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misko_Had fun yesterday with GtkPopover as a xfce panel plugin... :)12:44
misko_ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXZzwDDQlZ812:44
misko_That is going to be hard to position correctly :)12:46
jphilipsmisko_: nice. the positioning is a bit off though12:52
jphilipsi had filed a number of tooltip bugs i found in the panel. is this something you have knowledge about?12:52
misko_jphilips well, it's a progress, last week I thought it is impossible to have a standalone popover without a transparent window13:15
misko_@jphilips There is not much it can be done with tooltips13:16
misko_it's a problem with gtk13:17
brainwashgtk/gnome devs have reworked tooltips in gtk4 I think13:18
brainwashmaybe popovers too13:19
misko_Didn't see gtk4 yet13:22
misko_but I saw that someone wants to add gtk3 and gtk4 stuff to gtk213:23
brainwashthe author claims that it's not "vaporware", but it certainly looks like "vaporware"13:30
jphilipsbluesabre: when you get a chance, i have some MR on github for you to look over :D22:36

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