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nullkithow i can change Launchpad Id?16:20
Odd_Blokenullkit: You can do it from https://launchpad.net/~/+edit16:20
nullkitOdd_Bloke: thanks16:22
Odd_BlokeNo problem!16:22
axinohow can I create an MP to merge https://code.launchpad.net/~axino/+git/matterircd-jdstrand/+ref/axino into https://code.launchpad.net/~jdstrand/+git/matterircd-jdstrand/+ref/master ? when I try, LP tells me that "lp:~axino/+git/matterircd-jdstrand is not mergeable into this repository"17:21
pappacenaIt seems that https://code.launchpad.net/~jdstrand/+git/matterircd-jdstrand/+ref/master is not attached to a Launchpad project. Is it just a personal repository? If so, I think it's not possible to create a MP for that from another personal repository.17:32
pappacenaYou should ask to target repository owner to create a project linked to that repository. Then, you will be able to create a MP.17:32
axinopappacena: ok thanks17:38
heewaHi! I just registered a launchpad account (heewa-b), but I really would love to recover my 12 year old, completely unused (no activity), account (heewa). There's no way I have my email address from back then (either my first job, or my uni email). Any way of recovering or getting that username?18:42
pappacenaHi, heewa . Since that old account doesn't have any activity, is it ok if I just deactivate it and free up the "heewa" username for you?18:46
heewa@pappacena, Sure, thanks!18:47
pappacenaheewa: Done. You can now edit your profile and set your preferred username by visiting http://launchpad.net/~/+edit18:49
axinopappacena: note that LP did tell me the following when I pushed my changes19:02
axinoremote: Create a merge proposal for 'axino' on Launchpad by visiting:19:02
axinoremote:       https://code.launchpad.net/~axino/+git/matterircd-jdstrand/+ref/axino/+register-merge19:02
axinopappacena: perhaps this could only be displayed if it's attached to a project ?19:02
pappacenaaxino: It makes sense. The hint is not really valuable in this case. Do you mind opening a bug for that? https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug19:04
axinopappacena: I will19:04
pappacenaThis hint on git push is a quite recent feature. We still have room for improvement there.19:05
pappacenaThanks, axino !19:05
axinopappacena: indeed it is (and it's very good !)19:05
pappacenaah, axino . In fact, the MP link to create a MP has as "Target repository" your own lp:~axino/+git/matterircd-jdstrand repository, right?19:08
axinopappacena: yeah but I changed it to ~jdstrand19:09
pappacenaI guess opening a MP to your own repository works out fine. Launchpad only blocks you from opening a MP if the source is a personal repository and a target is *another* personal repository (not linked to a project).19:10
heewa@pappacena, Renamed. Thanks for your help :)19:13
pappacenaWelcome, heewa !19:13
axinopappacena: ah I see, alright then19:15
kyrofaSay I have two private PPAs: I have read access to PPA A, and write access to PPA B. Is that enough permission that I can request a sync from A to B?19:48
pappacenakyrofa: it should be enough.19:54
kyrofaI was a bit surprised that folks with read access can't visit the package details page, which made me worry19:58
kyrofaBut it's not easy to test19:58
kyrofaThanks for the info, pappacena19:58
sarnoldI don't understand the "read access but not package details access" -- is there an easy-to-understand intuitive reason for that?20:00
pappacenaYou mean the "View package details" link on PPA's main page? Like this page: https://launchpad.net/~twom/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages?20:01
pappacenaI guess it's possible to see this page even if you are not logged in20:01
pappacenaAh, for private PPAs, right?20:02
sarnoldoh is that the distinctin? yeah it probably was private ppas20:02
pappacenaI'm not sure if there is a reason for that, actually. Maybe wgran tknows the history behind it...20:03
kyrofasarnold, pappacena: yeah, private PPAs indeed21:33
kyrofaThe ability to see that page for non-private PPAs while not logged in is one of the reasons I'm confused :P21:33

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