heewaHi! I've been seeing huge memory leaks in gnome-shell-calendar-server, like several GBs in a couple days. I finally tracked it down and I think I plugged them. I'm going to submit the changes to gnome, but what do I do from Ubuntu's end? Wait for those changes to trickle down, or submit a patch to the ubuntu package?00:20
sarnoldheewa: please file a bug with ubuntu-bug <packagename> -- waiting for trickle-down probably means it wouldn't be fixed until 20.10 is released, and previous releases wouldn't be fixed until someone notices the problem, backports and tests fixes, etc00:28
JanCprobably best to do both, and link the upstream GNOME bug into the Ubuntu bug  :)00:30
sarnoldoh yes most definitely :)00:33
sarnoldthanks JanC00:33
sarnoldgood thing it's friday afternoon...00:33
sarnoldit *is*, right?00:33
heewaWhat'll happen when the commit hits downstream while a duplicate patch is there?00:33
JanCsarnold: it's already Saturday here  ;)00:35
sarnoldthe groovy version will either import the new version from upstream before your patch is accepted into focal, or if groovy is patched, the patch will be dropped on a future sync from debian by whoever does the merge00:35
sarnoldJanC: yay :D00:35
JanCthat's why you want both upstream & downstream to be aware also...00:36
heewa@sarnold, Oh I fixed it for the version ubuntu 20.04 (focal-devel, so almost released). Should I try to fix it in other versions?00:37
sarnoldheewa: focal was released two months ago00:38
sarnoldheewa: "best" in my opionion would be providing ubuntu with a fix for focal and providing upstream gnome with a fix for whatever is tip of their development process00:39
heewaOh, lol, I thought focal-devel was used for updates to focal. This is my first ubuntu (and gnome) contribution. Where should I put my patch?00:40
sarnoldaha! :) focal-updates gets regular bug fixes, focal-security gets security-relavant bug fixes00:40
sarnoldyou should start with whatever version in -release, -security, or -updates is the newest00:41
heewaAlso, ubuntu-bug collects diagnostic info, right? Does that mean I should revert to the version that has the leak, wait a few days, then submit a bug report so that it has the leak as part of the info?00:41
sarnoldif you've got a patch in hand, the collected diagnostics probably aren't super-useful00:42
sarnoldthey're an incredible lifesaver for most bug reports, I'm really glad we collect them, it's great to quickly skim through a few files and say "oh this computer looks like its hard drive is dying" or "wow these other errors are far more important", etc00:43
heewaah, that does sound super useful00:44
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