier(for example, here, my printscr key will 'X86-RFkill', unless i press Fn too )12:16
marslanderhow to I use 'xev' to tell me what my Print screen key is called?12:16
legreffiermarslander: just launch it from a terminal12:17
marslanderlegreffier: it says 0xFF61. Print12:18
marslanderbut Print isn't working12:19
marslanderwhat the hell/12:19
marslanderplease let me know what I can do to fix it12:19
marslanderI also tried 'buindsym 0xff61 ...'12:21
marslanderI also tried 'bindsym 0xff61 ...'12:22
Velardeare you talking about print screen?12:23
marslanderI'm trying to fix that key. The physical key works fine, it's just that it doesn't want to be mapped using i3 config12:24
marslanderit's driving me nuts12:24
marslanderi3 config is supposed to take this 'bindsym Print exec whatever.command.I.want'12:25
Velardemaybe you can find other ways outside i3 to map the key12:27
marslanderok I'll try12:28
Cymewpymagic: Sounds like you should learn some ansible. You can use cockpit for a lot of things, but you will have to click your way through all the machines. You need to use some proper automation.12:30
marslanderI installed xkeycaps and when I press PrtSc, Del key gets highlighted12:47
Velardemaybe you're using a different keymap instead of the US english one?12:54
alwynI am trying to upgrade an ubuntu server from 14.04 to 16.04 (yes, I know, please don't mention it), and do-release-upgrade keeps saying "No candidate ver: linux-image-3.16.0-36-generic" and for more versions, however 3.X isn't installed at all...13:00
lotuspsychjealwyn: upgrade from eol versions is highly discouraged13:05
lotuspsychjealwyn: unless you are a payed ESM user?13:05
alwynlotuspsychje: we are, however I am not sure if we use ESM on these machines specifically13:06
alwynlotuspsychje: can you elaborate on highly discouraged? It should still be doable right? I'm not skipping a version or anything13:06
lotuspsychjealwyn: well alot of security flaws on eol versions see !usn so we advice to upgrade to the next before your system goes eol13:07
lotuspsychjealwyn: yes its possible to do !eolupgrade but not really reccomended13:08
MrHallHi! I have mounted an usb over a folder but cant change user owner of these files, how can i do it? With sudo chmod -R /myMontedFolder i couldnt13:08
alwynlotuspsychje: I agree on your point of security, however that's beyond my question13:08
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:08
MrHallI want to do these because i create a smbd server but i cant add or delete files13:08
MrHallJust read13:08
AlexMaxI have Firefox set as my default browser, and yet Chrome sees fit to open any HTML files on my disk opened with xdg-open. How do I change this?13:12
leftyfbAlexMax: https://itsfoss.com/change-default-applications-ubuntu/13:19
Velardeso you get firefox from running "xdg-settings get default-web-browser"?13:21
AlexMaxleftyfb: The defaults in settings are already set.  The latter settings don't stick - even when I "Open With" and change it to Firefox, it doesn't stick.13:22
leftyfbVelarde: it's not the default browser setting13:22
AlexMaxThe "Open with" setting doesn't stick.  I open with Firefox, but it still shows up as Chrome later.13:23
leftyfbAlexMax: try editing /usr/share/applications/defaults.list13:24
kk4ewtAlexMax;  of course one way is to remove chrome :)13:25
AlexMaxThat's a silly answer, I need both installed. :)13:25
AlexMaxWell, not quite silly, because you are quite correct, but silly on Ubuntu's part because I shouldn't have to remove the browser just to remove it as a default.13:26
VelardeDoes anyone use MS Teams on Ubuntu?13:26
VelardeIt uses so much resources and takes over camera and microphone, is there any way to limit the app?13:27
AlexMaxleftyfb: That was an enlightening thing to look for.  I think I could fix it if I needed to, but I wanted to do a little more research and found out that there is also a mimeapps.list, that is considered the more up to date file to modify.13:36
AlexMaxSo yeah, for your edification, there's a ~/.config/mimeapps.list that contains added associations and defaults13:37
AlexMaxStill, i appreciate your suggestion, because without it would've taken me a fair bit longer to get there13:39
kreyrenHeeelp~ https://gist.github.com/Kreyren/b58bd8d198dd3f7227f47127c4de69fa13:52
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leftyfb!ot | kreyren14:03
ubottukreyren: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:03
kreyrenleftyfb, !!!!14:03
kreyrenu always ruin any fun ;c14:03
kreyrenAlso might be relevant seems to mension your driver https://github.com/winterheart/broadcom-bt-firmware14:04
leftyfbkreyren: feel free to get gaming advice from #ubuntu-offtopic14:04
kreyrenooop wrong chat14:04
kreyrenleftyfb, fiineee~14:04
Voolooso I am using google chrome, and I have a SVG logo that renders differently in windows vs linux, what is up with that?14:12
Voolooit is not even the same font14:12
ignapkhi, could someone be so kind and quickly check for me if ubuntu store/snap store allows to preview app screenshots in fullscreens?14:35
RoseBusi can't ignapk14:57
ignapkthank you RoseBus!14:57
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andi_can sonebody tell me how space this mirror will use? https://paste.xinu.at/46c/15:13
EriC^^andi_: what do you mean? you're making a local mirror?15:17
andi_EriC^^: yes that's what i'm doing15:19
neilh90Hey guys, I am getting an awful lot of screen tering on Ubuntu 20.04. Can anyone help me? GPU: AMD ATI Radeon R2/R3/R4/R515:21
nelginHi all.I'm using the new Ubuntu 20.04 installer and want to setup my boot disk as a raid 1, however after creating the / /home and swap partitions, I'm unable to select the raid as a boot device. I'm open to suggestions.15:49
nelginAH, I think I have found a solution.15:52
neilh90Hey guys, I am getting an awful lot of screen tering on Ubuntu 20.04. Can anyone help me? GPU: AMD ATI Radeon R2/R3/R4/R515:52
rjbneilh90: same here but with nvidia. i set in nvidia x server settings to "nvidia on-demand" (was nvidia performance mode before). don't know what options you have with ATI. drawback is that 3d apps won't start on my pc with on-demand mode15:55
diddlyhi, father-in-law's desktop just upgraded itself to 20.04, are .desktop files with Type=Link no longer supported?15:56
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alwynhttps://specifications.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/desktop-entry-spec-latest.html#recognized-keys still lists Link at least16:13
Velarderjb, I fixed tearing with nvidia a few days ago and it seems to be a permanent solution16:19
Velardeare you using the official drivers with the nvidia-settings app?16:19
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mindbender1I am having a bad experience at the moment with Ubuntu 20.04 screen lag and cracking issue.16:38
mindbender1https://imgur.com/gallery/eMebDC3 show how my screen looks when this happens16:38
mindbender1Ubuntu 20.04 running on hp spectre x360 15-bl112dx16:39
Deano59mindbender1: Nvidia gpu?16:39
mindbender1Deano59, honestly I believe so16:40
Deano59Check the release notes for focal16:40
mindbender1Deano59, https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05787871#AbT116:40
Deano59There's a known bug afaik16:41
mindbender1Deano59, okay let me see16:41
mindbender1Deano59, is there a workaround for the bug?16:41
rjbVelarde: yes, i have the official recommended drivers installed using the nvidia-settings app16:51
Velarderjb: then performance should yield less artifacts than on-demand16:55
rjbVelarde: on-demand is almost perfect with v-sync, but performance mode is awfully tearing here16:56
sayhisnameI need to know how to import a PGP pubkey on ubuntu17:00
bparkergpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --import-keys <key id>17:01
Deano59Don't forget apt update17:02
sayhisnameopenpgp for thunderbird17:02
stdedosIt seems that https://askubuntu.com/questions/180079/ctrl-c-ctrl-v-not-working-in-different-keyboard-layout is somewhat still an issue in Bionic. Has it been fixed / has a workaround>17:10
nbusroneHow many of user here select /home to a mechanical Hard disk when ubuntu OS in SSD  ? any perfromance different ?17:16
evlute2hi, i'm missing the application /usr/lib/at-spi-bus-launcher, even if at-spi2-core is installed17:18
evlute2how do is get this program?17:18
stdedosNot me at least. Huge blobs don't go to /home (NAS), and all the rest, there is no point to not go to SSD. Try a complicated make and feel the difference :-p17:18
ioriaevlute2, what release ? 20.04 ?17:38
ioriaevlute2,  ls /usr/libexec/at-spi-bus-launcher17:38
evlute2oh yes, thank you17:40
neilh90Hey guys, I am having terrible screen tearing on ubuntu 20.04. Can anyone help me with it please?  GPU: AMD ATI Radeon R2/R3/R4/R518:20
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paperhawkhey all, pretty new here but i was hoping that someone might be able to help troubleshoot some restart/locking issues that i've seen with a new computer. if this isn't the place to look, could someone point me in the right direction?18:22
threeneilh90 what have you tried doing?18:23
threepaperhawk youre going to need to elaborate on your issue18:23
Deano59paperhawk: don't ask to ask, shoot your question.18:25
Deano59Someone might know, or might not.18:25
paperhawkRight, I'm on Ubuntu 18.04 and I noticed that my screen suddenly decided to lock and then the screen went black. I couldn't do anything until I held down the power button and restarted. Afterwards, I opened up chrome and started scrolling through syslog. Switching between the two was slow and it looks like it logged me out.18:26
paperhawkI'm still looking through syslog at the moment but let me know if there's any other information I can provide.18:28
threewhich desktop environment and display manager are you using?18:29
paperhawkI'm using Gnome18:30
paperhawkLet me see if I can check the display manager.18:30
paperhawkLooks like gdm3?18:31
paperhawkGnome 3.28.2 specifically.18:32
neilh90three, I'm not too sure what I can do atm18:33
neilh90I am new to linux. But I did check the additional drivers part of the upgrade tool. But there is only a driver for the network manager18:34
threethe drivers for amd cards are packaged with the linux kernal normally. When does the screen tearring occur18:35
neilh90If I move windows, if I scroll, say on google chrome18:36
neilh90and watching videos18:36
threepaperhawk I'm not really sure how to help unless you can provide more info about the situation. Like have you ben able to recreate the problem multiple times to narrow down what could be causing it?18:36
threewhat kind of monitor are you using?18:36
threeoh are you on a laptop18:37
neilh90Yeah a new HP Pavilion18:37
threeneilh90 check out this wiki page. its for arch but it should still be relevant https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ATI18:39
paperhawkthree, I'm not able to recreate the problem since it happens spontaneously for the most part.18:39
threepaperhawk im not really sure then personally. Try googling something like "ubuntu 20.04 randomly logs out"18:41
threeid say google is your best bet18:41
paperhawkWell, thanks for your help anyway, three.18:44
sarnoldpaperhawk: is there anything funny in dmesg? journalctl?18:45
paperhawksarnold, I'll take a look.18:48
paperhawkInitial look at dmesg shows me a bunch of apparmor='DENIED' for discord, but I don't think that would've done something like that.18:49
sarnoldpaperhawk: yeah, that's https://github.com/snapcrafters/discord/issues/2318:51
paperhawkjournalctl has "deja-dup-monito[3834]: Source ID 785 was not found when attempting to remove it"  as well as "gsd-sharing[2425]: Failed to StopUnit service: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.systemd1.NoSuchUnit:"18:52
paperhawkwith various services after it.18:52
sarnolddeja-dup is probably unrelated, gnome or gtk stuff spews those all the time18:52
sarnoldgsd-sharing, I'm not sure, that one might be related18:52
paperhawkI took a look in /var/crash and did see some python trace from dell-linux assistant18:53
paperhawkNot the most helpful error message but I found this "gnome-session-binary[2277]: Unrecoverable failure in required component org.gnome.Shell.desktop" and "gnome-session-binary[2277]: WARNING: App 'org.gnome.Shell.desktop' respawning too quickly"19:03
paperhawksarnold, I'll try to trace the PID now through the log and see what I find.19:04
sarnoldpaperhawk: do you have any gnome extensions enabled?19:05
sarnoldpaperhawk: gnome extensions are apparently pretty flaky and can cause crashes when the slightest things go wrong19:05
paperhawkI do.19:05
paperhawkI have it enabled so that I could customize my toolbar up top.19:05
paperhawkBut I think you're probably on to something. I think this is where it failed "systemd[2247]: gnome-terminal-server.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE"19:07
paperhawkAnd this would be where I noticed slowness when Alt-tabbing between programs I think "systemd[2247]: gnome-terminal-server.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE"19:09
paperhawkOops real one "/usr/lib/gdm3/gdm-x-session[2266]: (EE) client bug: timer event17 tap: offset negative (-2741ms)"19:10
sarnoldhow'd you tap on something nearly three seconds in the future? :)19:11
paperhawkBy tapping very fast I suppose. But in all seriousness I think gnome extensions might be the issue. I can probably do some googling given some of the errors I see. Thanks for pointing me towards journalctl, sarnold. Totally forgot about that.19:16
sarnoldpaperhawk: it'd probably be fastest to bisect the extensions -- turn off half of them, see if that fixes things, if so, re-enable half, if not, disable the other half, etc19:18
UblxHi, after the last update with 'sudo apt' my version of mutt was updated and now it doesn't start because of an error with the tls-connection. I didn't change the configuration. Using Ubuntu 18.04. Any ideas?19:20
ioriaUblx, works fine here; maybe check syslog19:24
sarnoldUblx: yes, moment19:24
paperhawkSounds like a good idea, sarnold. It's rather difficult since it seems pretty random but we'll see. Thanks again for the suggestions.19:25
sarnoldUblx: note comment #5 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mutt/+bug/188458819:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1884588 in mutt (Ubuntu) "Certificate problems sending mail" [Undecided,In progress]19:25
Ublxioria: Thanks but: sarnold: That's it. I am using the "Let's encrypt" certificate. But when it's a bug like this, I cannot "solve" it, right?19:31
UblxOh, I see, there's a patch. Could you help me please how I install it?19:34
sarnoldUblx: Ublx for whichever release you're on, click the 'mutt' that corresponds with your release19:38
sarnoldUblx: then click amd64 or whatever corresponds to your hardware (uname -a will tell you)19:38
sarnoldUblx: then there's a .deb file -- skip the .ddeb file19:39
UblxGreat, thanks so much sarnold: I wasn't sure about the build. With uname I got 'x86_64'. So which one should I choose?19:40
GapiClient: HexChat 2.14.3 • OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (x64) • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz (3.70GHz) • Memory: 31.9 GiB Total (26.7 GiB Free) • Storage: 2.4 TiB / 6.3 TiB (3.9 TiB Free) • VGA: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 • Uptime: 1w 3d 23h 38m 29s19:51
* Gapi is now playing: Gnarls Barkley - Crazy19:53
pymagicMy wifi chipset is not working with 5Ghz on ubuntu - what is a good usb driver to buy with it - that will work on ubuntu? Cheap/reliable and fast please :)19:54
Gapiatheros something19:55
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sarnoldUblx: that's amd6419:55
pymagicGapi, https://www.amazon.com/Panda-Wireless-PAU06-300Mbps-Adapter/dp/B00JDVRCI0 ?19:55
pymagicdoesn't work on 5GHz band19:56
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Gapiif you read the description you will se it is only 2.4 Ghz20:03
Gapiin descripton  it say it will work with linux20:05
Gapibut little puzzled  with kernel 2.6 to 4.5  dunno  if 5.x20:06
UblxThanks sarnold!20:06
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Ublxsarnold: Wahoooo!!! It works. Thanks so much! :)20:08
flying_sausageshey guys, I've got an odd WiFi issue and I'm not sure how to troubleshoot it. My notebook is connected to wifi but I'm unable to use it using some apps only. For example my Hexchat is still connected to my ZNC but my firefox cannot reach anything past the local network.21:00
flying_sausagesAnyone seen this before? What sort of troubleshooting can I do?21:00
flying_sausagesFurthermore the router itself doesn't seem to be able to ping google (from its interface) but I am still connected to my ZNC somehow...21:01
sarnoldflying_sausages: what error messages do you get frmo the different appolications?21:04
analogicalis it possible to play videos in ubuntu server?21:41
EriC^^analogical: in the terminal without a de? yes, but dont expect a miracle21:47
EriC^^analogical: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/160212/watch-youtube-videos-in-terminal21:50
MordocIs there a means to put a snap application (such as Barrier) in the startup. I see the folder in my home directory but no files.22:15
MordocIt would be handy if Barrier started on logon.22:15
MordocNevermind folks, some advanced Googl'ing is showing me some answers...22:38
gebbioneusb <-> SATA drive suddenly does not show up in Disks22:43
gebbioneand i cannot see it in "ls /dev/ | grep sd"22:44
gebbioneany ideas?22:44
Bashing-omgebbione: Bad cable is one idea . bad connection is another. Does the USB port function with other devices ?22:46
gebbionea sandisk drive just popped up22:48
gebbionethe drive is connected with a SATA cable, it was working today when suddenly it disappeared22:48
gebbionefrustrating :/22:50
gebbionethanks anyway, night22:50
B0g4r7What's all this "snap" business?  I never saw it in 18.04, but it's all up in my 20.04.22:54
B0g4r7My system shows no less than 20 /dev/loopN filesystems mounted that are somehow associated with snap.22:55
sarnoldB0g4r7: it's a new package format that's intended to make it easier to upgrade portions of the system on independent cycles22:56
B0g4r7I tried to save a file from a program that was "snapped", and I was not able to write it to my home directory.22:56
B0g4r7So far I don't like it.22:56
sarnoldB0g4r7: that's the sandboxing that's in place -- https://ubuntu.com/blog/a-guide-to-snap-permissions-and-interfaces https://snapcraft.io/docs/interface-management https://snapcraft.io/docs/supported-interfaces22:58
B0g4r7So, is there a way to save a file from a snap sandboxed program?23:01
sarnoldB0g4r7: snaps can always save to their own data directory; many snaps can also have the 'home' interface connected to let them store into your home directory23:04
dengiwill Ubuntu work with mac cpus?23:05
B0g4r7This one doesn't let me save at all.  "There was an error trying to save the transaction history to /home/user/Documents/myexport.csv".23:05
B0g4r7"The interfaces used by a snap can be shown in two ways, either graphically through the Software application or via the command-line."23:05
B0g4r7Software application huh.  I don't see any application by that name installed when I look in the menu.23:06
Bashing-om!mac | dengi23:06
ubottudengi: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages23:06
B0g4r7I must say, this is a big step backwards when it comes to ease of use.  If I had known to expect this I might have stayed with 18.04.23:08
EriC^^B0g4r7: i think you can still install using apt and repos instead of snaps23:11
dengiMac announced that they will use own cpus23:11
dengiso it will require pretty new kernel23:11
Bashing-omB0g4r7: I too am not comfortable with snaps - while we can remove the daemon from the system - unfortunatly there are some apps that are only available in the snap format.23:12
sarnolddengi: no one knows if you'll be able to swap out the software on the new macs or not23:12
B0g4r7Who is Mac?23:12
sarnolddengi: they're going to be building aarch64 kernels, which ubuntu has supported for years -- but peripherals such as video, network, storage, etc may all require brand new work23:12
B0g4r7OK, so the webpage uses the wrong name.  When they say "Software application" they mean the "Ubuntu Software" application.23:13
B0g4r7I followed the instructions and examined tha snap permissions, and added the only available permission that was not available "Read and write files from removable storage devices", and after restarting the application it still is not able to write a file to my home directory.23:15
B0g4r7er, added the only available permission that was not already enabled.23:15
B0g4r7Ya, I hope I can find this program via apt somewhere.23:16
sarnoldB0g4r7: before you uninstall it, could you run 'snap info' on the thing to find out where to report the problems with it?23:16
dengisarnold: lol imagine if most apple users will install ubuntu23:17
dengiseparate apple hardware from software23:18
dengimake them hardware only firm23:18
B0g4r7sarnold, http://termbin.com/q4ra23:18
B0g4r7I guess I should tell the devs.23:19
Bashing-omB0g4r7: " replaced with the Snap Store " You may find gnome-software easier to deal with: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2445853 for some background.23:19
sarnoldB0g4r7: if you can include the dmesg | grep DENIED bits, they'll probably appreciate that :)23:21
marslander'setterm --blank 0' tells me 'setterm: terminal xterm-256color does not support --blank'23:38
marslanderhow do I set blank to 023:39
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