Unit193Heya, netritious!01:58
netritiousHey Unit193! How are the things?03:35
Unit193netritious: Getting hot, so not liking that, but otherwise I think decent enough.  I guess life updates would be "My one sister is married, lives in Texas, and is expecting".  You?06:33
netritiousUnit193: same here, hot as heck! Daughter graduated HS, full ride to Uni, doing honors biz school, life is ok. :D Still using Ubuntu? Have d/l but not installed 20.04 yet. :/08:53
Unit193Wow, congrats on that!  I use Debian now.08:54
netritiousyeah, Debian is pretty nice. Been a while for me though.09:10
netritiousAnd thanks :D She did all the hard work tbh09:10
=== wrst_ is now known as wrst
wrsthello netritious!!!12:39
wrstthat's great news12:40
netritioushello wrst! how's it going bud? and thanks, she is a hard worker13:17
wrstthat's awesome13:20
wrstgoing pretty well here, still working from home, and not fully adjusted to that yet13:20
netritiousyeah, it's hard for everyone ... but meeee lol13:21
netritioushonestly it does get a bit old though13:21
wrstI'm starting to get to the point i'm able to get out and look at some jobs and go to some of our plants so that breaks it up, but I'm at home today13:22
netritiousok, cool13:22
netritiousstill running arch?13:22
wrstI am running ubuntu, actually using it for work at the moment, I have a corporate laptop that I haven't fired up at home in months now :)13:28
wrstrunning a windows vm on my home server to access vpn stuff13:28
wrstusing libvirtd and virt-manager13:28
wrstbtw 20.04 is  a very solid release when you get to the point of wanting to install it13:29
netritiouswill do!13:29
netritiousI really liked 16.04 and 18.04 even more13:29
netritiousthe minimal install for desktop is a game changer13:30
wrstIf our IT people weren't well... a level above useless I would use ubuntu for work vpn stuff but would have to get them to help and isn't worth it when I can just use a windows vm on my server13:30
wrstit really is great13:30
netritiousshow 'em who the real techie is wrst :D13:31
wrstI really liked running arch, but with snap, flatpack etc you can kinda have your cake and eat it too without the setup of arch13:31
netritiouswill check out flatpack, doesn't ring a bell13:32
wrstnetritious: I'm in sales now, and I do some tech support at some of our locations becuase I have a pulse and do know how to turn a computer on13:32
wrstnetritious: https://flatpak.org/13:32
wrstI like snap but it is not as open as flatpak13:32
netritiouscool will check that out!13:39
netritiousand knowing how to turn on a computer is pretty dang important wrst :)13:39
wrstthe power button is more elusive than we can imagine some times13:40
netritioushow's fam?13:40
wrstdoing ok, Bri needs school to start back, a 9 year old without any shape of a schedule is not  good for any one's sanity :)13:58
netritioushaha I hear you wrst20:46
netritiousClara got so bored she started applying for jobs everywhere20:58
netritiousof course was after she completed Pokemon game on her switch lol20:59
Unit193Oooh, speaking of VPN stuff, 20.04 has support for wireguard too!22:23
netritiousnice, I need to just install it already :D22:29
Unit193I would recommend it, seems to work nicely to me and there's even mobile apps.22:32
netritiousmobile apps? as in I can android apps natively?22:35
netritious*can run android apps22:37

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