lotuspsychjegood morning02:24
lotuspsychjeim trying to get pics preview like in this url (the cat) and installed ranger from the repos, like the user is using, but the only thing it previews on my end are txt files so it seems, https://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn/comments/hdde5v/dwm_rin_rice/02:26
sarnoldlotuspsychje: not all terminals can support displaying images02:34
sarnoldlotuspsychje: if you install w3m-img and then run w3m https://www.google.com/ do you get images in your current terminal?02:34
lotuspsychjesarnold: seems like when installing ranger, it also pulls w3m as dependendy, you think it would work there?02:35
sarnoldlotuspsychje: it's just a matter of guessing that ranger is probably using the same X extension for graphics display02:36
sarnoldlotuspsychje: I could of course guess wrong :)02:36
sarnoldlotuspsychje: so I hoped to find another program that should work fine..02:36
lotuspsychjewhen i right click on a jpg inside ranger terminal, it does open the jpg, but not inside the terminal seperate02:36
lotuspsychjeor right arrow works too02:36
lotuspsychjesarnold: https://imgur.com/a/oUJBUzp thats as far as it wants to go02:41
lotuspsychjebut with a .txt or .iso it does preview here02:42
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ducassegood morning04:48
lordievaderGodo morning06:15
leftyfbsarnold: why do we bother?18:50
sarnoldleftyfb: heh, good question :)18:51
sarnoldgotta remember the folks who really run with it though, and take the chance to learn..18:51
daftykinssarnold: all 0.5% of them? :D19:29
sarnolddaftykins: yeah, them! :D19:31
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