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seanluvHi! I've been trying out the lxqt versions of lubuntu since their first releases, unfortunately I'm not really getting the new looks of the system, it seems a lot more clumsy and less minimalistic than previous lxde desktop. Today I tried out 20.04 and after seeing the teal text over light blue background in the wallpaper with the grey borders I17:53
seanluvwas really worried for the distro's design team. So I wanted to ask if there is some place to engage in design discussions about Lubuntu. I really love the distro, and as the switch to LXQt is imminent, I would really love for it to look good.17:53
seanluvDon't get me wrong, the default theme and icons that come with the system are a lot better than those of the lxde versions, but the lxde versions with the same themes and icons looks a lot "cleaner"17:54
wxlseanluv: pull requests welcomed, of course. development discussion is at #lubuntu-devel.17:58
seanluvThank you!18:06
tpw_ruleshey all. if i have a lubuntu 20.04 iso, how can i do a core install where i only get the GUI but not all of the installed apps?18:07
seanluvIn these topics that are very subjective, are PRs usually accepted nonetheless?18:07
wxlseanluv: i'd contine this conversation on the other channel, but i think barring any glaringly obvious problems, i would say we're pretty open.18:16
tpw_rulesis there any way to type a path into lubuntu's file open dialog?18:32

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