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xu-help57whey all, got random freezes on xubuntu 20.04 on my hp laptop (mouse movement works, also ssh into the machine works, however i can't click or use keyboard locally). anyone can help?08:08
b1ack0pwhat version of xfce is used in xubuntu 20.04 ?19:49
diogenes_!release notes19:51
ubottuFor release notes of a given Ubuntu release, please refer to the 'Docs' column on the 'List of releases' table at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases19:51
b1ack0pbtw should i install xfce-terminal separetely ?19:52
b1ack0pis it included in xfce4 or xfce4-goodies?19:53
diogenes_it's included of course since it's one of the main components.19:55
b1ack0pook thanks19:56
crimson_kingYesterday I asked about enabling hibernation on Xubuntu. After some investigation, I figured out all the steps to bring back the "Hibernate" GUI option in Xfce and setup the actual hibernation through systemd-logind on an encrypted system using a swap file. Details here: https://rephlex.de/blog/2019/12/27/how-to-hibernate-and-resume-from-swap-file-in-ubuntu-20-04-using-full-disk-encryption/#comment-21119222:42

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