Chipacabelated good morning, all :)09:09
Chipacafacubatista: playing with charmcraft master+43+46, with --verbose, i think we need a couple more log lines :)09:37
Chipacai'll propose something in a bit09:37
Chipacafacubatista: boo, it's more work than i wanted it to be; filed charmcraft#48 and charmcraft#49 so we don't forget09:58
mupIssue charmcraft#48: initialization order means early log lines can be lost <bug> <Created by chipaca> <https://github.com/canonical/charmcraft/issues/48>09:58
mupIssue charmcraft#49: charmcraft should log where it's logging to, and when the logfile is removed <Created by chipaca> <https://github.com/canonical/charmcraft/issues/49>09:58
Chipacafacubatista: unrelatedly, i'm concerned the store ops are slow. I'll be asking about this in the meeting today...10:00
Chipacafacubatista: OTOH 'slow' is 50ms from it being a snap, 150ms from all the extra imports for store things, 250ms from the actual store request10:05
Chipacabut it does but it at 500ms which is definitely slow10:05
Chipaca*put it10:06
* Chipaca breaks a take10:19
facubatistaMuy buenos días a todos!11:02
Chipacafacubatista: [citation needed] :-p11:10
Chipacafacubatista: hola :)11:10
facubatistahola :)11:10
Chipacafacubatista: i'm concerned that 'charmcraft whoami' easily takes over 500ms11:13
Chipacafacubatista: just fyi; it's not actionable yet11:14
Chipacamostly raising a bit of stink over in https://github.com/go-macaroon-bakery/py-macaroon-bakery/issues/7611:14
facubatistaChipaca, I can move the httbakery/etc imports to when the first time any store related thing is used11:14
Chipacafacubatista: that won't stop whoami taking over 500ms :)11:15
facubatistaah, right, jaja11:15
Chipacaat some point, yes, we want to make things import just what's needed11:15
Chipacabut not yet, not this early11:15
facubatistaChipaca, I don't like the 500ms either11:15
Chipacafacubatista: at least part of it is the server being slow, fwiw11:16
Chipacafacubatista: I'm *also* going to raise that11:16
Chipaca(in its defense, it is staging)11:16
Chipaca/v2/whoami takes between 100 and 250ms11:17
Chipaca*both* of those are two big11:17
Chipaca10 times too big in fact :)11:17
Chipacabut, we'll see11:17
facubatistaChipaca, that is when credentials are valid, right?11:17
Chipacai haven't even looked at slow paths here :)11:18
Chipacaback to reviewing john's code11:18
facubatistaChipaca, https://github.com/canonical/charmcraft/issues/5011:24
facubatistaChipaca, what do you feel about renaming `_save_credentials` to `_check_save_credentials`?11:25
Chipacafacubatista: _save_credentials_if_changed ?11:27
jamChipaca, facubatista /wave11:27
Chipacajam: 👋11:27
facubatistahola jam11:27
jamI'm certainly flexible on the naming, and we can stick with save, but it did feel a bit like one of those places that you would start digging in "why didn't it get updated", etc.11:27
Chipacayeah, i agree with that :)11:30
Chipacafacubatista: do you see this method growing any other checks before actually saving?11:30
jamI like ensure for that sort of thing, but it doesn't feel great here11:33
Chipacai need to get lunch done, bbiab11:34
facubatistaChipaca, I don't think it would also test other thing; its backend may change (file -> wallet), but it will essentially remain like this11:35
Chipacafacubatista: then i'll stick with my suggestion above11:43
Chipaca<Chipaca> facubatista: _save_credentials_if_changed ? ← this one i mean11:44
facubatistaChipaca, ok11:45
* facubatista likes _save_credentials_if_changed because it's exactly what the docstring says 11:49
facubatistaChipaca, jam, all comments addressed; also annotated open issues to correspondant XXXs11:53
facubatistaand pushed!11:53
Chipacajam: i'm canceling the standup fyi12:28
Chipacafacubatista: WRT building the snap to edge, yes but version should probably be generated from git for that12:54
Chipacafacubatista: otherwise everything on edge will always have <previous released version> which is a lie :)12:55
Chipacafacubatista: would you mind if we did the same thing we do in ops?12:55
facubatistaChipaca, +113:05
Chipacafacubatista: post-release tho13:12
Chipacad'oh, i merged something i should not have13:24
* Chipaca ← bad person13:24
facubatistaChipaca, btw, missing your review here: https://github.com/canonical/charmcraft/pull/4313:32
mupPR charmcraft#43: Store authentication related commands <Created by facundobatista> <https://github.com/canonical/charmcraft/pull/43>13:32
Chipacafacubatista: https://github.com/canonical/charmcraft/pull/54 plz15:05
mupPR charmcraft#54: address issues raised in review of #46 that i merged too fast <Created by chipaca> <https://github.com/canonical/charmcraft/pull/54>15:05
Chipacafacubatista: is charmcraft#43 needing anything more from your end?15:56
mupPR charmcraft#43: Store authentication related commands <Created by facundobatista> <https://github.com/canonical/charmcraft/pull/43>15:56
mupPR operator#337 opened: trivial change to test something <Created by chipaca> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/pull/337>16:22
facubatistaChipaca, I need travis to end16:24
facubatistaja, I summoned the response (?)16:24
facubatistaChipaca, landed!16:24
Chipacartd could give us docs for pull requests16:25
Chipacabut i need to be able to authorize the organization16:25
mupPR operator#337 closed: trivial change to test something <Created by chipaca> <Closed by chipaca> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/pull/337>16:31
facubatista2020-06-24 16:11:10,768  charmcraft.commands.build DEBUG    :: ERROR: Cannot find command 'git' - do you have 'git' installed and in your PATH?19:11
facubatistaChipaca, maybe we need to put git and other VCs19:12
facubatista*VCSs tools inside the snap?19:12
Chipacafacubatista: how did you get that one?20:34
Chipacafacubatista: (and yes i was expecting to have to do that, it's fine)20:34
Chipacafacubatista: (just not yet; i hadn't notied we were using git yet -- where are we?)20:34
Chipacai guess if you have a git url in your requires?20:35
facubatistaChipaca, xactly21:10
Chipacadrat :)21:10
Chipacafacubatista: something you were trying, or a user reported this?21:10
facubatistaChipaca, a user reported something similar, I'm not sure if exactly the same thing (need to see the logs they passed later)21:11
facubatistaChipaca, we need also to "see" which `pip` they have21:11
Chipacafacubatista: we're shipping pip in the snap already21:11
Chipacathat much i did test :)21:11
facubatistaChipaca, yes, but what if you run from tarball or whatever? seeing that the user has a different pip from "us" helps to understand a possible different behaviour21:12
facubatistaeven from snap: we may have different pips in edge than stable, etc, so have that explicitly in the logs I think it worths having an extra system call when building21:13
Chipacafacubatista: you can start the build with 'pip list'21:14
facubatistaoh, that's probably better than `pip --version`21:15
Chipacai think so :)21:15
Chipacafacubatista: hadn't the change to create the tempdir landed?21:19
Chipacamaybe i misremember21:20
facubatistaChipaca, the tempdir? nop, I don't think we did that21:36
facubatistaChipaca, I landed the creation of the config directory, for the credentials21:36
facubatistaChipaca, `list` gives much juicy information that just the pip version21:41
Chipacafacubatista: ok i'll include creating the tempdir in my snap changes21:41
Chipacafacubatista: yes, useful information21:42
Chipacafacubatista: look at what travis prints out for example21:42
Chipacafacubatista: that's a good war log21:42
facubatistaChipaca, having a simple "pip list" first is an awesome way to see if there's *any* problem with pip, before the quite more complex install itself21:49
facubatistaChipaca, https://github.com/canonical/charmcraft/pull/5621:50
mupPR charmcraft#56: Make pip list current packages before proceeding with the install <Created by facundobatista> <https://github.com/canonical/charmcraft/pull/56>21:50
facubatistaChipaca, remember we removed the `--system` parameter in the install call? I think the lack of it is creating the failure here: https://github.com/canonical/charmcraft/issues/5521:56
Chipacafacubatista: let me ask one other thing there21:59
facubatistaChipaca, I would let you ask even three things21:59
Chipacaqué compromiso /o\21:59
facubatistait's a max, not a hard number :p22:00
facubatistalike when the genius gives you UP TO three desires22:00
Chipacafirst wish: infinite genies22:01
Chipacafacubatista: strange that in spanish genie (djinn) and genius, are the same word (very different etymologies afaict)22:03
Chipacafacubatista: ('genio' in the djinn sense is not from latin)22:04
facubatista"wishes": I should have known; "genie": didn't know22:04
facubatista"Según parece, la palabra española «genio» proviene del árabe «djinn» cuyo significado describe a un tipo muy preciso de ser."22:05
facubatistaah, genius comes from Latin22:06
Chipacafacubatista: as does genio in the genius sense :)22:07
facubatistaah, "genio" from djinn is about "mood"?22:07
Chipacafacubatista: hmm... i hadn't thought about that, but probably22:08
Chipacathat's a weird one :)22:08
Chipacafacubatista: another one that spanish mashes together is scatology and escatology22:08
Chipacabut that one i love :-D22:08
facubatistaoh, that one is awesome22:09
facubatistait totally mutates the meaning of "chistes escatológicos"22:10
Chipacafacubatista: good news on that bug22:12
facubatistaChipaca, yes, but I suspected, "from snap" would be the main method of running snap, that's why I wanted for *us* to be always testing really-really-edge22:14
facubatistas/running snap/running charmcraft/22:14
Chipacafacubatista: yep22:14
Chipacafacubatista: also we'll need spread tests for the snap soon22:14
Chipacaanyway, tagged, assigned, and milestoned22:15
Chipacaand unblocked the user22:15
Chipacai declare this a great success22:15
Chipacaand go to bed22:15
Chipacafacubatista: 👋 eod for me22:18
* facubatista eods too22:19

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