strywgrwhy my lubuntu's installation isnt showing my external hdd?00:12
frenchuserfdisk -l00:12
strywgrfdisk: cannot open /dev/sda: Permission denied00:13
frenchusersudo fdisk -l00:13
strywgrand 4 other replies00:13
strywgr/dev/sda1    4096    618495    614400   300M EFI System00:15
strywgr/dev/sda2  618496 488392064 487773569 232.6G Linux filesystem00:15
strywgri guess its not even mounting it00:15
strywgri remember it was showing when i tried it on live usb stick ;/00:15
frenchusercd /00:15
frenchusercd /mnt00:16
frenchusermkdir sda1 && mkdir sda200:16
kc2bezlsblk will list all block devices00:16
frenchusermount /dev/sda1 sda1 && mount /sda2 sda200:16
frenchusermount /dev/sda2 sda200:17
strywgr:/mnt$ mkdir sda1 && mkdir sda200:18
strywgrmkdir: cannot create directory ‘sda1’: Permission denied00:18
frenchuserwith sudo00:19
frenchusersudo mkdir /mnt/sda100:19
strywgrmkdir: cannot create directory ‘/mnt/sda1’: File exists00:20
strywgrthis one exists00:20
frenchusersudo mount /dev/sda1 sda100:21
strywgrmount: sda1: mount point does not exist.00:21
frenchusersudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda100:22
strywgrok did it got no replies this time00:24
frenchusercd /mnt/sda100:25
frenchuserls -all00:25
frenchuserit's your internal... sda1...00:26
strywgrsudo cd /mnt/sda100:26
strywgrsudo: cd: command not found00:26
strywgryeah i realized by its name ;/ why my internal hdd isnt loaded00:26
frenchusertry on other pc00:27
strywgrit was working just fine on this one00:29
strywgrtho thr was a mount thing on my lxqt task bar.. i removed it.. did it cause this?00:29
frenchuserthe hard drive's broken?00:31
strywgrnop it was working just fine on windows 700:32
frenchusersudo fdisk -l show only sda ?00:32
frenchuserthe external is with usb ?00:33
strywgryes the external is with usb00:35
frenchusersudo lsusb00:35
strywgrevice      Start       End   Sectors   Size Type00:35
strywgr/dev/sda1    4096    618495    614400   300M EFI System00:35
strywgr/dev/sda2  618496 488392064 487773569 232.6G Linux filesystem00:35
strywgrthis is what sudo fdisk -l shows00:36
frenchusersudo lsusb00:38
frenchuserls /proc/scsi/usb-storage/00:38
strywgrls: cannot access '/proc/scsi/usb-storage/': No such file or directory00:39
frenchuserand lsusb ?00:39
strywgrto long to paste here00:43
frenchusertry lsusb with plug disk and without plug disk00:57
frenchuserand look diff00:57
strywgrexternal hdd is fine.. working fine ona windows laptop.01:54
chietadoes anyone here have success story on installing lubuntu on Google Cloud Platform?03:04
chietawith an X03:09
rtnd0ghi all03:43
rtnd0gDoes anyone here know anything about Virtual Packages and/or Meta Packages in apt-get?03:43
rtnd0ghi cyphase04:16
strywgri changed os of this machine to work better and now its freezing ;/04:43
rtnd0ghi strywgr04:46
rtnd0gstrywgr: do you know anything about Virtual Packages and/or Meta Packages in apt-get?04:46
strywgractually i dont04:46
strywgri did a clean install and facing just 2 problems.. everything else is working fine.04:47
strywgrthe first one is that my external hdd is not showing up and the second one is this freezing randomly04:47
rtnd0gstrywgr: sry 2 hear that. i hope everything works out perfectly for you.04:49
strywgryeao hoping so04:49
strywgrso far i dont think its using any less memory thn windows 7 ;/04:50
rtnd0gstrywgr: have you ever used Devuan or Debian?04:58
rtnd0gthey are very similar to Ubuntu.04:58
rtnd0gbut lighter weight.04:58
strywgrive not04:58
rtnd0gand have much larger and more up-to-date repos04:58
strywgrlink me for it04:58
rtnd0gi have used ubuntu, linux mint, debian, and gentoo.04:58
rtnd0gand everyones trying to get me to switch to Devuan, which I might do.04:59
sk__ren hai bu shao08:14
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orion2036many thanks to all the devs, Lubuntu is a great work, i can reuse old laptops19:16
EllieTheOnlyguys, can anyone help me? i have the most annoying problem.21:02
EllieTheOnlyi CANNOT access BIOS. like, at all. and i need to tell my ubuntu PC to boot from usb...21:03
EllieTheOnlyis there a workaround?21:03
santimir[m]guys I'm trying to run a program that runs on ubuntu according to the developers23:27
santimir[m]but I get this error: bash: `/opt/mopac/MOPAC2016.exe: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error`23:27
santimir[m]EllieTheOnly: why you cant access the BIOS?23:28
santimir[m]is there a password?23:28
santimir[m](I'm running focal)23:49

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