binderclipHa, #unbuntu-server - 1 person here!00:00
quadrathoch2binderclip you mistyped ;)00:01
oerhekslet me see, "sudo snap install multipass --classic"  and then under ubuntu 18.04 desktop, 'softwarecenter > installed > multipass > perm issions' i see00:01
oerheksonly homefolder.00:02
binderclipI'm using multipass on00:17
binderclipwindows tho to get a linux vm on windows.00:17
binderclipI launch it from the windows command line.00:17
binderclipDon't get an UI.00:18
binderclipJust a new Linux command line.00:18
binderclipquadrathoch2 thanks yes I did mistype - trying again ...00:20
oerheksbinderclip, there is #multipass too here on #freenode, office hours i think00:54
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TaralloHi guys01:44
TaralloI need an help with wine01:44
TaralloI've a 4k monitor on my Dell and when I start every Wine application like Battle.net for example, it looks in a bad resolution01:46
TaralloI show youa pictures01:46
sarnolddoes this look like what you posted? https://i.ibb.co/GvNcyDw/Schermata-da-2020-06-25-03-43-06.png01:48
sarnoldit's only a few hundred pixels, I can't read anything there, and could only guess at three or four of the icons :)01:48
Tarallowhat do you mean? can't you reconize anything of the picture?01:50
sarnoldyou said you've got a 4k monitor but that image is 640x360 pixels01:50
sarnoldso I'm curious if the screenshot is *actually* that size01:50
sarnoldor if this image host has done something silly :)01:51
Tarallohaha wait maybe is the host01:51
Tarallowhere can I share it to show you?01:51
Tarallotell me a good hosting site to share it please01:52
Tarallook thx01:53
Taralloworks now?01:56
sarnoldoh yeah! that's beautiful01:57
Tarallohaha nice, like you see it has a very bad resolution01:58
Tarallocompared with the rest of course01:58
sarnoldcertainly the text is a bit tiny compared to eg the date and time, temperature, title bars, etc01:59
sarnoldTarallo: can you run winecfg to fix it?02:00
Tarallosure, but on winecfg I already raised up the DPI02:01
Taralloand if you can see from this other screenshot they are completely different in resolution02:02
Tarallo@sarnold Still there?02:10
sarnoldTarallo: yeah02:12
TaralloIf you see I posted another screen02:12
sarnoldTarallo: I don't actually know the winecfg tool, I just heard that you could set the DPI within it.. I'd guess the grafica tab perhaps?02:20
Tarallo@sarnold: Do you mean Graphics Tab of my System?02:25
sarnoldTarallo: yes02:26
TaralloIt is already set to the right resolution for my monitor: 3840 x 2160 (16:9)02:27
TaralloItried also to set to a less resolution like 2560 x 1440 but the app is always in that bad resolution02:29
sarnoldTarallo: bummer :( sorry, that was all I had :(02:35
Tarallooh, ok, thanks then02:36
TaralloI thin that a VM will solve the problem02:36
Tarallowith Windows emulated of course02:37
Tarallowhat do you thunk?02:37
sarnoldhopefully there's something less drastic :)02:37
sarnoldthere is a #winehq channel -- they may have suggestions02:38
sarnold(it might also start with "uninstall the wine you're using now", hehe)02:38
Jordan_UTarallo: What version of Ubuntu are you using? I second the recommendation to ask in #winehq , and they will probably want you to follow https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu to install the latest upstream version, which for HiDPI support is probably a good idea.02:41
TaralloJordan_U I really thank you, but I'm thinking now that a better solution would be to install a VM with Windows and it will be more compatible with everything02:43
TaralloAnd thank you sarnold for your time02:44
lp2skylineHi I just installed Ubuntu, I have audio with speakers that are built in my laptop, but when I plug headphones in, no sound02:52
lotuspsychje!sound | lp2skyline start here03:18
ubottulp2skyline start here: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.03:18
lotuspsychjelp2skyline: see also pavucontrol to debug sound issues03:18
lp2skylinelotuspsychje, pavucontrol shows the headphones as being plugged in but nothing comes out03:20
lotuspsychjelp2skyline: sudo lshw -C sound, shows driver loaded?03:20
lp2skylineyeah. The speakers work fine03:21
lotuspsychjelp2skyline: do you have other sound hardware that could interfere?03:23
lp2skylineNo. This same setup works in every other distro I've used.03:23
lp2skylineIt's a very basic setup. It's just a laptop sound chip03:24
lotuspsychjelp2skyline: allrighty, wich ubuntu/kernel version is this please?03:24
lotuspsychjelp2skyline: did you sound work on other versions/kernels of ubuntu before?03:25
lp2skylineYes from what I recall. I don't remember which but I did run Ubuntu for a good while on this machine.03:25
lotuspsychjelp2skyline: ok tnx, could you share your dmesg in a pastebin please?03:26
lp2skylinelotuspsychje, the entire thing?03:27
lotuspsychjelp2skyline: yes plz03:28
lp2skylinehttps://pastebin.com/freYdDZH lotuspsychje03:28
lotuspsychjelp2skyline: what kind of graphics in your alienware?03:36
lp2skylineGTX 107003:36
lotuspsychjelp2skyline: nvidia-smi to check wich driver loaded please?03:37
lp2skylineit's nouveau.03:37
lp2skylineNever caused an issue before, though.03:37
lotuspsychjelp2skyline: oh, is that a hybrid card with intel?03:38
lp2skylinelotuspsychje, no, pure Nvidia.03:39
lp2skylineIt's complicated to explain, the Nvidia card is directly connected to the screen though.03:39
lotuspsychjelp2skyline: ok, lets try 2 things, try to switch to nvidia driver to see if it influences your sound, and try a previous kernel version too as a test03:40
lp2skylineI just installed Ubuntu 3 hours ago, there is no previous kernel :P03:40
lp2skylinelemme go switch to Nvidia though.03:40
lotuspsychjelp2skyline: i found snd_hda_intel 0000:01:00.1: Disabling MSI03:41
lotuspsychjebut not sure its related to your mic03:41
lp2skylinelotuspsychje, same thing03:42
lotuspsychjelp2skyline: need to reboot for graphics switch03:42
lp2skylineExcept I can adjust my brightness now, which is nice :P03:42
lp2skylineI did reboot o.o03:42
lp2skylineI unmuted my mic and the headphones started having sound03:43
lotuspsychje: )03:43
lp2skylineHow are those 2 correlated?????03:43
lp2skylineThe mic is muted again and I still have sound03:44
lotuspsychjethat happens when graphics influence HD sound03:44
lp2skylineI'm so confused but it works now so I'm fine03:44
lp2skylineThank you!03:44
lotuspsychjewelcome lp2skyline03:45
lotuspsychjelp2skyline: you might also check your cpu in bios, dmesg showing cpu rises03:45
lp2skylineOh don't worry that's normal.03:45
lotuspsychjeok :p03:45
lp2skylineYou mean the temps right? That's normal.03:46
lp2skylineThis model is notorious for awful temps I have to cap them with thermald03:46
lotuspsychjemce: CPU0: Package temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled (total events = 2767)03:46
lp2skylineYeah it hits 100C often03:46
lotuspsychjelp2skyline: anyway, might be nice to find yourself a nouveau/sound bug to get affected on03:46
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sonataaaughI'm trying to install 20.04 and it's having some sort of problem with i think ?the bootloader?04:55
sonataaaughto be absolutely clear, i'm not trying to do anything _fancy_04:55
sonataaaughi just want it to wipe the entire physical device clean and install ubuntu and nothing else04:56
sonataaaughi don't want to preserve my existing anything and i don't want to set up dual-boot04:56
sonataaaughAND YET this is somehow difficult!04:56
sonataaaughIt seemed to install normally, but when I tried to boot I got:04:57
sonataaaughBooting `Load Operating System'04:57
sonataaaughFailed to boot both default and fallback entries.04:57
sonataaaughGoogled that, got directed to grub-customize, which also failed.04:58
sonataaaughCan't remember what the specific failure was, but we'll get back to that.05:01
sonataaaughboot-repair also fails. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6xXh5Q8j9v/05:01
sonataaaughI would like to emphasize that this is already *way* more getting-into-the-deep-black-magic than should be necessary for the task of "literally just install ubuntu".05:02
sonataaaughfound grub-customizer (it was in multiverse).05:06
sonataaaughgrub-mkconfig couldn't be executed successfully. error message: /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of `cow'.05:07
sonataaaughokay, this looks very slightly promising... https://i.imgur.com/sJGRMmF.png05:12
sonataaaugh...so, now what? https://imgur.com/2SqA59W05:14
sonataaaugh(sdb is the liveusb)05:14
sonataaaughplease help05:15
sonataaaughsomeone please talk to me i feel like i'm going crazy05:17
n00bsterhello! i installed my first linux distro :)05:19
sonataaaughhello testing can anyone hear me05:23
* sonataaaugh_ switches to hexchat in case that helps05:37
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sonataaaughanyway, it would be great if anyone would acknowledge that i exist and my messages aren't just disappearing into the ether05:38
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Andriosonataaaugh, henlo05:56
sonataaaughhi thank you05:57
egrainhow do i change the nameserver via terminal. /etc/resolv.conf is just a link as you probably know and in the /run/resolve.. thing is just some systemd stuff.07:34
byroniacegrain, I am not sure but would "man systemd-resolved" help you any?07:37
byroniacIf you are were using netplan you could do some things in it, and on Ubuntu 20.04 there is this server help: https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/network-configuration07:40
egrainthis is really weird: PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.  /    From icmp_seq=1 Destination Net Unreachable07:40
egraini ping but get no reply rom 62.155?07:41
byroniacWhat do you mean "from"?07:42
egrainhere, check it out:07:43
byroniacI cannot get anything back when I ping either address07:43
ducasseegrain: it means is on the route to, but has no route for that network07:45
egrainthings i never knew.07:45
egrainit's my nameserver there though.07:45
egrainhow do i change it?07:45
egrainin terminal07:46
ducasse"Destination Net Unreachable" means "i have no route for that"07:46
byroniacwell, there is probably a much better way than the way I do it07:46
egrainelsewhere i edit /etc/resolv.conf.07:47
egrainsystemd seems weird.07:47
byroniacfirst what do you get when you do "nslookup"07:47
egrain162.243.155.62.in-addr.arpaname = p3e9bf3a2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de.07:49
egrainAuthoritative answers can be found from: .... nothing, it seems.07:49
egrainyeah, returns straight back to terminal.07:50
byroniacOn my Ubuntu 20.04 /etc/resolv.conf actually points to /run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf so what I do is cd to /run/systemd/resolve/ and I do a "cp -v stub-resolv.conf stub-resolv.conf.save" and then do a "sudo nano stub-resolv.conf" and change the to some public DNS like or There has got to be a better way, though. But I am on NetworkManager not netplan.07:50
egrainbyroniac, sudoedit is better.07:50
byroniacI mean "sudo cp -v stub-resolv.conf stub-resolv.conf.save" in that folder07:50
egraininstead of sudo nano.07:50
byroniacoh, thank you. I didn't know about it07:51
egrainjust some security thing.07:51
egrainanyway, fumbling about with internal systemd files doesn't seem like a good idea to me.07:51
egrainespecially since i need that machine running the next reboot as well, without me editing it again.07:52
byroniacI have a CLI VPN client that clobbers my /etc/resolv.conf with one it creates and I have to keep recreating the symlink (arrrghhh)07:52
byroniacyes I agree07:52
byroniacHmmm hang on07:52
byroniacI think you can do this in the Settings | Network GUI07:53
byroniacsudo nm-connection-edit if you are on NetworkManager like I am07:53
byroniac"sudo nmcli" has a lot more CLI options07:54
ducassebyroniac: you can be on both NetworkManager and netplan, netplan just generates configs to be rendered by nm or networkd07:54
byroniacoh ok07:55
ducasseegrain: if you are using nm there is a way to input additional dns servers07:55
egraini don't know what i'm using. the default stuff.07:56
egraini didn't cahnge anything.07:56
egrainnm seems to be thee though.07:56
byroniacok it's late for me. bye all. have fun.07:57
ducasseegrain: do you have any files in /etc/netplan/?07:57
egrainit's network manager i have it there, in german no less07:58
egrain"kabelgebundene Verbindung". it's everything in there.07:59
egraini'll edit it and do systemctl restart networkmanager?07:59
egrainrestart nm?07:59
egrainwhat do i restart?07:59
egrainanyway, thanks.08:01
egrainping evilemp... i mean google works.08:01
ducasseyou don't need to use caps in the service name08:01
egrainoh, if i do .server after, you mean?08:02
egrainbecause sudo systemctl restart networkmanager / Failed to restart networkmanager.service: Unit networkmanager.service not found.08:02
egrainthat worked though: sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager08:02
ducassethere's a - in the first one08:08
ducasselook what i wrote above08:08
egrainweird. why would there be two?08:10
egrainanyway, i have another question if you have the time.08:10
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egrainbooted and was greated by this: https://i.imgur.com/30CKRpa.png08:19
egrainit says data backup and data. each has one notification.08:19
egrainjust click on it to read it and we are good to go? or do i have to do something there?08:19
ducassei have no idea, tbh, but i doubt they're critical08:22
egrainme neither. i told them to click on it and keep going.08:23
ducassewhich desktop was that?08:24
egrainthe one with the nameserver issue.08:24
egrainLinux lala 4.15.0-106-generic #107-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 4 11:27:52 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:24
ducasseno, i mean kde, gnome or what?08:24
egraingnome, i think.08:24
egrainthe default one.08:24
egraini don't change stuff i don't want to touch.08:25
ducasseright, if you hang around here maybe someone else knows, it's quiet this time of day08:26
egrainshouldn't be an issue. they'll click on it, if it's something they don't understand they'll sent me picture again.08:28
egrainotherwise the nameserver works again, all good.08:28
egrainthanks for your help.08:28
ducasseyou're welcome08:29
ducasseegrain: anything else we can help with?08:32
egrainnot at the moment, i think. thanks though. i'll be back when something comes up.08:35
ducassethat's what we're here for :)08:39
ferzI've to connect a device via ethernet port without dhcp, just a fixed IP address for my laptop and for device: is  the address of the device.09:29
ferzI've  tried using the network manager interface but no ping works from laptop to device.09:29
ferzHow can I free enp14s0 interface from ubuntu control and set it using ifconfig?09:29
ducassewhich release?09:31
ducasseferz: ^^09:31
ferz20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)09:32
ducasseinstall net-tools and write an interfaces file09:33
ducasseor just use netplan09:33
ferzwhy ifconfig is not good enough?09:33
ducasseit's deprecated09:33
ferzWhy simple and ancient tools are deprecated?09:34
andi_hello, can somebody tell me what the cnf is regarding ubuntu mirrors? and what i'm doing wrong if i host my local mirror with this apt-mirror list? https://paste.xinu.at/5KqBUu/ if i do a apt-update i get a failed to fetch focal/main/cnf/Commands-amd6409:49
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ferzon my laptop netplan config uses renderer: NetworkManager while on netplan.io example there is networkd10:06
ferzWhich is the difference?10:06
eraserpencilhello, I'm on Ubuntu 20.04, and have an odd audio jack behavior. I have speakers hooked up to my laptop via a 3.5mm jack. On my laptop, whenever audio is stopped, I get a buzzing noise. happens when youtube is switching between videos, happens at the end of video calls.10:08
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funnybunny2I have Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS. Has kernel 5.4 been released?10:55
funnybunny2I want to upgrade to 20.04 LTS. Are there any issues? Is it better to do a wipe and clean install?10:57
lotuspsychje!ltsupgrade | funnybunny211:00
ubottufunnybunny2: Regular upgrades from 18.04 LTS to 20.04 LTS will be enabled once 20.04.1 is released in late July. This delay helps to ensure that any lingering issues are resolved before people upgrade production systems. If you'd prefer to upgrade now, use sudo do-release-upgrade -d11:00
lotuspsychjefunnybunny2: before 20.04.1 comes out there are to-solve bugs still, but that doesnt mean you cant run 20.04 propermy yet, its the users choice you see11:01
funnybunny2Oh, I thought 20.04 was already stable because it is the primary download on the website.11:03
lotuspsychjefunnybunny2: stable yes, but its the users choice to install before point release or after11:04
lotuspsychjefunnybunny2: it really depends what you find important?11:04
funnybunny2I don't understand11:04
funnybunny2I will just wait. Not in a hurry11:05
lotuspsychjefunnybunny2: the lts way is like this, 18.04 users can upgrade when 20.04.1 comes out, when more bugs are solved, to have a great lts experience11:05
funnybunny2I wonder if I will have a more polluted filesystem than someone doing a clean install of 20.0411:06
lotuspsychjefunnybunny2: nothing can beat clean installs11:06
funnybunny2I think I will just do a clean install11:07
lotuspsychjefunnybunny2: but upgrades work pretty good too, in condition the user himself maintained his system properly11:07
funnybunny2I had a bad upgrade experience 10 years ago11:07
lotuspsychjefunnybunny2: 1 bad experience doesnt have to occur on the next experience11:08
funnybunny2Yeah, you're right. I guess I will try to upgrade first since that is easier11:09
MonotokoSo courier-imap seems to unhelpfully be sticking my apt-get because it's asking questions even if I run with -y11:10
Monotokoany way to skip this?11:10
MonotokoThe web-based administration provided by the courier-webadmin package relies on11:10
Monotokoconfiguration directories instead of configuration files. If you agree, any11:10
Monotokodirectories needed for the web-based administration tool will be created unless11:10
Monotokothere is already a plain file in place.11:10
MonotokoCreate directories for web-based administration? [yes/no]11:10
Monotokosorry for that, didn't realize it'd split across multiple lines...11:12
funnybunny2Does apt have a way to list all the packages I manually installed?11:12
funnybunny2This would be very useful if doing a clean install11:12
funnybunny2I found the answer here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/2389/generating-list-of-manually-installed-packages-and-querying-individual-packages11:14
funnybunny2"apt list --manual-installed" doesn't really do that11:14
ph88i had 0 bytes free on disk .. now i reboot and the boot is stuck .. how can i go into console to go free up some space ?11:19
ducassefunnybunny2: apt-mark showmanual11:20
funnybunny2ducasse: I found that googling too. It doesn't give the right answer11:55
hackinghornI'm dual booting ubuntu with windows. But I usually run windows. Whenever I boot, it will automatically boot Ubuntu if I dont switch in 10s. How do I change to auto Windows?11:56
CymewAnyone know if there's a limit to "ubiquity/success_command" ? I try to do multiple things separated with sem-colons, but only some happen, and I don't see any method to the madness.12:13
Cymewhackinghorn: Check the grub config for the default boot target.12:14
BluesKaj'Morning all12:17
hackinghornthats a bit vague but i will try12:18
ocean!info grub-customizer12:33
ubottugrub-customizer (source: grub-customizer): GUI to configure GRUB2 and BURG. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.1.0-2 (focal), package size 668 kB, installed size 3425 kB12:33
oceanhackinghorn: ^^ once you install that package, you can use grub-customizer to modify your grub config (has gui)12:34
hackinghornocean, ehe thanks a lott12:34
BluesKajgrub-customizer can be dangerous , one mistake and you're locked out of your system, at least that was my experience, you're better off making changes in /etc/default/grub12:39
lotuspsychjehackinghorn: ^12:39
BluesKajthanks lotuspsychje12:40
hackinghornlotuspsychje, BluesKaj, oh nice, thanks12:43
hackinghornlots of blue people here12:43
BluesKajI'm not blue. my preference is the blues :-)12:44
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ducassehackinghorn: you can use grub-set-default13:41
rajivmarshi all! how to make the ubuntu dock to its default settings?13:52
rajivmars hi all! how to make the ubuntu dock to its default settings?14:04
coconutrajivmars, omgubuntu.co.uk tells of a way doing that, but it resets more than only your dock. So this page might be worthfull reading -> https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/10/how-to-reset-ubuntu-desktop-to-default14:09
rajivmarscoconut: is it touch the kernel as well?14:10
coconutrajivmars, i am not sure, i guess not... but i would wait on someone who can tell you.14:13
rajivmarscoconut, i think the best solution is to use dash-to-dock rather than ubuntu-dock.14:14
coconutor google a little on that command14:14
rajivmarscocnut: i have read about it but i m confused of doing it or not. i have also read the same on ask ubuntu but i m afraid of doing it.14:16
rajivmarscocnut, is there any command to reset the ubuntu-dash settings to its default other than this?14:18
coconutrajivmars, dunno i do not use gnome desktop myself14:19
rajivmarsok, by the way what are you prefer instead?14:20
coconutrajivmars, i am only an end user who got started using ubuntu mate 20.04 recently, after years of macos. But i prefer a distro with the mate desktop.14:22
rajivmarscoconut, ok thats good.14:23
coconutrajivmars, yeah mate runs faster than gnome and has the look and feel of gnome in the past. I like it.14:27
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lp2skylinelotuspsychje, whenever I reboot I have to unmute my mic again, is there anyway so it just.. works?14:38
lp2skylinenever mind, I just rebooted and now it's working fine, didn't have to unmute my mic. I am very confused but.. it works14:48
coconutrajivmars, yes ?15:02
rajivmarsthe article you have sent is work for me.15:03
coconutoh, thats positive rajivmars!15:03
rajivmarsthe command "dconf reset -f /" does its job pretty well. thanks!15:03
coconutrajivmars, i hope you like your gnome desktop again.15:07
rajivmarscocnut, yeah of course. actually i messed with it a little bit:) thats why i needed that.15:08
coconutthat happens to all of us15:10
rajivmarscoconut, yeah that is definitely the case with all of us.15:16
Akuwi cant apt-get update ubuntu lucid15:27
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support ended on April 30 2015. See https://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.15:30
Akuwthen i can download packages?15:31
hggdhAkuw: Lucid has been dead for 7 years (meaning NO updates, in any form)15:32
Akuwthen i have to install 20 and use libreswan, because i need to connect to vpn but instructions talk about openswan15:33
hggdhAkuw: your best bets are: (1) upgrade to a supported version, or (2) *install* a supported version15:33
hggdh!eol | Akuw, see here15:34
ubottuAkuw, see here: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:34
Akuwbut openswan is not available anymore right15:34
hggdhIDK, I do not use it15:34
hggdh!info openswan15:34
ubottuPackage openswan does not exist in focal15:34
coconut!info librewan | Akuw15:41
ubottuAkuw: Package librewan does not exist in focal15:41
coconut!info libreswan | Akuw15:41
ubottuAkuw: libreswan (source: libreswan): Internet Key Exchange daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.29-2build1 (focal), package size 922 kB, installed size 4075 kB15:41
coconutapt says: "Libreswan has been forked from Openswan 2.6.38, which was forked from15:41
coconut FreeS/WAN 1.99."15:41
coconuti have no experience with it though...15:42
Akuwok, well, i have to use source code15:42
coconutAny reason for why apt-get does not upgrade packages and had kept back, while apt does upgrade(and new install some) packages?16:19
hggdhcoconut: apt... upgrade? full-upgrade? What were the options to apt you used?16:21
coconuthggdh, just normal upgrade and both without any options16:22
hggdhcoconut: apt upgrade will not install *new* packages, it will only update existing ones16:23
hggdhapt full-upgrade will do both (update existing packages, install new ones)16:23
hggdhalso apt upgrade will not install a new version of an installed package that requires the removal of another, installed, package16:24
hggdhplease see 'man apt-get' for full differences16:24
coconuthggdh, can you or someone take a look at my paste? -> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VykkCh325T/16:24
hggdhcoconut: this is... surprising, for me16:27
coconuthggdh, might it be caused by an instance of aptitude trying to upgrade?16:28
coconut(seeing i just tried that too)16:28
hggdhcoconut: well, I have not used aptitude for ages. I remember it had some differences on behaviour, but I really do not remember16:29
coconuthggdh, fair enough, thank you for caring, it's appreciated!16:29
omega_doomhello. Is it possible to turn on a wifi hotspot being connected to vpn? I cannot activate it for some reason.16:31
ioriacoconut, see it this helps : https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/457306/apt-get-upgrade-holds-back-a-kernel-update-what-are-the-official-instructions-f16:32
ioriacoconut, basically APT::Get::Upgrade-Allow-New option enabled by default16:33
coconutthanks ioria, will read on that link, first a tea16:34
TaralloHy guys16:34
TaralloI'm using Ubuntu 20.04 on my Dell 9380 and I was wondering which would be the best memory to install a VM, the internal NVME, and SD-Card or an USB?16:34
oerheksTarallo, why do you ask?16:43
avengerTarallo: the SD and USB are going to be slower than an internal NVME solution, but id depends on your needs16:45
Tarallooerheks Because I thought that if I would install it in the internal memory it should be faster and perfoming instead of an SD or USB16:46
oerheks.. interesting16:46
TaralloRight, that was my doubt :D16:46
Ketzerso i have Xubuntu 20.04 LTS (amd64) and i was thinking of installing the latest kernel.org stable kernel alongside the LTS stock kernel... if i do that and install by compiling and installing the deb packages, would autoremove mark the stock kernel for removal?16:46
TaralloThanks oerheks, I will install it in the internal NVMe16:48
v0lksmanhey all!  anyone have a guide to upgrading mysql on 20.04 from 5.7 to 8.0?16:51
v0lksmanI can't seem to get 5.7 to install on 20.0416:51
marcogmonteirohi guys, how would I go about doing an apt-mark hold of all packages that match a certain name. Like if I want to hold all PHP packages like php, php-cli and the like do I have to do that one by one?16:53
v0lksmanhonestly forgot how horrible mysql is16:54
leftyfbv0lksman: Ubuntu 20.04 has mysql-server 8.0 by default. How did you get 5.7 on it to begin with?16:58
v0lksmanleftyfb: I'm trying to get 5.7 on it so I can import a dataset and then upgrade to 816:59
leftyfbv0lksman: don't16:59
coconutthanks for the url ioria, but i think i like to stay default with that apt config about installing new packages too.17:00
leftyfbv0lksman: setup an ubuntu 16.04 lxd container and install mysql-server there to do what you need17:00
v0lksmanthen how do you get 8 on 16.04?17:02
leftyfbv0lksman: don't. dump your database from 16.04, copy it to your 20.04 and import17:03
v0lksmanthat's how this all started...#mysql is telling me I need to go through upgrade paths17:04
v0lksmanwhen I try to import my dump I get https://dpaste.org/0QBn17:05
leftyfbv0lksman: that makes no sense since most distro's aren't going to support installing across 3 major released of an application like mysql-server17:05
leftyfbv0lksman: https://www.percona.com/blog/2020/01/03/inconsistent-table-information-in-mysql-8-0-information_schema/17:06
leftyfb"The good news, though, is that information_schema_stats_expiry is session-variable so you can easily set it to zero for the applications which need up to date table information!"17:06
v0lksmanthat's what I thought...postgresql does it but they have a repo they maintain and their software will run multiple instances without collision and let you migrate between version17:06
v0lksmanleftyfb: so when I dump I should just ignore those 2 tables?17:08
skyliner_369So YouTube keeps having video playback stop while the audio keeps going, making watching certain things basically impossible. I suspect it's an issue with the nvidia driver being trash, but I can't be certain. I just know that even blender will start to lag on a basic scene far ahead of where it should... also CUDA can't see my GPU so yay.17:08
leftyfbv0lksman: try it?17:09
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KunaPrimehi, i'm trying to do do-release-upgrade but it fails due it not being able to install "ubuntu-minimal" i don't want ubuntu-minimal please help17:22
oerheksKunaPrime, can you paste the output when you try, on paste.ubuntu.com please?17:23
oerheksand did you start originally with ubuntu minimal?17:23
KunaPrimeoerheks: i might start originally on ubuntu-minimal but i can't remember i on my system i don't have unminimize script17:24
Phruisif i want to have two URLs i want to go to one virtualhost17:26
KunaPrimeoerheks: this is what is can see in apt.log : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qZDrctM59M/17:28
KunaPrimei don't have any package "ubuntu-minimal" installed17:28
v0lksmanPhruis: in apache it would be server_alias17:28
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KunaPrimehere si final output from te upgrade process https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RRQ8Msr5Mb/17:32
oerheksKunaPrime, might be worth a bugreport..17:33
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.17:33
ophiHow do you remove netplan and reinstall ifup if netplan issues prevent DNS resolution  and installation of ifupdown ?17:34
leftyfbophi: what tutorial have you tried to follow so far?17:35
TaralloHi guys, I was trying to install the VM on Ubuntu 20.04 but after I started the VM comes out this popup: Failed to connect socket to '/var/run/libvirt/virtlxcd-sock': No such file or directory17:35
leftyfbophi: you could also just ask for help with netplan17:37
v0lksmanleftyfb: worked after ignoring a few mysql.* tables17:37
mbufWhat is a useful resource for a newbie to get started with CLI on Ubuntu?17:52
ophileftyfb: OK, how do you get name resolution working on Ubuntu 20.04 using netplan?  I created a netplan config file and was able to run netplan apply without error, but the new configuration did not apply.  I can ping gateway, but no DNS resolution.17:54
leftyfbophi: pastebin your config17:55
ophiCan't, internet isn't working.17:55
leftyfbophi: you're on the internet right now17:55
leftyfbophi: rewrite it on this machine and post it to a pastebin service17:55
ophiusing windows17:55
KunaPrimeoerheks: thanks i posted bug report17:55
leftyfbophi: also, you could probably boot into ubuntu and edit /etc/resolv.conf and temporarily get DNS working. Add: nameserver
ophileftyfb:   that, it did *NOT* work17:59
leftyfbophi: what did not work?18:00
ophileftyfb:  getting dhcp lease, no name resolution18:00
leftyfbophi: did you add an entry in /etc/resolv.conf like I said?18:00
leftyfbophi: actually, not add, just make sure it's the only entry for now18:01
rfmophi, you shouldn't be getting a dhcp lease since you're specifying a static address in the netplan...18:02
ophiThere are two files in /netplan, the 00-installer one and the one I pasted18:02
leftyfbophi: did you add an entry in /etc/resolv.conf like I said?18:02
leftyfbophi: you should not have 2 files in /etc/netplan/18:03
ophileftyfb:  with the 00-installer, I get the aforementioned.  Without it, I get no IP addresss18:03
leftyfbophi: did you add an entry in /etc/resolv.conf like I said?18:03
ophileftyfb:  I tried that before coming here.18:04
leftyfbophi: go back and try making this the only entry in /etc/resolv.conf:   nameserver
leftyfbophi: I also want you to test being able to ping
ophileftyfb:  ls18:06
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ophileftyfb:   Done.  With the default 00-installer script and the resolv.conf pointing to, I get a DHCP lease and can ping the gateway and ping returns ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached18:11
leftyfbophi: if you can't ping, then your gateway/router isn't functioning properly or you're pointing to the wrong gateway ip18:12
leftyfbophi: if you're on Windows now, then run "ipconfig" in a command prompt and check out the gateway ip18:13
leftyfbophi: also, in the netplan config you posted above, you forgot to add: dhcp4: false  # if you want it to be a static ip. Which you probably don't if your router isn't setup to ignore than ip range for dhcp18:15
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leftyfbophi: please mv one of those config files from your netplan directory. I would suggest moving your custom config out and keeping the default. Stick with dhcp for now for troubleshooting18:16
ophileftyfb: isn't valid on my network.  Should I put the correct IP in resolv.conf?18:17
leftyfbophi: is a public DNS server owned by Cloudflare. It is a valid ip address on the internet to be used as DNS18:17
sarnoldleftyfb: quite a lot of ISPs are hilarious and broke routing to it18:18
leftyfbophi: as I mentioned before, if you can't ping, then you have problems beyond DNS18:18
leftyfbophi: ok, then try to ping or or
leftyfbophi: if you can't ping any of those, then you more than likely have other issues going on beyond DNS18:19
ophileftyfb:  that's what I have, the default netplan file and the custom resolv.conf file with nameserver
leftyfbophi: are you booted to ubuntu now?18:20
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ophileftyfb:  it just started working.  I read an article that said the resolv.conf change can take minutes to take effect.18:24
leftyfbophi: the edit of the resolv.conf is only temporary. It also doesn't explain not being able to ping
ophileftyfb:  I woudl prefer to disable netplan.  netplan and network manager are not great IMHO.18:25
leftyfbophi: your issues are not related to netplan. Also, if you're running network manager(Desktop) then you should not be editing netplan or ifupdown at all18:26
sarnoldleftyfb: if you can ping and but not it's probably not worth much time trying to troublehsoot it -- just report it to your ISP and remind them how bad their network is18:26
v0lksmanor leave18:27
leftyfbsarnold: they have yet to confirm they can ping any other ip's. Or half of what I have asked or suggested.18:27
sarnoldleftyfb: ah. then it's probably not worth any more time at all :)18:28
ophileftyfb:  well, at least now I was able to install ifupdown, which is half way to jettisoning netplan18:28
ophileftyfb:  The ping thing is internal network security.18:29
leftyfbophi: ok, good luck18:29
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ironpillowwhen doing apt-get upgrade, I see this message: "The following packages have been kept back: linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic netplan.io" what can I do to only upgrade netplan.io safely18:36
leftyfbironpillow: sudo apt install netplan.io18:37
ironpillowor to get new netplan.io do I have to upgrade all those linux-* as well?18:37
ironpillowleftyfb: will that mark netplan as manually installed?18:38
leftyfbironpillow: no18:38
ironpillowgot it18:39
coconutironpillow, your apt-get upgrade problem is someting like this? -> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VykkCh325T/18:41
ironpillowcoconut: no matter how many times.I run upgrade the get the same "kept back" message along with this: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 4 not upgraded.18:43
leftyfbironpillow: that is normal18:44
leftyfbironpillow: if you want to upgrade the packages that are held back, run: sudo apt full-upgrade18:44
sarnoldit's better to suggest "apt upgrade" instead, it won't uninstall packages to satisfy the dependency solver18:45
ironpillowso should I do apt upgrade or apt install. I don't want to upgrade linux-*. I want to keep those.18:47
sarnoldironpillow: apt install netplan.io then18:48
coconutsarnold, that's why apt full-upgrade is only for optional cases.18:50
ironpillowah...i see.18:52
ironpillowso when I did apt install netplan yesterday, it broken netplan completely. All the interfaces stopped working - they were down and I had to manually up them. But they were down after reboot.18:53
ironpillow4.15.0-45-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jan 29 16:28:13 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux18:53
ironpillowlooks like apt install netplan.io worked! When I did apt install netplan yesterday it broke.19:07
ironpillowthanks coconut and leftyfb!19:07
ironpillowand sarnold :)19:07
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sarnold Plan is a schedule planner based on X/Motif.19:12
sarnoldironpillow: ^^ that netplan? kinda looks like this? https://www.bitrot.de/pictures/plan-disp.jpg19:12
Rob_Jonesanyone know how to prevent people trying to url inject your site?19:17
ironpillowsarnold: really?! :)19:20
ironpillowwow didn't know19:20
sarnoldironpillow: yeah :) I have to wonder if the name collision was known beforehand or not, hehe19:21
EriC^^Rob_Jones: url inject?19:21
Rob_Jonesgetting errors like this on my web server19:21
Rob_Jones195.54.160.135 - - [25/Jun/2020:09:51:04 +0000] "GET /?a=fetch&content=<php>die(@md5(HelloThinkCMF))</php> HTTP/1.1" 200 3343 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Ge19:21
Rob_Joneslog lines*19:21
EriC^^isnt php like this <?php die() ?>19:23
EriC^^seems like a rookie messing with you or something? i dunno19:23
sarnoldRob_Jones: I've heard mod_security can offer some protection against that19:23
ironpillowI hope that is fixed because it completely rendered my network useless19:23
sarnoldEriC^^: usually a few hundred of things like this are stuffed in a 'scanning script' that's just run on every website on the internet19:24
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EriC^^sarnold: odd, does <php> </php> even work or used to as some point?19:24
sarnoldEriC^^: there's *so many* terrible websites out there, I bet it works somewhere19:25
kinghatis there a tool to make a list of installed packages, snaps, flatpaks for install later?19:25
Jordan_URob_Jones: In My Humble Opinion you should focus on making sure that your web services don't have bugs in validation that lead them to be vulnerable to such attacks, rather than worrying about "stopping" bots from trying various known vulnerabilities.19:25
Rob_Jonesit doesnt19:25
Rob_Jonesapparently its a wordpress vulnerability with earlier versions - https://topherpedersen.blog/2020/02/03/afetchcontentdiemd5hellothinkcmf/19:26
sarnoldkinghat: dpkg --get-selections | dpkg --set-selections19:26
sarnoldkinghat: no idea on snaps, flatpak19:26
Jordan_URob_Jones: Then the worst those bots are doing is cluttering your logs. You can setup fail2ban to ban based on apache logs, but don't spend more time on that than auditing your own code and making sure that you're keeping all packages (and dependencies of your web services that might not be installed via apt) up to date with security updates.19:27
kinghatsarnold: dpkg: error: operation requires read/write access to dpkg status area19:27
sarnoldkinghat: the --set-selections does require root privs, you're telling it what packages you want to be installed..19:28
EriC^^Rob_Jones: ah interesting, thanks19:28
milanthaI need help enabling rebuilding Mysql packages with debugging support.  Debugging is disabled by default in Ubuntu.  I know I need to pass WITH_DEBUG to cmake, according to the Mysql instructions. However, I can't find any documentation on how I would do that.  I have done the following: apt-get source, apt-get build-dep, dpkg-source .  I can also successfully build the unaltered source using: dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b .19:40
dirtycajunriceSo in 5.7rc3 they fixed a mapping error for HyperX Cloud Flight S headsets https://lkml.org/lkml/2020/4/4/197. I have this kernel and although alsamixer now can load the headset, pavucontrol does not see the mic... I have run out of forum ideas does anyone know what i could try?19:40
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sarnoldmilantha: probably start with editing the debian/rules file19:51
milanthasarnold: Thank you for the pointer.  I'll try some things there.19:55
mboardhi all, not sure if this is the right group to ask, I have a hdd that I removed from an old tower running Ubuntu 18.04.  I currently only have access to a Win tower, which I added the hdd to with a cradle, but this is not coming up as a drive19:57
mboardHowever if I go to disk manager I can see it, is there any way I can get access to the files?  I want to reinstall Ubuntu but I need to get some data from the hdd first19:57
milanthamboard: I have used DiskInternals Linux Reader previously.  You can't see the files because it is likely formatted to a filesystem that Windows cannot understand (ext2, ext3, ext4, etc.)20:05
mboardmilantha yes seems so, I will check this app, thank you very much20:07
mboardmilantha, this is perfect.  Thank you very very much.  You just saved me from a nervous breakdown lol :D20:09
milanthamboard: I've been there.  Glad it works for you.20:09
mboardmilantha, I am seeing the files, do you know if it is possible to actually copy files across?  I am not able to do so even though I can see the files and folders20:11
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milanthamboard: If I remember correctly, you have to mark the files, and then you "download" them to a location on your device.  You can't use typical file explorer tools to do so.20:14
mboardmilantha, ah ok, no problem.  Found it.  Was just trying to drag them across.  Thank you once again :)20:14
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ironpillowis there a way to boot from lvm snapshot?21:05
ax562I just want to say ubuntu 20.04 lts rocks.  IMHO most stable, less buggy release ever.  Great job!21:15
BeavisOnFireYeah, it rules !21:22
Ketzerworks flawlessly on my netbook. kudos21:23
tpw_rulesis there a way to get into a snap and update a package inside it? the mesa version shipped with the cloudcompare snap doesn't work properly with my graphics card21:38
masontpw_rules: That's the downside to snaps. They're intended to be black boxes.21:39
tpw_rulesunfortunately the alternative is to compile it myself21:40
tpw_rulesso is the answer "no"?21:41
sarnoldhopefully they published the snapcrafy.yaml so you could amend it yourself21:41
masontpw_rules: https://www.cloudcompare.org/release/ notes "beta" and "edge" channels. Might be worth seeing if those are new enough.21:42
tpw_rulesthey're all the same version. the latest release was only a few days ago so there's no new changes yet21:42
oerhekstpw_rules, contact the maintainer?21:50
oerheksDaniel Girardeau-Montaut21:50
tpw_rulesthis doesn't fix the problem now21:51
tpw_ruleshe's the cloudcompare maintainer, a separate person (whose contact information i am looking for) maintains the snap21:51
oerheksi think not? http://www.danielgm.net/cc/release/21:53
tpw_rules"Now thanks to Alberto Mardegan (and Romain Janvier), there is a "universal" snap package for Linux."21:53
oerheksthat page says " Alberto Mardegan (and Romain Janvier)" maintain the snap21:53
tpw_rulesthat's what i said21:54
oerheksso, the developer is Daniel21:54
oerhekswhatever, we cannot ediot the snap for you.21:54
tpw_ruleswhich is why i asked if i can edit it myself21:54
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ForeverNoob[m]hello, so I use (Mullvad) VPN and I just do "sudo openvpn config.conf", normally this lets me not only have the VPN endpoint IP but also sets the nameservers to that of the VPN. However... I was in a cafe once and I connected to my VPN that way, but now my nameservers were changed to something else. I also noticed that my /etc/resolv.conf looked like this: https://paste.debian.net/plain/115391022:43
ForeverNoob[m](notice the line which says "search thecafe")22:43
ForeverNoob[m]Mullvad support suggested that this might be systemd-resolvd working against my preferred configuration, would that be plausible?22:44
ForeverNoob[m]And if so, how would I tell systemd-resolvd to always assume the DNS servers of my VPN provider?22:45
ForeverNoob[m]Obviously this is a big issue... my DNS looked to be MITM'd and I couldn't connect to some sites over https since those servers seemed to serve me a different certificate.22:46
oerheksForeverNoob[m], just millvad vpn, without wireguard?22:50
oerheksi would choose this tutorial https://mullvad.net/en/help/easy-wireguard-mullvad-setup-linux/22:51
ForeverNoob[m]yeah just using openvpn via tcp22:51
ForeverNoob[m]would WG work well on Ubuntu 18.04? I thought it was only integrated in kernel from 20.0422:52
oerheksintegrated in kernel 5.6 indeed, but this mod is the same.22:52
oerheks 18.04 + HWE is preferrable22:52
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack22:53
dirtycajunricewell after a few months i was able to answer my own question: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1219914/alsamixer-usb-headphone-mic-combo-cannot-control-mic/1253852#125385222:58
dirtycajunriceWhat i find odd is that the patch in 5.7rc3 does not even address the hardware id of the headset i have and yet it does fix it, which confuses me as to why they are still explicitly stating this headset and adding it to 5.8rc323:00
oerhekshmm on my 18.04 this Bluez package is the culprit, installed the ppa and vrooommmm23:01
skyliner_369tfw you finally realize why Blender can't see your GPU as a CUDA GPU... ((The toolkit got dropped when upgrading from 18 to 20))23:23
jayjoWhat's the best way to replace the GnuPG on my Ubuntu installation with the current master branch? Because it's added to the Ubuntu installation, is there a specific way to remove that package before building? I have 2.2.12 but I would like 2.2.1823:33
hggdhjayjo: probably by grabbing the source and building it locally & installing at /usr/local/. It may, or may not, work. You will have to read the docs23:36
oerheks2.2.20 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/groovy/+source/gnupg223:41
jayjohggdh: do I need to first remove the preinstalled version?23:41
oerheks2.2.19 focal LTS https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/focal/+source/gnupg223:42
jayjognupg2 is already the newest version (2.2.12-1ubuntu3)23:45
sarnoldjayjo: do-release-upgrade ? eoan support ends in a month anyway23:46
jayjook, good point23:49
databooseanyone know what to do when ubuntu doesn't detect your soundcard?23:52
databoosetried reinstalling asla/pulseaudio and deleting the config files, nothing23:52
databooseand confirmed the hardware is working fine with a usb bootable23:53
databooseall that pops up  is "dummy output"23:53
bparkerdataboose: you might get better help if you could prove your system does not detect a soundcard.23:58
bparkerI'm gonna guess that's not even the case and the issue is something else.23:58
bparker(beware of the XY problem)23:58
databoosewell there's nothing in the hardwaretab of the sound preferences gui23:59
databooseand when i try sudo alsa force-reload it responds with the following:23:59
databooseUnloading ALSA sound driver modules: (none loaded). Loading ALSA sound driver modules: (none to reload).23:59

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