IrcsomeBot<kachin aungmya> Ah, didnt intend to01:36
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IrcsomeBot<nash_g5> Morning.03:39
IrcsomeBot<nash_g5> I don't know how many encounters this crash issue - everytime I install or update a flatpak app, I get a discover crash notification. Even though the app does get installed/updated.03:40
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lordievaderGood morning06:10
johngavrAnyone knows if exists a widget which have keyboard layouts only?08:19
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BluesKaj'Morning all12:17
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IrcsomeBot<Will Chen> what if a legit one joins?15:56
serjI installed kubuntu 20-04 and where can I find the hub IRC?16:53
serji from Russia16:53
nesciushi, pulseaudio is always choosing hdmi output where monitor does not have repro (changing order of the displays by physically switching the cable results in same) how to stop this?17:54
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IrcsomeBot<mythio> Any guide on how to install and configure compton compositor on kubuntu???17:55
user|59931I seem to be missing a native spell check on my Kubuntu 20 installation, I see red marks for a spelling error but no suggestions18:53
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derek-shnoshHeyo, I joined my Kubuntu 20.04 desktop to my local Active Directory domain, working great for my SMB and even managing my sudo access via AD. However, whenever I reboot, I have to click "Other" on the login screen and manually type in my AD username then password. Is there a way to get the login screen (SDDM?) to cache or otherwise show the domain23:00
derek-shnoshlogin that was last used?23:00

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