th4ntisSo, does anyone know a reason/fix to this: I have my laptop lid closed as when im home, its hooked to a USB-C hub that is hooked into Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, etc. When I shutdown/reboot it doesn't actually do any of that, until I open the laptop lid.00:21
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MetamorphosisHello, how can I get rid of this error popping every time I start my computer : https://img.susepaste.org/images/147e6cd7.png02:30
IrcsomeBot<Pa1> Hello fellow humans, any suggestions for a task/todo management app (native not electron based).04:35
lordievaderGood morning06:10
lordievaderPa1: I'm using todotxt for my todo lists: http://todotxt.org/06:11
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BluesKaj'Morning all11:48
ChryslosOK so last time I tried to install Kubuntu 20.04 my hard drive became a doorstop.  I now have another one, and I want some Linux on it because KDE has great learning toys, and there are Linux-exclusive games worth playing to me, like HyperRogue 'n' such.12:26
ChryslosAnd the EDUBUNTU llearning packages are really neat12:27
ChryslosRight now I have Windows 10, and I don't want to lose it.  Should I just buy an external hard disk and put a GNU way to say hooray into my life, or should I attempt to dual-OS me box?12:29
BluesKajChryslos, you could dual boot with separate partitions. The ubiquity installer will install the OS on the partition you choose at the partiton phase or you could also use a separate drive for Kubuntu if you wish. Either method should work.12:50
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IrcsomeBot<Urra_Aldunate> (Photo, 1024x768) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/bYwtfa08/file_32949.jpg hello, can u help me? iam using Kubuntu 20.04, when y run sudo apr-get update, i am having this15:30
IrcsomeBot<Urra_Aldunate> sudo apt-get update*15:30
IrcsomeBot<Urra_Aldunate> I got a new sources.list from a online generator, but the problem continues15:31
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user|12722im having issues connecting with wireless18:35
user|12722are your arms heavy18:42
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