handsome_fengHi, ponchale07:50
ponchalefeng how are you doing?07:51
handsome_fengI'm fine, thank you, :) and what's your question?07:51
ponchaleWe are thinking of developing a distribution using LFS and we would like to know if we can use Ukui as a base for a new desktop that promotes convergence between desktop and mobile or reach an alliance between both projects.08:04
ponchaleOur system will also be available for mobiles and tablets using pine64 hardware or a Chinese manufacturer. We are a non-profit organization and we would like to know what we can do to work together.08:07
ponchaleWe develop the Midori Browser and other projects08:10
handsome_fengCould you show me the homepage of your organization? and we plan to start tablet mode development in August, maybe then we can work together08:24
ponchalebut is construction08:26
ponchalewe would like to join the project, host the project or find a way to work together but discuss it now if you allow me08:29
handsome_fengIs there a more detailed description? Have you already started on this project? How many people are on your team now? Is there a designer? Sorry, we have no experience working with other open source teams either. :/08:34
ponchalethe project is called AstianOS before it was based on Nemo Mobile but after Mozilla discontinued we decided to migrate it and continue its legacy and thus support WebApps and base them on Linux From Scratch, and support desktop, tablets and mobile, by far time we are looking for a different desktop than KDE, Gnome, Mate etc to carry out our development and that there is a convergence08:38
ponchaleAstian is a foundation dedicated to the development of free software and technologies 100% we have a lot of experience leading open source and free software projects, we develop the Midori Browser project, that browser is very famous, and if we have designers08:40
handsome_fengSo I think what we can do is help you guys port ukui to AstianOS ?08:48
ponchaleor we can unite work teams and unite efforts08:50
ponchaleThere are many advantages with the union, Ukui grew more and would leave China and impact America and Europe, being more relevant and we could build and / or unify an ecosystem together, creating an OS from 009:00
handsome_fengemmm, our main goal is to develop Ubuntu Kylin and improve its experience on desktop and tablet and now we have limited manpower, so I don't really think we have the energy to get involved in other open source projects. However, if you have a specific need, you can let me know and we'll do our best to help you. Also, I'll pass on today's conversation to the leader, and I'll let you know if we have any09:10
handsome_fengother comments. so, could you give me your email address?09:10
ponchalesure alfonso.hernandez@astian.org09:11
ponchaleI am not asking you to help us make the Ukui port to AstianOS I am asking that if there is a possibility we unite our teams and efforts.09:12
handsome_fengI know, I just don't think we have the energy/capacity to work on such a great project at the moment, the only thing we can probably do is the port thing ....Sorry ( and also sorry for my poor english, constructing a sentence of this length was challenging for me. )09:24
ponchalecalm down, there's no problem, I am looking forward to the message from the project leader, if we do not see how to work together, the least I would like to do is a fork, but well I suppose we can speak productively09:30
ponchalethanks for your words.09:30
handsome_fengThanks for your understanding, and stay in touch. :)09:32

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