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provolikHello, I have Xubutnu 18.04.4 on a laptop and since yesterday the keycap double-u is not vvorking. I vvas vvondering if there is a vvay to associate the double-u to a keystroke. Is it possible?06:51
xubuntu_liveuserGood day everyone, best wishes from sunny germany08:42
xubuntu_liveuseri recently had an hardware breakdown, so i am right now using a replacement PC with an Xubuntu 14 Live DVD08:52
xubuntu_liveuseri would like to get your suggestions for an good way to a current system while keeping the classic look and old programs that seem to be no more in favour08:55
pmjdebruijn"old programs"08:55
pmjdebruijn"classic look"08:55
pmjdebruijnplease be a little more specific08:55
xubuntu_liveuseris there a simple and clean way to first install Xubuntu 14 from the DVD plus the old programs, followed a kind of update to Xubuntu 18 or 20 (64 Bit) ?08:56
xubuntu_liveuseryes, still typing08:56
xubuntu_liveuseri meant, the PC that i previously used began with 14 and was over the years upgraded to 1808:57
xubuntu_liveuseri would like to restart with somethign that looks and feels like 14 (or like Windows NT), an user interface that looks not too "Fancy" with simple elements and decorations everywhere08:58
xubuntu_liveuserand i would like to reinstall several amateur radio programs, like NEC, also  QUCS, X-Chat, Geany, Freebasic, SoX and some other stuff that i did not obviously see on todays distributions09:01
xubuntu_liveusershould i describe something morei n detail?09:02
pmjdebruijnno clue09:02
pmjdebruijnsox is still in 20.0409:02
pmjdebruijnx-chat in the form of hexchat09:02
pmjdebruijngeany is still there09:02
xubuntu_liveuserok, core question, if i install Xubuntu14 that i have on DVD running right now, can i then cross in some way to 64bit ?09:03
pmjdebruijnprobably not in a way that won't  be painful09:03
pmjdebruijnwhy would you want to do that09:03
pmjdebruijnjust dl the 64bit version in the first place and install that09:03
pmjdebruijnafaik, xubuntu 20.04 isn't much more fancy than 14.0409:04
xubuntu_liveuserwell, because i have only this DVD right now running here09:04
pmjdebruijnbut that's been a long whiel ago09:04
pmjdebruijnxubuntu_liveuser: and you don't have a usb drive to download to or something?09:04
pmjdebruijnwrt the old software, no clue, if it's no longer maintained it's probably time to say goodbye09:05
pmjdebruijntrying to find well maintained alternatives is probably a better use of your time09:05
xubuntu_liveusermost stuff is currently in a doubtful state and needs to be checked and backed up, got a kind of waterdamage to the previous pc09:05
pmjdebruijnbut, i'm not familiar with the radio amateur scene so...09:05
xubuntu_liveuseror i need to drive out to the next town to buy more stuff09:05
pmjdebruijnyou'd save yourself a lot of grief probably09:06
pmjdebruijnbut stick around, maybe someone else has a better idea09:06
xubuntu_liveuseryes, i am already doing other house work in paralell, just wanted to get right here into the chat and hear some opnions09:07
xubuntu_liveuserno hectic09:07
xubuntu_liveuserhmm, looks like i could make a spare CF card in my camera bootable09:16
xubuntu_liveuserok, 30 minutes to download the Xubuntu20 image09:17
xubuntu_liveusersoo, seems to be finished in 10 minutes, then i wil ldisappear again09:48
xubuntu_liveuserthank you for your conversation09:48
azagayaHi! is there anyway to achieve fractional hidpi scaling on xubuntu?14:39
pmjdebruijnazagaya: isn't that default?14:56
pmjdebruijnah it's not14:57
azagayapmjdebruijn: not apparently. I have a 1920x1080 screen.. everything obviosuly is too small, but the hidpi options only lets me scale it 2x and everithing is just to big. Nos i just increased font dpi size, but its not ideal as some things still are too small14:58
azagaya * pmjdebruijn: not apparently. I have a 1920x1080 screen.. everything obviosuly is too small, but the hidpi options only lets me scale it 2x and everithing is just to big. Now i just increased font dpi size, but its not ideal as some things still are too small14:58
pmjdebruijnyou can still hcange the DPI settings to any random value though14:59
pmjdebruijnbut that mostly affects font rendering14:59
azagayaonly for fonts i can use any value14:59
pmjdebruijnyou have 1920x1080 on how many inches?15:00
azagaya15, is a laptop15:00
azagayaand im a bit blind i think hehe15:01
pmjdebruijnpresumably only changing font dpi, is probably the least worst solution in the meanwhile, but stick around, someone else might have a better suggestion15:02
pmjdebruijnI've specifically avoided hidpi screens because of this up until now15:02
pmjdebruijnso I haven't had to deal with this15:02
azagayapmjdebruijn: ok thanks!15:25
brainwashazagaya: it's a feature which is being added in Xfce 4.1617:02
azagayaoh great!17:03
azagayabrainwash: thanks!17:03
coconutIs there any work being done on HiDPI support for new xubuntu release ?17:04
pmjdebruijnpresumably that will trickle down into whatever is the next xubuntu release when xfce 4.16 has been released17:05
pmjdebruijnit's shame it missed 20.0417:05
coconuti see (i now have to use ubuntu mate, which does scale my laptop well)17:06
pmjdebruijnwhat I just said there is basically true for any random software release relating to any random linux distro release17:07
pmjdebruijnfew exception are browsers like firefox which are actually backported onto old releases17:07
pmjdebruijngiven their significance in modern use17:07
brainwashcoconut: you can set scaling to 2x via the settings GUI17:07
coconutbrainwash, yeah i think i tried that.... it resulted into bad graphics and a window border WAY too small for resizing windows by mouse.17:10
pmjdebruijncoconut: brainwash doesn't mean doubling your dpi value17:10
brainwashyou'll have to select the hidpi window borders too17:10
pmjdebruijnthat's seperate?17:11
brainwashwindow borders were always separate17:11
brainwashin the Xfce universe17:11
pmjdebruijnwould be rather nice if xfwm could pick that up magically though17:12
pmjdebruijnbut oh well :)17:12
brainwashit does to some degree17:12
brainwashat least I saw a commit addressing this17:13
CelsoGood afternoon everyone!17:21

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