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fromliveoshi people! anyone has experience patching bioses-firmware on laptops using fwupdmgr?01:41
chietawhy written renamed why not moved https://bpa.st/WWXQ ?01:49
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fromliveosi think its to do with the fact im not booted via EFI in the OS and there is no /boot/efi on it.02:37
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strywgr/whois $me08:30
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frenchuserafter update qterminal no have transparency !13:58
kc2bezfrenchuser: which version did you update from and to? Also, is Compton enabled?14:14
frenchuseri have lubuntu 20.0414:18
frenchuserkc2bez: i have lubuntu 20.0414:19
kc2bezWhich version did you have?14:19
frenchuserkc2bez: i have qterminal 0.14.114:19
kc2bezfrenchuser: which version of Lubuntu did you upgrade from?14:21
frenchuserlubuntu 20.0414:22
frenchuserkc2bez:i have installed iso --> lubuntu 20.0414:22
kc2bezso this is a fresh install then. got it.14:22
kc2bezCompton needs to be enabled for transparency.14:23
frenchuserkc2bez: i have installed fresh install, and make upgrade with interface, and after no transparency in qterminal...14:23
frenchuserkc2bez: ok in term when lauch compton, i have transparency, thanks, but why qterminal don't launch automatic compton ?14:26
frenchusernow i have transparency in all !14:29
kc2bezExcellent. Compton is disabled by default to keep the needed resources down a bit.14:30
frenchuserkc2bez:but before compton just enabled on qterminal...14:33
frenchusercompton-conf :ok14:38
frenchuserkc2bez, Thanks14:41
lubot<kc2bez> You are welcome.14:42
frenchuserkc2bez:maybe i can put command : "compton -b" in qterminal file ?14:48
lubot<kc2bez> frenchuser: you can just tick it on to start at login https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/3/3.2/3.2.13/session_settings.html15:05
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