ffejjjhello... anyone in here good with wpa_supplicant and could help me get online from cli?00:15
SonicPotatoGood evening!00:25
lotuspsychjewelcome SonicPotato00:25
alschaapmanI'm having some trouble with kernel installation/upgrade on my system that has /boot formatted as VFAT00:31
sedlavHere's the setup: Ubuntu (fresh install) on /dev/sda and a previous Debian installation on /dev/sdb. GRUB automatically picks up on the old Debian installation. I have to manually go into BIOS and choose Ubuntu to boot. Is it safe to remove the Debian partiions on /dev/sdb without harming Ubuntu and GRUB?00:32
oerheksinteresting, /boot as vfat?00:32
alschaapmanI use systemd-boot and not grub, so the symlinks created by linux-update-symlinks are not useful to me -- i.e., I do not need /boot to be ext4. I symlinked /usr/bin/true at /usr/local/bin/linux-update-symlinks00:32
Sven_vBTrying to select a good display resolution on a focal live session. There seem to be 4 kinds of resolutions: {smaller,bigger} number first × preview showing as {landscape,portrait}. (I was surprised today to learned that those two criteria can be independent.) Is there any way to have the display settings tool display them grouped into four groups accordingly?00:33
alschaapmanThe problem is that dpkg configure does *not* work when the postinstallation hook for the kernel package is executed by apt, I suspect because apt executes these hooks as some system user that doesn't have /usr/local/bin in $PATH00:33
alschaapmandpkg --configure linux-image-blahblahblah works fine00:33
alschaapmanIs there a way I can fix this?00:33
alschaapmanTo be clear: configuring the package *fails* when apt is used, but *doesn't* fail with dpkg --configure00:36
alschaapmanI don't want to take the route of symlinking /usr/bin/true at /usr/bin/linux-update-symlinks. The symlink would get overwritten whenever linux-base is upgraded, I think00:37
ubuntuusereh I don't need it00:37
ubuntuuserseems hard00:38
Sven_vBalschaapman, I had similar problems and it was a real pain to have /boot be FAT. maybe we can find ways to work around it? why do you need it to be FAT?00:38
alschaapmanSven_vB: I'm using systemd-boot. The kernels and initrds have to be on a filesystem that's accessible by the firmware00:38
Sven_vBalschaapman, oh ic00:39
alschaapmanThis actually shouldn't be too difficult, necessarily -- since dpkg --configure works, it's clear that (probably) the only problem is the package's postinst hook is getting executed in an environment where $PATH does not contain /usr/local/bin, *when using apt*00:40
Sven_vBalschaapman, so if that's a limitation to systemd-boot, what made you choose it?00:40
alschaapmanSven_vB: systemd-boot is awesome. GRUB is terrible.00:40
Sven_vBalschaapman, I wouldn't consider it too awesome if it can't boot kernels from another partition. :D00:41
Sven_vBalschaapman, but I wonder, usually the systemd people make stuff better and add cool features, not omit them00:41
alschaapmanI imagine they have a good reason why systemd-boot doesn't load its own filesystem drivers, as GRUB probably does00:42
alschaapmanAnyway there's like a handful of things that even need to go in /boot *at all*00:42
alschaapmanIt's actually an unnecessary problem to have, putting constraints on what filesystem can be used.00:43
alschaapmanAlso this isn't ultimately going to be the case for my setup when I'm done with everything, but systemd-boot was originally designed to load kernels and initrds from the EFI system partition, which is a perfectly sensible place to put them00:44
Sven_vByeah Ubuntu still has lots of annoying problems that should be solved, but at least it has become a lot better over the years. :-)00:44
alschaapmanESP can be limited in size, though, so I'm actually using an Extended Boot Loader Partition as defined in the Boot Loader Spec as a shared filesystem for all my kernels00:44
alschaapmanI have Arch, Red Hat, and Ubuntu installed and all their kernels go in that vfat partition00:45
Sven_vBindeed. one possible work-around would be to make something that triggers on initramfs updates, waits until the situation has settled, then copies the new files over to the ESP.00:45
alschaapmanThe kernel package hooks already do all the work there, including the generation of the initrd00:46
Sven_vBwell, then let's go find out what user is being used or why stuff fails. I'll see if I can find the error message again00:46
alschaapmanI'm really about 90% there. What is needed is to figure out how $PATH can include /usr/local/bin when apt invokes that postinstall hook, which is where linux-update-symlinks is called from00:46
Sven_vBoooooh now I see why you do all that. it's much easier. use dpkg-divert to declare that from now on, you want to manage /usr/bin/linux-update-symlinks yourself and dpkg shall not interfere. then symlink it to true.00:49
alschaapmanSven_vB: I don't really know what that means or how to do that00:50
strywgrmy usb external hdd is not showing up00:50
alschaapmanI'm used to doing all my package management with pacman and when I'm using something that's not Arch honestly I *really* miss it lol00:51
Sven_vBalschaapman, yeah I have to read man dpkg-divert myself when I need it, it's too rare to remember.00:51
alschaapmanI don't think this will help me00:52
Sven_vBwhy not? "dpkg-divert --add --rename /usr/bin/linux-update-symlinks" and from then, you can safely put your own stuff at /usr/bin/linux-update-symlinks, e.g. a symlink to /bin/true00:53
alschaapmanOh, I see what you mean00:53
alschaapmanI thought you were trying to say that I should divert the symlinks, which are not owned by the package00:54
alschaapmanHere's the script from the most recent linux-image-generic package: http://ix.io/2qhf00:54
alschaapman(That's the postinst script. linux-update-symlinks gets invoked on line 50)00:54
Sven_vBit will probably just work.00:55
alschaapmanI think you're right -- seems like diverting /usr/bin/linux-update-symlinks from the linux-base package would stop my symlink to /usr/bin/true from being overwritten. I'm just not totally sure if that's the best way yet00:56
alschaapmanIs there a reason these package scripts are executed with a modified environment when they're run by apt as opposed to dpkg, and is there definitely no way (or no way that would be a good idea) to change the environment so /usr/local/bin is in $PATH?00:57
Sven_vBit's the easiest I can think of. you can undo the diversion at any time once you discover a better method.00:57
Kamilionhow do i get around this when trying to boot focal? error: not xen image.00:58
Sven_vByou could modify the script to dump the environment to a file, maybe you can find clues in there. it might even be that PATH has all the dirs just in a different order.00:58
Sven_vBalschaapman, ^00:58
alschaapmanHow would I do that? The script is part of the package itself00:59
Sven_vBKamilion, what flavor and version of focal are you trying to boot, and on what kind of machine?00:59
alschaapmanI could create a package with the Arch Build System no problem, but I've never authored a .deb00:59
Kamilionfocal, on focal.00:59
Sven_vBalschaapman, sudo + texteditor should work. it's just a temporary change for research.00:59
Kamilionfocal's xen-hypervisor-amd64 (4.11), running any-spin-at-all, or upgrades from 18.04.01:01
Sven_vBalschaapman, or you could even make /usr/bin/linux-update-symlinks a bash script that dumps the env :) then you wouldn't even need to modify the postinstall script01:01
alschaapmanSven_vB: That's just what I was thinking, yeah01:01
Kamiliontrying to load any 5.x kernel bails in grub with "error: not xen image."01:02
Sven_vBalschaapman, you could even put a network shell there, and inspect the circumstances live, trying to find clues.01:02
Kamilionupgrading a guest install of 18.04 via mini.iso with do-release-upgrade -d to focal succeeds in updating all the packages, rebooting to the new 5.4 kernel fails, but it boots with the last 4.15 from bionic.01:03
Kamilioni can respin isos if only i can find a freaking kernel image xen will boot01:04
Kamilioni can't even get any of the cloud-image variants to boot. it's maddening.01:05
ForeverNoob[m]hello, I basically followed this guide: https://mullvad.net/en/help/easy-wireguard-mullvad-setup-linux/ ... and then did "sudo wg-quick up mullvad-se4"01:07
Kamiliontried several copies of pvgrub2 as well; including updating my own script from 4.9 to 4.11: https://github.com/kamilion/kamikazi-core/blob/master/buildscripts/bionic/40-build-pvgrub2-image.sh01:08
ForeverNoob[m]but it then says: "RTNETLINK answers: Operation not supported" and "Unable to access interface: Protocol not supported"01:08
sarnoldForeverNoob[m]: what release are you using? those ppa instructions won't be necessary on focal, you should use the built-in wireguard instead01:09
ForeverNoob[m]now I found this page (https://www.ivpn.net/knowledgebase/241/Linux---WireGuard---RTNETLINK-answers-Operation-not-supported.html) telling me that I should "sudo modprobe wireguard" first, which I did, but then it said:  modprobe: FATAL: Module wireguard not found in directory /lib/modules/4.15.0-101-lowlatency01:09
ForeverNoob[m]sarnold: 18.0401:09
ForeverNoob[m]so I guess my question is... if modprobe is giving me that error, does it make any difference if I reboot or is that pointless?01:10
ForeverNoob[m]I have quite a lot of running stuff open and I'd rather not reboot if I don't have to.01:11
sarnoldForeverNoob[m]: hmm, there's a chance that ppa may not support the lowlatency kernel..01:11
sarnoldForeverNoob[m]: I doubt a reboot would helkp01:11
ForeverNoob[m]I'll have to go with a HWE kernel then01:13
ForeverNoob[m](and thus still have to reboot :p)01:13
oerhekshwe +101:13
p0wderhow do i remove the popup that says updates available on ubuntu 20.0401:14
sarnoldForeverNoob[m]: yeah, I think that's probably wehat is necessary. at least then you don't have to use a ppa or dkms, which is nice01:14
p0wderi switched check for updates to never, and i uninstall unattended-upgrades, and disabled the unattended-upgrades service01:15
p0wderpackagekitd maybe?01:15
p0wderyou would think auto check never would be enough.. :\01:16
sarnoldp0wder: probably not; check systemctl list-units '*apt*'01:16
ForeverNoob[m]oerheks: so in my case I'll have to do... "sudo apt install --install-recommends linux-lowlatency-hwe-18.04 xserver-xorg-hwe-18.04"01:17
sarnoldForeverNoob[m]: hmm, I *think* you can do just the kernel and skip X01:18
p0wderi found theses 2-   apt-daily-upgrade.timer, and apt-daily.timer01:18
ForeverNoob[m]sarnold: I got that info from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack#Desktop01:18
sarnoldp0wder: are they enabled or disabled?01:19
p0wderi think so, it says loaded and active for both01:19
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sarnoldp0wder: I rarely work with systemd timers, but I bet you can just disable those01:20
oerheks.. that ppa may not support the lowlatency kernel.., but it likes HWE.01:20
p0wderill give it a shot.. thanks!01:21
ForeverNoob[m]oh no... apt show linux-lowlatency-hwe-18.04 tells me the kernel is ... which means it doesn't have the WireGuard in it. WireGuard is on 5.6 and up right?01:21
oerheks.. you have that ppa?¿01:22
oerheksi told you yesterday, it will give the same01:22
ForeverNoob[m]what PPA?01:23
ForeverNoob[m]I don't see any PPA mentioned here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack01:24
sarnold$ apt-file show linux-modules-5.3.0-61-lowlatency | grep wireguard01:25
sarnoldlinux-modules-5.3.0-61-lowlatency: /lib/modules/5.3.0-61-lowlatency/kernel/wireguard/wireguard.ko01:25
sarnoldForeverNoob[m]: ^^ pretty sure no ppa is needed01:25
ForeverNoob[m]oh huh, so it's backported then! awesome!01:25
sarnoldyeah, the wireguard author put in a fair amount of effort to provide backports for us for focal, and iirc for a debian kernel too01:26
ForeverNoob[m]zx2c4... you da man!01:27
ForeverNoob[m]aight, gonna reboot... fingers crossed!01:34
ForeverNoob[m]it has workened!01:49
ForeverNoob[m](I can't connect to my local devices, but still... progress! :D)01:50
sarnoldForeverNoob[m]: yay! progress :D01:53
ForeverNoob[m]thanks everyone so far :)01:55
ForeverNoob[m]I guess it's one of the iptables rules:01:55
ForeverNoob[m]PostUp = iptables -I OUTPUT ! -o %i -m mark ! --mark $(wg show %i fwmark) -m addrtype ! --dst-type LOCAL -j REJECT && ip6tables -I OUTPUT ! -o %i -m mark ! --mark $(wg show %i fwmark) -m addrtype ! --dst-type LOCAL -j REJECT01:55
ForeverNoob[m]PreDown = iptables -D OUTPUT ! -o %i -m mark ! --mark $(wg show %i fwmark) -m addrtype ! --dst-type LOCAL -j REJECT && ip6tables -D OUTPUT ! -o %i -m mark ! --mark $(wg show %i fwmark) -m addrtype ! --dst-type LOCAL -j REJECT01:55
ForeverNoob[m]so I kinda sorta have the culprit located01:56
ForeverNoob[m]and it miiight just be "--dst-type LOCAL -j REJECT"01:56
sarnoldit's crazy enough it just. might. work.01:57
strywgrdoes this channel also helps for Lubuntu?02:06
sarnoldstrywgr: it's worth a try, but if it's specifically about part of the lubuntu desktop environment rather than a "standard" tool you may do better in #lubuntu02:12
strywgri tried thr. Ive a external usb hdd which is not showing up on lubuntu. It works fine on another laptop having windows 7. Ive tried commands found on various help blogs, no luck.02:13
sarnolddo you see any messages in dmesg when you plug and unplug the thing?02:14
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strywgrnothing at all02:15
sarnoldtry another port?02:15
sarnoldtry another usb cable?02:15
strywgrdid that to no luck02:15
sarnolddoes it require power? does the power brick work?02:15
strywgrits showing a blue light however it always showed a red before02:16
strywgri tried this hdd on a live session of lubuntu and it worked fine02:16
sarnoldare you perhaps using usbauth or usbguard?02:19
strywgrnothing.. it is a fresh install02:19
strywgrits not showing in fdisk -l02:19
strywgri did a fresh install on this laptop02:20
strywgrnp not even thr02:21
leftyfbstrywgr: verify the usb ports you are plugging into work with another device02:23
strywgrive a mouse plugged in.. tried that on both ports02:23
leftyfbstrywgr: is it possible the usb ports on the other machine are able to supply enough power but this one doesn't?02:26
strywgrthis laptop was running windows 7 and the ehdd worked just fine02:27
strywgri even tried the hdd before installing lubuntu on this machine just to be sure that everything i need works02:27
strywgrehdd = offline netfllix ;p02:28
leftyfbstrywgr: and did it work?02:28
strywgrit worked like a charm, always02:28
strywgr+ i just tried it on a different machine, its working fine.02:29
leftyfbstrywgr: something should be showing up in dmesg02:29
leftyfbstrywgr: what version of ubuntu is this?02:30
strywgrit is lubuntu 20.0402:30
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tatertotsstrywgr: what kind of usb device is it?02:36
strywgr500gb armor external hd02:37
tatertotsstrywgr: are you chatting from the computer right now?02:38
strywgryes its the same02:38
tatertotsstrywgr: unplug drive if plugged in and open terminal02:39
strywgreverything else works fine, its just the hdd which is not working + the language of its calendar02:39
tatertotsstrywgr: in terminal>     journalctl -f|tee nip.pir02:40
tatertotsstrywgr: then plug in the usb device02:40
strywgrit worked and stopped.. should i wait it to complete whatever its doing?02:40
strywgrnops.. still not loading up the ehdd02:41
tatertotsstrywgr: in terminal>     CTRL+C02:42
tatertotsstrywgr: in terminal>        cat nip.pir|nc termbin.com 999902:42
tatertotsstrywgr: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link...simply say so02:42
strywgrthis is what i got02:43
tatertotsstrywgr: it just doesn't work on that computer02:44
strywgrit worked when it had windows and even lubuntu on live session02:45
aswdI discovered snap only today. Looks cool but I'm a bit confused now. When should I use snap versus apt-get? Both serves the same purpose to me02:58
addyessaswd: snap if you can.  it runs the app in a sandbox that cannot affect other applications without you granting specific permissions per app.02:59
aswdaddyess: so, no dependencies problem?03:00
addyessall the dependencies are wrapped in the snap.  its kinda like a little container that has all the deps built in03:00
aswdaddyess: sounds good for deployment but wouldn't this lead to bloated software that takes a lot of space?03:01
addyessit makes it for developers to know exactly which versions of things are being used03:01
addyessit does take more space...03:01
addyessthat's the trade off03:01
aswdaddyess: substantially more space or extra space that can be ignored, from your experience?03:01
oerheksif you keep 3 versions of a large snap, yes03:02
addyessi mean, i've got like a 1TB SSD--- i don't miss 50MB here or there03:02
oerheksbut for security and fast updates, snaps are the new ppa03:02
aswdoerheks: hmm ... why would people keep 3 versions of same software? I always use latest one. Will the older version be retained using snap? I thought updated one should simply replace older one03:03
addyesscanonical does currently maintain the only store... but i think their going forward path is to push more towards snaps and away from apt03:03
oerheksno, you keep 2-3 versions to roll back.03:03
ubottuSnaps are containerised software packages similar to flatpaks or appimage. For more info, see https://snapcraft.io03:03
aswdoerheks: why is snap more secure? isn't it the same software as the one installed by apt-get?03:04
addyessb/c program 1 with root permissions cannot overwrite program 2 file system03:04
aswdoerheks: so, keeping 2-3 versions applies for all software installed by snap? I don't think apt-get does this03:04
oerhekssome software are no longer available with apt-get, more secure by automatic update before 1st start/day03:05
addyesstwo apps installed today with apt can both write to /etc/something/something b/c root installed them03:05
oerhekswhen you remove a snap, no clutter in your system.03:06
addyessbut the snaps see two different /etc/something/somethings when they run and view the filesystem03:06
addyess^^ also true03:06
oerheksand looking at wine 32 bit.. a good alternative03:06
* addyess is out....03:07
aswdWhat is the snap version of apt-get update/upgrade if I want to update all packages to latest?03:07
sarnoldaswd: when you install a deb package, the maintainer scripts get to run with full root privileges; snap package maintainer scripts run in the same sandbox that is used for the application03:12
aswdsarnold: check my understanding. If my Ubuntu is fully made of snap software, it is very secure OS because no malware can touch sensitive parts, correct?03:15
sarnoldaswd: that's too broad a statement03:16
sarnoldaswd: snap's sandboxes are very helpful things, but what is allowed for them to do, read, write, etc, may not line up with what you'd like to prevent them from doing, or allow them to do, etc03:17
sarnoldaswd: and snap applications can still do the same X11 tricks that non-snap-applications can do https://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/42320.html03:18
oerhekssnaps come with a permission option, like this , multipass https://imgur.com/gallery/t0I0c8L03:19
aswdIs it true that as you install more snap-apps, your shutdown time increases drastically03:50
lotuspsychje!discuss | aswd03:54
ubottuaswd: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!03:54
ar1elHello, good night, I did something stupid today, I pointed a ddrescue from an external hard drive to my lvm-root (volume group), corrupted all filesystem and mixed VFAT with ext4, I've tried testdisk, sleuthkit, dumpefs (take the superblocks and tried to mount) and nothing, would anyone know how to help me?04:08
tatertotsar1el: reinstall04:27
Ademanwhat happened to libsdl2-dbg in 18.04 ?04:32
oerheksit is available in universe https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libsdl2/2.0.8+dfsg1-1ubuntu1.18.04.404:44
ubuntuuserhey I have a file corrupted on my password manager, how does that happen and can it be undone?04:45
ubuntuuseralso noteable I have thought wrong on the internet, and have had some hostiles trying to fuck with me04:46
oerheks'how does that happen' - we don't know "can it be undone " - do you have a backup?04:46
ubuntuuserwell there goes those passwords04:46
oerheksoh please, watch your language, keep this channel family friendly, thanks04:46
ubuntuusero sorry04:47
ubuntuuserhow does one close the printer port?04:47
ar1eltatertots heheh04:48
ar1elit's not so simple..04:49
ar1elnothing to do04:49
ar1el for i in $(dumpe2fs /dev/kubuntu-vg/root | awk '{print $4}'); do mount -o sb=$i /dev/kubuntu-vg/root /mnt/ && echo "montado no $i"; done04:49
Ademanoerheks: doesn't look like it, note I'm looking for the debug package not the runtime itself04:49
oerheksdbgsym ?04:49
Ademanah, that's in the launchpad page you link... but I can't download it...04:50
Ademan*can't fetch it with apt-get04:50
Ademanhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debug%20Symbol%20Packages hrm...04:50
oerheksyeah, it needs some steps04:51
Ademanthanks, I was a bit uneasy adding another repo with different signers, but I see the keyring is in the existing repos, so there's kind of a chain of trust established there04:52
oerhekssudo apt install ubuntu-dbgsym-keyring # will do, the  --keyserver line is the old way04:55
dw1can't upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 with do-release-upgrade -d. some python error. logs: /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KH75hSXBVT/ and apt.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Kmv6MqbpCh/05:31
dw1maybe its because i used some node repo05:34
dw1node 10 from nodesource05:35
* dw1 removes nodejs05:36
dw1yay its not crashing now05:39
PeGaSuSdw1: next time you can probably use `do-release-upgrade --allow-third-party`, which will try to upgrade even PPAs05:40
oerheksgood spot, PeGaSuS05:45
vaguelyevolutionhow can I set an item on my favorites to launch with dedicated graphics by default?07:33
byroniachello lennx and ducasse and vaguelyevolution07:34
vaguelyevolutionmorning byroniac07:34
CoDeAmRohi guys can anyone help me please07:49
CoDeAmRohi guys can anyone help me please .... i need good iptv servers07:51
dodocryptois there anyway where we can download update from https ?08:00
dodocryptoi am using lubuntu08:00
dodocryptobut the package is missing it said when i update08:00
byroniacCoDeAmRo sorry I don't know08:01
oerhekswhat package exactly? did you run sudo apt update before running upgrade?08:01
oerheksbyroniac, we don't do piracy, glad he left08:02
byroniacI didn't even know what he was talking about anyways08:02
byroniacno desire to do any kind of piracy08:03
PeGaSuSdodocrypto: the exact error message would be helpful to know what you're missing. also, try to do `apt update` before `apt dist-upgrade` as suggested by oerheks08:08
dodocryptoyeah oerheks08:08
dodocryptoi run it and even change main server to mirror and to main08:08
dodocryptois crazy slow to download from main server08:09
dodocryptohang on let me paste the error08:09
oerheksmaybe the server is in sync now, wait a minute and try again?08:09
dodocryptois been two day nows08:10
dodocryptois been two days now08:10
dodocryptothe only os that support is lubuntu08:10
dodocryptofor 32 bit eee pc 1gig ram08:10
dodocryptobetter than nothing08:10
PeGaSuSI use Xubuntu in a Toshiba Satellite with AMD E-300 CPU08:12
dodocryptohow to download packages from https ?08:12
PeGaSuSyou don't, afaik08:13
PeGaSuSI just use apt update && apt dist-upgrade..08:13
dodocryptoPeGaSuS ? man i am happy with lubuntu08:13
oerheksinstall apt-transport-https08:13
oerheks!info apt-transport-https08:13
ubottuapt-transport-https (source: apt): transitional package for https support. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.2ubuntu0.1 (focal), package size 1 kB, installed size 156 kB08:13
PeGaSuSoh, right.. I'm so used to run that command right after doing a fresh install of the OS that I even forgot it08:14
dodocrypto140 upgraded, 6 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.08:14
dodocryptoNeed to get 1.610 kB/142 MB of archives.08:14
dodocryptoAfter this operation, 263 MB of additional disk space will be used.08:14
dodocryptoDo you want to continue? [Y/n] y08:14
dodocrypto99% [Waiting for headers]08:14
dodocryptothere is waiting for headers08:15
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:15
PeGaSuSI'll bbl. cya08:15
dodocryptohere guys08:20
dodocryptoman this is so annoying08:20
dodocryptoi was on main server08:20
byroniac@dodocrypto I don't know how to fix your problem but what about downloading the packages you need directly? e.g., https://ubuntu.pkgs.org/18.04/ubuntu-updates-main-amd64/libpython3.6-minimal_3.6.9-1~18.04ubuntu1_amd64.deb.html08:23
oerheksseriously, python3.6?08:24
byroniacalthough you need the i386 version and there is a link to it on that page08:26
dodocryptohow to install dependancies of the package08:29
dodocryptois there anyway08:30
dodocryptoto install manually i mean08:30
dodocryptowith out using apt install ./08:30
dodocryptoit direct me to download again which going to be failed08:30
dodocryptowuhu thank you guys08:32
dodocryptofinally i can upgrade all packages08:32
dodocryptocan't believed why apt can't download the packages08:33
CameronBraidHi, I have a ubuntu server that is having a strange performance issue.  The typical load for this server is around 7 (has 48 ht cores) yet when I do a `cp -r` for a folder that is 30 gig, the load spirals up to over 200 and sometimes I have to reboot since everything locks up08:38
byroniac@dodocrypto once you download a .deb you can install it with "sudo dpkg -i filename.deb"08:44
byroniacI don't know why you can't download... possible network issues08:44
tomreynCameronBraid: so disk i/o issues. this can be for a couple reasons. anything related in dmesg / journalctl -k / journalctl -p3 -b #?08:50
tomreynCameronBraid: which server hardware, storage controllers, storage media?08:50
* dodocrypto brb restarting08:52
CameronBraidtomreyn no io errors are happening and nothing in dmesg or journalctl that jump out at me.  I noticed that I if I run `echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches` it relieves it for a bit.  The server has 128g ram, and moire than 28Gig free09:00
CameronBraidtomreyn its 2 * ssd raid1 using a hardware raid controller09:01
tomreynCameronBraid: does trim work (regular runs configured and successfully applied?) on its file systems?09:02
tomreynwhich raid controller, which mainboard, which ssds, which cpu?09:03
CameronBraidtomreyn its a brand new system, Supermicro09:05
tomreynwould you like assistence with determining these details i asked about?09:06
CameronBraidtomreyn raid is megaraid MR9267-8i09:06
CameronBraidtomreyn sorry, just takes me a bit of time to remember all the commands :09:06
CameronBraidtomreyn Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2690 v3 @ 2.60GHz * 209:07
CameronBraidtomreyn its a samsung disk, forgot the command to get it09:08
tomreynCameronBraid: ls -l /dev/disk/by-id/09:09
CameronBraidtomreyn motherboard Supermicro X10DRL-i09:10
tomreynCameronBraid: which ubuntu release is it?    nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "Session: $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";echo Shell: $SHELL)09:10
tomreynactually just    lsb_release -ds   is enough09:10
CameronBraidtomreyn Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB09:11
CameronBraidUbuntu 18.04.4 LTS09:11
tomreynCameronBraid: journalctl --since 2020-06-01 | grep 'fstrim\[' | nc termbin.com 999909:12
CameronBraidtomreyn `journalctl --since 2020-06-01 | grep 'fstrim\[' ` is empty09:13
tomreynCameronBraid: what's the output of:   sudo sync && sudo fstrim -v / && sudo fstrim -v /09:13
CameronBraidtomreyn fstrim: /: the discard operation is not supported09:14
tomreynhmm, which block layers do you have there? hardware raid-1, then the ssds, then partition tables, then ..?09:15
tomreyn*block device layers09:16
CameronBraidthat's it.. hw raid1 of 2*ssd, partition table, ext4 fs09:16
tomreynso the raid must block or just not expose trim09:17
CameronBraidlshw -short -C disk   : /0/100/2/0/2.0.0    /dev/sda         disk           999GB MR9267-8i09:17
CameronBraidfstab. :/dev/disk/by-uuid/e5475145-e868-4d44-ad90-9762400d93d7 / ext409:17
CameronBraidtomreyn I have to go for a bit, thanks for your help so far, will be back in 1/2 hour or so if you are still available to help09:19
tomreynso it looks like the raid controller does not enable the operating system to trigger TRIM, maybe discards can work, but that's not ideal.09:20
tomreynCameronBraid: if i was in your shoes, i'd try to get a better understanding of whether this rais controller (and the firmware you have on it now, as well as newer firmwares) support passing through TRIM commands from the OS.09:41
tomreynin a RAID-1 configuration (no parity), this should be possible.09:42
CameronBraidtomreyn: how does not supporting trim cause the load issue I am having ?09:43
tomreynif you can't find out or find out that it can't support it, look into whether you can choose to only assign part of the SSDs to the RAID, leaving 5% capacity unassigned.09:43
tomreynCameronBraid: my theory is that sustained writes to the storage are slowed down because the ssd's can't carry out sustained writes after their cache runs full, and emptying the cache takes longer than it would if trim or unpartitioned space was available, easing the stress on the ssd's firmware.09:45
tomreynthere could be other reasons, of course. but we've already seen that fstrim doesn't work on your system. and i assume you have the full disks assigned to the raid-1, so i guess these consumer disks are under much stress.09:47
tomreynhttps://serverfault.com/questions/776564/what-is-the-current-state-2016-of-ssds-in-raid touches some of this09:47
tomreynalso check for ssd firmware upgrades (though from what i remember there are none for 860 evos)09:49
CameronBraidthe raid controller identifies the device as 999GB, and the /dev/sda is 931G so I presume there is already some space spaed09:51
CameronBraidfyi I also get this same issue with an iscsi device (nimble) connected over 10gb ethetnet09:52
CameronBraidthe stress seems to come when the kernel has maxed by filling the free ram with page cache (if that's the correct term)09:53
CameronBraidwhich is why drop_caches makes it work again09:53
tomreynare you using the HWE kernel or GA?09:57
CameronBraidLinux node01 4.15.0-106-generic #107-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 4 11:27:52 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:58
CameronBraiddoes that answer it ?   I dont know what HWE or GA mean09:59
tomreynso GA. my bets are still on the storage controller / disk configuration cuasing the problems, but switching to the HWE kernel should be easy if it can be out of production for a bit.09:59
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack09:59
lotus|NUCtomreyn: i had a few 860 evo's that needed firmware and some not recently, think it depends how long it layed in the shops stock?09:59
tomreyn'GA' would be 'general availability', the kernel version 18.04.0 came with09:59
CameronBraidso, it means that you get a newer kernel in 18.0410:00
tomreynlotus|NUC: probably, yes. so it depends on which version was installed originally. if the old one, an upgrade is available, if it already had the new one, then not.10:00
tomreynCameronBraid: you can choose between two 'paths' at any time during the 18.04 support life cycle. the "keep me updated" one would be HWE (where the kernel version increases over time), the "always keep the same version (but with backported fixes)" would be GA.10:02
CameronBraidok, so looks like its kernel in HWE.. it might be worth a try10:03
CameronBraidand since its just a package it can easily be reverted right ?10:03
tomreynyou'd install linux-generic-hwe-18.04, which would cause both GA and HWE to be installed, selectable from grub menu10:03
CameronBraidalright, youve given me some hope, something to try after hours tonight :)10:04
tomreynyes, you could pirge andthyin *hwe-18.04 and reboot to get back to where you'Re now10:04
tomreyn*anything ;)10:04
CameronBraidI wanted a newer kernel for the fixes to groups cpu scheduling in docker anyway.. so this might be the thing to do anyway10:05
CameronBraidsed /groups/cgroups10:05
tomreynlotus|NUC: keep in mind that it may be more complex than this: samsung may also choose not to install newer firmware on older ssds based on e.g. drive serial number.10:06
lotus|NUCtomreyn: yeah thats possible10:06
tomreynCameronBraid: might be nice to have, 4.15 is getting a little old now.10:07
CameronBraidyeah, in the long term I would upgrade to 20.04, its just when I provisioned the server kubespray didn't support 20.0410:07
tomreynCameronBraid: latest GA kernel is linux-image-4.15.0-108-generic, you said it was running -106, so you may want to just try installing updates first of all.10:09
CameronBraidtomreyn: ok, thanks.. i really appreciate your help.10:10
tomreynyou're welcome10:10
CameronBraidi'm off for a bit, will come back online when I do the upgrade later.. chat then10:10
tomreynif i'll be around, sure. :) see you, good luck10:10
apushi, is it possible to tell apt-get to install all (additional) packages i'd specify by for example  "apt-get install r-cran-*" , AND ignore all packages that are in any way in conflict with previously (successfully) installed related packages, so disabling any removal, downgrade, etc. ? at the moment it tells me there are dependency conflicts and i don't want to debug this - there is no real reason for it, i'm happy to exclude any packages taht cause10:26
tomreynif there are dependency conflicts then your apt configuration is bad10:28
oerheks"To be able to use R 4.0, you will have to delete everything about the previous R version"  https://rtask.thinkr.fr/installation-of-r-4-0-on-ubuntu-20-04-lts-and-tips-for-spatial-packages/10:28
apustomreyn: the problem is that not all R packages are "up-to-date", because this is ubuntu 18.04 (yes i know). so i make sure the basics i need work, by choosing those packages that work together. now i'd like to find an "easy" way to install any additional compatible packages.10:30
amuroIS there a way to install pdfjam in ubuntu 20.04???10:33
oerheksapus, there are some 500 additional r-cran-* packages, which one is not up2date?10:34
lotus|NUCamuro: choose another alternate from the ubuntu repos/snaps?10:34
tomreynapus: does oerheks' link not help there?10:34
amurolotus|NUC: how?10:35
oerheksamuro, no, you asked before, pdfjam is obsolete, precise as last one?10:35
cluelesspersonSo I'm just downloading files from mega.nz on ubuntu chromium10:35
cluelesspersonand my system is just slowed to a crawl in general10:35
amurowhy obsolete?10:36
tomreyncluelessperson: the way this download site works it has to store the entire download in ram before it can write it to disk. if you're short of ram, it'd have to start swapping ram to disk, which can be slow.10:37
oerheksamuro, dead, no longer maintained?10:37
cluelesspersontomreyn, Well, considering this download 60GB, I doubt it's fitting in ram or on swap10:37
tomreyncluelessperson: dpends on how much of that you have, i guess.10:38
amurooerheks: its not dead10:38
cluelesspersontomreyn, still, my system shouldn't slow to a crawl so easily10:38
cluelesspersonI think linux/ubuntu has some fundamental issues10:39
amuroI found it in the texlive-extra-utils package, nevermind10:39
lotus|NUCcluelessperson: slow system; tweak it more?10:39
cluelesspersonlotus|NUC, tweak what?10:39
lotus|NUCcluelessperson: whats going slow?10:40
cluelesspersonlotus|NUC, the fact that ubuntu allows chrome to basically take up 100% cpu to the point nothing else responds?10:40
* cluelessperson tries nicing gnome-shell10:40
tomreynamuro: install texlive-extra-utils https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/all/texlive-extra-utils/filelist10:40
tomreynoh i'm late10:40
apusoerheks: i'll check the link again. r-base-core provides r-api, r-base-core is installed with version 3.6.3, the following packages show dependencies on r-api-3.4: r-cran-funitroots, -gmaps, -its, -mfilter, -nws, -pwt8, -rsprng, then r-cran-haplo.stats has version conflict with r-base-core, libproj13 >= 4.9.0 is not installable, and a few other things.10:42
lotus|NUCcluelessperson: wich ubuntu version are you using on what system specs?10:45
ComputerChicHey everyone. New here10:45
oerhekswell, there are some conflicts, replacements etc https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/focal/amd64/r-base-core/3.6.3-210:46
lotus|NUCwelcome ComputerChic10:46
lotus|NUCComputerChic: how can we help you?10:46
ComputerChicTy @lotus|NUC10:46
apusi have the following sources.list entries: cloud.r-project.org/bin/linux/ubuntu bionic-cran35/, ppa.launchpad.net/marutter/c2d4u3.5/ubuntu bionic main  that i think are all the ones R related.10:47
tomreyncluelessperson: the linux-*-lowlatency* kernel images may help there, as well as tweaking the /sys/vm kernel parameters10:47
apusoerheks: the link is for ubuntu 20.04, right?10:48
amurooerheks: https://github.com/DavidFirth/pdfjam10:48
ChrisWarrickI installed Kubuntu 20.04 on a box with a slightly older Nvidia GPU. I ticked the “install drivers” option, and it installed nvidia-440, but my card is too old (works with 390), and sddm didn’t even try to start (installed xdm, and it did vesa only). Where can/should I report this bug?10:48
ComputerChic@lotus|NUC after searching all night I am unable to find info on how to get an unaffiliated cloak. I've taken the steps of reg my nick and all that. I am still not having any luck.10:48
amuroI am sure pdfjam package was in ubuntu in the past maybe 16.04? or 18.04?10:49
oerheksor bionic https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/bionic/amd64/r-base-core/3.4.4-1ubuntu110:49
lotus|NUC!register | ComputerChic10:49
ubottuComputerChic: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.10:49
lotus|NUC!cloak | ComputerChic10:50
ubottuComputerChic: To get an Ubuntu member cloak or any other one, first register your nick as detailed at https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration - For Ubuntu member cloaks, then ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your Launchpad page. For unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode. See also !membership10:50
ComputerChicThank you for the info.10:50
lotus|NUCamuro: packages come and go in ubuntu10:50
tomreynamuro: yes, in old ubuntu releases there was a pdfjam virtual package which depended on texlive-extra-utils. maybe in even earlier releases this was a real package, not just virtual10:51
amuroWhy such a useful software be obsolete?10:51
amuroI am just wondering10:51
lotus|NUCamuro: wich feature interests you exactly on pdfjam? maybe the volunteers know a nice alternate?10:51
oerhekswait, you found the package, ..10:52
amurolotus|NUC: for example merging pdfs, merging 4 pages into 1 page, etc10:53
lotus|NUCamuro: did you try out inkscape yet?10:53
amurolotus|NUC: But sometimes I want to do it in like 100s of pdf in a folder.10:54
amuroits easier with pdfjam or pdftk10:54
amurois inkscape for creating vector graphics10:55
amuroI dont know how to use inkscape10:55
lotus|NUCamuro: try a few from here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/2799/how-to-merge-several-pdf-files10:55
tomreynChrisWarrick: i assume you need to    ubuntu-bug nvidia-graphics-drivers-39010:56
amurolotus|NUC: but pdftk doesn't do multiple input pages into one output page10:57
ChrisWarricktomreyn: I would expect the bug to be in whatever does the install, not in the deriver itself10:57
ChrisWarricktomreyn: is the instaler supposed/expected to install the right version though? or just sees nvidia and installs the latest?10:57
tomreynChrisWarrick: the driver binary package defines which hardware (PCI IDs) it is compatible with (see the "Modaliases:" in "apt show nvidia-driver-390")10:58
tomreynChrisWarrick: and then "ubuntu-drivers" installs the latest that's compatible by default, i think10:59
oerheksubuntu-drivers autoinstall gives the right driver10:59
tomreynChrisWarrick seems to have pointed out that's nto the case for his hardware11:00
ComputerChicSo who has a nuc?11:00
tomreyn!discuss | ComputerChic11:00
ubottuComputerChic: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!11:00
tomreynunless you have a support question regarding ubuntu on some nuc?11:01
oerhekstons of nucs out there, polling is useless.11:01
tomreynamuro: why don't you just use the pdfjam that's in texlive-extra-utils?11:02
amurotomreyn: I did11:03
amurotomreyn: But then I have to install other stuff that I dont need. It's like 100 MB instead of like 10 MB11:03
tomreynoh, tough.11:04
tomreynso you had to juggle floppy disks?11:04
amurotomreyn: sort of haha11:04
tomreynmaybe you need to rethink your storage concept11:04
=== Jon_ is now known as Jonopoly
BluesKaj'Morning all11:23
apusi'm trying to parse the output of "apt-get install --dry-run 'r-cran-*'" which shows lines at the beginning: "Note, selecting 'r-cran-gnm' for glob ...". Where is this written to and why can't i pipe it through grep? redirecting stdout and stderr to files doesn't show those lines either.11:32
tomreynyou need to read up on stdout and stderr11:34
tomreynor, if you don't want to understand what you're doing, just add 2>&1 before the pipe11:35
apustomreyn: ubuntu 18.04, apt-get install --dry-run 'r-cran-*' &> file; grep selecting file   no output.11:35
apusi also tried 2>&1, nothing works. is something wrong with my tty? this is bash
EriC^^apus: does 'cat file' show anything?11:37
apusyes, starts with Reading package lists... Building dependency tree... Reading state information...  and then  continues with r-cran-gregmisc is already the newest version ... but the stuff in between is missing11:38
apusis apt-get writing this directly to my terminal instead of to stdout?11:39
tomreyni think it writes it to stderr11:39
apuswould show up with &> , which is just short for 2>&1 >11:39
tomreynhmm right it goes to stdout11:41
tomreynapt-get install --dry-run ubiquity-casper 1> /tmp/file 2>/dev/null ; cat /tmp/file | nc termbin.com 999911:42
tomreyn-> https://termbin.com/l8l111:43
tomreynthis contains lines such as "Reading package lists..."11:43
EriC^^tomreyn: i think you need to give it a wildcard to do the "note selecting" thing11:43
tomreynright, those are lost11:44
EriC^^apus: no idea on why, but a workaround you can do is "script -c "apt-get install -s 'r-cran-*'" file; grep selecting file11:45
apusor is there another way to get the list of packages that would be installed with r-cran-* ?11:45
tomreynapt(-cache) depends11:45
tomreynoptionally with --recursive11:46
EriC^^apus: apt list 'r-cran-*' shows them11:46
tomreynthings can get so easy when you start by asking the actual question11:46
EriC^^tomreyn: he means the wildcard, not the deps of a particular package11:47
apustomreyn: i need the dependency problems too, which i'm also parsing and the already installed packages.11:47
tomreyni see11:47
apusi was just confused by these lines that kept disappearing11:47
EriC^^apus: so you want to install all 'r-cran-*' packages, why bother with deps? apt should pull them in anyways11:48
EriC^^or what's your actual objective here?11:48
apusthere are dependency conflicts, i just want to install all additional packages, that don't cause problems with already installed R packages.11:49
EriC^^why are you trying to script this?11:49
EriC^^you hope to iterate them one by and see if they cause 'conflicts' ?11:51
apusbecause i want to put it in a Dockerfile and have no interest in manually removing the packages that cause problems.11:51
apusEriC^^: yes, i will remove those that appear with Breaks: or Depends: and see if it resolves within x iterations. as there is no option dedicated to what i want to do in apt-get, i don't see another option.11:52
EriC^^maybe deal with why they are breaking? use a repo version program of that?11:53
EriC^^say program A with ppa version is breaking these, replace it with repo version if you can?11:53
apusEriC^^: some are - from what i understand - not compatible with installed version of r-base-core, so the easiest choice is to exclude it for the time being. or am i understanding this wrong?11:54
tomreynyour goal should be to use only apt sources which are known to be compatible to one another11:56
EriC^^apus: well i dont know what r-* is, but if you want you could just bruteforce it on a test vm or so, install the packages in a loop, then see which ones got installed from dpkg log and use those as your template, but yeah it seems a mess11:56
tomreyncherry picking packages and package versions from different apt repositories which are not compatible (in that they packages installed from them introduce dependency conflicts) is a no, no.11:57
EriC^^apus: i'd guess ideally if you wanted a newer version of program A, you'd either switch to a newer ubuntu version that has it, or maybe use another ppa for the r-base-core that doesnt conflict (and hopefully doesnt conflict your other repo programs, just a guess here)11:57
apustomreyn: EriC^^: thank you both for your help. sadly i need multiple 3rd-party repos to get all packages, so i might not always be able to prevent conflicts. so it's not that easy. for the moment i'm staying at 18.04, as it is working otherwise.12:12
CoDeAmRohey guys i need someone to help me with these two question12:22
CoDeAmRo1. do i need to put antivirus on my ubuntu ?12:23
BluesKaj!virus | CoDeAmRo12:23
ubottuCoDeAmRo: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus12:23
CoDeAmRo2. can anyone give me any good iptv servers to watch channels on my ubuntu12:25
BluesKajCoDeAmRo, look for Fluxus and CCloud websites, they have m3u playlist stream urls you can run in vlc12:28
CoDeAmRothanks for the replies and support12:32
cluelesspersonI don't know what to do12:34
cluelesspersonI'm at my wits end12:34
cluelesspersonFirefox, Chrome, whatever12:34
cluelesspersonif I so much as download a large file, my system slows to an unusable crawl12:34
BluesKajcluelessperson, downloading what kind of file ?12:36
cluelesspersonBluesKaj, in this case, it's a file from mega.nz, 1GB12:36
cluelesspersonBluesKaj, sometimes, it's just a large react application in browser, like GCP12:36
cluelessperson which all should be able to function flawlessly12:36
MrElendigdoes it happen if you fire up iperf3/speedtest/similar too?12:37
MrElendigand what hardware is this?12:37
cluelesspersonMrElendig, doesn't seem to be an issue with speedtest.net12:38
cluelesspersonMrElendig, nor running perf3 in the background.12:38
MrElendigdoes it also happen with local file copy?12:38
cluelesspersonMrElendig, Yes it does, when copying to sd cards and such12:38
cluelesspersonnot as bad, but yes.12:39
BluesKajcluelessperson, is the ubuntu file indexer active? "Tracker"12:41
cluelesspersonBluesKaj, I don't think so.12:42
tramplefootsynaptic seems to not be able to launch firefox through "Visit website" - firefox responds with "missing profile" despite the fact that manually launching firefox works perfectly12:44
cluelesspersonBluesKaj, I have a 4K screen and it feels like ubuntu is just not using video/display stuff well12:46
cluelesspersonbringing up the drop down terminal spikes cpu usage to 30% across the board12:46
cluelesspersonthings like that12:46
cluelesspersonI think it's just poor all around support for the video/display hardware12:46
BluesKajwhich gpu ?12:47
cluelesspersonBluesKaj, Integrated:  Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8265U CPU @ 1.60GHz12:50
aienaI have a newer wacom device and would like to build drivers from source. What packages should I remove so that I can manually build it safely.12:51
DarkTrickI'm trying to install ubuntu 20.04 (on my VM). When I say "install ubuntu (safe graphics)" in the menu, it will just start up the window manager, where I have to choose "install ubuntu" again. But it won't be console-style (which I would expect from "save graphics")12:53
ikarus987Hi guys i really messed up. I disabled root login :( by accident is there any fix i can do}12:53
DarkTrickAm I doing something wrong?12:53
cluelesspersonikarus987, disabled it how?12:53
DarkTrickcan you disable root?12:54
cluelesspersonDarkTrick, you can disable the ability to access root by various means.12:54
ikarus987i did it by command12:55
aienaikarus987,  disabled how12:55
aienaas in disabled over SSH12:56
aienawhat command did you use12:56
ikarus987 sudo passwd -l root12:57
ikarus987can i fix it.. other than reinstall ubuntu on that server?12:58
cluelesspersonikarus987, yes.   passwd --unlock root12:59
cluelesspersonikarus987, do you have access to the system as another user?12:59
ikarus987well i dont think so :\13:00
ikarus987since the sudo command13:00
ikarus987sudo commands are not working now13:00
ikarus987for other users13:00
ikarus987but i do have access to the files and such in winSCP13:01
ikarus987maybe i can edit text documents }13:01
cluelesspersonikarus987, is winSCP using an ssh key?13:02
ikarus987i logged in as root13:02
ikarus987in winSCP13:02
ikarus987no ssh was setup13:02
ikarus987just vanilla login with user and password13:03
ikarus987yes i mean i am logged in using ssh13:03
cluelesspersonI don't know what passwd -l   does exactly13:03
* cluelessperson test13:03
* cluelessperson tests13:03
ikarus987well according to some documents on a web it says it disabled root login13:03
ikarus987u cant login as root anymore13:04
ikarus987so since i haven't closed winscp since i did that command13:04
ikarus987wondering if i could edit documents from there13:04
cluelesspersonikarus987, I just checked.   passwd --lock user   seems to remove the password for a use in /etc/shadow13:05
ikarus987so the root user is still there?13:05
cluelesspersonikarus987, You can use winSCP root access to modify /etc/shadow and set a new password.13:06
ikarus987how come i cant use sudo commands13:06
cluelesspersonikarus987, check out /etc/groups   and see if the sudo:  group containers your user13:06
ikarus987just so we're clear13:06
ikarus987i could use the sudo command for my user before13:07
ikarus987i did that passwd -l root13:07
cluelesspersonikarus987, I don't know how the heck you're still accessing files with winSCP13:07
cluelesspersonunless you already logged in and haven't logged out yet13:08
ikarus987i did not logout13:08
ikarus987that's why13:08
cluelesspersonwell if you do logout, we can edit it another way13:08
cluelesspersonbut for now, stay logged in13:08
cluelesspersonand modify the password of /etc/shadow for root13:08
ikarus987hmm what do i edit in there13:09
ikarus987my user is there13:09
ikarus987the ending... of my user line13:10
ikarus987i think its what permission i have13:11
ikarus987cluelessperson u there?13:13
cluelesspersonikarus987, `openssl passwd -6 -salt $(date +"%Y%M%d%H%M%S") "<new_password>"`13:13
cluelesspersonikarus987, that command will output a salted hash for a password13:14
cluelesspersonikarus987, you can replace the   !   for the root line in /etc/shadow   to set the new password for that hash13:14
pymagichttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/1870736 - how does launchpad calculate 101 effected in this bug?13:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1870736 in mutter (Ubuntu) "[nvidia] Screen scaling 125% gives 200%" [High,Confirmed]13:16
lotus|NUCpymagic: 101 users got affected13:17
pymagiclotus|NUC, how does it calculate that? I think there are 10000s who have this problem13:18
ikarus987hmm cluelessperson13:18
lotus|NUCpymagic: its not a calculation, it means 101 launchpad users with ubuntu, chosen themselfs to affect the bug13:18
ikarus987actually i will copy that file to notepad13:18
ikarus987then refresh the windscp13:19
pymagiclotus|NUC, how do i mark as me being affected13:19
lotus|NUCpymagic: do you have launchpad acount?13:19
lotus|NUCpymagic: press in the left upper corner: yes this bug affects me13:20
pymagiclotus|NUC, thanks13:21
lotus|NUCpymagic: probably this bug will be taken care of on 20.04.113:21
pymagiclotus|NUC, is there a way to speed the bug fix?13:24
lotus|NUCpymagic: 101 affects and daniel vd vugt on it..i think not in this stage13:24
ikarus987cluelessperson like this "root:!openssl passwd -6 -salt $(date +"%Y%M%d%H%M%S") "newPassword":18440:0:99999:7:::" ?13:25
pymagiclotus|NUC, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/1870736/comments/122 - do you know why this add apt does not work?13:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1870736 in mutter (Ubuntu) "[nvidia] Screen scaling 125% gives 200%" [High,Confirmed]13:26
pymagicI was missing ppa:13:26
coconutI am trying to install a windows app with wine, but i have a uhd screen here, and the windows are too small because of that. Anything available so that wine follows the scaling config of my desktop(mate)?13:31
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TurbogingerSo I think I blew up my x11vnc display... when I run $ps wwwwaux | grep auth I get .../usr/lib/xorg/Xorg... with no -core :0 or any other number. Anyone know how to fix this without  doing a complete system reinstall?13:40
ProgrammAbelHiya there, does anyone know how to downgrade GCC to 9.2.0? None of the methods online have helped so far13:44
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cluelesspersonikarus987, no?13:53
cluelesspersonopenssl passwd -6 -salt $(date +"%Y%M%d%H%M%S") "newPassword"13:53
cluelesspersonis a command to run to get a new hash13:53
cluelesspersonyou put the hash in /etc/shadow in place of the ~13:53
glachasI am not able to ping another ubuntu device(this one is connected via hotspot of mobile). The 1st one is through wifi.14:28
Turbogingerare they on seperate networks? are you trying to ping a local IP from a seperate network?14:29
glachasYeah both are on different network14:29
Turbogingerthen you wouldn't be able to ping each machine directly, unless you have like port forwarding -- only your WAN addresses..14:30
glachasWhat is required in order to ping other machine14:31
leftyfbglachas: them being on the same network14:31
leftyfbglachas: why do you need them to ping?14:31
Turbogingerkind of depends on what you are trying to do, if you are trying to ping the one that is on your local network (non hotspot) you need to set up port forwarding14:31
Turbogingerlike are you trying to set up an FTP or webserver?14:32
glachasI order to access files of another machine. Or controlling through putty14:32
glachasin* leftyfb14:32
Turbogingeryeah, I would recommend watching a quick video on port forwarding for ssh14:32
leftyfbglachas: setup port forwarding for the one on the non-mobile connection to forward ssh listening on a different port other than 2214:32
Turbogingerit has to do with router configuration more than the machines itself14:32
Turbogingerpretty simple stuff. probably <30 mins from n00b to knowing how14:33
glachasIf both the machines are connected to different networks we cant ping each other?14:33
glachasis it?14:33
leftyfbglachas: forget about ping14:34
leftyfbglachas: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/06/wormhole-fast-secure-way-send-files-users-cli   maybe use something like that14:34
leftyfbglachas: or dropbox or box.com or google drive14:34
glachasI will try. But I have one question, how we are able to ping other websites?14:36
TurbogingerThat's a big question, but basically domain name servers (DNS) assign an IP or IPs to a domain name (like google.com)14:37
Turbogingerso like on your machine that is not on the hotspot go to ipchicken.com14:37
Turbogingerthat is your public facing IP14:38
Turbogingerto an external user, all of your computers have that IP14:38
Turbogingerdepending on the service you want to use, you need to set up port forwarding to a specific internal ip14:38
glachasleftyfb: I am using FileZIla in order to connect to the other machine (that is running via hotspot). So I think here also the same reason that I am not to connect.14:40
glachasTurboginger: So I need to setup port forwarding in machine that is running via hotspot14:40
glachasThen I will be able to connect through other machine14:41
glachasis it?14:41
Turboginger@glachas it depends on which machine is hosing the ftp14:42
Turbogingerand you set up port forwarding on yoru router, not either machine.14:42
glachasBut I dont have control over routers. So how will I be able to do it14:43
tomreynif both endpoints of the connection are behind NAT, then FTP is the worst choice of protocol you could make.14:49
tomreynespecially so if you can't do port forwarding on either end14:50
tomreynglachas: what are you trying to achieve there? transfer a file from one computer behind NAT to another computer behind NAT in a different network?14:51
glachasFor port forwarding we need to have admin access to routers. Is it?14:52
tomreynglachas: i'll answer your question as soon as you answered mine.14:53
glachastomreyn: I need to access machine(ubuntu installed) remotely. and control it via putty and will be able to transfer files to-n-fro14:55
tomreynglachas: this is an easy way to do so: https://pagekite.net/ - it's a commercial service with a free tier, i think. but, from what i rmeember, all of the software is open source. so don't consider this a recommendation or endorsement, but i think it can work well for your use case.14:57
crensorry, this is not quite an ubuntu question, but: does anyone know how to make `ufw` allow traffic from a specific IP address for a specific app? I'm trying things like `ufw allow from $ADDRESS to any ssh` but I'm getting syntax errors from ufw14:58
tomreynglachas: and the answer to your earlier question: yes, to configure and manage port forwarding on a router you will usually need administrative access or an access level that grants you access to this functionality. (how exactly it is done could depend on the specific router.)15:00
tomreynglachas: for network questions, you may be better served in ##networking15:00
glachastomreyn: Thank you for your valuable suggestions.15:01
tomreyncren: i don't think ufw has the capability to do application level traffic filtering. it only does so by port numbers / service ports, as far as i know.15:01
tomreynglachas: you're welcome15:02
crentomreyn: you can do e.g. `ufw allow ssh`15:02
tomreyncren: yes, and then iptables looks up "ssh" in /etc/services and finds that it is port 2215:03
tomreyn22/tcp rather15:03
tomreynso "ssh" is just a placeholder for that really, "TCP port 22"15:03
crentomreyn: okay I'll just use the ports then. I just thought that one would be able to use ssh like I was trying to and I was making a silly syntax error15:04
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tomreyni'm not certain about the ufw syntax. maybe "ANY:ssh" would work to describe that the destination can be any IP address on TCP port 2215:05
CameronBraidtomreyn: I did the upgrade to linux-generic-hwe-18.04-edge (5.4 has a fix that I need for something else)  and now when I do the heavy IO I can't cause the system to lockup.. I even did the same operation 3 times in parallel, and while it was running a database backup happened and they all proceeded normally.  I'm stoked.  Thanks heaps for your15:06
CameronBraidhelp. ..15:06
crenI managed to use `ufw allow from $ADDRESS to any port 22`15:06
tomreyncren: sorry, i explained this incorrectly. ufw actually has "profiles" where it internally defines that "ssh" is 'the service at port 22'. it doesn't pass "ssh" to iptables.15:07
tatertotsany port 22?15:07
tomreynhttps://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/ufw-essentials-common-firewall-rules-and-commands provides some examples15:07
crentomreyn: okay thanks15:07
tomreynCameronBraid: so you're saying the I/O issue you ran into with the GA kernel doesn't occur on -hwe-edge (5.4)?15:09
tomreynCameronBraid: yes that seems to be what you said - sorry. ;-) so i'd say file a bug against the kernel where it didn't work then. and look for existing bug reports on this problem.15:10
pymagichow do i run my own program when the user logs into gnome15:12
pymagicon ubuntu 20.04lts15:13
CameronBraidtomreyn: yep the -ga kernel has an issue that the -hwe-edge fixes.. i'm very relieved !15:13
tomreynCameronBraid: i'm glad you found a workaround then.15:14
tomreynpymagic: this is not a software development support channel (try #python), but you probably want to create a .Desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/15:17
pymagictomreyn, thanks.15:18
cluelesspersonman, I think I've screwed myself15:21
cluelesspersonI think my issues may just be my 8GB of ram simply isn't enough in this day and age.15:21
cluelesspersonbut I can't upgrade to 16GB15:21
cluelesspersonsoldered on ram. :/15:21
cluelesspersonI wonder if I can configure ubuntu to use swap more aggressively15:22
tomreyn<tomreyn> cluelessperson: the linux-*-lowlatency* kernel images may help there, as well as tweaking the /sys/vm kernel parameters15:27
cluelesspersontomreyn, what do those do? :P15:28
tomreyncluelessperson: change how linux handles virtual memory (which swap is a form of), amongst other15:28
tomreynand there's documentation and many articles about it, of course.15:29
cluelesspersontomreyn, I've just modified my "swappiness"15:29
tomreynswappiness is the easiest setting to start with15:29
cluelesspersonsitting at ~500Mi15:30
tomreynis this still about downloading from a specific website?15:30
tomreynwhere downloads must be stored in ram, then decrypted, then stored to disk?15:30
cluelesspersontomreyn, eh, downloading from that certain website appears to aggravate it a lot, but no, it's not just one website15:31
cluelesspersonI seem to be constantly fighting ram issues15:31
cluelesspersontomreyn, I'm about to try the low latency kernel, just looking up how to switch to it. :)15:31
tomreyncluelessperson: which ubuntu version are you on, which kernel version?15:32
tomreynnc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "Session: $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";echo Shell: $SHELL)15:32
cluelesspersontomreyn, https://termbin.com/s1p015:33
tomreynintel pstate issues?15:33
cluelesspersontomreyn, I was messing with it, I should probably re-enable15:34
tomreynto install the lowlatency kernel, you run: sudo apt update && sudo apt install linux-image-lowlatecy15:34
tomreynthat's wrong, let me correct it15:34
tomreynto install the lowlatency kernel, you run: sudo apt update && sudo apt install linux-lowlatency15:35
* cluelessperson apt searches lowlatency15:35
cluelesspersontomreyn, so my understanding of this so far is that it's a kernel configured towards less overall bandwidth, and less/better latency?15:36
cluelesspersonso faster context switching, maybe?15:36
tomreyncluelessperson: since you'Re on eoan (19.10), which will hit EOL in 20 days, maqybe you should just upgrade instead?15:37
cluelesspersontomreyn, ah, I should probably shift to 20.04 then. :P15:39
cluelesspersonbrb, rebooting15:39
tomreyncluelessperson: lowlatency is merely about faster context switching, yes. it could improve your chances of regaining vcontrol over the system when it starts becoming unresponsive.15:40
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cluelesspersontomreyn, alright, uname -a shows that the lowlatency kernel is being used. :D15:48
kyle__is sysrq enabled by default on ubuntu desktops (18.04 in particular)?15:48
tonytubuntu now includes adds? didnt see that one comming15:57
cluelesspersontonyt, I don't think so?15:58
tonytarticle from yesterday15:58
tonytabouts adds in ubuntu now15:58
cluelesspersontonyt, I'm extremely angry when it comes to advertising15:58
tonytme too cluelessperson.15:58
cluelesspersontonyt, if ubuntu starts implementing ads, I'm leaving15:58
tonytno doubt. same15:58
corrupti'm using a laptop with two external monitors. the external monitors are detected, but for whatever reason I can only extend the display to one of the external monitors. how do I fix this?16:02
cluelesspersontomreyn, I'm about to dist-upgrade. :P so far things seem far more responsive.16:02
* cluelessperson fires!16:03
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kyle__That's .... not new16:11
chick1Hey everyone!16:19
chick1I have some troubles installing a game on Ubuntu and was wondering if anyone is here having experience with the "battle.net" installer on Ubuntu 20.04 for playing world of warcraft16:19
chick1Im already in the gaming for linux IRC too but there is noone there atm who can help me really16:20
SonicPotatowhat would I do to find the process causing high disk i/o?16:25
SonicPotatoiotop seems to be the answer but i get an error running it in a container16:28
yutaSonicPotato:sudo iotop16:36
yutaor error messages?16:36
SonicPotatoi found the answer here https://github.com/lxc/lxd/issues/379716:37
SonicPotatohad to run iotop on host with some flags16:38
SonicPotatoturns out mono was running with --debug so it was logging everything, ~30mb/sec16:40
cluelesspersontomreyn,  I just performed a dist-upgrade16:41
cluelesspersonRight off low-latency seems to really be helping16:42
cluelesspersontomreyn, you've really helped make my month better. :)16:51
cluelesspersonprobably my life for next couple months, actually16:51
birdman007what is a good gba emulator?16:57
scatterphi how can I diff 2 folders and copy the differences line by line with confirmation without modifying ownership or chmod settings?17:03
leftyfbscatterp: mirror the files/subdirectories in each?17:04
leftyfbscatterp: rsync, though it doesn't have confirmation. You can run it in dry run mode and look over what it's going to do first17:06
leftyfbscatterp: or write your own script17:07
scatterphrm ok17:07
scatterpyeah writing a script i guess is the way17:07
scatterpok thanks17:07
pymagicdoes anyone know where logs are stored for applications in ~/.local/share/application?17:11
pymagicMine dont seem to be executed17:11
EriC^^which one pymagic17:12
pymagicEriC^^, Let me test again. It seems it was missing executable permission. Perhaps that was it17:12
pyraindropEriC^^, I wrote a small application - the desktop file launches my program. It's not running it17:14
EriC^^pyraindrop: what's in the desktop file?17:15
EriC^^the Exec= part17:15
pyraindropEriC^^, Exec=~/wallpapers/code.py --change17:15
pyraindropEriC^^, is there a log for these errors?17:17
EriC^^pyraindrop: try to give it the complete path, not ~ (it's not bash) also you expect it to run in the background right, no terminal popping up17:17
Ketzerso i just purged uninstalled packages that left config files behind, and one of them was an old kernel... it gave the message "dpkg: warning: while removing linux-modules-5.4.0-26-generic, directory '/lib/modules/5.4.0-26-generic' not empty so not removed"17:26
Ketzercan i remove that directory manually?17:27
pyraindropEriC^^, doesnt seem to work, no matter what i do17:28
pyraindropcomplete paths dont work17:28
pyraindropif i run the same Exec command in bash - works - no output on stdout17:28
pyraindropI tried to add the executable in StartupApplications for gnome - that does not work either17:29
EriC^^pyraindrop: try this 'Exec=gnome-terminal -e "/path/to/bla.py"' see what happens17:29
EriC^^pyraindrop: try first to just double click the desktop file (with it +x) and see what happens17:29
pyraindropEriC^^, if i double click the file, it opens it up in an editor!17:31
pyraindropif i right click on it, there is no "Run" option17:31
EriC^^pyraindrop: is the file +x ?17:31
EriC^^try to right click properties17:32
EriC^^1 sec17:32
pyraindropgnome-terminal -e "/path/to/bla.py" -- this works flawlessly17:32
pyraindropExecute is true in properties17:32
pyraindropIn Properties "Open with " is set to text editor17:32
ioriapyraindrop, might be a ' sleep ' problem :þ give it one, 4 , maybe 5 secs17:33
pyraindropioria, I've given it all the time since I logged back in17:33
pyraindropbeen minutes17:33
EriC^^pyraindrop: is there a "run" program you can assign it to?17:34
pyraindropit takes <0.1 seconds if i run it17:34
ioriapyraindrop, nope, you don't get me17:34
pyraindropioria, you are suggesting, I add a sleep to it?17:34
ioriapyraindrop, yes17:34
EriC^^that really depends on what it does17:34
pyraindroplet me try17:34
ioriapyraindrop, in the Exec line17:34
EriC^^pyraindrop: try to simplify it, make the .py a bash script that just does "echo something > /tmp/myscript"17:35
Phruisdoes anyone have a NAS built based on Ubuntu?17:37
IaMnEwHeRePhruis, does glusterfs count?17:37
Phruisi dont know never heard of it17:37
PhruisIaMnEwHeRe is it easy to use?17:38
ikarus987wondering /etc/init.d/sshd restart hmm boy and girls why that file does exist in my directory?17:38
ikarus987how do i restart this :\17:39
IaMnEwHeReikarus897, systemd17:39
Phruisi really want something easy to manage17:39
IaMnEwHeRewhat is your use-cae?17:39
Phruisim trying to figure out how to have a setup where I can have my plex setup and then something like NextCloud17:40
Phruiswanted to have a central location for file storage for that17:40
IaMnEwHeReplex setup?17:40
Phruisi have an intel xeon system sitting17:40
Phruisbasically media center17:41
IaMnEwHeReyou do not need gluster then17:41
Phruisit would make a good NAS i think17:41
IaMnEwHeRenextcloud runs without cluster, have been using it without gluster so far on my server all fine17:41
Phruisthats cool17:41
Phruisi was looking at synology because it seems so easy17:42
Phruisbut i do have a xeon system just sitting basically doing nothing17:42
Phruisso maybe i should try and use that?17:42
IaMnEwHeRegluster that is not cluster, if you want to attach a media-center then you would need something like webdave or sambe, I think gluster can do samba of nfs in general17:42
IaMnEwHeRePhruis, do you want it to be reachable from outside your lan?17:43
pyraindropEriC^^, no luck.17:43
ioriapyraindrop, mate, this  location  is wrong '~/.local/share/application' ; you need the .desktop file in .config/autostart/17:43
PhruisPhruis not a requirement at the moment, but it might be handy17:43
pyraindropioria, its not a sleep problem17:43
PhruisI have a pfsense box that has dynamic dns setup17:43
Phruisso i think that would be easy17:43
Phruisbut i could be wrong17:43
Phruiswould require a lot of port forwards probably17:43
pyraindropioria, on ubuntu 20.04LTS - is the location .config/autostart?17:43
ioriapyraindrop, as always, amte17:44
ioriapyraindrop, just run gnome-session-properties17:44
pyraindropk trying17:44
pyraindropioria, I tried that - that does not work17:44
ioriapyraindrop, that does not work not helping17:44
pyraindropioria, I added /usr/bin/bash -c "/home/uname/project/wallpaper.py --change" in gnome-session-properties17:45
pyraindropioria, no effect17:45
IaMnEwHeRePhruis, there is also freenas, which is a distro specializing in that kind of stuff, but I do not have experience with that, but it looks like more what you would want17:45
Phruiscool thanks will check it out17:45
pyraindropioria, gnome-session-properties is creating .desktop files in ~/.config/autostart17:47
ioriapyraindrop, yes, i know17:47
pyraindropbut it looks like its being ignored for my .desktop file17:47
pyraindropwhat is suprising it - these files dont have executable permissions!17:48
ioriathat's not the problem, i guess17:48
pyraindropdoes it make a difference if i do bash -c "xxx" or gnome-terminal -e "xxx" or "xxx"?17:49
ioriapyraindrop, so, make an executable  bash script with  : shebang; sleep 5 and /home/uname/project/wallpaper.py ; then open gnome-session-properties and make a new auto launcher  with the script full path17:50
pyraindropk - logging off and trying17:52
pyraindropioria, .config/autostart is not running my .desktop command for sure18:06
pyraindropno idea why18:06
pyraindropEriC^^, ioria, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hbDTtnWbBM/18:08
ioriapyraindrop, i'am pretty sure that's not how gnome-session-properties set the .desktop file18:10
ioriapyraindrop, that's your hand made file18:10
ioriapyraindrop, and that's not how i told you to test18:11
EriC^^pyraindrop: do this please, Exec="bash -c 'touch /tmp/blabla'"18:19
EriC^^add it to the startup apps, then logout and back in18:19
EriC^^see if /tmp/blabla now exists18:19
pyraindropioria, that file I pasted was generated by gnome-session-properties18:20
pyraindropEriC^^, trying that now18:20
ioriapyraindrop, nope, if that would be true, the Exec line would point the bash script  and not the .py script18:21
pymagicEriC^^, Exec="bash -c 'touch /tmp/blabla'" --> No blabla :(18:22
ioriapyraindrop, nope, if that would be true, the Exec line would point the bash script  and not the .py script18:22
IaMnEwHeRepyraindrop, does it have to be a .desktop-file? couldn't it also be $HOME/.profile $HOME/.bashrc or a systemd-configuration like here https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/590635/systemd-service-that-runs-only-for-one-user-and-as-root18:23
EriC^^pymagic: ah same here, let me see whats wrong 1 sec18:24
EriC^^pymagic: try without the quotes after Exec18:24
EriC^^only Exec=bash -c 'touch /tmp/blabla'18:24
EriC^^that did it for me18:24
EriC^^pymagic: actually just Exec=touch /tmp/blabla     should do it18:26
EriC^^pymagic: if that works, try Exec=bash -c '/path/to/script.py > /tmp/blabla 2>&1'18:29
ScottHDevHello, I'm packaging a library and a binary. I've added a line in debian/install to explicitly install the binary. In the output of debuild I see Installing <executable> to <dest dir>. But when I reinstall the package I don't see this executable in /us/bin?r18:29
ScottHDevWha could I do?18:29
ScottHDevI that debian only allows to install library stuff in a library package18:30
pymagicEriC^^, trying without quotes - did that work at your end?18:36
pymagicExec=touch /tmp/blabla18:36
pymagicdoes that work?18:36
ScottHDevI just had to use debian/<packagename>.install18:37
MMZFhello, will ubuntu work well with dde?18:40
alschaapmanMMZF: It's not even in the official repos, is it?18:41
MMZFjust a suggestion needed18:42
MMZFif someone have tried or have any idea18:42
alschaapmanI don't think you should use it. openSUSE stopped carrying their packages because of inaction on security-related bug reports by the developers. Currently it looks like just Arch and Fedora are packaging it, if pkgs.org is to be believed18:43
MMZFthe deepin desktop environment?18:43
BeavisOnFireThere's UbuntuDDE Remix18:44
MMZFany other suggestion for a better look?18:44
MMZFBeavisOnFire: ikr it works great without updating i mean on a fresh install18:44
alschaapmanIf you're shopping for a desktop environment (and presumably you don't like GNOME, which is understandable), Xfce and KDE Plasma are both excellent.18:45
alschaapmanIn terms of overall polish and features Plasma is probably the best alternative to DDE18:45
MMZFbut after updating softwares it's eww18:45
MMZFso alschaapman plasma will work great on my ubuntu 20.4?18:46
BeavisOnFireInstalling several DEs is tricky18:46
alschaapmanBeavisOnFire: Meh. I used to have that experience way back in the day but as of the last several years I don't think that's a big issue any more18:47
MMZFim going to try plasma on a fresh install of ubuntu 2018:47
BeavisOnFireGood luck uninstalling the ones you don't like without messing your install18:47
BeavisOnFireJust use a VM or a liveCD18:48
alschaapmanMMZF: Just install the kubuntu-desktop package18:48
BeavisOnFireand play with DEs18:48
IaMnEwHeReMMZF nothing beats a shell from the looks of it18:48
* IaMnEwHeRe smiles18:48
IaMnEwHeReTry awsome or i318:48
IaMnEwHeResteep learningcurve but I never missed it18:49
alschaapmanI think you may get asked by a package script if you want to switch your display manager to SDDM. If you're just trying out, I would recommend that you not do that just yet18:49
pymagicEriC^^, Exec=touch /tmp/blabla  - this works!18:49
alschaapmanSDDM is the display manager that KDE recommends, but it lacks some pretty important features that GDM has, such as rootless X. It's one of the best DM options for theming and customization options, though.18:49
MMZFdeepin looks good like mac osx18:49
MMZFbut it got issues18:50
MMZFso plasma will be ok?18:50
BeavisOnFireTry DEs18:50
BeavisOnFireAsking online won't help you much18:50
alschaapmanPlasma is fantastic. Pretty much all the KDE apps are great18:50
BeavisOnFireTo each his own18:50
alschaapmanThat's no guarantee that it will be your favorite, or even that you will like it, though.18:50
MMZFBeavisOnFire: bruh i'm just saying my time18:51
BeavisOnFireYou can't save your time by asking people online "will I like fries with mayonnaise ?"18:51
alschaapmanI think Plasma is generally the best recommendation for people who are used to commercial OSes like Windows or macOS, though.18:51
BeavisOnFireDownload the iso18:51
BeavisOnFireUse a VM18:51
BeavisOnFireor a live CD18:51
BeavisOnFireTest the DE yourself18:52
MMZFmy system do not have a hardware acceleration :/18:52
BeavisOnFirePersonally, I tried Plasma a year ago, didn't like it at the time. It was buggy/crashy and GTK apps looked like crap.18:53
BeavisOnFireBut it looked really nice on Unixp18:53
MMZFBeavisOnFire: live CD option hmm18:53
BeavisOnFireUnixp*rn pictures18:53
BeavisOnFireI like MATE, it's highly tweakable18:53
alschaapmanWell, you're going to be hard pressed to run a desktop environment with fancy graphical effects like you can get used to on macOS if you have serious hardware limitations18:53
BeavisOnFireStill, it lacks features18:53
alschaapmanBut Xfce should run well on less powerful hardware18:54
alschaapmanxubuntu-desktop would be the package if you want to try that18:54
MMZFi said UbuntuDDE was also great on fresh install but after updating software packages it become messy18:54
MMZFso live CD option fail18:54
alschaapmanI think there is enough consensus on the matter of issues with Deepin that you should stay away from it for now.18:55
MMZFfound so many errors within a day :/  omg18:55
alschaapmanIn the past I have tended to find concerns about Chinese influence on Deepin to be FUD -- it is fully open source, after all -- but again, there's the matter of security bug reports not getting any attention from the developers18:56
alschaapmanI don't know if that's the only reason more distributions don't package it, but again, openSUSE stopped including it in their repos for exactly that reason, and I would take my cues from the openSUSE guys there, because they're pretty good18:57
EriC^^pymagic: ok, great18:57
EriC^^pymagic: try Exec=bash -c '/path/to/script.py > /tmp/blabla 2>&1'18:58
EriC^^check /tmp/blabla as it's the log18:58
IaMnEwHeReI think he wants to run s.th. as a service in the background18:58
MMZFalschaapman: any idea will ubuntu work well on old systems? i mean dual core almost 10 years old18:58
MMZFnvm im not messing with de18:58
MMZFdefault is ok18:58
coconutMMZF, two distro's which come to mind when you want the look and feel of macos: 1) xfce 2) elementaryos18:59
coconutor you just theme around in the desktop env options19:00
alschaapmanMMZF: Ubuntu's default desktop is probably going to be a little demanding on something that old, but it should still run mostly without bugs. If it's not fast enough for you, try Xfce.19:00
MMZFim just on a spin to test all os19:03
MMZFand find out which works well on this old machine19:03
MMZFand there was also many challenging things19:04
MMZFubuntu based os like linux mint19:04
IaMnEwHeReMMZF, no need to go all out, Linux is a kernel, so pretty much all setups work on one installation, configuration and aquisition of packages is the only problem19:04
MMZFi need speed only :/19:04
IaMnEwHeRePlus, when it comes to an OS look and feel should not be paramout19:04
IaMnEwHeReMMZF go for a shell then19:05
alschaapmanWell definitely don't go with Mint.19:05
IaMnEwHeRenothing beats a CLI, UI is always a higher abstraction19:05
alschaapmanIf it's the Cinnamon desktop you want, it's in Ubuntu's official repos.19:05
IaMnEwHeReconsider how often you  have to move from keyboard to mouse and you will end up with a tiling WM controlable via keyboard :)19:05
MMZFshell i already tried19:06
MMZFit's also slow19:06
IaMnEwHeRealschaapman yes, but seeing that ubuntu wants to role out  snaps or flatpacks only I wonder how long they stick to ubuntu before going to debian(?)19:06
alschaapmanFlatpaks in Ubuntu? I don't think so.19:07
alschaapmanCanonical is all in on snapd19:07
alschaapmanWhich is a shame, frankly19:07
alschaapmanflatpak is probably in the Ubuntu repos -- I haven't checked -- but it would be a major reversal for them to start pushing that as a strategy when they've already invested so much in snapd, which does basically the same thing19:09
IaMnEwHeRewell, made me already ditch ubuntu for debian on my new server19:09
alschaapmanI'm not sure why snapd is even a matter of concern for you in a server setting, but okay19:10
IaMnEwHeReactually snaps are for desktop only19:10
alschaapmanI mean I don't know about *only*19:10
IaMnEwHeReIt is more about controle, snaps are updated automatically and they are bigger in installation19:10
alschaapmanI've very much gotten the impression that desktop is the focus for snapd though19:10
alschaapmanAgain my puzzlement about how this factors into your server admin decision making19:11
IaMnEwHeRewell you can if you want to, they are pushing for a default for desktop though19:11
IaMnEwHeRealways wanted to use debian, had a new server sitting around and they gave me an excuse19:11
alschaapmanI definitely respect Debian but their packages are ANCIENT.19:12
IaMnEwHeRenot just that, but also the fact that their loginpage is actually telling them how often you log into your server19:12
ProgrammAbeljoin #lfs19:12
ProgrammAbellol that was an accident19:13
alschaapmanI'm in the process of deploying a new server as well and I chose Ubuntu because of Live Patch19:13
IaMnEwHeRealschaampman, yes but what do you need? resourceabstraction, and for the rest, spin up docker19:13
IaMnEwHeRewith snaps thing though, it will be harder to use their packages, in s.th. like aur19:14
IaMnEwHeReand the snapd-move and the loggin of when you log into your server makes me nervous19:14
IaMnEwHeReahh I found an article dealing with that, read it on some message board though https://ma.ttias.be/what-exactly-being-sent-ubuntu-motd/19:18
IaMnEwHeReand IMHO that is a no go, and with snapd .... not so attractive anymore, although I like the community, that is why I am hanging around19:18
Slissafter upgrading to 20.04 my virtualenv do not work any more, did anyone else had problems with theirs? Example error: No module named pip, while there is a pip in the bin folder19:41
ioriaSliss, try with pip319:42
pymagicioria, EriC^^ It worked at last19:44
worrelsikLast week jeremy31 provided me with this Makefile in order to create a patched version of btusb.ko. Unfortunately I'm still out of luck. I'm now on 5.4.0-39-generic, and noticed that using make with an unpatched version btusb.c in ~/build/linux-5.4.0/drivers/bluetooth results in a btusb.ko that is 85048 bytes, whereas the original /lib/modules/5.4.0-39-generic/kernel/drivers/bluetooth/btusb.ko is 85865 bytes.19:44
pymagicThanks for the help.19:44
SlissTried that but does not change anything the while environment doesn't work. Well I can activate it, but that's about it19:44
worrelsikjeremy31, Isn't that strange? I'd expect them to be the same size19:45
b1ack0phow can i install xfce on ubuntu 20.04?19:45
b1ack0pand goodies too19:45
worrelsikThat Makefile was https://github.com/jeremyb31/newbtfix-4.15/blob/master/Makefile19:46
Slissb1ack0p: search for tha package via apt?19:46
jeremy31worrelsik: I have never compared the sizes from kernel to patched versions19:46
worrelsikjeremy31, No, I meant the non-patched version19:47
Slissb1ack0p: of install xubuntu I think it is called?19:47
b1ack0pisnt it same installing xfce on ubuntu = xubuntu?19:47
b1ack0pwhat could be different anyway19:48
pymagicDoes anyone know how to write an application so that I can get a menu in the titlebar?19:48
jeremy31worrelsik: oh, the btusb.c versus btusb.ko will definitely be different size19:50
worrelsikjeremy31: Also, when I run the make command with the patched btusb.c (the patch adds a few conditions) I'm again getting a btusb.ko with the size 85048 bytes. That should not be the same?19:51
jeremy31worrelsik: That would depend on how many changes in the patch19:52
pymagichow do i get a menu of my application on the titlebar once the user logs in? I'm using .config/autostart/app.desktop to start my application at login20:02
B0g4r7When did PIDs > 65535 become a thing?20:07
filifunkyso after I upgraded to 20.04 I no longer have access to my backup harddrive.  I taught myself chmod and chown and changed the permissions.  I am able to get in on an xterm but nothing inside.  When I try to see what's inside looking through "files" it still says I don't have access. "This location could not be displayed.  You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents"20:12
filifunkyI'm hopeful that everything on that backup device didn't just disintegrate.  anyone able to help to see if I can still access what's in there?20:13
tomreynB0g4r7: didn'T you ask the same question her elike a week ago? and didn't we discuss it?20:13
tomreynB0g4r7: i'll repeat the answer i think i provided last time we talked: i believe that the default setting of /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max changed sometime between 18.04 LTS and 20.04 LTS. i suggest checking the release notes of and between those releases, or to just test them if you need to know exactly. why are you asking anyways?20:19
tomreynfilifunky: can you work on a temrinal, yet?20:20
tomreyn* terminal20:20
B0g4r7I didn't ask that before, no.  Thanks.  I'm not asking for any reason in particular, I just noticed it and was curious.20:21
tomreynweird, my memory must be disintegrating. sorry.20:22
filifunkytomreyn if you're referring to a past issue I had, yep that's all fixed, I just needed to be on python3.8 for everything to work, so someone helped me learn the update alternatives stuff20:22
filifunkymaybe If I switch back to python 2x I can see what's on my backup hard drive hmmm20:22
leftyfbfilifunky: python has nothing to do with accessing your drive20:23
filifunkyleftyfb yeah, didn't change anything20:24
leftyfbfilifunky: login as root with: sudo su  # then see if you can get in. If you can, then you just have permission/mount issues20:24
filifunkyleftyfb: yeah I can get in either root or my normal username but once in and I ls, nothing shows up.  Which obviously implies that everything in there disappeared.  But when I try to click in there through the files app it says I don't have access...so it kind of gives me hope that I just don't know how to get in and really see what's in there...or there's something wrong that I'm missing20:25
pymagichas anyone coded an python-appindicator project in QT here on ubuntu?20:32
pymagicI could use some help20:32
coconutb1ack0p, sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop  #would do that, but that would also make your desktop entries "not pretty" i would say. So you probably want to reinstall or dualboot.20:34
filifunkywhen I use df, there's clearly stuff in there20:39
b1ack0pcoconut: i installed xfce successfully20:40
b1ack0pit has sweet old school look :p20:40
b1ack0pit is pretty for me lol20:40
coconuthope you like it!20:41
filifunkyjust had to unmount and re-mount whhooooohoooo20:41
b1ack0pnow i better remove gnome :p20:56
thawesCan someone explain to me why, desktop files have to executable, even when they are in the XDG_DATA_DIRS path? I am trying to use desktop files generated by nix in ~/.nix-profile/share/applications. And (k)ubuntu refuses to run them because they are not "writable"20:56
b1ack0pi would like to keep gnome classic but if i remove gnome it will also go20:56
b1ack0plets keep both for a while.. i can decide later20:56
mra90how to connect to /dev/ttyUSB) with minicom?20:58
mra90I try to do it by minicom -s20:59
mra90and then in the config select that tty device20:59
mra90but I cannot save the config20:59
mra90"save setup as dfl" -> I get error message "cannot write to /etc/micom/minirc/dfl"21:00
mra90what si wrong?21:00
tomreynsupposedly only root can write there (and you're not root), or the directory doesn't exist21:02
mra90I am root21:02
byroniacI am groot :)21:03
byroniacsorry don't know but maybe someone else can answer21:04
byroniacOh! /etc/micom or /etc/minicom ? Maybe you are trying /etc/micom and it doesn'21:05
byroniacmaybe /etc/micom does not exist and that's what you are trying to write to? not sure21:05
tomreyni believe this was a typo. on my 18.04 LTS system, minicom --help prints "The configuration directory for the access file and the configurations is compiled to /etc/minicom."21:07
mra90in general how to initiate a connection to minicom?21:10
mra90I mean from minicom to some tty device21:10
Cknight70Does anyone know how to restart the Ubuntu server installer without rebooting the computer? I had to get my wifi drivers working first21:16
tomreynCknight70: i think if you just kill the subiquity process it should auto respawn. but there may also be a menu option for it if you hit escape (or some F key? F10?)21:18
tomreynmra90: you need to create a customized configuration file or edit the default configuration, setting the serial port to the device you want to use.21:19
tomreynif you created a custom configuration file you can just specify its 'file extension' (the part after the ., or what you chose to save it as) as an argument to "minicom"21:20
tomreyn!man | mra9021:20
ubottumra90: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/21:20
cluelesspersontomreyn, I want to thank you again. :)21:30
cluelesspersonlowlatency kernel seemed to immediately help me21:30
cluelesspersonand I dist-upgraded as well, together I've had no issues with slowdown at all.21:30
cluelesspersontomreyn, zero issues so far for hours. :D21:30
ubuntuuserhow does one stop a command in progress?21:51
marqueziniCTRL + C21:54
westoranybody can help why crontab fails to send an email ? https://pastebin.com/KZ7LfPS0 (details included)21:57
tomreyncluelessperson: glad i could help22:02
westoranybody can help why crontab fails to send an email ? https://pastebin.com/KZ7LfPS0 (details included)22:10
=== beaver is now known as beaver|BBL
oerheksmailhub=smtp.gmail.com:465  >>> perhaps port 587 ??? mailhub=smtp.gmail.com:58722:14
oerheksthat is what i find in 3 other examples22:14
westoroerheks: the mail command works only the crontab fails22:21
pac1Why would Ctrl/d not add a bookmark in nautilus?22:21
shibbolethwestor, ssmtp22:24
westorshibboleth: yes22:26
wrinstalled snap on a Debian, wanna fully remove it, how would remove core?23:29
quadrathoch2wr it should be removable as long as you got no other snaps23:30
wrquadrathoch2, on my list only have, core  16-2.45.1  9436  latest    canonical✓  core23:31
quadrathoch2do you want to remove snapd completly? or just remove core?23:32
wrquadrathoch2, everything23:32
quadrathoch2wr just remove snapd then23:34
wrquadrathoch2, when i do it i still have a directory /snap/23:35
wrquadrathoch2, done this once, but now can't remember how removed it last time, i think i just issued snap remove core, but now fails23:36
quadrathoch2wr if there is still a snap folder afterwars, just remove it after taht23:37
wrquadrathoch2, i had to issue same command snap remove core 3 times, and i had a broken status23:43
quadrathoch2wr what error did it gave you ?23:44
oerhekswr, a good guide to remove snap and cruft, https://www.kevin-custer.com/blog/disabling-snaps-in-ubuntu-20-04/23:44
oerheksif you were on ubuntu, i'd say change distro :-P23:44
wroerheks, i read that link online already23:45
quadrathoch2I'm not sure why somebody wants to install snapd on debian ^^23:45
wroerheks, like said Debian23:45
oerheksbecause snaps are fun23:45
quadrathoch2oerheks i don't have anything against snaps, but there is probably a reason why he wants to remove it again23:46
oerheksquadrathoch2, yes, a valid question23:46
Sven_vBwhere can I read about the InputSource0 section of an AccountService user config in focal?23:47
wroerheks, quadrathoch2 in my experience this fails a lot, but this is not Ubuntu23:47
oerheksi would like to see a software center, expandable with flatpack/appimage too... but there seems work in progress23:48
quadrathoch2oerheks i mean isn't gnome-software just missing appimage?23:48
quadrathoch2wr well what does fail mean in that regard23:49
wrquadrathoch2, i think i remove it now, sorry but i did a ctrl+l, when you install it on ubuntu you issue sudo apt install snapd?23:49
wrquadrathoch2, or you install it on su -23:50
quadrathoch2wr on ubuntu it's preinstalled23:51
wrquadrathoch2, ah off course23:52
oerhekssu - is the debian way, sudo -i for ubuntu, something with environment stuff23:52
quadrathoch2oerheks debian moved also to sudo -i (or at least they changed the behavior)23:53
wrquadrathoch2, https://snapcraft.io/install/viber-unofficial/debian after i install it, how is it launched? i use xfce23:58

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