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togoI just upgraded to 20.04 and it apparently broke my gpsd...?07:10
togohow to troubleshoot?07:10
sakrecoer[m]Is there a way to detach a2j/j2amidi_bridge? Or do I need to have several terminal open? Would be neat to have more control over these two somehow. I just realized I can name them and also have several of them running simultaneously. But I wish I could save that somehow so it would start the correct amount of bridges when I load a project10:42
Cowboy}{New to Ubuntu Studio and having speed issues with my wifi? Any suggestions?12:12
OvenWerkssakrecoer[m]: detach?a2jmidid runs as a detached process already. I also don't know why you say "a2j/j2amidi_bridge" and seem to consider them two things.15:52
OvenWerkstogo: what is "gpsd"?15:52
togoOvenWerks, GPS demon used to automatialy connect to my usb dongle (GT-7U) and make FoxtrotGPS able to read its data...19:48
OvenWerkstogo: it is unlikey anyone in this group would know then. I would ask in #ubuntu and #xubuntu.20:01
togoOvenWerks, ok, thanks20:41

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