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klayNot sure if this is right place for a bug report, but I can't login to Launchpad using my Ubuntu One account. The webpage says "Sorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad."21:49
sarnoldklay: did you get an oops-id ?21:54
klaysarnold yes: Error ID: OOPS-521147302253f19aec98ca911c435a1421:57
sarnoldklay: dang I can't spot anything obvious.. hopefully one of the experts will magically appear22:00
pappacenaklay: ideally, you should send an email to feedback@launchpad.net or isd-support@canonical.com, so it goes to our queue22:01
klaypappacena I just sent them an email22:02
pappacenaThanks, klay. We will check. I took a quick look at your OOPS, it might be the case that your e-mail is used by another person...22:31
pappacenaDo you know your Launchpad username?22:34
pappacena(or is it the first time you are logging into Launchpad?)22:41

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