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nelginHey all. Setting up apache2-mpm-itk and added a virtual host, however when I got to the address it doesn't display index.html. On a second virtual host, it displays the first unless I add index.php (there's not index.html). I've got dirs configured in the modules and apache2ctl -M shows it's loaded so....what am I missing?00:26
PETURBGi want make host and when run in xen it use the lan ip address. how to make it show different ip not the same lan01:03
sarnoldPETURBG: why xen?01:04
PETURBGi want to host virtual machine use other lan ip addres;. and not
PETURBGdo you know soemthing better than xen opensouce.01:04
semitonesThere is a red exclamation mark next to a partition in gparted -- but I can't find any information about what it means. Any tips?01:04
PETURBGwith one word. i want to use in host different range of address.01:05
oerhekssemitones, seems like dirty bit is set; "An exclamation mark beside a partition means that GParted encountered a problem when reading the partition.01:05
oerheksrun a fsck?01:05
Kk2hey guys, is there any way to make the times new roman to look exactly the same on ubuntu as on windows? (already installed it on my system)01:05
sarnoldPETURBG: there's a lot of choices; using libvirt, perhaps via virt-manager, is easy and simple enough; you can also use lxd, multipass, or microstack, to manage VMs01:05
sarnoldPETURBG: but if you just want more IP addresses on a system, you can add as many IPs as you want to your interfaces01:06
PETURBGsarnold look in private.01:06
oerheksKk2, no, likely there is a licensing issue then01:06
PETURBGmaybe sarnold has broken private messages: i have rane 192.168.3.x and i want when use virtual machine to use other range 192.168.4.x01:07
PETURBGsomeone i have rane 192.168.3.x and i want when use virtual machine to use other range 192.168.4.x01:09
deltabKk2: what difference are you seeing?01:09
Kk2its more like blurred or to thin idk, doenst look the same tbh01:10
Kk2am i missing something?01:10
deltabKk2: could be a font rendering setting01:11
oerheksPETURBG, sounds like a xen issue? write a proper netplan for it?01:11
nelginSetting up apache2-mpm-itk and added a virtual host, however when I got to the address it doesn't display index.html. On a second virtual host, it displays the first unless I add index.php (there's not index.html). I've got dirs configured in the modules and apache2ctl -M shows it's loaded so....what am I missing?01:11
PETURBGoerheks ?01:11
PETURBGhelp me01:11
deltabKk2: hinting or anti-aliasing perhaps01:11
oerheksPETURBG, no, i don't do xen stuff, try to find a manual like https://sunsong.org/2019/04/16/install-and-manage-xen-on-ubuntu-18-04 and !netplan01:12
ubottuNetplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/01:12
semitonesoerheks, thanks! i'll try it01:13
Kk2i will try that, thanks deltab01:13
PETURBGoerheks impossible01:14
sarnoldPETURBG: ah, no, privmsg works fine, I just wandered off to make sure a computer shut off, get a drink, etc ;) it's best to talk in the hcannel anyway, since I've never used xen, so someone else is more likely to be able to help you there01:14
oerheksi like KVM.virt manager more, though01:14
TaralloHi guys01:15
sarnoldPETURBG: if you're already running xen, then you may need to ask around in xen-specific places; xen isn't widely used in ubuntu community because it's not really supported; libvirt is supported, as is multipass, lxd, and microstack01:15
TaralloI need help with wine, I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 on Dell 9780 4K and when start something with Wine it results in a bad resolution, I can't read anything01:17
TaralloDoes anyone know how I can change the resolution of Wine?01:17
quadrathoch2Tarallo you need to be more specific, for example what kind of program do you want to use01:17
oerheksTarallo, there is some awesome scaling in systemsettings?01:17
Tarallo@quadrathoch2 I use on Wine is with a bad resolution01:19
TaralloEverything I use*01:19
quadrathoch2well what windows program do you want to run Tarallo01:19
Tarallofor example I want to run Dreambox Edit01:20
Taralloit is a normal programm01:21
TaralloI already installed it correctly01:21
oerhekstry scaling, 1.5 ?01:21
TaralloHow can I do it?01:21
oerheksTarallo, there is some awesome scaling in systemsettings01:22
TaralloDo you mean on Winecfg?01:23
Taralloor on Ubuntu Settings?01:23
oerheksubuntu settings :-)01:23
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TaralloThe resolution of my system is already perfect01:23
TaralloCan I upload a picture so I show you?01:24
SirScottfor 18.04, is there an openssl-1.0.2n-fips package?01:26
TaralloAre you there?01:28
quadrathoch2Tarallo just upload one at imgur.com for example and link us the picture01:29
Bashing-om!info openssl-1.0.2n-fips bionic | SirScott01:29
ubottuSirScott: Package openssl-1.0.2n-fips does not exist in bionic01:29
oerheksTarallo, scaling can help low/old resolution programs blow up more readable01:29
oerheksthe downside of 4k :-D01:30
nelginGuess I'll go ask elsewhere.01:30
TaralloItried with Blizzard01:32
TaralloI tried*01:32
TaralloLike you can notice it has a bad resolution for my eyes01:33
SirScottso the fips support for 18.04 is purely for the system as a whole? there's not a standalone openssl pkg w/fips?01:35
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Tarallooerheks, quadrathoch2, still there?01:37
sarnoldSirScott: correct -- FIPS certifications happen to the whole system, including the specific hardware01:38
quadrathoch2Tarallo did you already edit the DPI setting in winecfg?01:40
SirScottsarnold: bummer, was hoping for the equivalent of fedora's openssl packages. c'est la vie!01:42
Taralloquadrathoch2, Yes I did01:42
sarnoldSirScott: yeah; red hat yanked crypto out of N packages, and modified them all to use a single, certified, package; we've instead modified the N packages ourselves..01:43
sarnoldSirScott: you can see which packages we've certified, and their certificates, via https://docs.ubuntu.com/security-certs/en/fips01:43
quadrathoch2Tarallo, hm that's normally how it should work01:44
Taralloquadrathoch2, I think it happens cause my monitor use a high resolution01:45
SirScottsarnold: hypothetical question. If I had a subscription and access to that PPA, could I just install the single 'openssl' package and what that provide the fips canister? (I'm looking for compliance, not certification.)01:45
quadrathoch2Tarallo that's why the DPI change should help on that, you could try to install also different fonts, but pretty sure it does not help01:46
SirScotts/what that/would that/01:46
sarnoldSirScott: I'm not sure why you'd pick-and-choose rather than taking ssh and initramfs etc packages01:47
sarnoldSirScott: they're tested as a unit, there's a chance things might not go great with just the one and not all01:47
Taralloquadratchhoch2 I think the same, because if the fonts would be bigger the pictures would be always little01:47
sarnoldSirScott: eg I've seen bug reports in the last week or so from a customer that had a python test fail because their use of md5 wasn't properly flagging that md5 was going to be used for a PRN, rather than for authentication purposes01:48
SirScottsarnold: ok, ignorant question then! does installing all of those packages and enabling FIPS for the entire system then preclude any other non-FIPS crypto on the system?01:49
SirScottsarnold: or can individual processes call set_fips_enable() if they need fips support...01:49
sarnoldSirScott: heh, that's an *excellent* question :) I wish I knew the answer01:50
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Tarallo0Hi again01:55
SirScottis there a way to view the equivalent of this file for the bionic libsecp256k1-0 pkg?  https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/libsecp256k1/blob/master/f/libsecp256k1.spec01:57
SirScottreally i'm trying to figure out what version of the library is being built. the version str has "0.1~20170810-1"01:58
sarnoldSirScott: the dsc, tar.gz, and debian.tar.xz for that version are at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libsecp256k1/0.1~20170810-102:00
sarnoldSirScott: if you've got your deb-src lines configured correctly you can also use "apt-get source libsecp256k1" or "apt-get source libsecp256k1-0" (I forget if it requires source package name or binary pacakge name or will work with either)02:01
SirScottsarnold: nice tip, thanks, didn't know that!02:02
SirScottsarnold: ah, that is using a different source than fedora's, maybe that explains it.  I'm having lots of fun. One python library needs fips support, another python library needs bindings to libsecp256k.  The former works on fedora, the latter works on ubuntu. Getting both to work on either system is entertaining.02:07
SirScottsarnold: anyhow, thanks for your assistance with my random questions!02:08
sarnoldSirScott: oh cripes, that does indeed sound like Fun[tm] :)02:09
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blebjust did a fresh install of ubuntu03:34
blebim trying to get my tp-link t4u working (a usb wifi card)03:35
blebi installed rtl8812au-dkms03:35
blebthen did modprobe 8812au03:35
blebno success03:35
blebi tried rebooting03:35
blebstill no success03:35
blebthe network logo at the top remains a blank triangle, and when i click there are no networks listed03:36
blebis there anything i can try?03:36
sarnoldwhat does "no success" mean?03:38
sarnolddoes it mean that your modprobe commands failed?03:38
sarnoldor something else?03:39
blebthe modprobe succeeds03:39
blebbut the network logo at the top remains a blank triangle, and when i click there are no networks listed03:40
blebi tried compiling a version of this driver manually on debian03:41
blebit was able to detect networks but could not connect03:41
bleb(on windows it can connect no problem)03:41
blebso i decided to try ubuntu because the 8812au driver is in the packages03:42
sarnoldbleb: did iw phy0 show details about the nic? did ip l show you the nic?03:42
blebbut now i cant even see the available networks03:42
blebip l does not show the nic03:43
blebiw phy0 prints a usage message03:43
blebthere is a line in the output of dmesg which might be relevant:03:50
blebGeneric FE-GE Realtek PHY r8169-400:00: attached PHY driver [Generic FE-GE Realtek PHY] (mii_bus:phy_addr=r8169-400:00, irq=IGNORE)03:51
blebidk if this has to do with the 8812au driver i installed03:51
blebi will try the same manual compilation steps i tried on debian03:57
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blebwell it didnt make any observable difference in terms of wifi04:24
blebbut at least it didnt destroy my ability to use a wired network04:24
bleboh well maybe someone will roll through with some suggestions04:25
bparkerwhat is the question?04:25
blebi'm trying to get my tp-link t4u working04:26
blebit's a usb wireless card04:26
blebthe chipset is rtl8812au04:27
blebso i installed rtl8812au-dkms04:27
blebbut it didnt work04:27
bparkerdefine didnt work04:27
blebi installed it, and clicking the network icon on my xfce panel shows no networks04:28
blebtried rebooting, same thing04:28
bparkerwell forget the gui for a minute, that won't help anyone04:28
bparkerpaste the outputs of dmesg and iw list04:28
bparkerand ip l04:28
blebi guess i should try to get my system back to the state it was before i manually installed https://github.com/abperiasamy/rtl8812AU_8821AU_linux/archive/master.zip  and https://github.com/EntropicEffect/rtl8822bu04:30
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blebok i re-installed the 8812au-dkms package and rebooted04:36
blebbparker: ok this is the output of dmesg: http://ix.io/2q1G04:39
blebiw list prints no output04:39
blebthis is the output of ip l: http://ix.io/2q1H04:39
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bparker[    4.610596] WARNING: CPU: 1 PID: 334 at net/wireless/core.c:867 wiphy_register+0x6d1/0x930 [cfg80211]05:32
bparkeryour driver is fubared05:32
blebso the one in the ubuntu repos is a no go05:34
blebmaybe i can try various versions from around the net05:34
blebor maybe a different distro will package a version that works05:34
ld50is anyone here maybe knowledgeable with regards to my stackoverflow question? https://superuser.com/questions/1563153/unable-to-de-group-chromium-processes-in-the-gnome3-dock06:00
ld50it's about gnome3 dock process grouping06:00
oerheksmaybe Dash to Panel plugin? https://askubuntu.com/questions/1081658/disable-window-grouping-in-dock-on-ubuntu-17-10-18-0406:06
oerheksheven't tried because it does not bother me06:06
ld50oerheks: thanks for the link, not sure if that is a feasible solution. it's not just for my desktop but for a couple of company desktops06:32
leeyaahi guys06:41
leeyaais there any alternative out there to Landscape ?06:41
leeyaai need some sort of a gui that is able to do packages subscriptions and management06:42
oerheksansible, chef, puppet ..06:42
oerheksi like landscape though.06:43
leeyaaoerheks i need a gui (dont ask)06:43
leeyaasomething like Foreman (Katello, but Katello doesnt work on Debian)06:43
oerheksyou might want to reask in #ubuntu-server06:44
leeyaathanks oerheks06:47
ld50leeyaa: maybe have a look at ansible tower06:49
leeyaald50 I will be looking at AWX actually. the open source version of Tower06:51
arunkumar413I can't view the file location path06:57
arunkumar413in the file browser06:57
arunkumar413Is it possible to add right click menu item to copy the file location path?06:58
ToxmiI've a laptop (no external GPU) which I've installed ubuntu, today I boot into ubuntu and after prompting with crypt key I just had a black screen.07:11
ToxmiI edit the grub menu and use nomodeset to bring it up but right now when I want to upgrade the system from tty it says there is no dissk space in /var/cache/apt/archive07:11
ToxmiI tried apt clean and autoclean but didn't solve the problem07:12
ToxmiI guess since the system last time were forced to restart by power buttom it might be some problem with the filesystem07:12
ToxmiHowever, I've logged in successfully to my user from the tty. But I don't know what should I do further07:13
tejasHello people!07:17
arunkumar413How to ungroup the windows in the dock07:32
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mamomhello everyone. i have been using kubuntu on a laptop for some time and i have some issues that are annoying me af, to a point where im considering going back to windows. this is my last attempt to find at least partial solutions..10:43
mamomfor one, the desktop behaves weirdly. some icons (specifically links i think) need to be clicked 3 times to be opened (what the..?), and changing the settings can make them open with 1 click, but not two like i expect it10:45
mamomsecond, pdfs with RTL languages (arabic, hebrew, etc.) are all out of order and are practically unreadable.10:46
mamomthird, windows very easily shares the screen with a samsung smart tv (miracast?). ubuntu can't.10:49
BluesKaj'Morning all10:50
mamomif anyone has an idea about these issues or every some of them, i'd love to hear.10:50
sub526Hi all, I'm having Ubuntu 16.04 system. I'm able to ping the hostname of the blade , it results the Ip address. But not able to ssh with either hostname or IP address..I'm getting "port 22: Connection refused"10:52
sub526WHat could be the issue? I installed openssh-server10:53
legreffiersub526: is it started ?10:54
legreffierprobably not, otherwise it crashed10:54
sub526How to check whether it started or not?10:54
legreffierservice openssh status ?10:55
legreffiermore like : service sshd status10:55
sub526legreffier: services are started...10:57
legreffiersub526: try to run : sudo netstat -plnt | grep ssh10:59
legreffiermaybe it's not listening on port 22...10:59
sub526legreffier: I just noticed that ifconfig result differs with ping <hostname>, I'm able to ssh with "ifconfig result IP address".. What could be the reason for getting wrong IP address with "ping <hostname>"?10:59
legreffiermaybe you have some dns somewhere giving you an erroneous ip address... idk11:01
sub526legreffier: how to resolve it?11:03
BluesKajsub526, run, resolvectl  status, to check your dns links11:07
sub526BluesKaj: It resulted "resolvectl: command not found"11:09
BluesKajsub526, that seems very odd11:12
sub526BluesKaj: instead I tried "systemd-resolve status" and it resulted "status: resolve call failed: All attempts to contact name servers or networks failed"11:13
BluesKajsub526, ok is your /etc/hosts using the same OS release name as the terminal prompt11:16
sub526BluesKaj: Yes, I'm able to grep the hostname in /etc/hosts11:18
BluesKajsub526, ok, and openssh-server is installed on both source and target machines?11:23
sub526BluesKaj: Yes11:23
BluesKajwhat kind of network are you on sub52611:24
sub526BluesKaj: How to check this? These are office machines11:25
BluesKajok try this to see what type of output results. sudo systemctl status sshd.service . sub526 pastebin the results if more than 3 lines11:37
sub526BluesKaj: https://pastebin.com/34DNJh6G11:48
nbusroneHow many of user here select /home to a mechanical Hard disk when ubuntu OS in SSD  ? any perfromance different ?11:50
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lotuspsychje!discuss | nbusrone11:52
ubottunbusrone: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!11:52
nbusronethanks didn't know my question is not a support question :)11:53
lotuspsychjenbusrone: we try to divide opinions/polls and support into different channels11:54
nbusronelotuspsychje : yep i understand , i will get some response reply first over offtopic.Because current ssd size is still not large compare to HD , would like to get opinion on user who had set /home to a Mechanical HD.11:59
BluesKajsub526, looks like your ssh public key isn't present on your target machine. You need to find a method to add it to the /home/user/.ssh file on the target machine or the equivalent file that a server uses for ssh public keys, but I'm on shaky ground here. If anybody has a solution, please advise :-)12:01
RonaldsMazitishow do I change video file thumbnail without changing lenght or size of video file? I have ffmpeg 3.412:40
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kyle__RonaldsMazitis: YOu need some sort of tool that edits the metadata on a video file.  They exist, but I have no idea which are available or how well they work.13:17
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pizzaiolois it possible to force the notification tray to stay open so i can use lg to drop an element?14:57
lotuspsychjepizzaiolo: drop what to the notify area?14:59
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pizzaiololotuspsychje sorry, i was a little vague. i meant drop as in use the dropper in lg15:00
pizzaioloi'm trying to update a shell theme's css because imo white on yellow is pretty hard to read15:01
lotuspsychjepizzaiolo: i think you might want to dive in the world of ricing then, unixp0rn, deviantart, #ubuntu-devel15:02
ducassepizzaiolo: 'ricing' is a term used for customizing your desktop, often in great detail15:28
coconutwhat is the command "(sd-pam)" under htop ?15:33
freebdshi, how do i check if port 8080 is blocked by firewall15:34
bparkernot sure how htop is related15:34
bparkerdepends on your firewall freebds15:34
bparkeryou don't say what it is15:34
freebdsi dont have firewalld15:34
bparkeryou also don't say if you want to test from external or just look at local rules or what15:34
freebdslook at local rules15:35
bparkersomething like sudo iptables -nvL15:35
freebdsi have ufw15:37
freebdsbut its disabled15:38
bparkerI'm confused15:40
bparkerthe command I wrote does not produce 'v1.6.1'15:40
bparkermaybe if you ran --version instead15:40
bparkeralso that's pretty old either way15:40
leftyfbfreebds: flush iptables, try to access 8080 (verify you have something listening on 8080 first)15:41
freebdshow can i get a list of all open and blocked ports like firewall-cmd -list15:41
freebdsnetstat -tulnp | grep 8080 no output15:42
bparkeriptables is not that high level15:42
bparkerI already told you how to list the rules15:42
bparkeranything that's not listed, assuming the chain's default is ACCEPT, will be 'open'15:42
leftyfbfreebds: what exactly are you trying to accomplish?15:42
touil76Hello. I would like to know whether ubuntu ESM goes on giving updates to packages like firefox ?15:43
freebdsleftyfb https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSL85S_3.9.6/hsts_admin_linux/dita/hsts_admin_linux_configuring_the_firewall.html15:43
leftyfbtouil76: ESM is a commercial product through Canonical. Please contact Canonical for support with ESM.15:43
freebdsleftyfb how do i check if port 33001 is not blocked by iptables15:45
bparkerwe already told you15:45
bparkermultiple times15:45
bparkersudo iptables -nvL15:45
leftyfbfreebds: why are you trying to setup HSTS if you don't know the basics of iptables and ports?15:46
bparkeralso the default is not to block much of anything afaik, esp with ufw disabled15:46
bparkermaybe some other router on your network is blocking15:46
bparkerassuming you're even having an issue.15:46
bparkeryou never specified15:46
leftyfbfreebds: what version of ubuntu are you running?15:47
freebdsour admin left and i have told to get it done15:47
bparkerI'll do it for $100/hr15:47
larkfishermanHey guys, I'm trying to sync time on a couple of devices running Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 behind firewalls (ubuntu NTP servers aren't reachable) so I'm trying to set up my own NTP server on my SSH server which the devices have access to.I have ntpd installed and I've added "broadcast" to config but for some reason "nc -v localhost 123"15:52
larkfishermandoesn't connect to it. What is wrong?15:52
larkfishermanHey guys, I'm trying to sync time on a couple of devices running Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 behind firewalls (ubuntu NTP servers aren't reachable) so I'm trying to set up my own NTP server on my SSH server which the devices have access to.I have ntpd installed and I've added "broadcast" to /etc/ntp.conf but for some reason "nc -v localhost 123"15:53
larkfishermandoesn't connect to it. What is wrong?15:53
dtuxi opened gpaint then quit it... but the icon removes in my favorites (because gnome think it's still running, not because i added it there). anyone know how to remove it?15:56
dtuxicon remains*15:56
marahinHello! I've got an issue with virt manager while trying to setup a guest Xubuntu20.04 on a host Ubuntu20.04. Is there a chance I'll get help here?16:02
marahinThe issue is related to bridge networking, the vm itself works.16:02
jyangaI have a script that installs xfce4 on Ubuntu 20.04. It fails because it pops up a "configuring lightdm" TUI. Anyone know how to get around this so that my script will move forward?16:12
jyangaoh....hello by the way :)16:12
hggdhfreebds: your iptable is empty, so whatever is going on is not with iptables16:16
Mibixugh i just got this again about an hour ago and it says im using only 50% ram16:29
MibixCron <root@mibix-module>    cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly as subject and /bin/sh: 1: Cannot fork as body16:29
jarnI installed openjdk-11-jdk and openjdk-11-doc and am now able to compile and run java code. What I wish to know is: openjdk-11-doc should have api documentation, how do I, uh, view this documentation?16:33
EriC^^jarn: dpkg -L openjdk-11-doc   should list all the files of the package, might give a clue16:35
EriC^^Mibix: how any processes are there?16:39
EriC^^Mibix: what does it say after cannot fork in the mail?16:40
jarn@Erik^^ yes i found the documentaion in /usr/share/doc/openjdk-11-doc. Thanks :)16:40
Mibixnot sure how to get total number of processes16:42
Mibix988 lol16:42
Mibix[18:19:24] mibix@mibix-module:~$ ps aux | wc -l16:43
EriC^^jarn: no problem :)16:43
Mibixany ideas?16:51
Mibixseems to happen at random times16:51
kyle__jarn: java docs?  4 widescreen monitors in xinerama so it's one super wide desktop.  Then you should almost be able to display the full class names :P17:04
jarnkyle__: System.out.println("yeah, java love long names :)");17:08
kyle__I just remember some of my hadoop ones were nigtmarish.17:09
kyle__But admittedly that's the only time I write my own stuff in java.17:09
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gonutsfordonutshey all...I recently upgraded to 20.04 and I can't figure out how to manage python properly. I have an old project that uses python 3.7 so I'm trying to get venv running without much success. I still have python3.7 installed and update-alternatives is set to python3.7 but when I run venv I get the following error: https://pastebin.com/raw/cejZ4EAk  Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.18:24
Wh0am3y3install pip18:27
croraf_I have an issue with sound on my Ubuntu. I had sound output, but then I touched some files and configs (or an update happened, not sure which one was before) and now I only have sound when I connect my bluetooth headphones, not thorugh the speakers nor cable headphones.18:28
croraf_Anyone can help me?18:28
croraf_Basically the output in the sound settings is set to "Dummy"18:29
nonix4Getting bored of false "No network connection detected, you can not download changelog information." in software updater. How to debug networkbreaker (on multihomed network)? Sorry I meant networkmanager... or how to make that work with netplan (or mixed networkmanager/netplan)?18:29
sarnoldcroraf_: usually, running pavucontrol is enough to let you find and fix whatever's going on with audio issues18:30
nonix4as in "renderer: networkd" at least gets network otherwise working except it thinks it didn't get it done when some links don't have physical connectivity18:32
croraf_sarnold: I installed it now, but it looks like a fancy sound controler18:32
croraf_How will it help me18:32
kratos219When I ran npm install it shows:18:33
kratos219No-local-certificate error18:33
sarnoldcroraf_: start an application, try to play some sound, change the output for the application18:34
kratos219I think I may broke my local ssl setup18:34
kratos219So how can I fix it18:34
croraf_not working18:37
sarnoldcroraf_: dang. is there anything in dmesg? journalctl?18:38
nonix4As in just configure systemd-networkd-wait-online.service to accept "degraded-carrier" as operational state or try to understand networkctl further?18:42
kratos219When I ran npm install it shows:18:47
kratos219When I ran npm install it shows:18:47
kratos219No-local-certificate error18:47
kratos219I think I may broke my local ssl setup18:47
kratos219So how can I fix it18:47
croraf_sarnold: I'm checking this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/184072518:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1840725 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "Microphone not working in Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS on new hp-spectre-x360-convertible-15 laptop" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:49
lotuspsychjecroraf_: is your system up to date?18:50
croraf_I'm using 19.1018:50
croraf_But the problem affects me for the last 6 months18:51
ironpillowhi all, when installing new ubuntu, when I choose entire disk for lvm - i see this message "You may use the whole volume group for guided partitioning, or part of it" ...."so using a smaller part of the volume group at installation time may offer more flexibility. " does this mean if I have only harddrive of 100GB, it's better for me to choose 10GB at the time of installation?18:54
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tomreynironpillow: i don't think i've run into this message before, but i can speculate on what it suggests: i think it suggests to have the installer create logical volumes which are only as large as needed in the beginning, not covering the full capacity of the LVM physical volume(s).19:18
cariveriHi. I inserted a CD today in one of my dvd drives and it does mount automatically. "eject" command opened one drive and so thats that one im trying to use. what can I do? I also tried "mount /dev/<aliases> /media/cdrom/" without sucess: not found.19:19
tomreynironpillow: this was, you can easily expand LVs (and the file systems they contain) whenever you need more space on any of them, and never need to shrink any.19:19
ironpillowtomreyn: oh got it!19:20
ironpillowthanks :)19:20
tomreynso the flexibility oyu gain is that you can expand any of the LVs whenever you need to, until you have grown one so much that you run out of space on the PV / VG19:21
tomreyncariveri: hmm, i don't understand what's the problem you're triyng to solve. you have multiple optical media drives, the eject command works against one of them and this one you want to use?19:23
tomreynhow is it relevant or a problem or unexpected that the CD you inserted into the DVD drive got mounted automatically?19:24
cariveritomreyn: I dont care much about what drive is used, but as the eject command worked on one of them, its saver to use that one, to rule out other trouble. still the cd doesnt mount. unfortuantely, I tried another old game cd rom , which was loaded just fine.19:25
shibbolethmultiple ODDs19:26
shibbolethman, those were the days19:26
tomreynkeep an eye on    journalctl -f    while you insert the cd-rom.19:26
shibbolethyou had the snappy read-only ODD and the slow burner/write ODD :)19:26
leftyfbcariveri: are you saying there's a single CD (software, game, audio, burned???) that doesn't mount but all others do?19:26
oerhekshow long do you wait for mounting? 10 seconds?19:26
cariverimore then 10 seconds. it started spinning but stopped. it is even a original game cd, and no obvious scratches on it.19:27
tomreynsounds like it can be copy protection stuff19:28
cariverijournalctl -f    yields  nautilus-autostart.desktop[3322]: RuntimeError: object at 0x7fab0ebc60f0 of type FolderColorMenu is not initialized , buit not really something about the drive.19:30
oerhekseject && eject -t19:31
cariverieject sucessfully  opens one of the drives.19:32
oerheks-t would retract it.19:32
cariveriyes it does. I tried both drives. the latter one opened by the eject command makes considerably more noises trying to read, but failing. the other and prefered drive gives up earlier.19:34
cariveriif got one more ace up my sleeve. a pretty new external optical drive.19:36
cariveritrying hard ... yes it does!19:37
cariveriat least im on el of problems. wine wont start  the installer though.. .:)19:38
cariveriI bet its because the virtual wine drive expects a different root device.19:39
cariveri*im on the next level of problems19:40
oerheksoh, good spot19:41
cariverino. it was the wrong .exe  now it works. its installing. #happypills yea!19:42
cariveriremember the days for games had less then 500mb disk space requiredment.19:43
shibbolethcariveri, i remember homeworld2 checking you *current* clock speed19:46
shibboleth"no, your cpu is currently not running at full tilt meaning it doesn't meet the minimum requirements"19:46
shibbolethi blame sierra19:46
c_smithso I'm trying to get my laptop (an MSI GL65 Leopard, RTX 2060/Intel iGP optimus setup) to work with the nvidia drivers on Ubuntu, so far, I can get the nvidia drivers (440) installed, which is easy, but I can't get them to even work with the RTX card19:47
shibbolethiirc there was a similar issue with HL:OPFOR19:47
oerhekstake a look at the POL play-on-linux scripts19:47
cariverishibboleth: lets see if the game will actually startup, I suspect there trouble ahead after the installation..60% awfully slow installer.19:48
shibbolethinstallshield or msi?19:48
cariverilooks like msi to me, not sure though. we are talking windows 98 stuff here.19:48
shibboleththen it would likely be installshield19:49
cariveriand by the way I hate gates.19:49
* c_smith had forgotten InstallShield was a thing19:49
c_smithbeen using either apt or Portage for that long19:50
cariveriit was installshield19:50
shibbolethhey, back then windows offered a perfectly reasonable clients for email and usenet19:51
shibbolethhey, back then windows offered perfectly reasonable clients for email and usenet19:52
shibbolethand now? they're playing the "will they, won't they" with friggin notepad19:52
shibbolethyes, saving those kilobytes will def make windows less awful19:53
cariverishibboleth: is it, you actually run a pc today runnning .. a windows ( <2000) on it?19:54
shibbolethafaik they plan on doing away with notepad. in favor of some "app store"-version with ads19:55
shibbolethsure, who needs a built-in basic text editor19:56
shibbolethi'd advice looking at that... thing they call an update mechanism19:59
shibbolethimagine if apt worked this way: it collects a manifest of everything you have installed and various other identifiers, forwards it to debian/ubuntu/etc servers, then that server determines which updates are available and tells the client which one to download20:00
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shibbolethoh wait, that is kinda how snap works20:02
shibbolethaw, snap20:02
shibbolethdifference between WU and snap is that the client *can* work standalone but isn't set up for it20:04
hggdhshibboleth: can we please stay on-topic?20:07
shibbolethsure. i just found it kinda odd how we were strolling down "memory lane" and then realized that we've regressed. but i'll leave it20:08
hggdhthank you20:09
cariverishibboleth: thank you for your help. it still doesnt wrun the game but thats for another day. directx issue.20:42
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TheOnlyMangonew to irssi, how does this work?21:29
threehavent used it, looks kinda cool though21:30
tomreynyou type text and press enter, but you seem to have figured this out already. for advanced options, there's a manual and #irssi21:31
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euxnekswhat would be a reason why I can type japanese using ibus into gnome shell but no applications?22:21
euxneksah, I can type it into textedit22:21
euxneksnot hexchat, not firefox, not chrome, not electron apps22:22
euxnekslooks like it might be something to do with weyland22:33
gabrielcHi. What could be happening? ubuntu 20.04 takes 26 minutes to detect usb mice. On average, about 9 out of 10 starts are normal.22:46
oerhekschange batteries, often helps.22:46
Jordan_Ugabrielc: Try running "dmesg --human --follow" before plugging in the mice. See how long it takes for the first message about a new USB device to appear, and see if when it takes a long time there are any additional messages that might explain the problem.22:50
gabrielcJordan_U: One is a wired mouse and the other is a wireless keyboard with a pad. The wireless 'mouse' is always off when I start the computer.23:01
gabrielcIn milliseconds it detects them.23:01
gabrielcI connected the one that uses cable and then the wireless one.23:01
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gabrielcJordan_U: The problem seems to be at system startup and sometimes. When I reconnect the wired mouse it detects it on the fly.23:05
oerheksmaybe a usb port issue, blue for usb 3, black for usb2..23:09
gabrielcIn dmesg I see that in the current startup it first detected the wireless and then the wired mouse. The wireless keyboard is now on a usb 2 port. And the wired mouse is using a usb 3 port. I'm going to try the mouse wired on usb 2 port. Although if I remember correctly I moved it from a 2.0 port to the port where it is connected now due to this problem. Could it be that when it first detects the wired23:21
gabrielcmouse I don't see the problem? And that when the kernel first searches for the wireless keyboard I see the problem? The wireless keyboard is always off when I start the system.23:22
limbo_When I get a kernal update, my drivers (nvidia driver, virtualbox-driver) don't get recompiled for the new kernel. They work fine after I reconfigure the dkms packages e.g. nvidia-dkms-440 But it's not done automatically. Anyone know where to start looking to figure out why this is happening? I'm on 20.04. (this has been a problem for a few versions now.)23:37
bindercliphello is this the right place to ask a question about ubuntu multipass23:54
kyle__Leelu Dallas Multipass?23:54
oerheksi just read about multipass.. https://www.techrepublic.com/article/multipass-is-a-new-tool-for-launching-virtual-machines/23:54
binderclipI have a question about ... https://multipass.run/23:55
binderclipAbout file permissions on files on a drive mounted from a windows file system23:55
kyle__I want to make fun of it, but at a glance it looks pretty good.  Gonna have to test it out on a box.23:56
binderclipThe file permissions on an .sh file on the mounted file system are -rw-rw-rw-I want to change them to -rwxrwxrwx23:56
kyle__binderclip: Is the host a windows host, or are you mounting an SMB/CIFS share for the vm storage?23:56
binderclipThe host is a windows host.23:57
binderclipThe mounted directlry is on my c: drive23:57
binderclipI'm using Windows 10, hyper-v23:57
binderclipThe issue is, I execut the chmod with -v; it reports it changes the permission.23:57
kyle__Sadly I have very little knowledge of those.  :/ BUT, try ubuntu-server.  This looks like something that might be more popular with the server crowd.23:57
binderclipBut if I do an ls -l, the permissions are not changed.23:58
binderclipI need to change them.23:58
binderclipWhat to do.23:58
binderclipOK thanks.23:58
kyle__I'd /join ubuntu-server and ask there.  And if that fails, find a mailing list for it.23:58
kyle__Good luck23:58
binderclipGenerally multipass looks good till you get into the trenches and then ...23:58
quadrathoch2we have a wsl channel on freenode23:58
quadrathoch2i'm not sure if that is something looking into :/23:59
quadrathoch2if you don't use wsl then move along ;)23:59
binderclipOK, don't know what it is, I'll move along! ;-)  Thanks!!23:59

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