EickmeyerOvenWerks: All files keep attributes.01:11
EickmeyerI've already backported -menu.01:12
OvenWerksbut chnage ownership.01:12
EickmeyerYes, ownership does change.01:12
OvenWerksit appears that I have made the dropdowns in the GUI but do not fill them :)01:13
OvenWerksI think I have done a lot fo the work in autojack but not in the GUI01:14
OvenWerksso long as jack master is PCH, headphone switching works06:20
OvenWerks(on my system) Right now I have only mute moviung from phones to "front" but I will make it levels as well and include "speaker" too.06:23
OvenWerksenough for today, my wife is home.06:24
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Based on the *extremely long* support conversation you had, does that mean there's something that needs to be fixed in studio-controls?23:53
OvenWerksit appears23:54
EickmeyerWhich begs the question: what needs to be fixed? zita?23:55
OvenWerksI can start zita in a terminal just fine23:55
OvenWerksI have already made some changes (PCH is limited to 128 and above HDMI is set hard to 4096)23:57
Eickmeyer@teward001: redkite needs a new upload at your earliest convenience.23:57
OvenWerksBut I will need to add some debug statements to see what it is trying to run23:58
OvenWerksI suspect it is missing a int to string conversion23:59

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