RikMillswgrant pappacena or whoever... NON x86 builders look like they are buildd-manager type 'stuck'00:52
coldtobiHi, I've got SSO issues when trying to login to launchpad. The error page says to checkout this channel for help…11:45
coldtobi(SSO is ubuntu one; I mean of course launchpad.net)11:46
tomreyncoldtobi: i won't be able to help, but what'S the error message?11:54
tomreynand at which url are you when trying to login?11:55
coldtobiI'm trying to login from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell-extension-autohidetopbar, using the "Login" link on the top right. This redirects me to the Ubuntu One SSO, (where it looks like that I'm already logged in) to confirm the login request. After "Yes, log me in" (could be different, I've got that sentence in German) I get the error. Pasted here:12:14
cjwatsoncoldtobi: email feedback@launchpad.net with the oops id in that message, and somebody will help you out12:22
cjwatson(though possibly not until Monday, sorry)12:25
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