bparkerlooking at a gui also won't get much help00:00
bparkeryou need to use command-line tools00:00
databooseso i know for sure it's failing to detect the soundcard, but the soundcard is fine and works on a bootable usb00:00
bparkere.g. lspci or lsusb to show what devices the kernel detects, which is irrespective of what a GUI might support00:00
bparkerthere could be other issues inbetween00:01
databoosewith lsusb it is showing my headset00:01
bparkeris that different from your 'soundcard'00:01
databoosewell yeah, it's just the usb detection not the soundcard itself00:02
databooseif i run pacmd list-cards it says there are 0 cards avaliable00:02
bparkeryou need to give us more info00:03
bparkerwhat kind of sound card is this exactly? how is it attached to the system?00:03
bparkerdoes lspci show it ?00:03
bparkerpacmd is much higher level than the kernel so we need to be looking further down than that.00:03
databoosevia USB, worked fine yesterday and the months before but all of the sudden stopped working, but works fine on a bootable USB and my phone00:04
databoosecan't seem to find my headset in lspci, but here's the output00:05
bparkerwhat do you mean by 'via USB' ? worked fine yesterday on what? the same system? have you changed anything since then?00:05
bparkerwhat's different between the 'bootable usb' and the problematic OS ?00:05
bparkerI don't know how 'headset' relates to this problem00:05
bparkeryou only said soundcard00:05
databoosei installed a few gstreamer 32 bit dev libraries to compile wine but not sure if that'd be associated with it00:05
databooseand no shit on the same system i think anyone with common sense could deduce that00:06
bparkerok I'm done, I don't need attitude.00:07
databoosenot like i lost any potential help anyways00:07
ForeverNoob[m]oerheks: so as a prerequisite of reading about the HWE I am reading https://ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle and there it says:00:21
ForeverNoob[m]"In addition, the kernel versions from the subsequent four releases are made available on the latest LTS release of Ubuntu. So Ubuntu 16.04 LTS received the kernels from Ubuntu 16.10, 17.04, 17.10 and 18.04 LTS."00:21
ForeverNoob[m]so would that mean that I'd just receive the kernel from 20.04 on my 18.04?00:22
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oerheksnot sure hwe path is now at 20.04, but yes, it will be.00:22
oerheksmy 18.04 hwe - Linux andy-hp 5.3.0-61-generic #55~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jun 22 16:40:20 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:23
ForeverNoob[m]are lowlatency kernels also included in HWE?00:24
oerheksoh, good question00:25
Sven_vBForeverNoob[m], I'm not sure I understand the question, but one of my Xenial machines uses a a lowlatency hwe kernel.00:25
oerheksubuntu-studio could tell, i guess00:25
oerheksty Sven_vB00:25
ForeverNoob[m]oh ok cool00:26
ForeverNoob[m]so if I'm understanding correctly, I can only get newer kernels of subsequent Ubuntu releases if I enable HWE?00:27
oerheksone could take kernels from mainline, but you won't get updates, hwe does.00:28
Sven_vBafaik you get more experimental drivers with them. which on said machine means I had to stay with an older kernel because the newer ones caused problems with the display.00:28
oerheksit is more than just the kernel.00:28
ForeverNoob[m]ah yeah the mainline kernel way sounds painful00:28
oerheksforget ukuu00:28
Ketzerspeaking of kernels ...00:29
Ketzerso i have Xubuntu 20.04 LTS (amd64) and i was thinking of installing the latest kernel.org stable kernel alongside the LTS stock kernel... if i do that and install by compiling and installing the deb packages, would autoremove mark the stock kernel for removal?00:29
Ratel_Yeah. I concur,lol00:29
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds00:29
oerheksyou must have a reason to try00:29
Ketzeri'm not sure if that was for me; i'm going to try a stable kernel, not a mainline kernel00:30
Sven_vBKetzer, while I don't now the answer, I'm almost sure you can make it keep the default kernel by explicitly installing it.00:30
KetzerSven_vB, i see00:30
_Sym_Ketzer, autoremove will not mark the stock kernel for removal if you build/install deb packages from korg00:34
Ketzer_Sym_, gotcha; so to be clear, that would only happen if i get a newer kernel release from an Ubuntu repository and install with apt?00:35
_Sym_autoremove will only remove older versions of things when a newer version is in the apt database.  The kernel you would be installing is not in the apt database.00:36
Ketzeri see, so the requirement is being in the apt database00:37
_Sym_for autoremove00:37
Ketzerall right, that's good. that way i always have the stock kernel to fall back on if the compiled kernel misbehaves00:37
Ketzeri did have to modify the grub configuration for it to show me the menu on boot but oh well00:38
_Sym_yeah thats fine00:38
_Sym_Ketzer, there is one ubuntu specific patch that you might want to add to the kernel source when building from korg. its called "UBUNTU: SAUCE: (no-up) trace: add trace events for open(), exec() and uselib() (for v3.7+) (Scott James Remnant)"00:40
Ketzer_Sym_, add to the kernel source? would that be before starting the compile... ?00:41
_Sym_it works w/o it, but then you might get these "readahead" errors00:41
Ketzer... that's kind of an issue because, as we speak, the compile's being done lol00:41
_Sym_it will work w/o it00:42
Ketzerin any case, i didn't quite get you. what exactly is that and where would it go?00:42
_Sym_from ubuntu's github of the kernel, "git log --oneline --grep="trace: add trace events for open"00:44
_Sym_should be able to find it if you search git history00:45
Ketzeri see00:46
Ketzerwell, hopefully it won't be a big issue00:46
_Sym_no, its not a big issue00:46
Ketzerif it is, i'll recompile with that for the next stable00:46
_Sym_just be aware that there are a few ubuntu specific patches00:46
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kiwiircmy OS doesn't run games very well but i don't wanna switch OS just for games. is it possible to run a linux distro off of a usb flash drive, and have persistent storage on the flash drive to install game/data to, and just boot the flash drive when i wanna game? if so, how's performance?02:42
Bashing-omkiwiirc: All USB speeds are slow in comparison to a hard drive - SSD performance is steps over that of a conventional hard drive.02:44
BofHofHello. I am having trouble unmounting a folder with encryptfs. Google does not have the solution, and even the software's own manual suggests a command that does not exist. Where can I find out how to unmount a folder with this software?02:45
kiwiircah dang, even with fastest usb standard?02:45
Bashing-omkiwiirc: The interface spped is still slow :(02:46
kiwiircoh. dang02:46
Bashing-omkiwiirc: Install a SSD and you will never look back.02:47
kiwiirci have an nvme drive, but that's for my OS02:50
kiwiircdo you mean install another internal drive to boot off of for gaming?02:50
Bashing-omkiwiirc: If it is speed that you want - there is nothing faster that I am aware of.02:52
kiwiircya i guess i could get a 2nd drive for gaming02:52
Bashing-omkiwiirc: Welcome - just my pennies' worth :D02:57
amuroHow to install pdfjam?03:00
Bashing-om!info pdfjam bionic | amuro03:02
ubottuamuro: Package pdfjam does not exist in bionic03:02
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Bashing-omamuro: ^ where are you getting pdfjam ?03:02
oerheksobsolete https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pdfjam03:03
amuroI remembered pdfjam will install using some other packages03:04
amurofor example, texlive. But I dont want to install texlive now, it's too big03:05
amuroThere is a smaller package that will also install pdfjam, but I forgot its name03:05
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alesanwhy some stuff is now installed with "snap" instead of apt?03:13
alesanwhat is the advantage?03:13
Bashing-om!info texlive-extra-utils xenial | amuro03:22
ubottuamuro: texlive-extra-utils (source: texlive-extra): TeX Live: TeX auxiliary programs. In component main, is optional. Version 2015.20160320-1 (xenial), package size 11577 kB, installed size 15096 kB03:22
oerheksadvantage: ubuntu likes snap03:23
ubottuSnaps are containerised software packages similar to flatpaks or appimage. For more info, see https://snapcraft.io03:23
RingtailedFoxheya guys... i was tryign to add two repositories to synaptic (one for smc, and one for allegro), but... they seem to not work. how would i go about removing them?  i get an odd error when i try to update them, as well...03:56
matsamanhow'd you add them03:56
RingtailedFoxvia command line03:58
RingtailedFoxsudo add-apt-repository ppa:allegro/5.203:59
RingtailedFoxwhich... should have worked, but it did not03:59
RingtailedFoxsaid that's for Ubuntu 18.04+ (or derivatives thereof)03:59
RingtailedFoxthe other one was ppa:smc-packagers/ppa04:00
RingtailedFoxsudo add-apt-repository ppa:smc-packagers/ppa04:00
RingtailedFoxhttps://pastebin.com/qECRiEdL are the errors in particular04:01
oerhekssoftware & updates > other software, disable them there, but i doubt they are enabled04:02
oerheksthen reload, and remove.04:02
oerheksor add-apt-repository -r <ppa>04:03
RingtailedFoxthat one worked (the -r one)04:03
RingtailedFoxis there a way to force-enable them?  i'd like to have allegro 5.2 available04:04
oerheksif there are no packages to reverse, or installed, it is easy04:04
oerheksindeed, no focal https://launchpad.net/~allegro/+archive/ubuntu/5.204:05
oerheksand ancient.. https://launchpad.net/~smc-packagers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa04:05
RingtailedFoxyeah... but it's one of my favourite linux games04:07
oerheksfork it, and publish as snap if the license permit it?04:07
RingtailedFoxit's GPL and i'd love to once i figure otu how to do it04:07
oerhekssnapcraf.io is a good start04:08
oerhekserr snapcraft.io04:08
* RingtailedFox nods04:10
RingtailedFoxstill, thanks :D04:11
RingtailedFoxand now for something somewhat different... https://www.geeksaresexy.net/2016/10/06/save-princess-8-programming-languages-comic/ :P04:15
josephillipswhere i can report a kernel bug04:56
matsamanstart with Ubuntu's bug tracker04:56
Eickmeyer!bug | josephillips04:56
ubottujosephillips: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.04:56
josephillipsis weird honestly04:59
josephillipsthis bug04:59
josephillipsbefore was working perfectly04:59
josephillipsputting a nfs client under heavly load04:59
josephillipsthrow this error before the kernel panic05:00
josephillipsNFS: Server wrote zero bytes, expected 65536.05:00
josephillipsinvalid opcode: 0000 [#1] SMP PTI05:00
josephillipskernel BUG at /build/linux-UhTchP/linux-4.15.0/mm/slub.c:295!05:00
stompykinskernel 4.15???05:07
stompykinswhat version of ubuntu are you running05:07
stompykinsim on 5.4.0-38, and i still have a reboot for the new kernel05:08
josephillipsim trying to follow this url05:09
josephillipsbut this site not working05:10
lotuspsychjestompykins: kernel 4.15 is not so weird, and still in use for users that started with 18.0405:14
stompykinsoh ok05:20
stompykinsi didnt realize it went up that fast05:20
stompykinslinux kernel is updating like chromium now05:20
stompykinsor firefox05:20
stompykinswent from like 4.0 to 7005:20
Ketzerwhat? no, latest stable is like 5.7.605:23
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.05:31
Darznsimple newbie question - why is so hard to make simple shortcut on desktop (from windows user perspective)? is possible drag'n'drop? What is the prefered method how You do this?05:49
oerheksDarzn, it is blocked, by design, you can enable it, by installing gnome-tweak-tool06:04
oerheks!info gnome-tweak-tool06:04
ubottugnome-tweak-tool (source: gnome-tweaks): adjust advanced settings for GNOME - transitional package. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.34.0-2ubuntu1 (focal), package size 1 kB, installed size 12 kB06:04
oerheksalso the tool to manage gnome extentions06:04
analogicalin the editor nano how do I save and exit?06:32
Bashing-omanalogical: errr - save and exit : ctrl+o then ctrl+x .06:35
rud0lfcan i use $HOME in .nanorc (backup directory setting)?06:36
rud0lfor to not make it XY problem, will backupdir be $HOME relative?06:37
rud0lfhm never mind, ~/.backup-dir works06:39
rud0lf$HOME doesn't06:39
OxxYHi, I recently installed Ubuntu 20.04 server. I would like to setup a DNS service on it (pihole). But port 53 is used by the DNSstubListener. If I disable it in resolved.conf I cannot resolve any adresses on the system. Google says to do stuff with the network manager, but it is not installed, and the documentation says it's only recommended for Core. Any ideas on how to disable the dnsstublistener07:35
OxxYwithout breaking DNS lookup on the system?07:35
lotus|NUCOxxY: you can try #ubuntu-server if you like for likeminded volunteers07:36
OxxYcheers will do07:36
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guivercOxxY, just FYI:  `desktopify` adds Network.Manager to r.pi server images for r.pi and maybe one option for how to use NM esp. if on r.pi - https://github.com/wimpysworld/desktopify/blob/master/README.md07:42
OxxYnot on rpi, but thanks.07:46
vuurdraakQ: i have reinstalled ubuntu 18.04.4 on top of it self after upgrading my hardware, due to first not understanding that it probably refused to boot due to having UEFI on in the BIOS and later turning it off after i probably crippled the already installed OS before i found out it had to do with UEFI that it didnt want to boot properly, i got everything working again, but some stuff seems to behave weirdly, like programs that i install/reinstall dont07:53
vuurdraakdirectly open from the software installer, but do if i search for them in the dash, and/or a program that suddenly refuses to open after booting, is there any folder or stuff i should purge extra, or simply try to purge any missbehaving program and reinstall , as i got weird things like ffmpeg knowing av1 codec, but kdenlive not recognizing it even though i got vlc finaly recognizing it07:53
yutaA:How about upgrade to 20.04?08:12
vuurdraakreinstalling or upgrading is always a possibility yes :) but i see that as a last resort08:15
vuurdraaki was happy i got all stuff back without doing a format/reinstall08:15
vuurdraakits interesting how messy stuff can get , as you now have multiple locations from where stuff can be installed in other words through apt-get or snap or manual installs :')08:17
vuurdraakand i would reinstall 18.04.4 again rather then upgrade to 20 so i can copy back a backup of my home folder, as its a pain to reinstall programs running in wine/lutris with multiple gig game downloads08:18
cluelessperson_Is there a way to know the max speed my wifi card can support?08:22
vuurdraakpurging stuff both from apt-get and snap and then reinstalling seems to do the trick most times, i simply dont understand why kdenlive or totem (but i dont know if totem uses ffmepg or its own codec library) is refussing to play av1 even though vlc now plays it again, whats weird also is that many help websites claim av1 should be playable from the standard ubuntu installs but i wouldn't do it untill i compiled ffmpeg my self and purging all other08:23
vuurdraakffmpegs on the system, same with vlc08:23
cluelessperson_vuurdraak, I don't think flc uses FFMPEG08:24
cluelessperson_vlc uses ffmpeg*08:24
cluelessperson_vuurdraak, most likely you inadvertently upgraded vlc I think.08:24
vuurdraakvlc does use ffmpeg08:24
vuurdraakand a lot of other stuff, at least the snap version i got uses it08:25
vuurdraakbut some things use intermediate programs like kdenlive seem to use melt, and melt then uses ffmpeg again, wich just makes me think maybe i should actualy purge melt and reinstall, maybe that helps08:26
vuurdraakmm noop :')08:28
vuurdraakim not sure also if it could open it propperly before to be honnest, but it seems weird that ffmpeg & vlc can open it but kdenlive and shotcut & openshot can not08:29
kotaroit's about 2am where I live, so good morning?08:41
kotaroI am on Ubuntu 20.04, good stuff08:41
vuurdraaknice :) you have a problem question & good day to you08:43
vuurdraakcluelessperson_, i would think best way to know what max speed hardware suports is looking up the hardware specs online ?08:52
cluelessperson_vuurdraak, I mean, as configured, what can ubuntu allow with this card?08:52
cluelessperson_in theory this should be a 1Gbps card08:52
cluelessperson_but now I only get 140mbps08:52
vuurdraaki would think if stuff works in ubuntu it would also normaly support its max speed ?08:52
cluelessperson_vuurdraak, dunno, a lot of manufacturers don't support linux for drivers08:53
vuurdraakmm weird indeed08:53
cluelessperson_and generic drivers may not implement various features08:53
vuurdraakyou could use an usb wifi adapter, as most usb stuff works properly i think in linux08:53
vuurdraakif no driver/software will properly work as last resort08:54
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vuurdraakim a noob though, i have no idea how to find out what speed is supported on a wifi adapter08:57
IndustrialSay I find a package that I installed using `dpkg -l | grep derp`.09:00
IndustrialHow do I list all the files/directories created / managed by that package?09:01
EriC^^Industrial: dpkg -L package09:01
Industrialokay, thanks09:01
IndustrialIn my case, I am trying to install the ZeroMQ gem for ruby.09:02
IndustrialBut I'm getting the error `mkmf.rb can't find header files for ruby at /usr/lib/ruby/include/ruby.h`09:02
Industrialin which case the guide says `If the gem installation complains that it cannot find libzmq or headers, simply pass the location of your libzmq installation to the gem install command:`09:03
Industrial`gem install zmq -- --with-zmq-dir=/opt/local`09:03
IndustrialHowever, I don't know where this zmq dir should be.09:03
IndustrialThe packages matching `libzmq` that I have installed are: libzmq3-dev libzmq5 libzmqpp-dev libzmqpp409:03
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vuurdraaki made an bootable usb with "startup disk creator" is there a way to remove the locked ubuntu joliiet image as gparted and disks seem to refuse to remove it09:18
vuurdraaknvm got it, needed to start gparted as root09:20
kedihackerthanks to you for finding solutation09:21
kedihackeri got a question09:21
kedihackerhow many people actualy onlie09:21
vuurdraakon the whole planet ?09:21
kedihackerin this server its says 1208 people but how many people actualy looking or checkin here09:22
kedihackerthere is no chat is going on09:22
vuurdraakdoesn't the server say that in the motd when you login ?09:22
vuurdraakand this question has nothing to do with ubuntu this is the ubuntu help channel09:23
kedihackeryes but no one using it09:23
dbuggerHi everyone09:47
dbuggerI have an issue opening an app. It seems to not start, but it shows a window displaying "garbage" (which seems to grab from another monitor)09:48
dbuggerNot sure if there is a corrupted file anywhere in the system, that might be making the application crash...09:48
dbuggerThe application is Unity3D, in case that is important...09:49
dbuggerI described the issue with a little more detail here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1253948/window-frozen-with-some-static-background-nonsense09:49
dbuggerIf anyone could give me a hand, I would appreciate it a lot09:49
vuurdraakunity3d ? is that running in wine ?09:50
dbuggerNo, there is a Linux client09:50
vuurdraakis this the first time you have installed it ? or it was installed before?09:51
dbuggerIt has been working for months. Yesterday was working fine.09:51
vuurdraakmaybe remove it completely with --purge so all stuff including configuration files get removed and then reinstall, if a normal reinstall doesnt work ?09:52
dbuggerThe thing is that I am not installing it directly. There is an AppImage of something called "UnityHub" that handles the installs of every version09:52
dbuggerThe Hub works just fine, it is just when it opens up the project with the selected version, that it crashes09:53
vuurdraakmaybe synaptic will still see it and it can do a 'complete removale' ?09:53
dbugger(im pretty sure they are separate applications)09:53
dbuggerUnlikely. I am quite sure that it is just a folder, with an executable file09:53
vuurdraakor is it a an app image without needing to install ?09:53
vuurdraakmaybe make a backup of its folders and remove anything related to it and then try again, as maybe some file in there is corrupted ?09:54
dbuggerI have tried to remove all the folders with "Unity" under ~/.config but it did not help09:54
vuurdraakdid you install any extra program between it working and not working anymore ?09:55
dbuggernot to my recollection09:55
vuurdraakmm strange09:55
dbuggerActually, im pretty sure I didnt09:55
vuurdraaki see you ask there about cache files, there isboth a .cache & a .config folder in your home folder, maybe there is stuff left there you have not deleted09:57
vuurdraakor that is corrupted related to unity3d09:57
dbuggerOh right10:01
dbuggerthere is a .cache10:01
dbuggerI didnt try that10:01
dbuggerlet me see10:01
dbuggermmm... there doesnt seem to be any Unity-related files inside10:01
dbuggernope, there arent10:02
vuurdraakthe .config also has nothing ?10:03
dbuggerthe .config does have, but I already tried emptying it, and it didnt work10:03
vuurdraakyou could make a backup of your .cache folder: mv .cache .cache_backup (just to be sure) and then deleting everything inside of it10:05
vuurdraakmaybe there is something there not named unity3d that still mangles it10:06
vuurdraakif stuff fails after reboot you can then always copy it back from the back up10:06
dbuggerI guess I could, but Id like to find an option without rebooting10:09
vuurdraaksometimes you need to reboot to make stuff works even though linux claims it can do stuff without booting10:09
vuurdraakas it might be using the old instance and only use the new one after boot10:10
vuurdraakim just a noob though not a linux sysadmin :')10:10
vuurdraaki had one time though with a program, that i purged all stuff, and only on deleting the whole .cache it started working again as it semed to have a corrupted file10:12
dbuggerThanks, I am going to try10:13
vuurdraakmaybe you donmt need to boot though just deling emptying the .cache folder might be enough10:15
vuurdraakjust that u make a backup of it, so stuff can be copied back if the next boot somehow fails, wich it probably wont10:15
dbuggerOk, that worked! :)10:17
vuurdraakyeeeh :D10:17
amurois htop broken in ubuntu 20.04 in wsl?10:17
dbuggerI look forward to the day computers dont need to reboot :P10:17
dbuggervuurdraak, thanks mate10:18
dbuggeryou saved my productive day10:18
vuurdraaknp nice that it worked, i would not have klnow what else could be done :)10:18
vuurdraakno idea amuro im on 18.4, maybe somebody else knows10:20
=== mateen1 is now known as mateen
ducasseamuro: broken how?10:37
ubuntuuserhey I can't seem to connect to any wifi10:43
ubuntuuserfresh install10:43
ubuntuuserim back if any helpers are here?11:09
falavicwhen i open a sftp session with a host, where is the partition(don't know the exact term) of that host mounted?11:25
sayhisnamehey im a photographer im on ubuntu and i need to find all the photos in a file format and put them in one place ; how do i find all files starting with 21062019 and in file format .cr2 then move them to a folder on the desktop?11:43
sayhisnameall files have 21062019 then a time and a file number11:44
BluesKaj'Morning all11:48
sayhisnameBluesKaj, hej11:50
sayhisnamehey im a photographer im on ubuntu and i need to find all the photos in a file format and put them in one place ; how do i find all files starting with 21062019 and in file format .cr2 then move them to a folder on the desktop? all files have 21062019 then a time and a file number11:50
ioriasayhisname, i'am a bit rusty in bash but  let's start with this :   for i in $(find /my/path   -iname '*.cr2' -and -iname '21062019*' 2>/dev/null ); do echo "$i"   ; done11:56
sayhisnameioria, this is the only copy of the files, I cant get this wrong is that copying and not cut?11:57
EriC^^sayhisname: find -type f -iname '21062019*.cr2' -exec mv {} ~/Desktop/mydir \;11:57
ioriasayhisname, nope, that's just print the filenames11:57
ioriasayhisname, if the output is correct , you can edit the line and cp/mv do whatever you want11:59
sayhisnamethey are probably in different folders12:00
sayhisnamei need it to scan all the folders12:00
ioriasayhisname, use the parent pone12:00
sayhisnamefind -type f -iname '21062019*.cr2' -exec mv {} ~/Desktop/mydir \;12:00
EriC^^sayhisname: if 2 dirs contain the same name files, they will be overwritten though in /mydir, just fyi12:01
ioriasayhisname, the parent directory12:01
sayhisnamethese are someone wedding photos12:02
sayhisnamei cant f up12:02
ioriasayhisname, the cmd above, just finds and prints the filenames, nothing more12:03
sayhisnameioria, find -type f -iname '21062019*.cr2' -exec mv {} ~/Desktop/mydir \; that just makes a list  and doesnt move or alter the files, its also scanning the whole disk?12:04
ioriasayhisname, that's not my command12:04
sayhisname for i in $(find /my/path   -iname '*.cr2' -and -iname '21062019*' 2>/dev/null ); do echo "$i"12:04
sayhisnamewhere does it print the file names?12:05
EriC^^sayhisname: didn't he say he only wants files starting with 21062019 though?12:05
EriC^^*didn't you12:05
ioriasayhisname,  for i in $(find /my/path   -iname '*.cr2' -and -iname '21062019*' 2>/dev/null ); do echo "$i"   ; done12:05
EriC^^you could just do "find -type f -iname '21062019*.cr2'"   to print the names12:07
ioriamaybe not the '21062019' has a .cr2 ext12:08
sayhisnamemy camera makes two files one jpg and one cr2 with the same folder12:08
sayhisnamenot folder12:08
sayhisnamefile name12:08
ioriasayhisname, have you run the cmd   ' for i in $(find /my/path   -iname '*.cr2' -and -iname '21062019*' 2>/dev/null ); do echo "$i"   ; done' ?12:09
sayhisnamei cd /media/diskname12:10
sayhisnamethen ran ' for i in $(find /my/path   -iname '*.cr2' -and -iname '21062019*' 2>/dev/null ); do echo "$i"   ; done12:10
ioriasayhisname,  clearly you need to change '/my/path'12:11
ioriasayhisname,  or are you running the cmd with '/my/path'  in ?12:11
sayhisname' for i in $(find /media/diskname  -iname '*.cr2' -and -iname '21062019*' 2>/dev/null ); do echo "$i"   ; done12:11
ioriaok... and ?12:12
sayhisnameits working12:12
sayhisnamei think12:12
sayhisnameits displaying >12:12
ioriaok, take a look and see if there are filenames with spaces missing12:12
sayhisnamethats the file format name but with 20190621143054_IMG_0408.cr212:14
sayhisnameioria, the file format name but is; i think  20190621143054_IMG_0408.cr212:18
ioriasayhisname,  you mean the match is '20190621143054' and  not '21062019' ?12:23
sayhisnamei checked the file format is actually yyyy mm dd hh mm ss _IMG_  then four numbers and the file format so for example   20190621143054_IMG_0408.JPG12:25
ioriasayhisname,  so it's jpg and not '.cr2' ?12:25
=== BrianG61UK_ is now known as BrianG61UK
sayhisnamethe camera makes .jpg and cr2 with the same name12:26
ioriasayhisname, ok, but what is that you need ?12:26
sayhisnameok so ill try to explain; i have an external drive media/anon/ the files are totally disorginised but i belive the file names are formatted like  20190621143054_IMG_0408.JPG  in this case the 0408 is the identifyer12:29
sayhisnameam i making sence?12:29
ioriasayhisname, so, you want : all the jpg pics with 0408 in them ?12:30
sayhisnameno i want all the files from this date 20190621 in .cr2 format12:31
ioriasayhisname,  for i in $(find /my/path   -iname '*.cr2' -and -iname '20190621*' 2>/dev/null ); do echo "$i"   ; done12:32
sayhisnameok i cd to the directory?12:33
ioriasayhisname,  you specify the path  in the find command (... find /my/path...)12:34
sayhisnameno results12:34
ioriasayhisname,  did you set the path ?12:35
sayhisnameioria, yes12:42
sayhisnameit doenst work12:42
ioriaand what is ?12:42
ioriasayhisname,  what is the path ?12:43
sayhisnametheres  lots of folders on that disk and i dont know which folder12:46
sayhisnamealso may be many other folders12:46
ioriasayhisname,  run this with no additions :  for i in $(find    -iname '*.cr2'   2>/dev/null ); do echo "$i"   ; done12:48
sayhisnameioria, https://pastebin.com/yuv184rZ12:52
sayhisnamedoesnt find them12:53
sayhisnamebut encouragingly is finding something :)12:53
sayhisnamejust not the right files12:53
sayhisnamethat links only valid 10 mins12:57
=== coconut_ is now known as coconut
dtomatoHello peeps!13:09
dtomatoso, I've updated one of my machines from 19.10 to 20.04... and have come to realise I can't seem to connect to my office's exchange sever to get email anymore13:10
dtomatoI think I've traced it down to being the server being old and "badly" configured, it only supports TLSv1, which looks like it's disabled by default in 20.0413:11
SrPxIs there any file explorer that looks like the one found on Windows (and not on OSX)? I.e., with a tree view on the left and the focused directory on the right?13:12
=== halvors1 is now known as halvors
dtomatoso I've modified /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf to globally "downgrade" the default openssl security settings, and when I do openssl s_client -connect host:port it now works, but the Gnome Online Accounts still fails with "goa_ews_client_autodiscover() failed: 6 — Error performing TLS handshake: A packet with illegal or unsupported version was received."13:12
dtomatoanybody else run into this situation an know how to solve it? :D13:14
dtomatopfft... I guess that was wasted effort, seems like it's using gnutls, how is the same achieved with gnutls?!13:17
coconutSrPx, just checked and caja does has that optional from gui, but there are probably more file managers which support that too.13:22
coconutSrPx, btw, caja is default file manager for mate desktop.13:27
ducasseSrPx: try spacefm, you can configure it how you like it13:36
dtomatonevermind, figured it out, had to create a /etc/gnutls/config file and fill in a new default "priorities" string13:37
V178I'm having issues with DNS in 20.04, it's not resolving local domain names as I would expect. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XbjpNxZ93C/ and https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bMggYrtDv3/13:38
V178I'm sure it's something I'm overlooking and not an issue with Ubuntu13:38
jurajb0b0Hi friends, maybe somebody have experience with nvme. I just want to install 18.04 to nvme disk.  But when I start the installation there are no /dev/nvme* devices or /sys/block/* in relation to nvme. Installation works well on classic ssd, but on nvme it sucks. Since the HW is lenovo I try to disable uefi, try with enable and disabled ahci etc. But it sucks. Any experiece or recommendation?13:41
semitonesHi, I'm trying for a new Ubuntu installation. I have 10 GB available on an SSD partition, and a 128 GB microSD available13:44
semitonesWould it be advisable to use the SSD for some parts of the filesystem that can benefit from the speed, and use the microSD for other parts of the filesystem that won't degrade the microSD13:45
BluesKajV178, have you tried editing dns and domains in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf ?13:45
EriC^^semitones: like what parts though13:54
EriC^^/var is out of question cause it has so many writes, if you use /usr then you'll probably get slower performance13:55
semitonesI was thinking /home might be a good candidate for the microSD14:00
semitonesI wasn't sure if swap should go on the SSD or the microSD14:00
semitonesEriC^^, so /var/ and /usr/ should be on the SSD? I am slightly concerned that usr will run out of space, but maybe 10 GB is enough14:01
entouragethere's a tool in LinuxMint called "Mint Stick" that creates bootable usbstick is it possible to install that app in Ubuntu somehow?14:08
V178@BluesKaj, I haven't tried modifying anything, but it would appear as though my dns settings are appropriate for resolution.14:11
lotuspsychje!mint | entourage14:11
ubottuentourage: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)14:11
leftyfbentourage: Ubuntu has a similar tool that writes an iso to a usb drive. It's typically meant to create an ubuntu install usb14:13
entourageleftyfb: whay don't you tell me what that tool is?14:14
leftyfb"Startup Disk Creator"14:15
leftyfbentourage: it's been there for 12 years14:15
Sven_vBin focal, gnome-calculator starts too slowly. do we have a more lightweight GUI calculator?14:16
entourageleftyfb: it's a worthless tool I'm sorry to say14:16
leftyfbentourage: why do you say that?14:17
Sujincentourage: you can try etcher (https://www.balena.io/etcher/), very simple and efficient tool14:17
Sven_vBeww, I remember the pains of the startup disk creator. so glad I don't need it anymore because the SuperGRUB disk can chainload Ubuntu ISOs directly from my SSD. *shameless plug* :D14:19
Sven_vBit's so much quicker to boot from SSD rather than a thumb drive.14:20
ophiHow do you get DNS resolution working in Ubuntu Server 20.04 with netplan removed (traditional ifup)?15:04
=== mateen1 is now known as mateen
leftyfbophi: dns-nameserver  # in your interfaces file15:11
leftyfbophi: you were having issues yesterday .... I was trying to troubleshoot with you, but instead of listening and following what I was telling you, you were off doing your own thing, including removing netplan, which works just fine. Now you're running a non-standard installation and you still have issues.15:15
ophileftyfb: still doesn't work.  This issue is the same with and without netplan.15:17
leftyfbophi: right, because as I told you yesterday, you have other issues not related to DNS.15:18
ophiIt's also not related to netplan15:18
leftyfbophi: right again, as I told you yesterday15:19
ophileftyfb:  it's  also not internet issues nor network issues: only this single host isn't working15:19
leftyfbophi: would you like help?15:19
ophileftyfb:  I verified there are no firewall rules pertaining to this single host.15:20
ophileftyfb:  yes15:20
leftyfbophi: are you going to answer the questions I ask and follow the steps I suggest?15:20
ophileftyfb:  sure15:21
leftyfbophi: Do you have your Ubuntu 20.04 booted and accessible right now?15:22
ophileftyfb:  yes15:22
leftyfbophi: do you have any other linux machines on the same network running and accessible now?15:22
ophilefty:  But no other Server 20.0415:23
leftyfbophi: is that machine dhcp or static? server or desktop?15:23
leftyfbophi: the non-20.04 machine15:23
ophileftyfb:  static OpenSUSE Leap 1515:24
leftyfbophi: ok, please pastebin the local network config for it. I assume it's an interfaces file15:24
ophileftyfb:  yes, we disable NetworkManager and NetPlan in favor of traditional ifup configs15:26
leftyfbophi: NetworkManager is not installed with Ubuntu server. Can you explain why you mention NetworkManager?15:27
ophileftyfb:  It's in RHEL, etc.  Just stating we disable it because we experienced too many outages.15:28
leftyfbophi: is it OpenSUSE or is it RHEL? Is it server or desktop? Are you installing a GUI on any of these "servers"?15:28
ophileftyfb:  also, because we run multiple distros, we can use the same scripts, everyone is familiar with 1 standard method.15:28
ophileftyfb:  The working  machine is OpenSUSE Leap 1515:29
leftyfbophi: ok, please answer the other questions15:29
leftyfbophi: on the Ubuntu 20.04 server, did you install a desktop environment?15:31
ophileftyfb:  yes and no.  started to install MATE, but the intallation failed.  It's not running, but some of the files were isntalled.15:32
ophileftyfb:  the failure was tdue to planned maintence on the network, nothing with the box.15:32
leftyfbophi: did networking(DNS) work on this server at one point in time?15:33
ophileftyfb:  yes, off and on.  was able to install ifupdown for instance15:34
leftyfbophi: if it was working, why did you change anything?15:35
The_LoudSpeakerHey everyone! So a friend of mine forgot to select 3rd party drivers during installation of ubuntu 20.04 and now after a week he realised that his audio isn't working. How can he install the required drivers now? Here's the output of lspci: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bJ2YzppTQS/15:36
The_LoudSpeakerAny help would be highly appreciated. TIA :)15:36
leftyfbophi: it seems to me like this isn't a priority for you at the moment. Let me know when you have time to focus on troubleshooting. Otherwise, I cannot wait around for minutes between answers.15:38
ophileftyfb:  https://pastebin.com/ErerPJNh15:39
leftyfbophi: the subnet you posted yesterday was Now you're posting
ophileftyfb:  was just off paste binning.   No changes other than (1) what we did yesterday and (2) disabling netplan today and it wasn't working prior to disabling netplan today.15:41
V178The_Loudspeaker: it doesn't look like you need third party drivers? How are the speakers connected? Audio port? HDMI?15:42
ophisorry, typo, my cursor landed on it and deleted it by mistake and I typed t back in wrong.  It's
ophi(dropped the mouse on the floor)15:43
leftyfbophi: what range of the pool is available for dhcp?15:44
coconutThe_LoudSpeaker, try sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras15:44
ophileftyfb: .100-.25315:45
LebeefoireHi all! Anyone have experience with Radeon 5700XT on ubuntu 18.04 and derivatives? (I am having issues on arch as well so it doesn't seem to be ubuntu specific). Getting regular hard lock crashes that force a reboot15:45
leftyfbophi: ok, so 2-99 and 254 are available for static right?15:45
ophileftyfb:  y15:45
leftyfbophi: on your OpenSUSE machine, what is the gateway ip?15:45
leftyfbophi: ok, on your Ubuntu 20.04 machine, can you ping
ophileftyfb:  y, 100% of the time, even when DNS resolution isn't working (which is most of the time).15:48
leftyfbophi: can you ping ?15:49
The_LoudSpeakerV178: those are laptop' inbuilt speakers. Not external ones.15:49
The_LoudSpeakercoconut: i will try that.15:50
ophileftyfb:  No, due to ICMP is blocked at the gateway15:50
ophiThe suse machien can't either, but internet and name resolution work on it and all the other Linux and Windows boxes15:51
shreyansh_kHello, I just upgraded to 20.04 LTS from 18.04.4 and Snap applications are no longer showing up in KDE's launcher nor I can launch them via terminal. For example: `code` in konsole won't launch VSCode. Any pointers?15:51
coconutThe_LoudSpeaker, it's probably all you need15:51
leftyfbophi: so, due to some ignorant security policy, you do not have the ability to ping OUT from your network?15:51
The_LoudSpeakercoconut: hope so.15:51
ophileftyfb:  We cannot ping out.  However,  nslookup generally tells you whether or not you have connectivity and it works on the suse box but not the 20.04 server15:52
V178The_LoudSpeaker: I've not ever encountered laptop speakers that require third-party drivers. If that works, great! If not, you might look for a low level mute function or a physical key.15:53
leftyfbophi: on the opensuse box, can you run and get back a result for "host ubuntu.com"15:53
ophileftyfb:  also pathping or one or more variants works if we install it15:53
The_LoudSpeakerV178: I too thought so. If restricted extras doesn't work then for sure I mma ask about the key.15:54
ophileftyfb:  yes15:54
leftyfbophi: ok, it returns a bunch of ipv4 and ipv6 addresses right?15:55
leftyfbsorry, one of each and multiple entries for mail15:55
The_LoudSpeakerV178: yup. That key is the culprit almost everytime. I will ask him about that.15:56
ophileftyfb:  y.  20.04 returns ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached15:56
leftyfbophi: please compare the output from the following on the OpenSuse and Ubuntu server:  route -n # as root/sudo15:57
ophileftyfb:  route is not installed on 20.04 by default apparently.15:58
ash_worksiis there a term for a web server that validates against another server on the same network? I mean generally you validate against a remote server, the pattern to employ would be an oauth grant, but if it's all on the same network, that's a bit overkill, no?15:59
leftyfbophi: "ip r l"16:00
ophileftyfb:  I could try putting an entry in hosts for archive.ubuntu.com and see if I can install net-tools that way16:00
tomreyn!crosspost | ash_worksi16:01
ubottuash_worksi: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.16:01
ophileftyfb:  20.04 no result.  suse returned correct result16:02
leftyfbophi: please pastebin the network config for your Ubuntu 20.04 server16:02
tatertotzash_worksi: you're looking for a "term"? a website / webserver could have a cert issued by a 3rd party CA OR a cert from a internal enterprise root CA16:04
ovrhHey nice people <3 I have a stupid question: if I do "sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop", will that be enough to install xfce and stop using gnome? Or will there be gnome "leftovers" still there left to mess up my system?16:09
V178ash_worksi: you've described a directory server potentially (active directory, samda dc, etc.)16:10
bjarne333I would guess so. otherwise a manual reconfigure is needed to switch login manager etc.16:10
V178ash_worksi: nm, I didn't process your whole statement16:10
coconutovrh, that will make a mess of both gnome and xfce apps over the desktops if you install them on the same partition.16:10
ovrhOuch :(16:11
tatertotzovrh: ideally you install the distro that uses what you want by "default" ...there can be side effects of trying to add after the fact. Side effects like duplicate applications or icons16:11
coconutovrh, but you can create a dualboot16:11
ovrhSo that's out the window I guess. Thank you coconut16:11
coconutovrh, or you can use a virtual manager16:12
ovrhtatertotz, yeah, I installed ubuntu because I wanted to use ubuntu and gnome. But I'm really tired of gnome just randomly crashing without any apparent reason. I stuck with it so far, but it crashed twice just today, and I'm over it :/+16:12
ash_worksiV178: thanks for throwing that out though :)16:13
ovrhcoconut, I can't virtualize it, I need to use vagrant and stuff. Would replace my daily driver. And dual boot isn't an option because I would have the gnome install that I wouldn't use then, so I might just as well reinstall16:13
V178ovrh: could you not simply remove ubuntu-desktop and install xubuntu-desktop?16:13
ovrhV178, No idea16:14
V178ovrh: try this https://askubuntu.com/questions/65861/how-to-i-change-from-ubuntu-to-xubuntu16:14
ovrhV178, I'll give it a look, thank you <316:16
coconutovrh, you can manually undo ubuntu-desktop, but you can also just reinstall xubuntu over your / partition if you have you documents and personal files on another partition(/home). I would have reinstalled, personally...16:18
ovrhcoconut, I do, and that's honestly the route I'm considering the most. I'm gonna have to give a shot to xfce on live stick first or something since I never used it before16:21
ophileftyfb: https://pastebin.com/VtpvB3As16:22
coconutovrh, i hope you like it xfce!16:22
coconut*i hope you like xfce!16:23
leftyfbophi: did you type that all out or is it a copy and paste?16:23
ovrhcoconut, I just hope it doesn't crash xD16:23
coconutovrh, on which computer you're gonna install xubuntu?16:24
rjbThe_LoudSpeaker: for some fancy laptops with integrated e.g. beats audio you need to do some stuff using jack-retask tool16:25
leftyfbophi: your config is not valid16:26
The_LoudSpeakerV178: sorry that's a desktop. He is using a 3.5mm audio port. And there's no mute key there. Restricted extras didn't work.16:26
leftyfbophi: your gateway is wrong and you have no dns specified16:26
The_LoudSpeakerrjb: it's a desktop.16:26
The_LoudSpeakerInstructions on how to install and use jack-retask tool?16:27
rjbThe_LoudSpeaker: hdajackretask is included in alsa-tools-gui16:29
leftyfbophi: ?16:31
ovrhcoconut, My only one, my laptop16:31
josephillipshey im trying to figure out whats going on with a server16:33
josephillipsim getting a kernel panic when i use dd to a remote nfs server16:33
josephillipsmy question is what exactly do slub.c on kernel16:33
coconutovrh, nice! Is it a fast laptop?16:33
jurajb0b0:P Why does preseed/run  does not see nvme disk in ubuntu - version 18.04.  Could it be that there are no nvme modules loaded?16:34
ovrhcoconut, Yeah. It was a beast when I bought it, and it's still super fast right now.16:35
ophi  sorry, my bad, that just happened this morning when you asked me to change the  dns to, I put it back to, and the dns is set in resolv.conf to, and still no name resolution16:36
ophileftyfb:  also restarted networknig and systemd.resolved16:36
coconutovrh, hehe, now you *have* to tell me which laptop!16:36
jurajb0b0@josephillips: I just guess your memory is tiny and you run out of memory. Enable oom killer and check again. I guess16:37
josephillipsjurajb0b0: the server have 256gb of ram and is just using 180gb16:37
josephillipswhen in performing this16:37
leftyfbophi: I didn’t tell you to do any of that16:37
josephillipsalso have a huge swap space and is not using it16:37
jurajb0b0Slab alocation are for kernel buffers and atomic operations.16:38
josephillipsNFS: Server wrote zero bytes, expected 65536.16:38
josephillipskernel BUG at /build/linux-UhTchP/linux-4.15.0/mm/slub.c:295!16:38
leftyfbCan you take a picture of your interfaces file?16:39
josephillips invalid opcode: 0000 [#1] SMP PTI16:39
=== benfrancis1 is now known as benfrancis
ovrhcoconut, I don't even remember exactly. It's a TuxedoComputers Tuxedo Book XP somethingsomething from a couple of years back16:39
josephillipsalways i got this error of nfs before the crash16:39
josephillipsalso this server is running a vms16:39
josephillipswith kvm16:39
coconutovrh, oh i can be jealous on that...16:41
jurajb0b0The information is from crash dump or from dmesg?16:41
josephillipsfrom dmesg16:42
dirtycajunriceas an update to my question yesterday, delayed_register module option fixed it in the alsa code.16:43
josephillipsbut have a lot of information there16:43
dirtycajunricei added the answer in my question from 3 months ago so that others wouldnt stub their toe where i did https://askubuntu.com/questions/1219914/alsamixer-usb-headphone-mic-combo-cannot-control-mic/1253852#125385216:43
The_LoudSpeakerrjb: okay. I will try that.16:44
tomreynjosephillips: which kernel version was it running when it last occurred?16:44
josephillipsthe first time is on 4.15-79 and yesterday i upgrade it to the last one  4.15.0-108-generic16:45
josephillipsubuntu 18.0416:45
andi_is it a good idea to put a postfix inside a docker container16:48
ovrhcoconut, It's pretty good machine tbh, and it got better with time. Manufacturer keeps working on stuff and releasing new things ease up some aspects of the usage. Not really any complaint16:49
tomreyni see, so it even happens with the latest GA kernel in 18.0416:50
ophileftyfb:  Have photo. how to send it?16:50
jurajb0b0josephillips: From experience, when there is hard written BUG :), I have not reason to not trust. The source code can be review - https://elixir.bootlin.com/linux/latest/source/mm/slub.c. Or any other repo. I guess there would be a problem with memory allocation, some of your buffers get saturated. Probably the best is kernel update. The best is to create memory dump and provide it to support. if not then I would check the slabtop on per16:51
jurajb0b0iodical manner, respl directly from file system, since slabtop is not the best performing tool.16:51
jurajb0b0Wish you a nice weekend16:51
ubuntuuserhey I can't get my ubuntu to connect to wifi. Anyone able to help?16:51
leftyfbophi: http://imgur.com is a popular one16:51
josephillipsjurajb0b0: im evacuating this host16:52
josephillipsto replicate the issue16:52
josephillipsthe issue is easly replicated16:52
josephillipsmount a nfs16:53
josephillipsrun a dd to this volumune16:53
josephillipswait few seconds16:53
josephillipsand thats it16:53
rjbThe_LoudSpeaker: i suggest to search for the specific sound chip and see if you can find some instructions from somebody successfully setting it up. otherwise you have to play around quite a lot16:53
tatertotzjosephillips: i can write to my nfs with dd without issue16:53
tatertotzjosephillips: have you tried with a different NFS?16:53
tatertotzjosephillips: you probably only have that one to test with16:54
josephillipstatertotz: using nfs 4.1 with pnfs?16:54
josephillipsalso nic servers are on bonding too16:55
tatertotzjosephillips: that means your issue is less likely any bug but a problem with your specific environment and or configuration16:55
josephillipstatertotz: do you belive can be a hardware issue?16:55
tatertotzjosephillips: probably not..probably a configuration issue in your environment16:56
tatertotzjosephillips: you should try a different NFS16:56
josephillipsright now no16:57
tatertotzjosephillips: one that is NOT configured identically to the problematic one16:57
josephillipsi have to enable nfs316:57
josephillipswe move from nfs3 to nfs4.1 like 1.5 years ago16:58
=== ubuntuuser is now known as hexchatuser
ophileftyfb:  https://imgur.com/a/ahgVjRC17:01
leftyfbophi: your ip address is not valid and you still do not have a dns server specified17:02
leftyfbophi: I'm going to guess since you were able to ping your gateway earlier that his is not your actual interfaces file and just some file you're editing manually17:03
jurajb0b0joseph maybe in addition I would recommend the rollback to nfs 4.0 from 4.1 and check.17:03
leftyfbophi: you are constantly making typos and I have no way of knowing whether or not those typo's are in your config or your manual attempt to replicate it. when I asked for a photo of your interfaces file, it was because I didn't want to waste either of our time trying to figure out if the typo exists in your actual config or your attempt to rewrite it17:05
coconutophi, i do not know much about networking, but your ip address is not a valid ipv4 address.17:07
ophileftyb:  It's the actual file, I was adjusting the spacing for readablility and apparently accidently deted the .1 before the .83 (it's vi), I didn't actually save it so it's still working and pinging the gateway17:07
leftyfbophi: going forward, please do not edit/adjust anything unless asked to. Especially when asking for a snapshot of the config17:09
leftyfbophi: reboot. Then run: ip r l # and take a picture of the output17:10
=== westor{off} is now known as westor
SWE442all of my screen resolution options disappeared from ubuntu except 1024x76817:28
SWE442does anyone know how to recover them?17:28
SWE442All I did was restart17:28
SWE442xrandr only shows 1024x76817:28
kyle__SWE442: check to see if your graphics driver is loaded.17:28
SWE442how do I check that?17:29
kyle__I'm a cli junky, so I'd do lsmod|grep nvidia, but I think there's a way in the control panel as well.17:29
tmusI have an external monitor connected to my ThinkPad through USB-C/Thunderbolt, which in turn is powering my ThinkPad - Unless is disable Turbo mode through /sys/devices/system/cpu/intel_pstate/no_turbo, the display will disconnect/reconnect randomly but annoyingly often, making the system useless. Is this a known issue or something to report?17:29
SWE442@kyle__ it is not loaded17:29
SWE442how do I load it?17:30
kyle__if it exists, sudo modprobe <blah> would do it.  BUT, if it's not loaded, you probably updated the kernel and the DKMS module didn't rebuild.17:30
SWE442sorry, I'm really new17:31
kyle__That's ok.  So, A) there is probably a better way of doing this, but B) I never learned it :)17:32
kyle__uname -a to get your kernel name17:32
kyle__Linux leela 5.3.0-59-generic #53~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 4 14:58:26 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:33
kyle__That's what mine shows.  then sudo apt-get install linux-headers-5.3.0-59-generic17:33
kyle__Or whatevfver the kernel name is, just with linux-headers- prepended.17:33
SWE442kyle__ apt get list --installed | grep linux-headers already shows those headers as installed?17:36
kyle__FOr the exact kernel you've got?17:36
SWE442I tried your line with my kernel (5.4.0-39) and it said is already installed17:37
tatertotzSWE442: are you chatting from the computer right now?17:37
SWE442I'm in 1024x76817:37
kyle__Hu.  That was my big idea :/ sorry.  I end up in that situation when I update my kernel, because the headers aren't uato-updated, so I don't get my nvidia module.  Drat.17:37
SWE442but you were right that my nvidia drivers aren'tloaded17:38
tatertotzSWE442: in terminal>     journalctl -p 3|nc termbin.com 999917:38
tatertotzSWE442: share url/link here...if you do not get a url/link...simply say so17:38
SWE442looks like bad memory?17:40
tatertotzSWE442: in terminal>     journalctl -p 2|nc termbin.com 999917:40
tatertotzSWE442: share url/link here...if you do not get a url/link...simply say so17:40
tatertotzSWE442: in terminal>     awk -F\' '/menuentry / {print $2}' /boot/grub/grub.cfg|nc termbin.com 999917:42
tatertotzSWE442: share url/link here...if you do not get a url/link...simply say so17:42
tatertotzSWE442: in terminal>     inxi -Fxxprzc0|nc termbin.com 999917:43
ubuntuuserhey guys17:43
tatertotzSWE442: if not installed follow the instructions shown to install then follow through17:44
ubuntuuserso pia offers an option to block lan access, I'm running under the assumption my home network is infected, does this mean they can't get me through my lan?17:44
SWE442"Display: x11 server: X.Org 1.20.8 driver: fbdev,nouveau unloaded" !!17:45
SWE442that seems wrong17:45
tatertotzSWE442: do you have this same issue if you boot the older kernel you have installed??? Ubuntu, with Linux 5.4.0-3717:45
SWE442I've never tried17:46
SWE442I don't think it has a menu entry in my boot manager17:46
tatertotzSWE442: boot older kernel and see if nouveau loads normally17:46
SWE442can't I just load nouveau here?17:47
SWE442why would nouveau stop loading17:47
tatertotzSWE442: of course it does ..didn't you seeit in the link you shared17:47
SWE442okay, I'll do as you say17:47
tatertotzSWE442: https://termbin.com/vpz117:47
pyraindrophttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/1870736?comments=all - anyone knows how to fix this?17:47
tatertotzyou clearly have the older kernel i'm speaking of17:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1870736 in mutter (Ubuntu) "[nvidia] Screen scaling 125% gives 200%" [High,Confirmed]17:47
pyraindropPerhaps someone can vote for me for that bug17:47
cxc99is there a way to change teh default boot kernel in ubuntu thru command line? like grubby?17:48
SWE442I'm back17:49
SWE442loaded 37, but same problem17:49
tomreynpyraindrop: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseNotes#Desktop17:49
tomreynplease always make sure you read the release notes before filing bug reports17:50
tatertotzSWE442: any particular reason you go with nouveau over proprietary driver?17:51
pyraindroptomreyn, is there any way you can vote for this - it says only 100 people are effected - I am sure that number is in 1000s17:51
SWE442@tatertotz no, I thought I was using the proprietary one.  Maybe it got uninstalled somehow?  How do I use that?17:51
tomreynpyraindrop: i'm not affected, don't use nvidia graphics cards17:52
SWE442in fact, I'm pretty sure I even had CUDA installed, but I guess that's broken now17:52
tatertotzSWE442: in terminal>     ubuntu-drivers devices|nc termbin.com 999917:52
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SWE442nothing happened???17:53
tomreynSWE442: or, for the GUI: software-properties-gtk --open-tab=417:53
pyraindroptomreyn, is there a work around till this bug is fixed?17:54
tatertotzSWE442: in terminal>     ubuntu-drivers list17:54
tomreynpyraindrop: if there is, then it's likley discussed in those linked bug reports.17:54
tatertotzSWE442: you don't see any info when you run that?17:54
SWE442I see info,b ut for some weird reason when I pipe to termbin, I don't get a link back17:55
SWE442I don't understand17:55
tatertotzSWE442: i understand17:55
ophileftyfb:  https://imgur.com/a/vYk8ETx17:55
ophileftyfb:  some progress though still no name resolution17:55
tatertotzSWE442: in terminal>     ubuntu-drivers devices|tee ~/nip.pir17:55
SWE442I catted it to a file and then catted that file to termbin17:56
tatertotzSWE442: cool17:56
tatertotzSWE442: thinking on your feet..thats good17:56
tatertotzSWE442: in terminal>      apt list --installed|grep nvid17:57
tatertotzSWE442: show a termbin of the output17:57
leftyfbophi: you didn't do what I asked17:57
tatertotzSWE442: you have the nvidia 440 installed but it failed to load18:00
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ophileftyfb:  what's missing?  I restarted, ran the ip route command, took photo.  (browser crashed, on different computer, may have missed something)18:00
SWE442tatertotz I see, thanks18:00
SWE442tatertotz how do I fix it?18:00
leftyfbophi: the photo is not the output of the ip command18:00
tatertotzSWE442: i suggest a doing a sos report then attempting to reinstall it18:01
tatertotzSWE442: in terminal>    sudo apt install sosreport18:01
ophileftyfb:   ip r l is  at the top, followed by the interfaces followed by resolv.conf18:02
leftyfbophi: you linked to https://imgur.com/a/vYk8ETx  that is only a vi edit of an interfaces file18:02
ophileftyfb:  if it's cut off, it returned dev eth0 onlink18:03
SWE442tatertotz and then?18:03
ophileftyfb:  hang on, I see the problem with the photo...18:04
kyle__Don't you also need auto eth0 in that leftyfb?18:09
leftyfbkyle__: 1 step at a time18:09
leftyfbkyle__: but yes18:10
kyle__If pthreads taught me anything, it's start everything at once, then weep when trying to debug.18:10
SWE442tatertotz I see what happened now18:11
SWE442nvidia just released a new driver18:11
SWE442it probably tried to auto-update18:11
SWE442and ruined everything18:11
Bashing-omSWE442: https://9to5linux.com/linux-kernel-and-nvidia-vulnerabilities-patched-in-ubuntu-20-04-lts-19-10-and-18-04-lts affects you ?18:13
SWE442Bashing-om not anymore, since my system tried to automatically update to 440 and now won't load the nvidia drivers!18:13
SWE442I guess I should try to install the 450 drivers18:14
SWE442how do I do that?18:14
Bashing-omSWE442: To many cooks spoil the brew - I will continue to watch before I make any additional recomendations.18:15
SWE442Bashing-om okay thanks I'll try to install 450 while I wait for tatertotz18:15
Bashing-omSWE442: There is a procedure to do a re-install of the driver. take care here !18:16
SWE442where is the procedure? I can't seem to download them from nvidia's page18:16
Bashing-omSWE442: Nvidia advises NOT to do that ! "Note that many Linux distributions provide their own packages of the NVIDIA Linux Graphics Driver in the distribution's native package management format. This may interact better with the rest of your distribution's framework, and you may want to use this rather than NVIDIA's official package.".18:17
SWE442Bashing-om OK, how do I do that?18:18
Bashing-omSWE442: OK - I take over this. 1st, is this a EFI system ?18:18
SWE442Bashing-om UEFI?18:18
Bashing-omSWE442: Yeah - UEFI a factor here ?18:19
SWE442it is a uefi system18:19
SWE442I just want to reload the graphics drivers18:19
SWE442they seem to be installed18:19
SWE442or maybe we should just purge al of the nvidia drivers and reload them18:19
SWE442reinstall and reload tehm18:19
sarnoldapt install has a --reinstall command line option you can use if you've accidentally overwritten or deleted files18:20
Bashing-omSWE442: well we can look at what is installed ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' - might be best just to purge and have the system install what it thinks best.18:21
kyle__Would dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-dkms-450 work?18:21
kyle__Assuming 450 was installed...18:21
SWE442kyle__ looks like 440 was installed, but they just released 450 on the same day as 44018:22
SWE442so maybe I should shoot for 45018:22
SWE442maybe they fixed some bugs18:22
SWE442that day being 2 days ago lol18:22
kyle__I have 450 on mine with no issues, but it's also 18.04, not 20.04.18:22
ophileftyfb: https://imgur.com/a/QS4O46c18:22
leftyfbophi: same picture18:23
SWE442kyle__ yeah maybe I was crazy to upgrade so soon18:23
leftyfbophi: it's the same exact picture uploaded twice18:23
SWE442let's install 45018:24
SWE442how do I do that18:24
SWE442your dpkg thing looks like it will work18:24
Bashing-omSWE442: "rc  linux-modules" some modules have been removed :( .. still say might be best just to purge - disable secure boot - have the system install what it thinks best and see then what you have.18:25
tatertotzSWE442: i'm back ...sorry had to take care of a ticket18:25
SWE442tatertotz great!18:25
tatertotzSWE442: did you reinstall nvidia and all is well now?18:25
SWE442I figured out that nvidia released new drivers 2 days ago18:25
kyle__tatertotz: https://www.cipher-it.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/ITCrow.jpg18:25
SWE442I'm pretty sure my system automatically upgraded to 440 (but 450 was quickly released) and that broke everything18:26
SWE442so now I know the cause18:26
SWE442I want to install 45018:26
tatertotzkyle__: is that meant for me or someone else18:26
kyle__You said you had to take care of a ticket.  I fgured it was a support ticket :)18:26
Bashing-om!info nvidia-driver-450 focal18:27
tatertotzkyle__: lol oh ...yes it was18:27
ubottuPackage nvidia-driver-450 does not exist in focal18:27
Bashing-om!info nvidia-driver-440 focal18:27
ubottunvidia-driver-440 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-440): NVIDIA driver metapackage. In component restricted, is optional. Version 440.100-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 (focal), package size 407 kB, installed size 1165 kB18:27
tatertotzSWE442: mod/op says that isn't available in the repos from what i gather18:28
SWE442!info nvidia-driver-450 focal18:28
ubottuPackage nvidia-driver-450 does not exist in focal18:28
SWE442I see18:28
SWE442that's annoying18:28
SWE442I will just do the dpkg re thing for 44018:29
SWE442dpkg reconfigure18:29
tatertotzSWE442: I'd like to get a sos and then you attempt to purge and reinstall 440...but sounds like you're already on an action plan18:29
kyle__root@leela:~# apt-cache madison nvidia-driver-45018:29
kyle__nvidia-driver-450 | 450.36.06-0ubuntu1 | http://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/repos/ubuntu1804/x86_64  Packages18:29
SWE442how do do that? tatertoz18:30
SWE442I installed sos18:30
SWE442but I don't know how to use it18:30
V178SWE442: I would purge and reinstall as well18:30
tatertotzSWE442: in terminal>    sudo sosreport18:30
kyle__I think mine is from the from the nvidia cuda repo18:30
SWE442sos is running18:31
tatertotzSWE442: firstname=SW   lastname=E44218:31
kyle__On an unrelated note, why is apt-cache madison called madison?18:31
Bashing-omSWE442: Were me - sudo apt purge nvidia*. reboot to bios and disable secure boot, boot the install and from terminal run ' sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall '.18:31
SWE442tatertotz I put nothing for case id, is that okay?18:31
tatertotzSWE442: that's fine18:31
SWE442Bashing-om I'm worried because I spent a lot of time installing CUDA and CUDnn and those would probably go too?18:32
SWE442tatertoz ok, my sos has been saved in a tar gz18:32
SWE442not sure what to do with it?18:32
tatertotzSWE442: in terminal>    sudo chown 1000 /tmp/sos*18:33
Bashing-omSWE442: Yep cuda too will in all likely hood be gone :( no experience here with cuda. I may be of little further help.18:33
tatertotzSWE442: you won't see anything just confirm when you've completed each step18:33
SWE442tatertoz done18:33
tatertotzSWE442: in terminal>    sudo mv /tmp/sos* ~/18:34
tatertotzSWE442: go to https://filebin.net and look in your home folder and upload ALL sos files and then share url/link here18:34
SWE442I guess I'm trusting that this sos report isn't some kind of back door I've just installed18:35
SWE442that would be very sneaky lol18:35
tatertotzSWE442: no..it's well documented and commonly used18:37
tatertotzSWE442: it expedites support18:37
SWE442ok ok :)18:37
ophileftyfb:  https://imgur.com/a/8GPtDJm18:38
tatertotzSWE442: did you already reinstall nvidia?18:39
SWE442tatertotz no, I dont know how18:39
SWE442It looks like it's already installed18:39
tatertotzSWE442: i'd purge it18:39
SWE442I think it got reinstalled, but not reactivated18:39
SWE442okay, how do I do that?18:39
leftyfbophi: how did you start networking when the server booted?18:39
tatertotzSWE442: in terminal>   sudo apt purge nvidia*18:39
SWE442no matches found18:40
SWE442Unable to locate packages18:40
SWE442(I'm using zsh so I had to quote "nvidia*")18:40
SWE442(I guess to prevent expansion)18:40
Bashing-omSWE442: tatertotz : cuda - see the output of ' apt show nvidia-modprobe '; is that module installed ?18:41
SWE442Bashing-om yes18:41
tatertotzBashing-om: good catch18:41
tatertotzSWE442: brb have another ticket i have to attend to18:42
skyliner_369IDK what's with youtube... it just... has a low framerate fullscreen now18:43
Bashing-omtatertotz: SWE442 :: see the posted https://termbin.com/yxtq where modules have been removed :(18:43
SWE442Bashing-om I'm purging 440 now18:43
SWE442okay, now how do I reinstall 44018:44
SWE442sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall18:44
skyliner_369in not full screen it's refresh matched but it's like 10 FPS fullscreen.18:44
SWE442hope this works lol18:44
ophileftyfb:  system managed18:45
SWE442luckily nvidia only releases drivers a couple times a year lol18:45
Bashing-omSWE442: ^ as stated above - next is to disable secure boot - as the driver is 3rd party and the firmware does it job to block the install.18:45
SWE442I think they break my system every time18:45
leftyfbophi: as pointed about above, you don't have "auto eth0" in your interfaces file. That will prevent the interface from coming up with your config.18:45
SWE442Bashing-om shoot, I just install 440 again, should I purge it and reboot?  I don't know how to disable secure boot and this scares me18:46
Bashing-omSWE442: Secure boot is in the firmware. Each manufacturer does it differently as there is no standard for UEFI to this time.18:47
leftyfbophi: also, as I've mentioned before, you should be adding the dns-nameserver entry to your interfaces file. Not editing resolv.conf manually. Not for a perm solution anyway18:48
SWE442Bashing-om so you want me to disable secure boot in my BIOS and reboot to linux, install the driver, reboot to my BIOS disable secure boot18:48
SWE442I mean reenable secure boot18:49
Bashing-omSWE442: Once the driver is installed yep then you can re-enable secure boot, That nvidia driver from the repo is "trusted" :D18:49
SWE442okay, I'm rebooting into BIOS to disable secure boot, then I will install the nvidia drivers18:50
SWE442then I will reboot into bios to enable secure boot18:50
SWE442do I not need to do dpkg reconfigure?18:50
Bashing-omSWE442: Sounds like a plan to me :P18:51
tatertotzSWE442: back18:51
SWE442tatertotz I just purged my drivers18:52
SWE442okay, I'm rebooting into BIOS to disable secure boot, then I will install the nvidia driversthen I will reboot into bios to enable secure bootdo I not need to do dpkg reconfigure?18:52
tatertotzSWE442: you probably want to leave secureboot OFF18:52
Bashing-omSWE442: No, dpkg reconfigure should not be required.18:52
SWE442@tatertotz okay18:53
SWE442rebooting now to do that18:53
Bashing-omsweSystem is smart - have it choose the driver (440 I bet)  ' sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall '18:54
ophileftyfb:  Added auto eth0 at the top of the eth0 section and added dns-nameservers to the bottom and restarted, can still ping gateway though still no name resolution18:57
ophileftyfb:  should I remove the entry in resolv.conf or put back the defauit resolv.conf ?18:58
leftyfbophi: the "auto eth0" is a requirement for your network to start up. How were you starting your interface before?18:58
tatertotzah i see what happend18:59
tatertotztisk tisk tisk18:59
ophileftyfb: system managed.  it's started, It would not ping if not.  Mostly restarting the server, but tried service network restart a couple times this morning but stopped when I saw the different results from ip r19:00
leftyfbophi: "ip -4 a show eth0"19:02
leftyfbophi: what ip address shows there?19:02
SWE442tatertotz I rebooted, but I wasn't able to disable secure boot19:02
SWE442it was greyed out and enabled19:02
leftyfbophi: I question whether or not it's even utilizing your interfaces file19:02
SWE442and I'm very afraid to mess with my bios after many wasted days19:02
tatertotzSWE442: i was able to find what caused your problems19:02
SWE442with bios problems19:03
SWE442tatertotz oh yeah what's that?19:03
tatertotzSWE442: take a look https://termbin.com/f0ts19:03
SWE442I see19:03
SWE442okay, well that's all purged now19:03
tatertotzSWE442: API mismatch19:03
SWE442so I can just reinstall and we should be good?19:03
SWE442all the nvidia drivers are purged afaik19:03
ophileftyfb:  it is.  I switched from DHCP to static and it switched.19:03
tatertotzSWE442: try reinstalling them19:04
tatertotzSWE442: try reinstalling it19:04
tatertotzSWE442: i'm seeing that you had19:05
tatertotzSWE442: this kernel module has the version 440.64.19:05
leftyfbophi: which DNS server is your openSUSE machine using?19:05
tatertotzSWE442: then somehow a newer version shows up in the environment19:05
SWE442tatertotz weird19:06
tatertotzSWE442: resulting in a API mismatch19:06
SWE442okay nvidia reinstalled19:06
SWE442do I need to do anything to enable or just reset?19:06
tatertotzSWE442: CTRL+ALT+Backspace OR reboot19:06
SWE442c-a-bs doesn't do anything?19:07
tatertotzI'll try and hunt down where and how this 440.100 got into your environment19:08
Bashing-omsweWhat machine is this ? "secure boot greyed out" - as the driver will not complete to install unless secure boot is disabled - I tell you again.19:09
ophileftyfb: AND an IPv6 address.  disable ipv6?19:11
SWE442tatertotz it worked!  thanks a lot everyone kyle__ Bashing-om19:11
tatertotzSWE442: let's see this19:11
SWE442tatertotz see what?19:11
tatertotzSWE442: in terminal>    inxi -Fxxprzc0|nc termbin.com 999919:11
leftyfbophi: wait, your opensuse is using .83 as it's nameserver?19:12
tatertotzSWE442: wanna give you a final look over19:12
SWE442inxi -Fxxprzc0|nc termbin.com 999919:12
Bashing-omSWE442: For piece of mind ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo apt -f install ' completes with no errors ?19:12
tatertotzSWE442: looks good ...you're using NVIDIA 440.10019:13
SWE442Bashing-om yup19:13
SWE442thanks everyone19:13
SWE442now I know what to do when they release 450 for my system19:13
tatertotzSWE442: that's probably where the API mismatch came from19:13
tatertotzSWE442: have a nice day19:14
leftyfbophi: according to your photos, .83 is the ip address of your Ubuntu server. Why did you respond with " AND an IPv6 address.  disable ipv6?" when I asked "which DNS server is your openSUSE machine using?"19:14
SWE442tatertotz thank you you too19:23
ophileftyfb:  SUSE poitnint to
leftyfbthere's something going on that either isn't being mentioned or you are unaware of. If you have a proper ip address, can ping your gateway and have a DNS server specified, then there's no reason it shouldn't work. Since the security policy here seems a bit excessive, it's possible they limit clients by MAC or hostname or something. You should try using a tool like dig or host or nslookup with strace to see where it might be breaking down19:24
ophileftyfb:  We've seen some ipv6 issues where disabling it on Windows & Linux systems resolves odd networking issues, I will try that and check back with you Monday.19:24
leftyfbophi: that is not going to help19:25
flying_sausagesHey everyone, I'm curious how packaging for ubuntu works. What would need to happen to update jdupes on focal sources to 1.17.0? I'm looking at this specifically https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jdupes/1.14.0-219:26
flying_sausagesi.e. is there anything I can do to make 1.17 available on focal through Ubuntu sources19:26
flying_sausagesIf i understand correctly that package is currently coming in from Debian?19:27
sarnoldflying_sausages: you'd use apt-get source jdupes to download the source package; download the tarball from upstream, place it next to the old tarball downloaded by apt-get source; change the version number in debian/changelog -- then rebuild it via sbuild or other building tools -- fix errors as necessary19:27
flying_sausagesI see, thanks for the info19:28
flying_sausagesis there a convenient way to see what changes had to be applied for that package?19:28
flying_sausagesi.e. difference between original source and what went into the repo19:29
sarnoldflying_sausages: it depends on the package; the what-patch program from devscripts package can tell you what type of patch system is in use with the package19:30
sarnoldflying_sausages: some packages use quilt and debian/patches/ directory -- others just change the source directly (terrifying but very rare)19:30
ophileftyfb:  you may well be right, but it's happened here many times, assuming it's a router issue of some kind.19:31
leftyfbophi: you would do well to enable outbound ICMP. You're only limiting yourself and not adding any security19:32
ses1984i'm trying to run steam, and i see `SteamUpdateUI: An X Error occurred` and then it just hangs. was working a few days ago. i've been using nvidia proprietary drivers and haven't changed anything, anything i should try?19:35
flying_sausagesWhat would be the appropriate URL to set as "upstream project" for jdupes? the page on debian.packages or the github repo?19:37
tatertotzses1984: what changes have occurred since it was last working?...including but not limited to updates19:37
sarnoldflying_sausages: probably github repo19:38
flying_sausageswithin the context of the launchpad's "Upstream connections"19:38
ses1984tatertotz: i have no idea, maybe auto updates, i didn't intentionally change anything19:40
ses1984i get "X Error of failed request: BadValue..." when trying to run glxinfo http://dpaste.com/1QMD0K219:41
tatertotzses1984: are you chatting from the computer right now?19:42
tatertotzses1984: in terminal>      inxi -Fxxprzc0|nc termbin.com 999919:42
tatertotzses1984: follow instructions to install if not installed and follow through19:42
tatertotzses1984: share url/link here...if you do not get a url/link..simply say so19:42
flying_sausagessarnold, can you check if I messed something up if you'd be so kind? https://launchpad.net/jdupes/trunk I don't want to introduce gibberish into the system19:45
tatertotzses1984: something is not right with your direct rendering status19:45
flying_sausagesor maybe this link is more appropriate https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/groovy/+source/jdupes19:45
ses1984this part right? "OpenGL: renderer: N/A version: N/A Direct Render: N/A19:45
tatertotzses1984: correct....that is abnormal19:46
sarnoldflying_sausages: hmm, are you intending to *be* the jdupes project on launchpad?19:47
flying_sausagesdefinitely not for the time being19:48
flying_sausagesI was assuming i was simply recording that the code is being tracked on github and nothing other than that19:48
sarnoldflying_sausages: ah, okay :)19:48
flying_sausagesbut I can't find any reference to the github now19:48
tatertotzses1984: do you have a systemback/timeshift backup of your system?19:49
sarnolddon't worry too much about the launchpad view of the jdupes project, that's not really part of the path to getting a newer version built for your system19:49
tatertotzses1984: are you even using any of those system restore type of functionality19:50
flying_sausagesI mean, I was assuming that making this sort of info more "linked" could lead people to find it wasier19:50
flying_sausagesand *cough* help someone else do it for me *cough*19:50
flying_sausagesthe project itself is making releases with a single static binary for amd64 so I'm wondering how difficult would it be to make that into a package for ubuntu by making the deb package19:51
flying_sausagesmaybe I could somehow automate creating the package and uploading it to a PPA19:52
flying_sausagesrather than maintaining it or something19:52
sarnoldflying_sausages: if you want to go down that route, then packaging a snap would probably be faster and easier19:53
flying_sausagesI mean, it's just a static binary that needs to be copied to /usr/bin/local19:54
flying_sausagesI'm not too familiar with either of the processes but I'm eager to learn so I'll see if I can find my way around docs online19:55
flying_sausageswhat would you say the advantages would be? can I make it so that I define a snap and let it download and version itself based off the github releases?19:56
sarnoldflying_sausages: yeah; there's a few different 'kinds' of building -- you can fully automate the thing https://snapcraft.io/build  -- but I'm not sure how well that works if you don't 'own' the repository in question. you could probably do it with a  fork easily enough..19:58
sarnoldflying_sausages: but as a 'simple consumer' of upstream releases you could put together a snapcraft.yaml file to describe how to build it: https://snapcraft.io/#c19:58
flying_sausagesI could for it and set github automation so that it force-rebases on top of the upstream19:58
sarnoldthis second approach would be less automated but perhaps less work to get going initially..19:59
flying_sausagesIdeally, I'd set something up once that would just update the snap on its own19:59
flying_sausagesI've got a dedicated box I could task with it19:59
flying_sausagesbut if it could bypass that and just build itself from source on the destination machine I think that would be optimal20:00
flying_sausagesi.e. define the repo, and let it rebuild itself when the upstream pushes a new commit to master20:01
flying_sausagesor a new tag is pushed20:01
flying_sausagesfunny how far a linux user can go when they're missing one option because the repo version is out of date by a couple months ha20:01
sarnoldflying_sausages: yeah that kind of thing ought to be doable, especially if you've got a way to update a fork without interaction :)20:02
sarnoldlol yeah20:02
flying_sausagesI suppose this might be better to do in #snapcraft?20:03
sarnoldflying_sausages: yes, probably :) It's been years since I've built a snap myself, they do it all the time :) hehe20:03
Kamilioni've had consistant problems with snaps; for a single static binary, a .deb is far better to have out on the ubuntu package archive mirrors than a snap you can only get from canonical servers.20:05
flying_sausagesYeah I'm also not sure a snap would be the right thing seeing as updates might break some things unintentionally20:07
flying_sausagesso I'd be more comfortable with updates being a manual thing20:07
Kamilionplus snap abuses the loopback devices20:08
sarnoldwhen you control the snap you can run the stable branch on your machines and only push from edge to stable after you test it20:08
flying_sausagesfurthermore this thing is a duplicate finder so if I could remove any overhead the better20:08
Kamilioni can't seem to increase past 256 loop devices :/20:08
flying_sausagessarnold, I'd rather not "test" anything hahaha20:12
ubuntuuserhi I can't seem to get my ubuntu to connect to wifi, would anyone have any idea why?20:13
flying_sausagesMaybe all I have to do is this https://github.com/jbruchon/jdupes/issues/13620:13
sarnoldflying_sausages: worth a shot :)20:13
flying_sausagesubuntuuser, did you check your Network manager logs?20:14
flying_sausagesjournalctl -u NetworkManager20:14
ubuntuuserhold on, and thank you20:14
flying_sausagesyou can netcat them to termbin if you'd like to paste them here20:15
Kamilionor grab the 'pastie' package, which should submit to paste.ubuntu.com (if I recall correctly)20:15
flying_sausagesi.e. `journalctl -u NetworkManager | nc termbin.com 9999`20:15
ubuntuuser<warn>  [1593035317.9082] dns-sd-resolved[3f8ef6019697f017]: send-updates failed to update systemd-resolved: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.resolve1.NoSuchLin20:15
flying_sausagesoh nice didn't know that20:15
flying_sausagesis something similar also in Debian Kamilion?20:16
ubuntuusercan i dm them to you? my username for the laptop is my real name20:16
flying_sausagesplease don't ha20:16
flying_sausagesyou can do this though20:16
Kamilionflying_sausages: yeah, think debian has something similar. and i just looked for the pastie package and couldn't find it20:17
flying_sausages`journalctl -u NetworkManager | sed 's/username/anon/g'`20:17
flying_sausagescheck if that anonymises it enough20:17
flying_sausagessorry that's `sed -e ...`20:18
Kamilion"pastebinit", in ubuntu and debian. (default submission target is different though)20:19
flying_sausagesthat's fine, been looking for something I could use in another toolset that would work20:20
Kamilionreliant on python320:20
flying_sausagesI wonder if it allows the user to delete the pastes if they want to20:20
Kamiliondepends on which service is being submitted to20:20
ubuntuusernot showing logs now20:20
ubuntuuserjust a >20:20
Kamilioni can remove my paste.ubuntu.com entries, because I'm logged in with launchpad and have a cookie set with my authentication tokens20:21
ubuntuusergot it20:21
ubuntuusernope name still there20:21
matsamanflying_sausages: yet another: http://ix.io/20:22
Kamilionubuntuuser: alter "username" in that command to reflect your actual username.20:22
flying_sausagesubuntuuser, in my case "journalctl -u NetworkManager | sed -e 's/sausage/anon/g'" works for example20:22
Kamilion`journalctl -u NetworkManager | sed -e 's/kamilion/anon/g'`   <-- example20:23
ubuntuuserso im myname@myname20:23
flying_sausages!man sed20:23
flying_sausages.man sed20:23
Kamilionyou set the hostname to the same? Heh.20:23
flying_sausageswasn't there a man linky thing?20:23
Kamilionubottu: man sed20:23
sorcereri just added a 3rd ubuntu computer on my desk20:24
ubuntuuserwell doomed to my phones internet for 5eva I guess, no usual fixes?20:24
Kamiliontrying to use wifi hotspot from your phone?20:24
ubuntuuserno im tethered20:24
Kamilionk, just making sure, i'm easily confused20:25
matsamanyour computer isn't connecting to the internet?20:25
ubuntuuserto wifi20:25
flying_sausagesI mean, do you get any specific error?20:25
flying_sausagesI assumed you'd say so if you got one so I assumed you didn't get one20:25
ubuntuuserjust doesn't connect20:25
flying_sausagesis it enterprise or something?20:26
Kamilionwhat sort of AP is your target, out of curiosity?20:26
ubuntuuserwhat is enterprise?20:26
KamilionWPA2 enterptise auth20:26
Kamilionvs presharedkey20:26
ubuntuusermy computer is lenovo if that helps20:26
flying_sausageshah not exactly20:26
Kamilionknow the brand of the thing on the other end?20:26
flying_sausagesthen again, are you sure you have the right drivers for your wifi chip20:26
ubuntuuserwhat does AP mean?20:27
KamilionTP-link, cisco, asus, meraki, ubiquity, etc?20:27
tatertotzno..he's not enterprise anything20:27
ubuntuuserhome wifi20:27
KamilionAccess Point -- the wifi 'server'20:27
Kamilionyour lenovo is the wifi client20:27
ubuntuuserits verizon?20:27
Kamilionsome brands of wifi hosts (AP / router / modem, whatever someone decides to call it)20:28
Kamilionare really crap. (like netgears. UGH!)20:28
ubuntuuseryou want me to look at the wifi box?20:28
Kamilionyeah, be helpful to know what it is you are failing to connect to.20:28
ubuntuuserwhat am i looking for?20:28
Kamilionwho manufactured it20:29
Kamilionany kinda corporate logo20:29
Kamilionor sticker with the model name and serial number and that sort of info (I don't need the serial number, but the model information is usually nearby it)20:29
ubuntuusersays verizon20:30
ubuntuuserfrom verizon20:30
Kamilionhome 4G modem? big thing, or pocket-sized thing?20:30
Kamilion(the little pocket sized things call themselves "jetpacks" I think)20:31
tatertotzubuntuuser: since your system has PIN/personal information as the username AND hostname, resulting in inability to share logs, it'll be difficult if not impossible for you to get aid20:31
ubuntuuserbigger than my pocket20:32
flying_sausagesif there's a version number on the back that would be the first step20:32
KamilionSomething like this?20:32
tatertotzubuntuuser: you could temporarily change hostname and make a new user name, reboot and then share logs20:32
flying_sausagesChecking manuals online also helps20:32
ubuntuuserminus the bottom part Kamilion20:32
Kamilioncool. Have you tried pressing the WPS button on the front?20:33
flying_sausagesDid you manage to get it to work on some other system20:33
ubuntuuserI can now20:33
ubuntuuserconnect and press the button?20:33
Kamilionpress then button and then try to connect20:33
Kamilionalso, often these units have a limitation of something like 5 devices that may be connected at once. If you've exceeded that, you'll have to disconnect one or more devices (my dad's smart TV for example)20:34
ubuntuuserok just disconnected my phone20:35
Kamilionbut that's probably not the issue. Betcha that thing is just picky about how clients may join (WPS or PSK)20:35
ubuntuuseram I not wpa?20:35
flying_sausagesI would check how your phone is connected and see if you can replicate those settings. How did you connect your phone to it? using some password?20:35
KamilionWPA2 is the main mode; but it has several authentication modes too20:36
flying_sausages(except the IPs of course)20:36
ubuntuusermy phone is just android20:36
ubuntuuserput in the password.....20:36
KamilionPSK, preshared key, WPS, Wired protected setup, and Enterprise (a username is ALSO required with this mode)20:36
flying_sausagesand you've had success with connecting to other networks using the laptop, correct?20:36
Kamilionyeah, you're using PSK then20:36
ubuntuusercan't connect to my phone's wifi hot spot either20:37
Kamilionwell, if you have a lot of issues, grab a network cable20:37
Kamilionplug into one of the three ports on the unit20:37
Kamilionand run apt package upgrades20:37
ubuntuuserim already tethered just want wifi20:37
flying_sausagesKamilion, > <ubuntuuser> can't connect to my phone's wifi hot spot either20:37
Kamilionyeah, his box exposes ethernet though.20:37
flying_sausagessounds like it won't be the problem of the profile20:37
flying_sausagesbut of the laptop itself20:37
ubuntuuserinvalid operation?20:38
Kamilionmake sure you've gotten all the package updates for ubuntu on the laptop, including networkmanager, linux-firmware, and wpa-supplicant20:38
Kamilionthen try wifi again?20:38
flying_sausagesif you can, get onto ethernet or some other means and run an update and upgrade essentially20:38
flying_sausagesIf you go into "Update manager" there should also be something about Drivers, so check if you have some alternatives there20:39
ubuntuuserdid that already20:39
KamilionBTW. that verizon-branded unit is made by "novatel", and is a model "T114" or "T1114v"20:39
Kamilionthey're also known as "mifi" units while the little pocket sized ones are "jetpack". That should help you find support elsewhere too, since it looks like we suck at it :D20:40
Kamilionbut we're just random ubuntu users like you20:41
flying_sausagesI mean, ideally there would be logs hahaha20:41
flying_sausagesYou can also just store the logs into a file, open them in a text editor, do find and replace and then upload them to pastebin or something ubuntuuser20:42
flying_sausagesyou can store files using `whatevercmd > ~/file.txt`20:42
flying_sausageswhich would put it in your homedir20:43
ubuntuusersorry missed a few things20:46
ubuntuuserI can't find my phone on wifi20:46
ubuntuuserbye ubuntuuser2!20:48
ubuntuuseris there a good channel for ethical hacking?20:49
matsamanubuntuuser: what is ethical hacking?20:49
ubuntuuserlike hacking, but for ethical purposes20:49
matsamanlike breaking the law?20:49
matsaman/msg alis list *hack*20:50
matsaman/msg alis list *code*20:50
flying_sausageshow do you escape the / at the beginning of a message?20:50
matsamanflying_sausages: depends on your client20:50
ubuntuusertype //20:51
matsamanyeah for hexchat it's '//foo'20:52
matsamanfor irssi you can do '/ /foo'20:52
matsamanand there is a command you can use to echo out, also20:52
matsamanfor more complicated things20:52
matsamanprobably /echo or /print or something20:52
matsamangotta be careful with those, usually prudent to end with | head -1 or | tail -120:53
matsamanif it's command output20:53
ubuntuuserno one uses irssi20:55
ubuntuuserand for good reason20:55
ubuntuuseryou have awoken anger in me, i hate irssi20:55
ubuntuuserso much20:55
matsamanit's good to have a non-GUI IRC client even if you use HexChat20:56
matsamanbut over the years I finally dropped HexChat, because readline shortcuts20:56
matsamanmake textual communication & utilization so much faster20:56
ubuntuuserhey how much would it cost to ddos discord for like a year?20:57
ubuntuuseri hate discord20:57
matsamanfor a year?21:00
matsamanyou'd have to be a lot smarter than almost everyone in the world21:00
matsamanthe actual cost in currency is negligible21:00
=== BrianG61UK_ is now known as BrianG61UK
kotaroubuntu is the best21:31
skyliner_369So... IDK what it is but it feels like as time goes on, my GPU is getting touched by Ubuntu less and less... I have a 1060 and even in minetest it's running at barely 6 fps.21:44
disillusionskyliner_369, is the graphics performance ok on another distro?21:47
skyliner_369it's OK on windows... but I'm trying to use windows less21:47
disillusionskyliner_369, do you have a lot of experience installing the nvidia driver on linux?21:48
skyliner_369Also Blender is being super slow even. like I open it up with the default cube, press the play arrow, and, well, that's about 11.25 FPS21:49
disillusionThese days the distros usually install the correct nvidia driver, but sometimes a particular driver version doesn't get along with the computer or graphics chip it's running on.21:49
skyliner_369I'm using nvidia's 440 driver... but honestly? I might actually have a better time with xorg it feels like now21:49
disillusionskyliner_369, is that an older nvidia card?21:50
skyliner_369oh 440 is the driver software stuff. the card is a 106021:50
disillusionskyliner_369, did you follow the ubuntu instructions for installing the driver?21:55
disillusionSometimes Ubuntu shows you different nvidia driver versions you have to choose from, and changing the version can fix a problem. See this article for example: https://linoxide.com/linux-how-to/how-to-install-nvidia-driver-on-ubuntu/21:57
disillusionin particular, this image in the article: https://linoxide.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/software-updates.png21:57
Phruisi have a termimal boot21:59
Phruisno gui21:59
Phruishow can i start a gui program?21:59
disillusionBut it may be a good idea to switch to noveau then reboot so it starts out fresh again. Then install a different nvidia version, then reboot.21:59
sarnoldPhruis: what are you trying to do?21:59
tatertotzskyliner_369: are you chatting from the computer right now?22:00
Phruissarnold i have a pi and i am trying to get plex player started at boot22:00
Phruissarnold https://github.com/plexinc/plex-media-player22:00
Phruisthat is the software22:00
Phruisit built fine22:00
sarnoldPhruis: when you run it, do you get any error messages?22:03
jordandarkwas wondering if there was a way to install just the login manager for lxde?22:04
Phruissarnold could not initialize egl display22:04
Phruisi remember some command like DISPLAY=X0 or something but i can't remember it22:04
Phruisknow what i am talking about?22:05
sarnoldohh hmm, pi things may do a different opengl than non-pi things..22:05
sarnoldPhruis: but you don't have X installed or running? you'll probably need that first22:05
sarnoldPhruis: hopefully an apt install ubuntu-desktop will get you there with least hassle, but there may be better ways to get just what's necessary for plex22:06
Phruisi dont want the desktop though22:06
kyle__Phruis: DISPLAY=<some other IP>:022:06
Phruisjust boot directly to plex22:06
kyle__But if you do ssh forwarding, you don't need to do that.22:06
Phruisthats it kyle__22:06
kyle__Oh, and on the machine you set the display to, you need to run xhost+<IP of box actually running the program>22:08
kyle__Or just xhost + if it's your home network.22:08
Phruisi was just gonna create a script to launch on boot22:08
kyle__Not like in school where your friends would do something like for i in {1..1024};do DISPLAY=yourip:0 xeyes & done22:08
tomreynjordandark: apt depends --recurse lxdm | less22:08
tomreynjordandark: this lists the packages lxdm depends on, directly and indirectly. lxdm is the lxde login manager.22:10
skyliner_369tatertotz: I am. also am back. had to do a thing.22:13
jordandarktomreyn, that's what i was wondering. i just want the display manager for logins. im using the server version to build my system. i would use arch, but im just so used to debian based systems that it would require a lot of effort to go back.22:13
crash_how well does ubuntu 20.04 run on a macbook?22:13
matsamanprobably about as well as any GNU/Linux ever has22:14
skyliner_369it should run rather well, crash_ . Just know, with a newer book, the t2 chip can make running linux impossible on a macbook22:14
jordandarktomreyn, would you recommend using lightdm? or is that what lxdm is?22:14
crash_skyliner_369: mine is a 2015 air so no T2 :)22:14
dymHey guys. This is not my posting but i have the exact same problem. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on raspberry pi 3b. Distorted HDMI output. Any ideas? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62337574/screen-distortion-during-install-ubuntu-server-20-04-on-raspberry-pi-3-model-b22:15
jordandarknever mind. i just checked and lightdm is not lxdm.22:16
tatertotzskyliner_369: in terminal>      inxi -Fxxprzc0|nc termbin.com 999922:16
tomreynjordandark: those are different. i can't recommend anything over something else since i don't know what your needs or goals are. you're installing using ubuntu server, but apparently want graphical output, that's not wrong but not the common approach, why did you choose it? what are you building there, how does the choice of the login manager matter to you?22:16
skyliner_369tatertotz: when opening blender, closing the splash, and clicking 'play', no other action taken, blender's framerate tops out at 12 FPS averaging at about 11.522:16
tatertotzskyliner_369:  follow instructions to install if not installed and follow through22:16
tatertotzskyliner_369:  share url/link here...if you do not get a url/link..simply say so22:16
skyliner_369what's inxi?22:16
tatertotzskyliner_369: you can read the man page by typing man inxi22:17
tatertotzskyliner_369: it is written verbatim22:17
skyliner_369there's no manual entry22:17
jordandarki want minimal os without having it tied to gnome or any other graphical environ. the most stripped down version of ubuntu that i could find is the server version.22:18
skyliner_369... i'd have to install first. derp.22:18
skyliner_369I was asking what it was before installing22:18
tomreynapt show inxi    then22:18
oerheksjordandark, the regular iso gives the 'minimal' option22:19
jordandarkoerheks, its not the same22:19
matsamanjordandark: if you're going to use X at all, you should not use the server version22:19
flying_sausagessarnold, Yeah I think I don't want to have much to do with this guy's code actually https://github.com/jbruchon/jdupes/issues/13622:19
oerheksor use the mini iso, choose your own desktop or/and services22:19
flying_sausagesThat's his youtube channel https://youtu.be/il_kpmHj3m822:19
matsamanjordandark: have you tried Xfce or LXDE? There are even Ubuntu distro flavors for each22:20
tatertotzskyliner_369: in terminal>      apt show inxi22:20
skyliner_369I saw what it is.22:20
flying_sausagesthe packagin argument is valid, the CoC one made me realise he's possibly not a human being i want to associate with22:20
sarnoldflying_sausages: interesting....22:20
jordandarkto clarify, i want my own custom ubuntu setup. ive tried every version of ubuntu and every time there is a catch. i game, so that's also part of the reason why im trying to not jump to another distro.22:21
tomreynjordandark: i guess you'll get the most minimal variant using debootstrap.22:21
sarnoldflying_sausages: there's doubtless other ways to do what it does, indeed22:21
flying_sausageshe's got quite a channel... https://youtu.be/wlPm_bfol7I22:21
matsamanflying_sausages: you don't want binaries built for your distro by upstream anyway22:21
matsamanthey almost always do it wrong22:21
matsamanbut yeah, youtube, wow22:22
jordandarki just want a minimal setup. where all i have is the console and apt and the base kernel22:22
jordandarkthat way i can build up from there.22:22
flying_sausagesjordandark, ubuntu minimal?22:22
jordandarkflying_sausages, lol no22:22
flying_sausagesthis is his web https://www.jodybruchon.com/22:22
flying_sausagesubuntu for embedded? jordandark22:23
jordandarkflying_sausages, no, its for my desktop22:23
flying_sausagesYou could check out popos22:23
jordandarki have everything ready to go, i just needed to figure out the login manager22:23
skyliner_369tatertotz: https://termbin.com/x1g13 that's the term-out for ya22:23
jordandarkmatsaman, why should i not use server version if im going to use X?22:24
tomreynjordandark: so you figured out networking?22:24
jordandarktomreyn, NetworkManager22:24
matsamanjordandark: because X doesn't belong on servers, and so servers aren't QA'd for use of X22:24
tomreynso you switched to NM? that's probably what you want on a graphical desktop,yes22:25
jordandarkmatsaman, its for desktop, so it wont be on prod22:25
tatertotzskyliner_369: your install of Nvidia 440.100 did not complete successfully22:25
jordandarktomreyn, unless im missing something else22:25
jordandarkim not using the server version for a server. im using it because its the most minimal setup of ubuntu i can find.22:26
skyliner_369thanks, tatertotz. *headdesk* it succeeded first and ran really well... then decided to putz off. AAAAAAAAAAAA22:26
jordandarkunless there's another option, aside from the default minimal option for the desktop version (which i know about already)22:26
matsamanthink that's probably going to waste your time more than help you, but suit yourself22:26
tatertotzskyliner_369: i understand22:27
flying_sausageshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqZNfReI1i4 I need to stop lol22:28
PonySoldierwhy does my application not recognize the Environment var in my systemd service file?22:28
skyliner_369how do I tell the advanced package tool to repair an install? do I have to install the xserver driver, purge all the nvidia packages, and reinstall?22:29
tomreynjordandark: there may be a few more packages installed and configurations set you wouldn't have on a desktop installation. but i'm not sure about that really. i don't think it's generally a wrong approach to convert a server installation into a desktop if you know what to keep in mind and look out for.22:29
PonySoldierfound the problem22:29
tatertotzskyliner_369: in terminal>     journalctl -p 2|nc termbin.com 999922:30
Jordan_Ujordandark: Sounds like "sudo apt install lxdm --no-install-recommends". You might also like to change apt to default to not installing packages that are recommended but are not dependencies.22:30
skyliner_369tatertotz: here's the output. https://termbin.com/bofg22:31
skyliner_369so a corruption of something with initframs22:32
jordandarkJordan_U, thank you22:35
tatertotzskyliner_369: you'll need to correct your failed 440.xxx install22:35
jordandarktomreyn, its virtually the same... there are a few caveats though.22:35
skyliner_369IDK how to even. How do I tell the APT that the install is dead?22:36
jordandarki already looked at the release page for focal22:36
skyliner_369or do I have to log out and CTRL ALT F2?22:36
tatertotzskyliner_369: uninstall the nvidia 440.100 and reinstall it22:38
tatertotzskyliner_369: sudo apt purge nvid*22:38
tomreynthats if you installed it using apt22:38
Jordan_Ujordandark: You're welcome.22:38
skyliner_369Wildcard didn't wildcard22:39
tatertotzskyliner_369: I was expecting it to22:40
tatertotzskyliner_369: uninstall the nvidia 440.100 and reinstall it..using the same but opposite method you used to install it22:41
tatertotzskyliner_369:  if some GUI thing, reopen it and select nouveau22:41
oerheksAutomatic login does not work with the NVIDIA proprietary driver , incl 440 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-session/+bug/184580122:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1845801 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-435 (Ubuntu Eoan) "[nvidia] Automatic login fails and then all subsequent logins fail. Killing gnome-session-binary fixes it, or just not using automatic login." [Low,Confirmed]22:45
skyliner_369I'm gonna just reinstall using the APT over any other method. Nvidia's RUN script screwed it methinks22:47
Phruisi dont know why people like kodi22:47
Phruisi would say 80% of the software doesn't work22:48
tatertotzskyliner_369: it's been in critical for a long time, you must not turn that machine on very often22:50
skyliner_369More accurately I must not have booted to the drive in a long time22:51
skyliner_369A lot of those criticals were a faulty SATA drive compounded by a juuuuuuuuust barely slightly fried CPU or mobo22:53
skyliner_369I um... went too ham on cooler thumbscrews22:54
skyliner_369Went to reinstall via apt and "yay" it failed. AAAAAAAA22:56
tatertotzskyliner_369: in terminal>     ubuntu-drivers devices|nc termbin.com 999922:58
skyliner_369I'd upgrade to a nice AMD GPU but I don't have any moneys thanks to this whole pandemic22:58
tatertotzskyliner_369: makes a lot of sense why you had poor performance in just about anything23:01
skyliner_369Luckily I have a new pc now. Had it for quite a while. The old mobo and cpu are still sat on a table23:02
KamilionAnyone know how to install focal on xen? I keep getting "not a xen image"23:02
skyliner_369Also, tatertotz after using the reinstall command after autopurging and then installing the package inxi says: https://termbin.com/phri23:04
skyliner_369I'm a data hoarder so I still have all my HDDs23:05
Bashing-omskyliner_369: "Nvidia's RUN script" - did you use Nvidia's uninstall script to remove Nvidia's driver ?23:07
tatertotzskyliner_369: you didn't reboot after reinstall and or restart X23:08
skyliner_369I restarted x. Ctrl Alt f1. I even remembered to exit from my terminal login.23:08
skyliner_369I think it's running OK now23:09
tatertotzskyliner_369: that inxi doesn't look good23:09
tatertotzskyliner_369: but if you believe it's an improvement I won't argue that23:10
skyliner_369How do I turn off vsync? Since blender can't do framerates above 60 thanks to forced vsync23:10
tatertotzskyliner_369: in vidia settings23:11
tatertotzwhich may or may not even open23:11
tatertotzskyliner_369: did you try to use nvidia-settings?23:12
tatertotzskyliner_369: probably doesn't open eh23:12
tatertotzskyliner_369: you probably get some error when you try to even use nvidia settings eh23:13
skyliner_369I have settings.23:13
skyliner_369I'm editing them.23:13
skyliner_369I see no way to disable vsync though23:15
skyliner_369Or is Nvidia x server settings the wrong app?23:16
tatertotzthat's the correct app23:16
skyliner_369Wait I found it. Sync to vblank23:20
skyliner_369I'm trying to force blender to chug. I mean an icosphere of 9 subdivisions is taking a minute to generate but...23:23
skyliner_369It still goes at 375 fps so yeah. 380 frames at 1.3 million faces in blender23:25
alschaapmanHow can I completely reset console-setup settings23:44
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