lubot<RikMills> @mitya57 is new qtcreator syncable?07:48
lubot<RikMills> :)07:49
mitya57Can you do it?07:49
lubot<RikMills> sure.07:49
RikMillsmitya57: new depwait on s390x as litehtml FTBFS with missing symbols on that08:07
mitya57Looks like it should be easy to update the symbols.08:09
mitya57Well, not that easy because it doesn't use pkgkde-symbolshelper. But for MISSING ones we can add arch=!s390x.08:10
mitya57Added to my TODO list, I am currently working on fixing Qt transition issues in Debian…08:10
RikMillsno problem. I only asked about qtcreator as I saw qbs stuck in proposed with its lib bump08:11
Eickmeyermitya57: I'm attempting to package qgnomeplatformtheme, you may have seen my bug report reply by now.17:08
mitya57Eickmeyer: I saw it, yes. We decided we will ship private headers after update to 5.15, which will happen this cycle.17:10
Eickmeyermitya57: Ok. Good to know. Is that still WIP?17:10
mitya57In the mean time you can use adwaita-qt which should be better than Fusion.17:11
mitya57Not WIP, I am waiting until
EickmeyerWell, yes, true.17:11
EickmeyerWell, I have a package ready to go, just needs the headers as a build dep.17:11
mitya57Can it wait a month or two?17:12
EickmeyerYeah, no problem. I just wanted to branch away from Ubuntu Studio for some stuff this cycle. :)17:13

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