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seb128goood morning desktopers06:08
callmepkhi seb12806:18
seb128hey callmepk, how are you?06:18
callmepkpretty good, how are you seb128 06:19
seb128I'm alright!06:19
seb128callmepk, did you notice that the wslu recent update failed to build on G?06:19
seb128I emailed you about that also but I don't think you replied06:19
callmepkhmmm, I now see that, I will take a look seb128 06:22
callmepkSorry for not seeing that mail, too busy moving that the time06:22
seb128callmepk, thx! looks like just a parameter change in a test to be compatible with some new version of the depends06:22
seb128callmepk, no worry, it's not urgent :) are you also waiting for SRU uploads for those changes if so feel free to ping me with sponsoring URLs06:23
seb128I think the build issue is specific to G and due to some other components which changed06:24
callmepkhmmm, interesting; and yes, I am waiting for SRU uploads06:27
callmepkjust take a look at the log and it fails at inkscape command somehow... So is that a problem in Groovy? on Focal it works seb12806:30
dufluHi seb12806:32
dufluAnd hi callmepk, jamesh, world06:32
callmepkhi duflu how are you06:32
dufluI'm well. How about you, callmepk?06:33
dufluBTW, I spotted Debian and gnome-shell in Apple's WWDC keynote: https://youtu.be/GEZhD3J89ZE?t=611806:34
seb128callmepk, yes, I guess the new version deprecated a parameter06:38
seb128hey duflu, how are you?06:39
callmepkI am good duflu 06:39
dufluseb128, going well. You?06:39
callmepkyeah just checked, inkscape deprecated the --file option starting from 1.0, I will try to edit `rules` that works on all releases.06:51
seb128duflu, I'm alright :-)06:58
seb128callmepk, thx06:58
tjaaltonRAOF: should I file a bug for the bionic/llvm-10 MIR?07:27
tjaaltonnah it's already main in focal07:28
RAOFtjaalton: I don't think so; as you say, it's already in main in focal.07:31
cpaelzerseb128: btw as you unsubscribed a package yesterday for "eoan bein EOL" - strictly speaking that still is a few weeks07:31
cpaelzerI have already asked vorlon to take over xxhash in the long term for rsync07:32
cpaelzerbut officially you might want to keep that subscription from your sid eup for a few more days07:32
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cpaelzerlooking back it happens usually mid July which would be ~20 days from now07:33
seb128cpaelzer, I guess you are right, though in practice I doubt we will see any other fix or SRU 19.10 at this point, I will subscribe the team back meanwhile07:49
cpaelzerI wouldn't expect bugs either, but thought you prefer my friendly ping to someone flaming you zealously for breaking the process :-)07:54
cpaelzergood morning Laney and all your o's08:04
Laneyhi cpaelzer 08:05
Laneynice to see you in the round of greetings08:05
Laneyare you well?08:05
cpaelzerhehe, yeah I'm fine and hope all of you too08:06
cpaelzerI was just here to friendly-bug seb128 with process details :-)08:06
seb128hey Laney, how are you?08:13
Laneymoin seb128 08:19
Laneydoing good!08:20
Laneyforecast now says 31° for today :-o08:21
Laneyhow are you?08:21
seb128doing alright, it's going to be hooot here as well today08:27
dufluHi Laney08:37
Laneyrude :(10:07
Laneyhi duflu!10:07
jibelseb128, can you remind me which version of pulseaudio you wanted me to try?11:53
seb128jibel, the one which is in groovy now, 1ubuntu7 , it includes an hwe team fix compared to the one you tested and reported the bug against11:55
jibelseb128, ok, it's the one I'm running. 11:55
seb128still having the issue with it?11:56
jibeland there is no improvements11:56
seb128k, thanks for testing, please comment on the bug11:56
jibelthere is a list of dummy output instead of the analog one11:56
seb128I'm going to try to bounce to the hwe guy11:56
jibelI'd like to test a kernel 5.6, .7 or .8. There are lot of updates of sof.11:57
seb128that would be useful indeed11:57
jibelbut current mainline builds don't have zfs support11:57
tjaaltonjibel: install linux-oem-20.0413:38
tjaaltonwhich is 5.6 and has zfs13:38
jibeltjaalton, thx, I'll try it. What's the difference between oem and non-oem kernels?13:41
jibelcpaelzer, thanks for fixing 691590, it's been annoying me for the last 10 years :)13:42
cpaelzerjibel: yeah13:52
cpaelzerjibel: the unfortunate part is that bugs that happened before I picked up things are invisible to me13:53
cpaelzerthe list is too long to go through them one by one13:53
cpaelzerso those old things that get a bump get back into focus13:53
Laneyoh neat13:53
LaneyI just assumed that was how it had to be13:53
cpaelzerno, itwas disabled for a test error in Debian way back in time13:54
cpaelzerwell - depending on the FS you put your images on it still has to be root:root13:54
cpaelzerif unable to XATTR13:54
jibelcpaelzer, and I fixed it by settings ACLs then forgot and it reappeared like 3 weeks ago when I reinstalled a machine and couldn't remember how to workaround it. 13:54
LaneyI just had a chown in shell history /o\14:01
* Laney is low tech14:01
LaneyTrevinho would have written a custom filesystem14:01
jibeland seb128 would have set the bug to critical :P14:01
seb128kenvandine, bug 1884800 sounds like something for you or jamesh14:03
ubot5bug 1884800 in xdg-desktop-portal-gtk (Ubuntu) "/usr/libexec/xdg-desktop-portal-gtk:11:__strcmp_avx2:ensure_default_is_below:app_chooser_dialog_new:handle_choose_application:ffi_call_unix64" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/188480014:03
seb128Sergio described steps to trigger14:03
tjaaltonjibel: backported patches forenabled platforms14:26
LaneyIt's hot enough16:21
Laneythe fan has come out16:21

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